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InMotion is a powerful hosting platform with a multitude of amazing benefits.

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Flywheel Coupon Code – 25% OFF / 3-Months Free

Do you want to host your first website with Flywheel in 2020 while still staying under budget? If yes, your wait ends here.

Our special Flywheel coupon code gives you 25% off on hosting prices. The discount is equivalent to getting 3 months of free hosting for an annual subscription.

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Flywheel includes a total of 5 hosting packages, and you get a discount for almost all of these options.

No matter if you’re either a beginner or an expert webmaster, Flywheel has something great for all.

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Media Temple Coupon Code 2020 – 30% Discount!

Media Temple is a premium web hosting service with diverse packages for all. Besides the incredible service, we have some good news.

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Get a 30% Discount on Media Temple Hosting Packages in 2020!

You’re probably excited to build your first website in 2020 with this impressive hosting platform. But along with the excitement, you’re probably a little bit nervous and unsure as well. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

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SiteGround Coupon Code 2020 – Up To 70% Discount

Are you looking to purchase the best hosting package but want to save some money? Well, you just got lucky because we have the SiteGround Coupon Code.

Our special coupon code gives you up to 70% off on hosting plans all around the year. What’s best is, this code applies to almost all of SiteGround’s hosting packages.

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With SiteGround’s hosting package, you get a variety of features, ultra-fast network, friendly support, and other multiple benefits with this platform. You can whole-heartedly trust SiteGround because even WordPress recommends it.

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WPEngine Coupon Code | 20% OFF – 3 Months FREE

Want an incredible discount on WP Engine to host your website? Well, look no further. With our WP Engine coupon code, you get a 20% discount (3 Months FREE) for your hosting package in 2020.

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WP Engine is one of the best-managed web hosting platforms for creating your first website.

best consulting WordPress themes

25+ Best Free Consulting WordPress Themes of 2020

Creating an online presence is the basic step for businesses in the modern climate. The best thing is that building a website is easier than ever with WordPress themes.

In fact, there are tons of free Consulting WordPress themes out there that serve your needs perfectly. But only the best of the best themes can give your business a much-needed boost with the right set of features. 

You can find any number of themes out there to build your business consulting website. But, you should know what features can help you out in the long run. 

Bluehost Coupon Code

Bluehost Coupon Code 2020 – Get 65% off + (Free Domain)

Are you looking for the perfect hosting package to kick start your website? If yes, grab one with this amazing offer with our Bluehost Coupon Code.

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Bluehost provides a variety of hosting packages ranging from small blogs or to a high traffic agency site. You can also start a WordPress blog real quick using any of the Bluehost hosting packages.

Table of Contents

Reasons to Choose Bluehost for Website Hosting

Over 2 million websites trust Bluehost, and it's not just because of its unique features.

Below, we have a list of the significant benefits you’re going to receive from Bluehost.

1. Recommended by

Ever since 2005, has always considered Bluehost as one of the best hosting service providers out there for WordPress. So, when you choose Bluehost for your website, you receive all the powerful features of WordPress as well.

Some of the powerful features you’ll be getting are innovative plugins, WordPress themes, and seamless 3rd party integrations. Bluehost also automatically installs WordPress onto your site after you purchase their package.

2. Free SSL Certificates on all Packages

When you buy any one of Bluehost’s hosting packages, you get a free SSL Certificate. This protects your website information from hackers and other security threats. So, your vital data like secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and others are always safe.

If you had to purchase this certificate, then it would cost around $79.99 per year. So, you can build a strong connection between the web browser and web server without spending a dime.

Get FREE SSL Certificates Using Our Discounted Link!

3. You’ll Get 24/7 Support

Bluehost helps you resolve any issues related to your website hosting with its 24/7 support service. Also, you can take help from their support resources before contacting them directly.

You can find a large number of resources related to articles, guides, how-tos, instructions, and FAQs in their resources. Bluehost also includes educational resources that include articles on Email, Domain Names, Billing Resources, and more.

