10 Best Review Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Best Review Plugins for WordPress

When you’re running a business or e-commerce website, increasing conversion is your main concern. Maintaining a good SEO presence and providing a good user experience are the basic features required from any website.

Alongside these, reviews play a big role in building your brand image and credibility online. New visitors to your website are more likely to trust your business upon seeing good reviews from customers. 

Reviews have become an integral part of online shopping experiences, that 87% of consumers read reviews before choosing a business. So, you need the best review plugins for your WordPress site. 

List of Best WordPress Review Plugins

There are many review plugins on the market that focus on different feature sets or strategies to support your business. We have compiled an inclusive set of the 10 Best Review Plugins for WordPress.

1. Site Reviews   

Site Reviews WordPress Plugin

Site Reviews is a review plugin for your Wordpress site that allows users to review your posts or products with a star rating of 1 to 5. You can control which review to publish on your site as every review has to be approved before publishing. You get notified after each review submission so that you can promptly display the reviews. The plugin provides you with a feature to pin the best reviews at the top to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

The plugin is supported by Elementor and comes with Elementor blocks. It also houses Gutenberg Editor Blocks, shortcodes and widgets to easily add a review section on your site.

Site Reviews requires the user to be logged in in order to submit a review. You can also block review submissions that contain certain words, phrases, names, emails, and IP addresses.

The plugin can be translated into your preferred language. It also supports multiple languages due to its integration with the WPML and Polylang plugins. It can also be easily used in multisite websites. 

In addition to tons of amazing features, the Site Reviews plugin also provides premium addons(Review Forms, Review Filters, Review Images) and free addons(Trustalyze Confidence System, WooCommerce Reviews) to add more functionality to your site.

So, here are the key features offered by Site Reviews:

  • Assign Reviews to categories, pages and users
  • Supports Avatars supported by WordPress Gravatar service
  • Allows Backup and Restoration of settings
  • Multiple Review Forms styles to match with the theme
  • Feature to add Responses to your reviews
  • 5 layers of Spam Protection
  • Displays Rating Summary
  • Premium Support from an expert team

Who is this plugin for?

Site Reviews is an excellent choice for any WordPress site that needs a review, especially eCommerce sites that sell products. A dedicated review plugin makes it much easier to add customer reviews to your site, which helps in leaving a good impression of your site among visitors. An exclusive feature of Site Reviews that help you pin the best reviews on the top makes your site even more trustworthy.

2. WordPress Business Reviews

WordPress Business Reviews WordPress Plugin

WordPress Business Reviews is a simple but effective solution to display reviews from Google, Facebook, or Yelp on your business onto your website. It uses a widget to display your reviews on your website sidebar as a kind of social proof. 

The free version of this plugin should be totally adequate if you only want to display reviews from one of these three review platforms. But you need the premium version if you want to collate reviews from all three different platforms.

With the premium version, you will display reviews from all three platforms in a single feed. The plugin can even merge the combined ratings in all three media to show a summary score. 

There are some great features for visual customization as well — you can choose between a few different layouts to display your review feed, such as slider, grid, and list. There is also support for popular page builder plugins such as the Gutenberg Block Editor, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. 

Customers can also leave a review directly on your website through their Google, Yelp, or Facebook accounts. There are smart filter designs too, including reviews with lower ratings and reviews with specific keywords or authors. 

Some key features of this plugin include:

  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Merge reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp in single reviews feed
  • Customers can add reviews directly on your website through their Google account
  • Google Trust Badge
  • Hide reviews with low ratings, reviews by specific authors, or reviews with specific keywords.
  • Reviews Sorting
  • Supports major page builder plugins including Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Multiple layouts for reviews feed
  • Dark Mode

Who is this review plugin for?

This plugin is a no-nonsense solution for when you want to display reviews from your Google, Facebook, or Yelp profiles directly onto your website. It is simple to set up, allows for Rich Snippets of your site on Google search pages, and has decent customizability.

3. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate Reviews plugin is a straightforward tool that covers all the bases for an effective reviews section. This plugin’s main purpose is to allow customers to leave directly on your website — and it comes with a good deal of features to make the best of website reviews. 

