Sarada WordPress Theme


Are you a Fashion Blogger? Or a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger? Are you looking for a feminine-style WordPress Theme that stands out from the rest?

If yes, Sarada theme is your ultimate solution for beautiful and professional websites.

Our intensive research and study led to the elegant craftsmanship of the Sarada theme. Sarada allows you to create a unique and gorgeous website even if you don’t have any knowledge of coding.

This theme offers multiple customization options with easy to use built-in Live Customizer for previewing changes in real-time. With unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts, you can style your site that truly reflects your brand and personality.

The strategically placed newsletter sections will help you grow your subscribers’ list. This way, you can keep them up-to-date with your content and promote your affiliate products.

For the fastest loading of your website, Sarada is speed-optimized.

The mobile-friendly design ensures good readability and smooth user experience even when users are browsing from their phones.

The SEO and Schema friendly features make sure your website ranks higher on search engines.

If you want to reap the benefits of Google Adsense optimization on your website, this theme allows you to place advertisements across your blog. With multi-language support, you can make your website accessible to people of different cultures from across the world.

Blogs You Can Create With Sarada:

  • Fashion Blog – Share your latest Fashion tips, hacks, recommendations, and connect with thousands of fashion fanatics from around the world. This theme also allows you to be creative and make beautiful sponsored posts.
  • Lifestyle Blog – Share your life experiences, rants, tips, and advice with your visitors.
  • Travel Blog – Sarada lets you be the voice for travel role models. Feel free to share your travel tips, experiences, and gorgeous photos/videos from your adventures.
  • Food Blog – Explore and review new eateries or share your favorite recipes through Sarada. Get ready to engage with food lovers!
  • Beauty Blog – With Sarada, you can elegantly share your makeup tutorials, tips, and skincare advice. You can also review endorsed products to generate revenue.
  • Parenting Blog – Share your parenting tips, experiences, and advice. Be an inspiration to thousands of parents or soon-to-be parents with Sarada.
  • Fitness Blog – Share your fitness advice to motivate people to love their bodies and stay fit in a healthy way with Sarada.
  • Health Blog – Share your healthy, easy and fun recipes on your blog. Encourage your readers to live their best lives and become the best versions of themselves.
  • Self-Help Blog – In this modern era, people aren’t aware of mental health. Be a unique voice and encourage your readers to find joy in life. Start this journey with Sarada.
  • Journal Blog – Share your random ideas, thoughts, and funny rants. Stand out from the rest with Sarada.

Sarada Is For You If:

  • You want an attractive WordPress blog without writing a single line of code.
  • You want to start a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, food, or a parenting blog.
  • You want to easily customize your blog (change the look and feel in a few clicks) and have a unique and stylish presence.
  • You want to get a mobile-friendly and user-friendly website template suitable for all device screens.
  • Grow your email subscribers and build your list with strategically placed newsletter section.
  • Flaunt your Instagram collection and increase followers with a built-in Instagram section.
  • Enjoy a Schema-friendly, SEO-friendly and speed-optimized WordPress blog template.
  • You want world-class, one-on-one support from an enthusiastic team of developers and designers.

Features of Sarada

Pre-made Multiple Unique Layouts

Sarada includes multiple layouts for different sections to create a unique design. You can mix different layouts as per your preference.

4 Header Layouts

Sarada theme allows you to choose from 4 different header layouts. You get the flexibility to select the header that best matches your logo and accommodate all your menu items.

5 Slider Layouts

There are 5 different slider layouts to display your posts. The unique combination of slider layouts gives you the flexibility to choose the layout that grabs the maximum attention.

12 Homepage Layouts

Sarada is a favorite amongst influential bloggers. The 12 Home Page Layouts will offer flexibility to display your blog posts elegantly.

6 Single Post and Page Layouts

Sarada comes with 6 unique layouts for posts and pages. With the ability to choose different layouts for each post and page, you get the flexibility to display the content as you want. Also, you get to combine the layouts to make your post/page full width, full-width centered, post with left sider or post with right sidebar. The total combination is 24 different layouts.

12 Archive Page Layouts

Like Home Page, there are also 12 different layouts for Archive pages like Category, Search and Author page. You can select a layout you like to make them different from the homepage.

4 Pagination Styles

Sarada includes 4 different types of pagination styles. You can choose between Older/Newer, Numbered (1,2,3..), Auto Post load with Load More button or Auto Infinite Scroll to load your posts as the user keeps scrolling.