4. Professional Marketing Solutions

Apart from providing hosting services, Bluehost also manages the design and marketing aspects of your site. Some of the prominent services Bluehost provides are marketing assistance, design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and so on.

These services help you focus on your business and automate all website management activities to Bluehost. They help you improve your search engine ranking, generate more qualified leads, and provide other benefits.

5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You can purchase any one of their hosting packages without fear. If you don’t like their service, you can simply opt-out within 30 days and get a refund. This helps you try out their product without having the intention to use it for an extended period.

6. Free Domain Name for 1 Year

Upon your first purchase of the hosting package from Bluehost, you can pick a domain name for free. You won’t have to pay for this domain for 1 year. Yet, you do have to pay a small non-refundable domain fee.

How to Use Your Bluehost Coupon Code?

This quick list will guide you through the process of getting your 65% discount coupon code on the hosting package from Bluehost.

1. Go to Our Coupon Code Link

First, you need to click on our Coupon Code that’ll take you to the Bluehost homepage. As you get there, you’ll see that the discount code is automatically applied.

Their non-discounted hosting package for the basic plan starts from $7.99. But for you, it’s just for $2.95. Thanks to our discount code, you can now save $5.04 per month on your first purchase.

Click on the ‘Get Started’ button situated right below the pricing detail, as shown in the image above.

2. Select Your Desired Plan

Now you can see the list of pricing plans for the Shared Web Hosting. The pricing detail you see on the homepage is for the Basic plan. Apart from Basic, you get the other three plans, that are Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

If you’re just starting out with a new blog or website, we recommend you select the Basic plan. You can always upgrade your plan later when you feel the need for more features.

You can also change the duration of the hosting package you want to purchase. Bluehost provides the option of 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months.

We recommend you to click on the 36 months and proceed. You’ll not get such a massive discount rate if you select lower duration plans.

3. Set up Your Domain Name

After selecting your perfect plan, you have to set up a domain name for your site. Do you have a domain name on your mind already? Great! Type in the name in the first box shown in the picture.

You can check the availability of your desired domain name as well. If it is not available for registration, Bluehost provides you other similar options.

Proceed to the Signup page once you’ve picked the available domain name.

However, if you don’t have any name in your mind, then you can simply skip this step. You will most likely get this dialogue box immediately when you enter the domain web page.

Click on the ‘Choose Free Domain Later’ button and you’ll get to the Signup page.

4. Sign Up for Bluehost Account

You now have to provide your account information to create a Bluehost account. The information includes your personal details, address, and contact details. You can include your business name if you want, although it is stated as optional.

5. Verification and Extra Features

Right below the account information section, you’ll get the preview of your selected package. If you’re having second thoughts about the package, you can change it.

Do you want some extra features on your hosting package? Bluehost lets you choose from a few crucial features that can help your website to perform better.

You can see the additional features in the image above. Some of the tools are Domain Privacy + Protection, Bluehost SEO Tools Start, and more.

7. Payment Details

You can provide your payment information to finish signing up for your account. By default, you get a credit card as the payment option. Bluehost supports credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You can select PayPal for the payment as well. Then, click on the icon ‘More Payment Options’ and select ‘Pay with PayPal’.

8. Submit Your Request

This is the final step to sign up for your Bluehost account and get that discounted offer. You now have to agree with the ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Cancellation Policy’, and ‘Privacy Policy’ of Bluehost.

Now, tick the box, agreeing that you read and agreed with all the terms and conditions. Finally, you can click the ‘Submit’ button to send your discounted hosting package to Bluehost.

Hosting Plans for Bluehost Coupon Code

Bluehost features a multitude of hosting plans that are categorized into six different types. Some of them are Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and more. You can get a discount on each of these hosting packages using our coupon code.

Which one should you select on your first purchase? We’ve explained all 6 of the packages and their pricing plans in this section. The list of hosting plans and their explanations can help you make a well-informed decision.

1. Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

The Bluehost Shared Hosting plans are perfect when you’re creating your first website. You can create a personal blog, a recipe blog, or even a small business website. In this plan, you share the web server with other websites as well.

