30+ Best Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit in 2024

Best Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

So you want to launch a website to foster online visibility for your non-profit initiative? If you do, looking for a suitable charity WordPress theme is the best way to get started.

Having a website is super important for non-profits these days. It allows you to spread the word about your charitable activities. Better yet, a website offers you with so many practical solutions — an information resource for willing volunteers, and a place where willing patrons can donate conveniently. In fact, according to the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report, 67% of NGOs worldwide accept online donations.

The best charity WordPress themes come with great design and functionality that you can import without having to write a single line of code. However, choosing a theme is a very important step in setting up a website. If you are struggling to pick the best item, allow us to help you. We suggest you to read our guide on how to choose a WordPress theme.

Besides, you can also read the two below-given informative blogs. These articles will inform you on some simple ways to design and customize your WordPress site. 

What to Look for in a Charity WordPress Theme for Non-Profit?

There are a great number of non-profit WordPress themes out there for a vast array of purposes. You can also find WordPress themes for trust and non-profit organizations. 

However, choosing the charity theme for your website is an important decision that you should make wisely. The design of your theme determines how your information is presented. At the same time, every WordPress theme comes with a different set of features. You want to choose a charity theme with great design and effective functionalities. 

Here are some features to look out for in a charity and non-profit WordPress theme:

Catchy and Customizable Design

You want an eye-catching design for your website that attracts the visitor’s attention. Look for a theme with an elegant style that allows you to showcase your charity projects in the best way. 

Features for customization such as an integrated page builder plugin or font choices allow you to create a unique look and meet your branding needs more easily.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important features in websites of almost any type these days. SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks higher on search engines and shows up higher on search results. 

Simply having a website is not enough if you want people to discover your non-profit organization through a Google search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives you that extra element you need for greater visibility. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

It is more important than ever for websites to be responsive to all screen sizes. More than 50% of web searches these days are conducted through smartphones. What’s more, 24% of online donations in 2018 were made through mobile phones.

Social Media Integration

Besides having a website, social media is one of the major channels for people to discover you. You would, of course, set up social network profiles for your organization. Hence, integrating your social media to your website allows website visitors to stay connected with you and also connects the website with your profiles.

Themes with social media integration allow you to include links to your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram through clickable icons. Some themes even allow you to showcase your social media feed, like your Instagram photos or Twitter posts. This is a much more effective way to have visitors follow you on social media. 

Donation Functionality

Websites offer you a major convenience of receiving donations online. You need plugins for donation payments in order to receive online donations, like GiveWP. Ensure that the theme you choose comes with donation functionality.

Payment Gateway Options

It is important to offer multiple payment gateway options to willing donors. This ensures that the donor is more likely to find a payment channel they can use and increases the likelihood of donations to go through.

People can also be motivated to donate if they find the process convenient, such as using online payment systems like PayPal.

Projects and Volunteer Sections

You want your chosen theme to represent your organization in the best possible way. There are two sections that are indispensable for that. Look for a well-designed projects section that adequately illustrates your projects and causes. You might want multiple layout choices for this core section or various inner pages that explore each of your projects in depth. 

Of course, many people who reach your website are people looking for volunteering opportunities. You should address these people with a Volunteer section that gives all the information required for an interested volunteer. 

You can even illustrate the kind of experience that a volunteer at your organization can expect. This can let visitors know if they are a good fit for your organization.

Contact Page and Form

A website should facilitate people interested in your work to get in touch with you. Hence, to fulfill that aim well — make sure that your chosen theme has a good contact page. Contact forms are pretty effective as they allow visitors to begin correspondence with a few easy clicks.


While business websites typically feature testimonials as a way to showcase reviews from satisfied customers, a Testimonials section can be handy for charitable organizations too. You can use it to give an inside look at your organization through your volunteers’ eyes.

Multi-Language Compatibility

Non-profit organizations often find support from patrons around the globe. In fact, 31% of donors worldwide are giving to foreign non-profit organizations. So, it is a great idea to have multi-language features in your chosen WordPress theme so that you can easily appeal to international visitors.

