Best Life Coaching Assessment Tools

7 Best Life Coaching Assessment Tools

Are you a life coach looking for ways to understand your clients and help them find clarity in life? You might want to include life coaching assessment tools in your coaching module.

Life coaching assessment tools help you better understand your clients’ insights and perceptions. The quizzes, assignments, and exercises enable you to discover their strengths and weaknesses, visualize their goals, and help them achieve results.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A “Contact Us” form could be the least noticed element on a website, but it surely is one of the most important ones. 

Do you know why?

Well, it is because this is a functionality that allows people to reach out to you. It is one of the most reliable ways for your users to communicate with you about their concerns, suggestions, and more. Without contact us forms, your online presence will be a one-sided affair. 

Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

40+ Best Free WordPress Blog Themes in 2022

Blogs have always been one of the most prominent forms of information. They provide a platform for discussion or a digital journal to share with the world. 

Be it personal or a professional blog, they indeed are engaging. That is, in a sense, blogs can help you increase your site traffic leading to higher sales. 

Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

15+ Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2022

Do you host meetings and seminars or schedule events, bookings, and appointments regularly on your WordPress website?

If so, then you should have the best event calendar plugin installed on your WordPress to organize all of these things properly. Else, these things can get out of your hand pretty fast!

Best AdSense Friendly WordPress Themes

30+ Best AdSense Friendly WordPress Themes in 2022

If you are starting a new WordPress blog or website, monetizing it is a key concern. Thankfully, there are a large variety of AdSense-optimized WordPress themes out there that make monetizing much easier.

AdSense-friendly WordPress themes are designed to help you place ads in more effective ways. They help you generate more clicks and ultimately raise your bottom line. Typically, you can place a new advertisement on your website by inserting the relevant code into your theme control panel.

Best WordPress Themes for Events

30+ Best WordPress Themes for Events in 2022

Do you want to build a perfect website for your event? 

If yes, you might want to start with one of our 30+ best WordPress themes for events in 2022.

Here you will find the best event WordPress themes on the market today. These event WordPress themes are easy to use, have a user-friendly interface, and offer advanced features. Whether you are organizing a seminar, conference, meeting, music event, or any other fest, our list will blend seamlessly with any purpose.

Popular Radio WordPress Themes

15+ Popular Radio WordPress Themes of 2022

The world is growing increasingly digital, and with it, internet-based radio stations have also soared in popularity. 

There are thousands of radio channels to choose from across the globe, each contributing its own distinct range of shows and programs. Considering just how popular and omnipresent the internet has become, there’s a good chance you have already heard of internet radio.

Best WordPress Registration Plugins

11 Best WordPress Registration Plugins of 2022

One of the primary aims of having a website is to reach out to more users. And, how do you reach out to more users?

Well, that’s exactly where registration plugins come to your rescue. How? Let’s see.

A registration plugin lets you create attractive and engaging forms that help users register to your site. To register, users need to enter their details through the forms. This information is then used by the plugin to further develop business strategies and increase user engagement. 

Best Free Hotel WordPress Themes

20 Best Free Hotel WordPress Themes of 2022

If you’re operating a hotel or are involved in any kind of hospitality business, having a full-fledged website is crucial for generating more leads and increasing conversion. Your website can give your audience a glimpse of what they can expect from your hotel and encourage them to book with you.

That being said, hiring a professional designer to build your site from scratch can cost you a considerable sum of money. That’s where the free hotel WordPress themes come to your rescue.

Best Health and Medical WordPress Themes

30+ Best Health and Medical WordPress Themes in 2022

The healthcare sector is hands down one of the largest and most important industries across the globe for obvious reasons. In recent years, people have started looking into the internet whenever they need medical assistance.

Hence, the trend of health and medical websites is on the rise. If you offer any kind of clinical services, own a pharmacy, or run a health-related business, you should kickstart your website with WordPress as soon as possible.

One best way to get started with a brand new website is by picking the right health and medical WordPress theme.