You and all other websites that are powered by that web server get all the amazing features. One of them is a secure and automatic WordPress installation. Bluehost provides four packages for Shared Hosting, which are mentioned below.

Get Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan Using Our Discount Offer!

A. Basic Shared Hosting

With the basic shared hosting plan, you can power one website and get 50 GB of storage space. You get unmetered bandwidth as well. This hosting plan also includes 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains.

B. Plus Shared Hosting

Plus Shared Hosting lets you power unlimited websites and also features unlimited storage space. Also, you get unlimited parked domains and subdomains. This plan also includes a 30 days free 1 Office 365 Mailbox.

C. Choice Plus Shared Hosting

Choice Plus Shared Hosting plan also includes unlimited website support and has unlimited storage space. The additional features are Domain Privacy + Protection and Site Backup – CodeGuard basic.

D. Pro Shared Hosting

Pro Shared Hosting is the most advanced shared hosting plan that includes all features of the previous plans. Besides, you get 2 spam experts and a dedicated IP address. You also get a high performance that is not available in others.

2. Bluehost VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting package from Bluehost is a powerful hosting option. They employ SSD storage and dedicate various resources, such as RAM and CPU on your hosting account.

In addition to basic Bluehost features, like free domain name, you get advanced benefits with this hosting package. Some of them are multi-server management, file management, and more.

Get Bluehost VPS Hosting With Our Coupon Code Now!

A. Standard VPS Hosting

The Standard VPS Hosting plan provides 30 GB SSD storage and 2 GB of RAM capacity. You also get 1 TB of bandwidth for your website. In addition, this hosting plan supports 1 IP address.

B. Enhanced VPS Hosting

Enhanced VPS Hosting is the recommended hosting plan among similar others. You get 60 GB of SSD storage and 4 GB of RAM capacity. Moreover, this hosting features 1 TB bandwidth and supports 2 IP addresses.

C. Ultimate VPS Hosting

Ultimate VPS Hosting is the powerful hosting plan among the VPS plans. You get 120 GB storage space and the RAM capacity of 8 GB. Besides, this hosting plan features 3 TB of bandwidth and also supports 2 IP addresses.

3. Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Hosting is the most powerful hosting package provided by Bluehost. In this service, you get complete control over a server. You can configure the server however you like and also get a higher level of resource allocation.

Your dedicated server remains unaffected by other users and websites. If you have a high traffic website, then this is the best hosting service. Bluehost provides 3 hosting pricing plans for this category.

Use Our Bluehost Coupon Code For Dedicated Hosting!

A. Standard Dedicated Hosting

The Standard Dedicated Hosting provides 4 cores of CPU at 2.3 GHz. You get 500 GB of mirrored storage space and 4 GB of RAM capacity. This hosting plan also provides 5 TB of bandwidth and supports up to 3 IP addresses.

B. Enhanced Dedicated Hosting

The Enhanced Dedicated Hosting also provides 4 cores of CPU, but at 2.5 GHz. You get 1 TB of storage space (mirrored). The RAM capacity is 8 GB and the bandwidth is 10 TB. This hosting plan also supports up to 4 IP addresses.

C. Premium Dedicated Hosting

The Premium Dedicated Hosting package provides the same CPU cores at 3.3 GHz. You also get a TB of mirrored storage space. Yet, this package provides 16 GB capacity of RAM and 15 TB bandwidth. It also supports up to 5 IP addresses.

4. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting service from Bluehost is the best way to configure your website on WordPress. Bluehost installs the latest version of WordPress automatically as you sign up for this hosting package.

You also get a free domain name for 1 year and free SSL certification with this hosting package. This hosting package also helps your site verify on Google My Business. The WordPress hosting package from Bluehost includes 3 pricing plans.

Get Discounted Offer For Bluehost WordPress Hosting!

A. Basic WordPress Hosting

The Basic WordPress Hosting powers 1 website and provides 50 GB of SSD storage space. This package also supports 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains. You get $200 marketing credit with this hosting package.