Look for themes compatible with plugins such as WPML and Polylang, that are built to simultaneously set up your website in multiple languages.

We have 27 free Charity WordPress themes for you too.

30+ Best Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

You need a theme with the right combination of design and functionalities to make the best out of your website. Based on the features above, we have put together a list of the 30+ Best Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit in 2024.

1. Benevolent Pro

Benevolent Pro

Benevolent Pro is a complete package for your non-profit website, trusted by over 2,000 non-profit organizations. This SEO-optimized theme has a professional look with an engaging layout and great readability. You can properly reflect your charitable activities with this WordPress theme and collect donations.

You can easily customize this theme with unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts while also getting to choose from 5 different header layouts to create the right first impression. 

Benevolent Pro comes with a full-page banner with a Call-to-Action prompt built to engage the visitors. A sticky menu and a top bar help improve the user navigation as visitors can click on menu items without having to scroll up. There is a Call-to-Action section on the homepage to prompt visitors to take the desired action.

The effective Donors section is designed for high visibility and presents links to donation and volunteering pages for those interested. The Community section organizes your projects according to location, which is a very useful filter.  

Benevolent Pro comes with the Give WP plugin compatibility, allowing you to take donations online. This plugin gives you great control in the donation process like custom donation forms, recurring donations, multiple payment gateways including Apple Pay and Stripe, and PDF receipts for donors’ tax deductibles.

You also get a Sponsors and Donors section to showcase the top organizations that are supporting your endeavors. It is a great way to build credibility in the eyes of visitors.

Social media integration is enabled, meaning you can easily showcase your Facebook and Instagram feed.

Benevolent Pro is also Woo Commerce compatible meaning you can set up an online shop on your website. You get the WPML and Polylang plugins allowing you multi-language capabilities to reach out to international communities.

Theme DetailsDemo

2. Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Rishi Theme is a fast WordPress theme that lets you create a website that covers a wide range of niches. Although this theme is completely free, Rishi Theme comes packed with powerful features and functionalities that could be a game-changer when it comes to multipurpose themes.

The main feature of this core vital optimized theme is its 100% speed performance. It takes just half a second to load which helps make your website stand out among your competitors in the market. 

The theme combines wide range of ready-made site templates to help you kickstart your charity website. You can retrieve all the available text, images, and settings in just a single click using the theme’s One-click Demo Import feature. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the premade templates, you can build a highly customizable template of your own using the Elementor Page Builder. You can further customize your charity website using the latest Gutenberg Editor. Also, you can make it more convincing uses different colors and Google fonts. 

Rishi Theme is compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can take advantage of this feature to promote and sell several products online and raise decent money for charity. 

In addition to that, Rishi Theme is core vital optimized and follows the best SEO practices. It supports multiple SEO plugins such as Rank Math and Yoast SEO. You can easily rank your website higher on search engine result pages.

Theme DetailsDemo

3. Chariti


An elegant WordPress theme for non-profit organizations, Chariti comes with multiple page layouts and useful functionalities related to the donation process. This theme can come in handy if you want to focus on the donation functionality of your website. 

Chariti comes with the Goodlayers page builder allowing you to make layout customizations with simple drag and drop motions. There are 770 Google Fonts choices and you can even choose your desired theme colors. 

The theme also comes with 22 header layouts, 12 portfolio layouts, and 6 gallery layouts so that you can create a tailored user experience. 

You get multiple payment channels using this theme, including PayPal, Stripe, and Paymill. You can also provide donors with digital receipts for the tax deduction. A useful feature of this theme is the admin transactions backend menu that allows you to keep track of all donations. You can even export donation records in a .csv file format so that you can use them in your tax filing and record-keeping work. 

The theme allows you to offer donors with the recurring donations option through a membership option. Receive automatic recurring donations from members to support your charitable endeavors.

Theme DetailsDemo

4. Charity Hub

Charity Hub

Charity Hub is a great theme for crowdfunding purposes. This theme is designed to be flexible with features for customization and multi-purpose design. The theme can be used by nonprofits, NGOs, and even churches.