Setting up a reviews section with the Ultimate Reviews plugin is an extremely simple process — there are two shortcodes, one to place the forms where customers can leave reviews, and another to display the reviews that have been submitted.

This plugin allows you to generate reviews on basically anything, from products to events and articles. The rating system includes points and percentages, among others. 

Another key feature of this plugin is visual customization. You can change up the fonts, colors, and rating systems to match up with your website design. Reviewers also get useful options to add value to their reviews and make them more interesting — they can attach images and videos to illustrate their points. 

An essential feature of the Ultimate Reviews plugin is the integration with WooCommerce. You have access to some useful features as part of the WooCommerce integration

  • You can make it so that only verified buyers can leave a review. 
  • You can specify the minimum or the maximum number of days after purchase during which a verified buyer can leave a review.
  • You can set up automated emails sent to reviewers — thank them for the review, or ask them more detailed questions for the feedback!
  • You can also request reviews from customers a certain time after an order has been set.

Here is a summary of the key features that make Ultimate Reviews a balanced reviews plugin:

  • Easy setup
  • Visual customization, including multiple rating systems
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Structured data allows you to display rich snippets of your site in Google search results
  • Add custom fields to review for enhanced data collection 
  • Review filters based on score, reviewers, and more.
  • Multimedia items in reviews
  • Captcha form in reviews

Who is this review plugin for?

This plugin is the perfect choice for anyone looking to allow customers to place direct reviews on their website while maintaining a decent amount of control. This plugin can be easily customized to suit your WordPress theme design and allows you a good deal of control over how customers are allowed to place reviews, boosting the security factor. 

Ultimate Reviews is also a good choice for anyone who wants good functionality without any hassle. This plugin is easy to set up with shortcodes and just as easy to configure for your needs. 

4. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Review Pro is an all-rounder for WordPress review plugins, which is why this plugin sits at the top of this list. In addition, this plugin offers a large variety of options at every step of the way. So, let’s start off with some key numbers:

  • This plugin comes with 16 predefined designs for your reviews section.
  • There is support for 19 types of rich snippets so you can make your page stand out on Google search pages. 
  • There are multiple rating systems including Star, Point, Percentage, Circle, and Thumbs.
  • You can also integrate reviews from other platforms on your website — including Google Places, Yelp Reviews, and Facebook Reviews.

As you can see, this plugin covers all the varied feature sets of review plugins that are often not found under the same roof. 

The 16 different prebuilt designs available with this plugin have some great variety, as you can see here. There is a design that is inspired by Amazon, which works great for Amazon affiliate websites. Another standout design is Darkside, which has a dark color scheme that stands out. 

The best thing is that you can actually customize the visual aspects like colors. 

Some specific features that add great value for you are the feature-specific ratings, in which users can leave individual ratings for different features or aspects of each product. 

You can also set up comparison tables to compare the features of multiple products. Again, this helps customers make purchase decisions more easily. You can even use pop-ups and notifications to get more clicks on your reviews. 

Visitors can mark existing reviews as helpful or unhelpful, which can add another layer of information for potential customers to gauge your products. Here are some of the key features of this plugin:

  • WooCommerce Integration allows you to add elaborate, custom review forms to individual product pages. This is a very valuable feature for e-commerce websites that can help boost your conversion rates. 
  • An Advanced Options Panel makes it super easy for you to configure the plugin. You can set up all the options with easy-to-use toggles and menus. 
  • This is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly plugin that adapts to every screen size.
  • WP Review Pro is also a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language. 

Who is this review plugin for?

WP Review Pro’s key strength is that it is an all-rounder that integrates the various major functions required from a review plugin. On top of that, it is highly customizable. So, this plugin is super useful if you run multiple e-commerce websites. WP Review Pro is also useful if you want to highlight your review sections on your website with a distinctive design. 

5. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks plugin

Ultimate Blocks is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the WordPress Block editor by adding a range of custom blocks. This plugin comes with various useful blocks that allow users to create engaging and beautiful content easily.