B. Plus WordPress Hosting

Plus WordPress Hosting supports unlimited websites and provides unmetered SSD storage. The package includes unlimited subdomains and parked domains. You also get $200 marketing credit and a free 30 days Office 365 Mailbox.

C. Choice Plus WordPress Hosting

The Choice Plus WordPress Hosting is the most powerful and the recommended hosting plan on the list. In addition to the features from the Plus WordPress Hosting, you also get the CodeBasic Basic Backup feature.

5. Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

Bluehost WP Pro Hosting is a WordPress hosting package that helps you build and grow your WordPress site. You get several benefits with this package, such as the All-in-One marketing dashboard, SEO, Email marketing, and other tools, and more.

You can choose within 3 pricing plans for this hosting package. All the packages support unlimited websites, unlimited web storage, unlimited domains, and subdomains as well. You also get a staging environment where you can test the website before going live.

Use Our Coupon Code to Get Best Deal for Bluehost WP Pro Hosting!

A. Build WP Pro Hosting

The Build WP Pro Hosting plan provides you with the JetPack site analytics and marketing center. You get 100+ free WordPress themes and daily scheduled backups. This package also includes domain privacy + protection and more.

B. Grow WP Pro Hosting

The Grow WP Pro Hosting includes every feature in the Build WP Pro Hosting. Additionally, you get Jetpack premium, business review tools, and SEO review tools. This package also provides Jetpack ads integration and other features.

C. Scale WP Pro Hosting

Scale WP Pro Hosting provides advanced features such as Jetpack Pro, unlimited backups and restore, and many more. This package also includes all the features available in the Grow WP Pro Hosting.

6. Bluehost WooCommere Hosting

The Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting is the right hosting package if you want to create an eCommerce site. You get secured payment gateways and fully customizable online stores as well.

With this package, you get the WooCommerce plugin installed automatically on your website. You also get $200 marketing credits with all the plans in this package. The WooCommerce Hosting features 3 pricing plans.

Apply Coupon Code for Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting!

A. Starter WooCommerce Hosting

The Starter WooCommerce Hosting supports 1 online store and provides 100 GB of storage space. This theme also installs the Storefront theme. You get free SSL certification and domain privacy + protection with this theme as well.

B. Plus WooCommerce Hosting

The Plus WooCommerce Hosting supports unlimited online stores and features unmetered SSD storage. Along with all the features of the Started WooCommerce Hosting, you also get the CodeGuard Backup Basic.

C. Pro WooCommerce Hosting

Pro WooCommerce Hosting is the advanced option in this list. It features all the benefits of the Plus WooCommerce Hosting. Moreover, you get the Bluehost SEO tools with this plan.

Why Choose Our Bluehost Coupon Code?

You can find dozens of other coupon codes for Bluehost on other websites. However, we’re going to explain to you why our coupon code is beneficial for you.

1. Applies Coupon Code Automatically

When you click on any one of our discounted links given in this article, you’ll get to the homepage of Bluehost. Now there’s something exciting about it. When you see the homepage, the discounted link is automatically applied to the actual hosting price.

You don’t need to copy the code text and use it only in the Check Out page. This discount link helps you compare the prices. You don’t have to calculate the discounted amount before selecting the perfect hosting plan.

2. Lowest Price Among All

The heavy discount offer that we’re giving you for Bluehost’s hosting package is priced at a very low rate. Bluehost might provide some special offers for Christmas, Black Friday, and other special occasions. But, even then, you won’t get as much discount as you get when using our code.

Does it seem too good to be true? Give it a try yourself. First, open our coupon code given below:

Get Bluehost Coupon Code With 65% Discount + FREE Domain Name

Then, open another tab in incognito and open Bluehost’s homepage. This time, don’t click on our discounted code. Simply type and compare the prices.

3. Discount on All Hosting Packages

Once you check out with our discounted coupon link, you can browse through all 6 hosting plans of Bluehost. No matter which hosting plan you pick, you’ll get a discounted offer on all the plans.

Check Our Price for All Hosting Packages Using Our Discounted Link!