This theme comes with a custom page builder plugin which enables you to create your custom layout as per your needs. You can also choose from unlimited colors to meet your branding needs. A special feature is the parallax/color section that can highlight any key information.

Charity Hub comes with a custom ‘Cause’ post type that can be used when you want to gather funds for any particular cause or project. Donations can be made through PayPal and this theme automatically updates a percentage bar with each donation made, to show the progress made in reaching the goal (for eg. amount of donations). 

This theme also comes with Font Awesome icons that you can use to set your website apart from the others. Mega Menu plugin is included and it allows you to customize and stylize your menu. 

This is a Woo Commerce compatible theme so you can set up an online store on your website too.

Theme DetailsDemo

5. Charity Foundation

Charity Foundation

Charity Foundation is an elegant theme that is suitable for different kinds of fundraising purposes from nonprofits and churches to political campaigns. This theme can build a definite image of your organization in the visitors’ minds.

This theme comes included with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This popular page builder makes customization easy as you can make changes with simple drag and drop motions. The theme also comes with multiple homepage layouts to choose from — pick the right one to create the best impact amongst your visitors.

A custom donation plugin is also included with some useful add-ons. You get a donor profile feature, providing regular donors a space to keep track of their interactions with your website. 

Pricing tables are also included so donors can choose between multiple donation options.

This theme also comes with the WooCommerce plugin allowing you to set up an online store on your website. You can even set up your website in multiple languages as this theme supports the WPML plugin.

Google Maps integration is supported, so you can use it to pinpoint the various locations where your organization is active.

Theme DetailsDemo

6. Alone


Alone is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme built for non-profit organizations. This theme comes with over 31 pre-built website templates for different kinds of non-profit and fundraising purposes including NGOs, volunteer organizations, and churches.

Alone comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin that allows you to make layout customization with easy drag and drop motions. Unlimited colors to choose from and a collection of 800+ Google Fonts present you with limitless possibilities for customization. You also get 80+ shortcodes for adding necessary elements with ease.

This theme is powered with a number of useful plugins to accommodate different functions. Donations are enabled with the GiveWP plugin. You can even include pop-up donation boxes using Ajax pop-ups.

Woo Commerce plugin is also included. You can use Ninja Forms to set up contact and subscription forms too. 

You can get started with using this theme immediately with the one-click demo import function.

Theme DetailsDemo

7. Zeko


Zeko comes with a striking design built to accommodate any needs of a non-profit organization website. This theme has a spacious and sporty look that can highlight the message you want to put out.

This theme comes with six unique templates that you can choose from to create just the right impact. The theme is built to accommodate different purposes. As such, you also get three-page builder plugins to make the most of it — Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Beaver Builder.

The theme enables you to take donations with the GiveWP plugin. You can also integrate your social media profiles with this theme. Use subscription forms to generate leads and develop an online following. 

Zeko is also built to allow the development of online communities. You get two social plugins integrated with this theme, Peepso, and BuddyPress. You can develop a social networking ecosystem on your website using this plugin with functionalities of individual profile creation and so on. 

This theme is also easy to localize as it is translation-ready.

Theme DetailsDemo

8. Goodwish


Goodwish has an appealing, photo-first design with large thumbnail images and attractive image backgrounds. You can vividly build up your activities and causes in the viewer’s eyes. This theme is packaged with a good number of customization features that can help your website stand out from the others.

The theme comes with 8 homepage layouts you can choose from. It also features a number of header layouts that can help you create the desired first impression. You even get the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to create custom layouts as per your choice.

You have 8 icon font packs at your disposal that can help you insert distinct visual markers around your website.

Donations are made possible through the GiveWP plugin. You also get some interesting tools to set up events, like an option to display your events in a calendar format.

Social media integration is supported so you can display links to your social media accounts. You can even set up your website in multiple languages as this theme comes with the WPML plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo

9. Charingo


Charingo is set apart by its numerous list of templates all designed for non-profit and fundraising needs. You get a collection of thematic templates like fundraising, environment, emergency rescue, and politics. Alongside those, you also get other templates, each with a few different layout types.

