Best Reseller WordPress Hosting in 2019 – Top 8 Comparison and Reviews

I spent more than five years in the web designing and development industry, and I constantly noticed something. I find clients clueless when we talk about web hosting. Most clients want to stay far from all the technicalities of hosting and the hassle of the account sign-up process.

That’s when reselling hosting comes into play. Do you own a WordPress designing and web development agency? Instead of upsetting your clients with hosting and its hassles, you can set up your reseller hosting account and provide the hosting service yourself.

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10 Best eCommerce Hosting Providers in 2019

Digital marketplace grew significantly in this decade, and the growth seems to be unstoppable. Successful retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have matured as the billions of dollars business. And tens and thousands of e-commerce stores are following their footprints.

If you are also planning to build the next Amazon, a reliable e-commerce hosting is crucial to success. It ensures your site will keep on operating and performing well.

A good e-commerce hosting makes customers experience as simple as possible. Your host not just affects the speed, performance, and uptime of your store, but also secures your website from potential threats and hacks.

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10 Fastest WordPress Hosting Tested and Compared (2019)

People don’t spend their time waiting for a slow-paced website. A lot of them never return back.

Why? In a world where time is the most important part of people’s lives, they want a comfortable browsing experience. Fast-page loading speed is an important factor to make visitors’ experience smooth.

Web hosting plays a crucial role in determining the speed of your website. Many web hosts have defamed themselves with slow response time. So, avoid those hosts to keep the speed of your WordPress website fast and user-friendly.

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10 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Compared (2019)

Finding a reliable cheap WordPress hosting takes time and effort. Think you also need to spend hours of your time wandering through hosting review websites? Probably not.

We spent lots of time testing and reviewing best web hosting providers so you don’t have to. Here, we have reviewed 10 best cheap WordPress hosting of 2019!

Keep moving through this content; in the end, you will have a clear idea about which hosting to pick and which one to avoid.

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Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: How To Choose The Right Service

Shared or managed WordPress hosting – many WordPress website owners like you struggle to choose the right WordPress hosting.

Perhaps, you are also confused about how these two kinds of web hosting differ from each other.

With countless web hosting providers with different hosting packages, picking the right hosting tends to be more intimidating. So, you should better understand the key differences to be able to pick the right one for your WordPress website or blog.

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10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Compared (2019)

Many web hosting service providers have focused on managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is different from regular WordPress hosting.

In this article, we will talk about what is managed WordPress hosting and how it is different from other hosting options.  We will also talk about 10 best managed WordPress hosting in 2019 and what makes each of them standout.

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Blogger vs WordPress – Which is Better for Money Making Blog?

Some of the tips and support that I am going to discuss below have also been previously discussed in my How to Start a WordPress Blog post. So, you might want to check that out to understand in-depth what it means to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog. If you have already done that, read on!

You have decided you want to start your own blog.

You know you can make money online solely through your blog.

But the question remains: What is better for you and your goals, especially for making money? Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress?

If you have ended up asking yourself this question too many times, don’t worry – you are not alone.

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked. Most people seem to be confused about which is the right platform to choose. More importantly, they are not sure if they really want to make a switch from one platform to the other.

I know because I myself have been there.

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