Some hosting plans may provide lower discount rates than others, though. But you’ll get the best deal for each of the packages provided by Bluehost using our link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Bluehost Coupon Code

1. Is Bluehost Coupon Code Different Than Others?

Other service providers give you a coupon code in the form of alphanumeric text. You can copy and paste that text on the checkout page to get the discounted offer.

However, you can apply the discount on the Bluehost package immediately after clicking on the coupon link. With this, you can have the exact idea of what price you should pay before proceeding to check out.

2. Do Bluehost Offer Special Discounted Offers Regularly?

Apart from our 65% Discounted Offer with Free Domain, you also get special discount offers on these packages. However, they are only during Christmas, Black Friday, and other occasions. Also, these special discount offers last only for a few days.

3. Do I Get 30 Days Refund and Free SSL Using the Coupon Code?

Of course! When you use this coupon code, you not only get the discounted offer on the hosting prices. You also get all the benefits provided by Bluehost. That includes the free SSL certificates, 30 days refund policy, and more.

4. Are Affiliate Links Included in These Coupon Codes?

Yes. The discount links we’ve provided in this article are affiliate links. So, if you purchase any of the hosting packages using our links, we get a certain percentage of commission.

However, you won’t have to pay any additional costs for these hosting packages. You get the full discount for the package using our affiliate links.

Wrapping Up!

Have you selected the perfect hosting package from Bluehost? Wait for no further and grab your discount now!

If you cannot decide which hosting plan to choose, then feel free to contact us. We’ll guide you through your journey and give the best advice you need.

Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes

30+ Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes of 2020

Are you looking to start an e-commerce site to sell products online? Maybe you want to extend your brick-and-mortar store with an online counterpart.   

E-commerce is becoming ever more relevant in the present day. In the USA, 25% of people buy stuff from online stores at least once a month. In fact, this Statista study predicts that more than 2.14 billion people will be making online purchases by 2021.

Setting up an online store has become easier than ever with WordPress themes. Using the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily set up an online store and start selling products. The best WooCommerce WordPress themes have great design and help boost your business. 

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

30+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2020

Do you want to enhance your blog’s performance? If yes, then you need to install some of the powerful WordPress plugins for blogs. 

Blogging has gained tremendous popularity in the recent decade. Bloggers from around the globe publish more than 70 million posts every single month. 

To remain on top of your competition, you need to upgrade your blog consistently. So, plugins are an excellent tool for creating a high-yielding blog by providing an extensive range of functionalities. 

Now, you must be wondering which of the plugins work best for your blogging venture! Depending on the category, there are a variety of WordPress plugins that work best for your motive. 

We have provided a list of 30+ best WordPress plugins that work best for a multitude of purposes. Every blogger should install these fundamental extensions regardless of their blogging niche.  

free job board wordpress theme

15+ Free Job Board WordPress Themes of 2020

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Are you aiming to build a job listing site in 2020? If that's the case, then you can take help from a free job board WordPress theme.  

With a job-related web template, you don’t have to build your site from scratch. You can make use of that time to grow your business instead!

The average duration of landing a job in the US is about five months. So, if you can make this process easy for job seekers, your recruitment business can flourish.  

Here is a list of 15+ free job WordPress themes in this article. You can select any of these web templates to power your job board. 

Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes

30+ Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes of 2020

Online shopping is the new normal as the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. A study from Statista actually predicts that more than 2 billion people will be shopping online by 2021. 

The great thing is that you can get started with your own online store by using free WordPress themes. By using the free WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, you can start your own online store or extend your brick and mortar store with an online counterpart.

The best free WooCommerce WordPress themes come with unique designs that offer you premium online store features.

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Best Makeup Artist WordPress Themes of 2020

“Makeup is art. Beauty is spirit.”

With the beauty industry growing everyday, makeup artists are getting more recognition. The $93.5 billion worth beauty industry is very competitive, and it’s not that easy to stand out. 

As per Photoslurp, a whopping 81% of the consumers research online before making a purchase. Among which, makeup and skincare products top the list. By the end of 2035, this industry is assumed to grow by 38% as per Thoughtshift

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35+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes of 2020

Food websites and blogs have a neck-to-neck competition, and if your food website doesn’t have the latest and most advanced design, you need to step up your game.