The choices in design are further enhanced with the customization powers of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You even get the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery, which adds a collection of elements that you can add to your website through the WPBakery plugin.

You can collect donations through the Charitable plugin. Use Woo Commerce to set up an online store and collect additional funds. The theme also offers you great control in setting up event posts through The Events Calendar plugin.

The plugin eases the process of setting up and organizing your events with features like multiple events display options and even Google Maps integration.

Charingo is a multi-language compatible plugin and also supports Right-to-Left scripts like Arabic.

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10. Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2 is a great theme with a simple yet effective design. This theme prioritizes readability and can accommodate a variety of needs with its varied tools and features.

This theme comes with 8 different website templates. A collection of prebuilt inner pages allows you to get started immediately. You can easily customize your website as this theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Donations can be received through the custom Lifeline Donations plugin. The donations plugin supports 15 different payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Bluepay, Paystack, and more.

Set up an online store using the Woo Commerce plugin. There are multiple sections to display your projects and causes. You can also display percentage-bars alongside posts related to crowdfunding efforts.

You can even set up online discussion forums on your website using this theme as it comes with the bbPress plugin. Social media integration is included and you can share all kinds of posts from causes and events to media posts and blog posts.

Theme DetailsDemo

11. Maisha


Maisha has a unique minimalistic design that can highlight your cause in an emotive way. It can draw attention in a strong way with few elements. At the same time, you can get a lot of functionalities with this theme for your non-profit website.

Maisha offers you 7 unique page templates to choose from. Start out with a layout that creates the right impact according to your needs. You get a choice between three page-builder plugins — Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Beaver Builder. 

Donations can be received using the Give plugin. This theme is also compatible with the Woo Commerce plugin so you can also set up an online store to generate extra funds. 

This theme also focuses on social networking capabilities. You can set up your own social network ecosystem using the Peepso and BuddyPress plugin. You can use the newsletter forms to help generate leads.

This is a social media integrated theme, so you can also include links to your social media profiles to develop your social media following.

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12. Peak


Peak is a retina-ready WordPress theme for non-profit organizations. It comes with specialized functions that are needed in non-profit websites along with some customization options to personalize your website.

This theme allows you to customize the layout through the SiteOrigin page builder plugin, which allows modifications using simple drag-and-drop motions. You get a collection of 500+ Google Fonts and a massive set of 1500+ retina-ready icons to set your website apart.

Peak allows you to collect donations through the Give plugin. Some extra add-ons enable the support of multiple payment gateways including Stripe, Braintree, Dwolla, and WePay among others.

This theme also comes with The Events Manager plugin to give you in-depth control of the events-creation function. A special feature offered by this theme is the custom ‘Campaign’ post type — it integrates the donation forms created by the Give plugin with the Events created through The Events Calendar.

You can create compelling campaign posts using this feature creating more opportunities for visitors to donate to your causes.

The theme also comes with analytics tools to keep track of donations and represent donation-related statistics. You can also export donations-related data to external files.

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13. Grassroots


Grassroots is a fun and engaging WordPress theme for non-profit organizations. It makes great use of images and background media to create a satisfying browsing experience.

This mobile-friendly theme allows you to choose your desired colors and comes with a collection of 600+ Google Fonts. You can easily change the homepage layout with simple drag and drop motions. Create the ideal sequence of homepage sections to fulfill your needs.

This theme comes with an elegantly designed full-page banner that can accommodate images and videos. Menu items are overlaid onto the banner media creating an engaging effect. You also have a Call-to-Action section that prods the visitor to take a desired action such as donating to your cause.

Grassroots allows you to take donations through the WooCommerce plugin. The theme also comes with two custom plugins, including the WooCommerce Campaign Extension, for setting up donation campaigns that allow visitors to donate their desired amount.

Social media integration is included and you can even feature Facebook feed. Use The Events Calendar plugin to create and manage your events.

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14. Charity Help

Charity Help

Charity Help comes with a bright color palette that keeps the visitor engaged. This non-profit and charity theme comes with standard sections that draw attention to the key information on your website effectively.