Some of the blocks offered by Ultimate Blocks include a review block, a HowTo block, a content toggle (FAQ schema-enabled), a table of contents block, a progress bar block, and many more. These blocks are fully customizable and can be easily styled to match the design of your site.

The schema-enabled ‘Review’ block lets you add a review box to your WordPress posts/pages. You can add a review title, author name, features, summary, ratings, and a call-to-action button to the review box. It supports both star and percentage ratings. You can customize things like star colors, button colors, font sizes, and more.

Here are some of the key features of Ultimate Blocks:

  • Powerful content blocks.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Schema-enabled review box.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • SEO-friendly.

Who is this plugin for?

Ultimate Blocks is the best choice for bloggers and content creators who publish review posts. The ‘Review’ block by Ultimate Blocks makes adding a schema-enabled review box to WordPress posts/pages extremely easy. It also offers other essential blocks to make your content shine.

6. Taqyeem

Taqyeem WordPress Plugin

Taqueem stands out among the good review plugins for WordPress by its sheer customizability. This is an excellent plugin that gives you complete control over the way your reviews section looks and over the way that customers are allowed to review your products. 

This plugin gains solid points for functionality as it is SEO-optimized, supports Rich Snippets, and allows you to display virtually unlimited review criteria.

That latter point is a major strength of the Taqyeem plugin. You can set up some precise criteria that your reviewers have to address in order to leave a review on your website. This has a direct impact on the quality of information that potential customers get from these reviews. 

Ultimately, it allows your future clients to make better buying decisions and gives them an excellent shopping experience. At the same time, it also discourages trolls from leaving bad or worthless reviews on your website that adds no value. 

You should also note the level of customization that this plugin offers over the others — you can choose between unlimited color options, get 500+ Google Font options, and use them in a specific style with the typography options. Besides these, Taqyeem also supports reviews in various formats — posts, pages, and custom post types. 

There are 3 different review styles: stars, points, and percentages. This plugin is also translation-ready and can easily be set up in your local language, including those with RTL scripts such as Arabic or Hebrew. 

Who is this review plugin for?

This plugin has a very simple key advantage, and that is customizability. You can customize the looks of your reviews section without sacrificing important factors like search engine visibility. So, if you need some strong visuals to go along with your branding, Taqyeem is the review plugin for you. 

7. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews WordPress Plugin

Starfish Reviews is a really powerful WordPress review plugin that gives some rare, expert-type functionalities. This plugin comes with an elaborate set of features that allow you to design funnels to increase reviews for your business or products. 

Starfish Reviews is a plugin for launching review generation campaigns for your business. It works on your website and for generating reviews on your profiles on various review platforms such as Google Business and Yelp.

So, how does this plugin work? First, starfish Reviews creates what is called a “funnel URL” that you can send to your customers. This link asks your customers what they feel about your business or products. If they give a good response on this page, they will be redirected to any of your review pages.

Then, you can set up the redirect link to your website’s reviews section, or any of your profiles on review platforms, including Facebook Recommendations, Yelp, or TrustPilot, among others. 

The design of this process increases the likelihood of you getting more positive reviews on your business or products. If people wish to leave bad reviews, they will be encouraged to give feedback to you directly. 

Here are some important features of this plugin:

  • You can create multiple review funnels for one website or product. However, different paid plans have different limits for this. 
  • The plugin includes shortcodes that allow you to seamlessly integrate your funnel into pages or posts. 
  • You can design your review funnels using page builders like Elementor and the Gutenberg Block Editor — the layouts provided by the plugin don’t limit you.
  • This plugin also integrates with email and newsletter plugins like MailChimp and MailPoet, allowing you to follow up with your customers through automatic campaigns. 

Who is this review plugin for?

This review plugin has a highly specific purpose and can make a great addition to marketing campaigns. You can use this plugin in tandem with other review plugins intended to manage or display plugins on your site directly.

Starfish Reviews is beneficial for building trust in your business by generating new and positive reviews on your business or website.

8. Starcat Reviews

Starcat Reviews WordPress Plugin

Starcat Reviews comes with a complete set of review websites, affiliate websites, and e-commerce sites. In addition, this plugin allows you to attach a review section to any page or post on your website, as it is compatible with blog posts, custom post types, or your WooCommerce store items as well.