With food websites, there are countless possibilities for an appealing design. From sections like Today’s Special, Menu, and online reservation features, and more, it is possible to be one of the top-ranking food websites on Google.  

The good news is you don’t have to worry about any of these. Why? Because we’ve handpicked 35+ best WordPress Restaurant Themes, all under one roof. 

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25+ Best Bakery WordPress Themes of 2020

Do you love to bake? Do you own a bakery? Does your passion involve preparing pastries, muffins, and cupcakes? If yes, then you’re in the right place!

Your amazing bakery and the delicious baked goods deserve more recognition. 

But how to do that? Well, get started on a website. You can design a fantastic website for your bakery business using WordPress in 2020. Here is a list of 25+ best bakery WordPress themes.

With these stunning web templates, you can attract more customers to your bakery store. Also, you can illustrate your bakery features with its appealing website elements. 

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25+ Best Pinterest-style WordPress Themes of 2020

With 367 million users worldwide, it's safe to say that Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking apps. Aside from connecting to new people, Pinterest is mostly known for its image-centric design and being an ocean of inspiration for everything.

The innovative layout style has become a trending template for countless websites.The Pinterest style layout is best for — portfolios, photography blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, online stores, etc. 

So, if you also want to create a Pinterest-style website, we have put together some of the best Pinterest style WordPress themes in 2020. Recommend you to best use these WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin for your image-centric website.

Best Kindergarten WordPress Themes

25+ Best Kindergarten WordPress Themes of 2020

Every year, parents in the US admit around 3.7 million children to kindergarten as per NCES. If you can grab the attention from even a tiny share of these numbers, your kindergarten can prosper, and in that journey, a professional kindergarten website can add to your success. 

But that’s not all. A successful kindergarten website needs a powerful and beautiful WordPress theme to help nudge your business in the right direction. 

Customer Stories Tannie Evans

Customer Stories: Interview with Tammie Evans

This interview is our initiative to get to know our users a little bit better. We want to hear your experiences with Blossom Themes. We want to share your stories with all our users.

If you have been using any of our free or premium themes for more than 3 months and want to be interviewed, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Today, we are sharing an interview with Tammie Evans. She is a blogger who loves to share her inspiring journey on her website.

Best Free Beauty WordPress Themes

25+ Best Free Beauty WordPress Themes of 2020

Are you looking for a suitable WordPress theme to design a beautiful website? 

We can help you achieve your goal without much effort. In this article, you can find a list of 25+ free beauty WordPress themes. With these free themes, you can design a beautiful website in no time. 

You may either want to design a website to showcase your photography. Or, you could be aiming for designing art portfolios or even a fashion agency site. 

Regardless, these beauty themes will help you design all types of websites mentioned above and more.

Find the distinct list of ‘Best Makeup Artist WordPress themes‘ here. 

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30+ Best Construction Company WordPress Themes of 2020

Are you looking for a good construction company WordPress theme? 

Construction is one of the top revenue-generating industries in the world. However, the world is redefining the way of doing business. Over the years, there has been a considerable shift in marketing strategies and the way people carry out their businesses. 

With almost every possible business digitized, online Marketing as of present has taken the world by storm. According to the research by ServiceTitan, only 45% of the construction businesses are showing significant progress in digital marketing. While 90% of the buyers often turn to the internet to solve all their construction needs.

Free Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

27 Free Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit in 2020

Are you planning to launch a charitable organization to support a cause? If you are, having a good website to start out with is a necessity. Having great visibility is essential for non-profit organizations as you need to showcase your values, causes, and charitable activities online. 

Fortunately, the WordPress platform allows you to set up a website with all the features that you need. You get free charity WordPress themes that allow you to introduce your organization to visitors in the best possible way. What’s more, you can get many functionalities of WordPress for FREE using these themes.

We also recommend trying these affordable WordPress hosting services which can be budget-friendly for charity organizations.