This theme has a featured area where you can insert links to your key pages, including your causes and campaigns. You also have a Causes section on the homepage and draw the viewers’ attention. You also get multiple Call-to-Action buttons like in the banner and dedicated CTA section leading viewers to the donation page.

Charity Help is compatible with the Siteorigin and Elementor plugins allowing you to easily customize the theme layout. You get a collection of Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons to create a distinct look for your website.

You can also set up discussion forums on your website using the bbPress plugin. Contact Form 7 is included, allowing you to create contact forms. This is a great way to let visitors make inquiries related to volunteering opportunities and other topics.

The qTranslate X plugin allows you multi-language features. You can even sell products on your website using the Woo Commerce plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo

15. Fundrize


Fundrize grabs the attention with its peppy animations and tasteful color sections. This theme gets things done with minimal content sections with high effectiveness.

This theme comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin allowing for easy customization. You also get a large collection of font icons to create a distinct look for your website. There are virtually endless header layouts to choose from.

You get the Charitable plugin for accepting donations. Fundrize is also WooCommerce ready so you can easily set up an online store to generate extra funds. 

You can grab the visitor’s attention with a simple Causes section. Each item comes with a progress bar showing the percentage of the target amount raised. Use the stat counter to showcase interesting facts about your organization, like the number of projects you have accomplished.

A large Gallery section with a masonry grid layout is also included. The large thumbnail images can definitely attract viewer attention. 

Use the MailChimp plugin to create a mailing list and generate an online following. You can even put your Instagram feed on display using this theme.

Theme DetailsDemo

16. Charitize


Charitize is a non-profit WordPress theme with some extra features like sticky social shares and Google Maps integration. This theme is useful if you want to push your digital visibility through social media too.

The theme comes with a collection of 100+ Google Fonts and unlimited color options. It is a Gutenberg-compatible theme so you can customize your layout easily using Gutenberg’s block editing format. Individual elements are taken as ‘block’ units for effective customization.

You can upload a custom background image and also enable the parallax background option for an engaging 3D effect. Highlight your causes using a sliding featured section under the banner.

You also get a Team section where you can introduce your core team with links to their social media profiles.

Charitize also allows you to showcase your Instagram feed using a full-length Instagram feed with a slider. This theme also has floating social media share buttons, allowing visitors to link to your social media profiles at any time.

The theme also comes with multiple CTA (Call-to-Action) areas that you use as links to your donation page. This translation-ready theme can be localized quite easily.

Theme DetailsDemo

17. Foster Charity Pro

Foster Charity Pro

Foster Charity Pro has a distinct style with high-contrast color combinations and trendy design. This theme comes with custom post types and is designed for easy personalization. It is a versatile theme that can serve any kind of non-profit or fundraising format.

You can easily customize the color and background of this theme. You can also build custom headers and footers to suit your needs. Built upon the Bootstrap framework, this theme is highly responsive to all screen sizes.

This donation-enabled theme comes with custom post types so that you can draw attention to the things that matter. You get an eye-catching Urgent Causes section that highlights individual causes with details like funds raised and pledged.

Foster Charity Pro also comes with an Events section that displays individual events in large, attractive item boxes.

This is a WooCommerce compatible theme allowing you to set up an online store. You can also include your social media links with this theme. It is easy to translate this theme into your local language as well.

Theme DetailsDemo

18. Goza


Goza has a chic design that creates a professional look for your website and organization. With this theme, you can display your key information like your causes and programs in a dynamic way that really engages the audience. You get varied section layouts that create an attractive look and feel for your pages.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer and WPBakery Page Builder plugins to customize page layouts. There are unlimited color options and two sets of fonts — 800 Google Fonts and Adobe’s Typekit Fonts to choose from.

There are attractive sections to display your information. There is a beautiful full-page banner with a Donate button and overlapping menu. You can even embed a video on the homepage and a Gallery section allows you to showcase your project activities.

You can also display testimonials in a full-width section that draws attention with a photo background.

The theme comes with a newsletter form allowing you to build a subscribers’ list. You also get an Events section with this theme, allowing you to showcase your upcoming events. Social media integration is included and you can add links to your social media profiles at various places.