This plugin comes with a shortcode builder that allows you to set up review forms and display reviews on your website. There are a lot of detailed features with the free version that enhance the review system on your website.

  • You can enable an approval system for new reviews on your website. Assign admins to approve new reviews.
  • You can enable or disable reviews on any particular posts or pages according to your needs. 
  • Search bar in the reviews section allows potential customers to search for reviews with particular keywords, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Sort reviews on your website according to various criteria like highest ratings. 
  • Discrete ratings for individual aspects of any product. 

There are also some great security features, including Google CAPTCHAs for reviews and limiting reviews to one review per person, which avoids spamming.

Starcat reviews is an excellent choice to build review affiliate websites to generate affiliate revenue. You can use this plugin to set up a perfect review system and display reviews on various products in various niches such as sneakers, make-up products, travel products, movies, and so on. 

There are some premium add-ons that you can purchase to extend the functionality of this plugin. Starcat Reviews also includes a premium version which comes bundled with all the premium add-ons. Here are the premium add-ons along with their functions:

  • The Review Post Type Add-on gives you a custom post type to build a review website. You can write reviews using pre-built information fields to create complete reviews with ratings and all. 
  • The Comparison Table Add-on allows you to set up comparison tables that compare two products with links to their posts and pictures. 
  • The Photo Reviews Add-on allows customers to place media items on their reviews that include images and videos. 
  • The WooCommerce Notification Add-on is useful for generating new reviews on your WooCommerce store. This add-on allows you to send an automated email to your customers, requesting them to leave a review on your products. 

As you can see, the premium add-ons offer some handy functions that can be important to you according to your use case. 

Who is this plugin for? 

Starcat Reviews is built for two use cases — e-commerce sites and affiliate review websites. This plugin can be set up and used easily through shortcodes. At the same time, it comes with various functionalities that help you craft the perfect user experience for e-commerce sites and affiliate review websites. 

This plugin can be the perfect companion to create reviews for products in any specific niche and earn money through affiliate links. At the same time, it also integrates with WooCommerce and allows you to generate reviews through a paid add-on. 

9. Wiremo

Wiremo WordPress Plugin

Wiremo is a plugin for product reviews designed for “consumer-centric teams” that want to improve their products through consumer feedback. This plugin has a super elegant design that makes it stand out from the others on this list.

Wiremo features a two-pronged feature set that includes integration with top e-commerce tools and review platforms and features designed to elicit reviews and build customer relations. 

The free version of this plugin is entirely self-sufficient and gives you the key features without any handicaps. This means you get complete customizability, language options, review requests, and Call-to-Action features for various purposes like conversion and building customer relations. 

Customers can also leave reviews through their social media profiles like Facebook, making it easier to review your products. 

The premium version builds upon these base features. In addition, it gives you additional value with features such as a keyword search function for potential customers to vet your products, collecting product photos from customers, and detailed customer surveys/questionnaires to gather accurate reviews and eliminate possible bias. 

As a review plugin that seeks to enhance consumer relations, Wiremo also allows you to reply to reviews. By leaving personalized replies to reviews, you can build relationships with your customers. 

Wiremo can also set up review campaigns where you can email your customers to leave reviews on your website. Customers will be greeted with a pop-up notification once they leave a review, and you get some elaborate options to customize this pop-up:

  • You can leave a simple thank you message to reviewers. 
  • You can display Call-to-Action buttons that draw visitors to other product pages.
  • You can also offer the reviewers a promo code as a reward for leaving a review, which increases the chances of purchasing other products. 

This plugin can integrate with a variety of e-commerce plugins and social platforms, including:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Who is this plugin for?

The Wiremo plugin is a highly specialized review tool built for businesses that want to improve consumer relations and engage in review campaigns. If you’re going to enhance your brand image through the reviews function on your website, this is the plugin for you. 

10. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews WordPress Plugin

Rich Reviews is the tool for you if you want to avoid any kind of hassle and need a straightforward tool to set up a review function on your website. This free plugin allows you to display reviews in three ways and operates entirely through shortcodes.