Customer Stories: Interview with Sera Hayashi

This interview is our initiative to get to know our users a little bit better. We want to hear about your experiences with Blossom Themes. We want to share your stories with all our users.

If you have been using any of our free or premium themes for more than 3 months and want to share your story, please feel free to submit it here.

Today, we are sharing the interview with Sera Hayashi. She works as an independent counselor and Healer Therapist. She offers different services on her website and is also the owner of an online store of crystal and healing items.

Best News WordPress Themes

40+ Best News WordPress Themes of 2022

Are you looking to start your own news website to share the latest scoops on your chosen topics? Having the right WordPress theme should be your first priority. 

These days, there is a well-developed standard when it comes to news websites. Whenever you visit the websites of reputed news organizations like The New York Times, you come across various features that are designed to optimize their earnings.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors in 2022

Due to easy internet access, it has never been easier to share your works with the world. You can easily create your own writer’s website and reach your fans thanks to the Internet and platforms like WordPress. 

Before doing that, you will need a good, responsive WordPress theme for writers to get started. It’s integral to choose a theme that puts your work in the fundamental forefront and makes it uncomplicated for your audience to spend hours on your site without getting frustrated due to incompetence.

Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing

30+ Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing

In the last decade alone, the growth of affiliate marketing has skyrocketed to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Affiliate marketing has become one of the world’s most popular strategies to generate passive income.        

Considering its rapid growth and lucrative potential, a large number of marketers have joined several affiliate networks to promote and sell affiliate products, services, or offers. Likewise, web developers and designers have also made the most of this opportunity by creating hundreds of WordPress themes suitable for this niche.   

Best Responsive Sports WordPress Themes

25+ Best Responsive Sports WordPress Themes of 2022

Sports have become an indispensable part of our culture one way or another. From the land of the Himalayas to the sandy beaches near the ocean, sports speak only one language — the language of sentiments.

As a result, it creates a massive business market throughout the world. Whether you’re a die-hard sports enthusiast or a storekeeper, whether you are willing to build an online community or trying to create an online store, building a WordPress website might be the right thing to do.

Best Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes

20 Best Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes

As far as business is concerned, the focus mainly and often lies on how to get customers through the door. Before the digital revolution, most businesses around the world mainly relied on traditional forms of advertising, like print ads and coupon mailers.

While this strategy still tickles some customers for a gardening and landscaping business, there is a better way. No business, be it large or small, should overlook this vast marketplace on the web. The group of prospective customers found online is much larger than the locally-attracted customer pool.

But where should you get started?

Best Free Property Rental WordPress Themes

25+ Free Property Rental WordPress Themes

A striking digital presence is quickly becoming essential for all business sectors in the modern-day. Setting up an attractive website for your real estate or property rental website gives you the opportunity to reach out to a more extensive customer base.

If you choose the WordPress platform, you can save a lot of hassle by using pre-built templates that are purposefully designed to suit your needs. In fact, there are many free WordPress themes out there that serve great functionality at no cost at all.

Best Jewelry WordPress Themes

25 Best Jewelry WordPress Themes of 2022

At present, online advertising is expanding business on a large scale. Why? It’s simple!  

Online advertising is all-inclusive, affordable and easy to handle.

Also, having a good website for your business provides multiple opportunities for both small and large firms. Also, it effectively enhances their sales. 

Best Podcast WordPress Themes

15+ Best Podcast WordPress Themes

Did you know that the US population who listen to audio podcasts exceeded 55% as of 2022?

Podcasts are getting a lot of popularity for the right reasons. But it’s tricky to make your podcast stand out without a few powerful tools and techniques in this competitive sector. 

Best Parallax WordPress Themes

30+ Best Parallax WordPress Themes of 2022

The most successful websites do not always rely on quality content. They also focus on impressive web designs and smooth user experience to convert their visitors into loyal customers.

In the last few years, parallax has become the most popular trend in web development. So, if you’re willing to start your website in 2022, you should consider using the parallax WordPress themes to set it up.