Theme DetailsDemo

19. LoveUs


LoveUs attracts attention with its large sections and animations that create a vivid effect. You can explain the details about your organizations across multiple sections with large photo areas.

Customization is possible in LoveUs through the Elementor plugin. This theme comes with a complete set of prebuilt inner pages for your various purposes like Donation, Contact, About, and Causes. So, you can get started out with this theme immediately without a hassle.

The About section on the homepage comes with some catchy icons and a spacious design that allows you to communicate effectively. Show your current fundraising efforts in the Popular Causes section, with large item boxes and progress bars.

You can explore your organization’s ideas in different sections like Mission and Vision. The theme allows visitors to donate through the Charitable plugin. You also get the Contact Form 7 plugin allowing you to set up contact forms on your website.

A top bar is also included for your contact information and social media links. You can also set up an online store using this theme as it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo

20. GiveAHand


GiveAHand has a colorful and attractive design. This theme gets a lot done with minimal space. This theme can be easily modeled to draw attention to an individual cause and explore it.

GiveAHand comes with a page builder plugin allowing you full control over your website layout. You can even create custom pages according to your needs. You get a set of Google Fonts to create just the right look and feel.

You can even enable the parallax effect with this theme to create an engaging 3D effect. Combined with some great photos and videos, you can really set your website apart with this theme.

You can also embed Youtube videos as your website background, setting up different videos for individual sections.

GiveAHand is built to allow donations through PayPal. You even get the WooCommerce plugin if you want to set up an online store for extra funds.

Contact forms are also included so that visitors can connect with you directly.

Theme DetailsDemo

21. Charity Fundraiser Pro

Charity Fundraiser Pro

Charity Fundraiser Pro allows you to display different information sets using simple yet extensive section designs. This theme is based around discrete item boxes creating an information-rich visual environment.

You can get a collection of custom fonts with this theme to set your website apart from the rest. An advanced theme options panel allows you to easily make any customizations that you desire.

You get different sections including Causes, Events, Volunteers, Testimonials, and Donators. Information in each section is added through custom post types. The simple grid-style layout makes for an effective format. You can choose to display events and causes across multiple rows and columns on your website.

The donation form is created through the Contact Form 7 plugin. You also get a Gallery plugin that can be enabled using a shortcode, which is a short line of pre-written code that you can place anywhere for easily adding functions.

This theme also supports social media integration and you can include your social media links at different areas including a top bar.

Theme DetailsDemo

22. Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a theme that has a minimal but effective design. This theme comes with great functionality and it can definitely be a great template for introducing your organization and collecting donations for your causes.

You get the Visual Composer page builder plugin for this theme, for easy customization with drag and drop actions. Additionally, you get the Ultimate Addons for this plugin too, adding a large number of useful elements from video backgrounds to animations. You can choose from unlimited colors to perk up your website.

This theme comes with 6 thematically designed website templates. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best. Customization is further enhanced with an advanced theme options panel.

This theme allows you to collect donations through PayPal and other payment gateways as well. You can also use the Woo Commerce plugin to add an online store to your website.

There is an effective header design that displays your contact information in large fonts. You even get a CTA (Call-to-Action) section on the homepage prodding the viewer to take the desired action after scrolling through the information sections.

Theme DetailsDemo

23. Denorious


Denorious is a fun WordPress theme for non-profit and fundraising purposes. It features a spacious design and employs a broad color palette for a colorful and engaging effect.

This theme comes with 10+ unique homepage layouts for different purposes and a collection of prebuilt inner pages so you can get set up immediately. This theme is compatible with the Gutenberg plugin so you can easily customize your website using block units.

You also get a collection of 50+ shortcodes at your disposal. There is a collection of Google Fonts and a font icon pack to set your website apart. You can also use the inbuilt Mega Menu plugin to customize and stylize your header menu.

You can collect donations using built-in donations forms that support PayPal and credit cards. You even get the PayPal multi-currency feature allowing you to collect donations from around the world.

Create and manage events using The Events Calendar plugin. You also get MailChimp for creating newsletter forms and WooCommerce if you want to set up an online store.