Rich Reviews allows you to display reviews in three ways — per page, per post/category, and global reviews. These three simple modes allow you to gather reviews for anything from your products, to services, to your business as a whole. 

You can use the correct shortcodes to place the review form anywhere you need on your website and start displaying them on specific pages, under posts, in the sidebar, footer, or using a widget. 

The plugin displays reviews in a simple, effective way with names, reviews, and also ratings. In addition, you get an external stylesheet with this plugin, allowing you to customize the plugin’s look easily. 

There is also the option to require approval before each new review is posted. This way, you can vet any spam reviews that may damage your reputation. 

Who is this plugin for?

Rich Reviews is a free and effective tool that allows you to set up a simple review function on your website. You can use this plugin to boost your brand online without a lot of hassle. 

11. WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is a WordPress review plugin with some amazing features and a sleek design. Unfortunately, this plugin only has a free version right now. The developers of this plugin are currently working on a premium version, and you can get a 20% discount on pre-booking. 

WP Social Ninja is marketed as an “all-in-one WordPress social plugin” built to offer all forms of social media integration with one tool. This includes social media feeds, chat functionality, as well as social media review. 

This plugin makes its way to this list because it has some detailed functionalities for its reviews feature. You can integrate reviews from the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Google Places
  • Yelp
  • Aliexpress
  • Zomato
  • Trustpilot
  • Booking.com
  • Tripadvisor
  • Airbnb

As you can see, this plugin supports a lot of different social platforms designed for business websites. This plugin has full support for Google My Business, and you can integrate unlimited reviews from this platform even on the free version. 

You can also display reviews from multiple platforms in a single template. In addition, you can choose to display reviews in a few different layouts, including grid, slider, and masonry. Beyond this, there are 5+ templates to display your reviews in the free version, with 10+ reviews coming in the pro version. 

Here are some of the useful features that come with this plugin:

  • WP Social Ninja is SEO-friendly
  • You can toggle the reviewers’ names, photos, and the comment date
  • You can also toggle the rating display and switch between a few rating styles
  • Reviews from social platforms are synchronized and updated in real-time
  • You can also filter the reviews you display on your website.
  • Shortcodes allow you to integrate the reviews section in any page easily.  

However, this plugin also has some noticeable disadvantages, mainly related to the limit of functionality in the free version:

  • Most of the review platforms will only be supported in the pro version.
  • While WP Social Media is an all-in-one social plugin for WordPress, it doesn’t support Facebook feed yet.
  • The free version only supports Messenger for the social chat function. 

Who is this review plugin for?

The WP Social Ninja plugin is a user-friendly plugin specialized for social reviews for businesses that want to enhance small businesses and consumer considerations. This plugin will be the most suitable if you’re heading to enhance your brand value and word-of-mouth marketing through the social reviews widgets on your website.

Which WordPress Review Plugin Is Best For You?

WP Review Pro is a highly customizable review plugin that is perfect for those who run e-commerce businesses. However, if you own a service-oriented business or want a more client-focused business, the unique modality of the Starfish Reviews plugin will significantly support you.

WordPress Business Reviews is a useful tool for showcasing reviews from various review websites like Facebook Business directly onto your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I increase conversions using WordPress review plugins?

Review plugins such as Starcat Reviews offer specialized templates that allow reviewers to put detailed, feature-specific comments in their reviews. The clarity of information and choice can encourage potential customers to make purchases.

How do WordPress review plugins increase my credibility?

Reviews allow customers the space to give their honest opinion about your products and services in a public forum. They provide valuable insights to potential customers who are looking into the quality of your work. Review plugins like Wiremo even help you build positive relationships with your customers with personalized review campaigns.

I want to customize my review panels to match the look of my e-commerce site. How can I do that?

It is quite easy to create a custom look for your reviews panel. You just have to choose a review plugin that allows for detailed customization, such as Taqyeem.


These are our picks for the 10 best review plugins for WordPress. Each of these plugins is best at its specialized function. Based on your particular needs, you can find the right review plugin in the list above. If you’re looking for other ways to increase your credibility online, check out our article on how to add testimonials to WordPress.

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