This is a multi-language theme that also supports RTL scripts like Arabic.

Theme DetailsDemo

24. DonateNow


DonateNow is a blog-style WordPress theme for non-profits with all the functions you need. You get an effective layout to display your key information with individual sections.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin useful for layout customization. You can create a unique look and feel for your website by choosing from a collection of 600 Google Fonts and 256 icons. There are a few layout choices as well including 4 header layouts, 2 layouts for the cause section, and 4 homepage layouts.

You get some useful functionalities related to the donation process. There are shortcodes to insert a donations form anywhere you want on the website. You can even export your donations list in a CSV file format for record-keeping.

The Event Calendar plugin is included to give you full control over events creation and management. You get a featured area to showcase your causes or key features. Keep visitors engaged to your site with an attractive CTA (Call-to-Action) section.

DonateNow also comes with the WPML plugin so you can easily set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo

25. Act


Act has a trendy design and typography with attractive color sections. This theme uses a great combination of colors to arrange sections in simple yet trendy-looking blocks. You can showcase your projects with this theme and easily keep visitors updated with your latest news.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin. You get a large collection of Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons too. There are unlimited color choices so you can personalize this theme in any way you want.

Act features a unique progress bar section under the header banner where you can detail the progress of any one of your fundraising campaigns. Us it to show the progress bar, the number of donations received, and the number of days left to reach the target funds.

Use the Give plugin to collect and manage your donations process. You also get the WooCommerce plugin for setting up an online store. There is a prebuilt shop page template as well.

You can also set up a contact form. This theme comes with .co files allowing you to easily translate your website and localize it.

Theme DetailsDemo

26. Charity


Charity is a pixel perfect WordPress theme with a simple and attractive design. You can customize the causes section easily and set up this theme as a fundraising website or even represent a single cause effectively.

Built upon the Bootstrap framework, this theme is fully responsive across all screen sizes. You get the Visual Composer plugin to make customizations. There are multiple homepage layouts as well to help you make the right impact.

This theme supports donations through EasyPay and Stripe. You also get the WooCommerce plugin and 6 shop page layouts to get started with an online store immediately.

You also get Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 to set up contact and newsletter forms. A sticky header section improves user experience by aiding navigation.

This theme is compatible with the WPML plugin for multi-language capabilities and also supports RTL scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo

27. Servehuman


Servehuman is a great WordPress theme for non-profit organizations that attracts attention with its photo-first design. You get some effective sections like a large Donation section with a donations form and a Campaign section with detailed item boxes.

You can personalize this theme with unlimited colors. There are advanced theme options to customize different aspects of this theme.

You can collect donations through the PayPal channel. You also get the WooCommerce plugin for setting up an online store.

There are some useful sections such as the Top Sponsors where you can include logos of your most prominent supports. This can help establish a sense of legitimacy and trust in your viewers’ eyes. There is a CTA (Call-to-Action) section on the homepage so visitors can take the desired action after scrolling through your information.

You can also feature testimonials and introduce your team in dedicated sections. There is a large grid-style Gallery section where you can show your organization in action across your different projects. You can also include a contact form and newsletter subscription forms.

Theme DetailsDemo

28. Charitas


Charitas is a colorful charity WordPress theme that allows you to feature a large number of posts with its design. Whether it’s the Causes section or your Projects section, this theme enables you to display many of them at the same time. This theme is great for crowdfunding efforts and non-profit organizations.

This theme comes with an advanced theme options panel to make easy changes to your website. You can use the Gutenberg plugin to easily customize this theme.

You get unlimited color options and a collection of Icomoon icons to set your website apart. This is a widget-ready theme with 18 widget areas that you can use per your needs.

You can collect donations through this theme’s PayPal integration. There is an automatically updated progress bar function for campaigns whenever someone donates an amount. You also get the WooCommerce plugin allowing you to collect additional funds through an online store.

Charitas also supports multi-language functions so you can set up your website in multiple languages for greater audience reach.

Theme DetailsDemo

29. Pain


Pain is a gorgeous WordPress theme with a striking design and wonderful animations. This theme has some great section designs that allow you to display your organization’s information in an appealing way. This theme will be a pleasure for visitors to navigate.

You get the Visual Composer page builder with this theme to make easy customizations. There are 5 different homepage layouts and 20+ prebuilt inner pages so you can get started with your website immediately.

You can easily collect donations through the PayPal integration. You also get the automatically updated progress bar for crowdfunding campaigns.

You can display your causes in a section with large item boxes that show key numbers like goal amount, donations raised, and percentage to completion. The Welfare Stories section connects to your blog section and you can use this spacious and graphic area to tell stories about your various programs and its impacts.

This theme also allows for social media integration so you can include links to your social media profiles for increasing your online following.

Theme DetailsDemo

30. Kunco


Kunco is a useful theme for non-profit organizations with a professional-looking design. It makes use of a diverse color palette for a fun and colorful design. It has an extensive homepage where you won’t miss any essential section for your charity organization.

Kunco comes integrated with the WPBakery Page Builder, a popular plugin that allows layout customization with drag-and-drop actions. This theme is also powered by Redux Framework giving you unlimited colors and Google Fonts options. You get to choose between 5 homepage layouts and also get access to a custom icon font set.

You can collect donations using the Give plugin. The MailChimp plugin is also available if you want to develop a mailing list. This theme allows you to showcase your campaigns in a brilliant way as the homepage allows you multiple campaign-related sections under different headings.

You also get an attractive Blog section. This theme allows you to feature your Instagram feed on the website helping you increase your social media followers.

This theme comes with the WPML plugin for multi-language features.

Theme DetailsDemo

31. Open Heart

Open Heart

Open Heart is a graphic and unique one-page WordPress theme for non-profit organizations. This theme is designed in a dynamic way to create an intuitive yet free-flowing interface that looks more like a graphic flyer. It is an excellent choice if you want to get the message across in a fun and efficient way.

This is a responsive theme so you can be sure that the design sense translates across all screen sizes. You get a collection of Google Fonts with this theme to create a distinct impact. You also get a collection of retina-ready font icons that you can pepper across your website for a unique effect.

Use this theme to describe your key points including the causes you work for and the kind of impact you have made with facts and figures. You get a header menu that can take viewers where they want to go — your Contact section, Get Involved section, etc.

You can use contact forms to take direct queries from interested visitors. This theme is also integrated with Google Maps so you can easily pinpoint your office location on an interactive map.

Theme DetailsDemo

32. Funlin


A WordPress theme built for fundraising purposes, Funlin has a crisp and elegant design that can is suitable for multiple purposes.

This theme comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop style page builder that allows you to radically customize your website’s layout. You also get the Boosted Elements addon — a collection of WordPress elements like sliders, maps, and pop-ups that give you full control over the way your website interacts.

This theme allows you to set up crowdfunding campaigns with the help of two plugins, WP-Crowdfunding and WooCommerce. The Campaign section showcases information in large item boxes with an elegant design.

You also get a stat counter to attract the viewer’s attention with interesting facts like the number of projects you’ve accomplished. A CTA (Call-to-Action) section is placed at the bottom of the homepage to allow visitors to take the desired action after scrolling through your information.

This theme also comes with contact forms so that visitors can contact you directly with queries.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which is the Best Charity WordPress Theme for You?

These WordPress themes have a variety of design styles and come with distinct sets of features. Depending upon your organizational activities and your needs, some of these can better serve your needs.

Benevolent Pro has a professional-looking style that immediately establishes a sense of credibility with your organization. This theme has been well-planned to showcase your charity organization in the best possible way, and comes with extensive features. You can choose this theme for the complete package.

Zeko comes with a distinct black-and-white style that can leave a mark on your viewers. If you are looking for an organizational website with the capacity for creating a social media platform as well, then this theme is the one for you.

If you’re looking for versatility, then Alone is a theme with a large collection of prebuilt templates, each one of them tweaked to better suit specific purposes — fundraisers, political campaigns, etc.

For big non-profit organizations, conferences and events are regular activities. These conferences and events WordPress themes might be helpful to make a website in a few minutes

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