Easily Change Theme Color

With unlimited color options, you can choose the color that perfectly reflects your brand and matches your personality. Feel free to choose the primary, secondary, background color, and notification bar color with just a single click.

Choose Fonts from 900+ Google Fonts Library

Fonts play a crucial role and it’s a tiny detail that makes a big difference. Right fonts welcome the right atmosphere to your website. Sarada theme includes 900+ Google Fonts. You can select the font that matches your style and brand.

Typography Control

Customize the typography as per your preference. You can choose your favorite font and adjust the font size. Along with primary and secondary font family and size control, Sarada also includes settings for Headings ( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6).

Install Pre-designed Demo with One-Click

Sarada comes with a One-click Demo Import feature to kickstart your website with our demo content and save your valuable time.

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

Upload your logo without worrying about its size. The built-in logo size control will allow you to easily adjust your logo size to fit perfectly in the header.

Gorgeous Responsive/ Mobile-Friendly Design

Sarada is fully responsive and mobile-friendly that automatically adjusts as per the screen size. As more than 50% of the searches are from smartphones, we’ve made sure your site looks good from every device.

Easy to use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

Sarada comes with a built-in Live Customizer that allows you to configure your site settings and preview the changes in real-time. You can get a glimpse of your customizations and make necessary adjustments before publishing it.

Gutenberg Compatible

Sarada is Gutenberg compatible. Use the default WordPress blocks and experiment with them to create a truly unique appearance for your post or pages.

Well Optimized for Speed and Performance

Sarada is optimized for faster loading and better performance. The built-in performance parameters when combined with caching plugins, help to load your site fast and run smoothly. A boost in speed will directly boost your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

With the help of our SEO experts, Sarada is developed with the best SEO practices. The SEO friendly feature will help you achieve a higher ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and more.

Google Adsense Optimized Advertisement Areas

To help you monetize your blog fast, Sarada comes with pre-built spots for advertisements. You can place your ads strategically on the homepage and on posts to maximize your revenue. Also, you can repeat your homepage ads at a specific interval of posts.

Advertisement Widget to Help You Monetize Your Blog

The theme also includes an advertisement widget to display your ads. You can easily place ads in the sidebar to make more money from your blog. In the widget, you can add an ad code or insert a custom image with a link.

Promote Affiliate Products to Earn More

Promoting affiliate products is a good source of passive income. Now you can easily display affiliate products below each post with Sarada. Copy and paste the affiliate code to promote products from different websites.

Compatible with WooCommerce

Do you want to create an online store to sell your products? Sarada is compatible with popular E-Commerce plugin WooCommerce. You can create a store to sell your merchandise/products on your website easily.

Notification Bar to Engage Your Visitors

Whether you want to display a Call-to-Action (CTA) button or a newsletter subscription at the top, Sarada does it for you. You can place it at the top to increase engagement on your site.

3 Customizable Banner Options

Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Add a static image or a video in the banner section along with the Call-to-Action button to redirect your audience to your desired post or page.

Static Image/Video with Newsletter

Sarada also lets you place a newsletter form in the banner so that your visitors can easily subscribe to your blog. Through the newsletter feature, send emails and updates of your blog posts or offers to your subscribers.

Smooth, Attractive Banner as Slider with Advanced Controls

With Sarada, you can display your latest posts, choose desired pages, select a specific category to display posts or even create your own custom sliders. The slider also includes advanced controls like Slider Loop, Animation, Auto Transition and Slider Speed.

Unlimited Featured Boxes

In the featured space just below the slider, you can add unlimited featured boxes. You can feature your most important posts, photos, pages or categories that might interest your visitors.

About Section to Display Your Bio

The beautifully designed About section lets you display your bio and feature two images. You can share your short bio to let them know more about you.

Shop Section to Sell or Promote Affiliate Products

If you want to sell your merch or promote any affiliate products, you can easily do it from the shop section on the homepage. This ensures your visitors don’t miss out on your recommendations and make a hassle-free purchase.

Trending Section

In the Trending section, you can select the posts you want your audience to read. You can also display your popular posts based on your traffic or from a specific category.

Grow Your Subscribers with Newsletter Section

The newsletter subscription form is located on the homepage and also on a single post. You can also place the newsletter in the footer and sidebar or, place the fixed newsletter form on the left-hand side of your blog. So, it is easier for your visitors to subscribe.

Flaunt Your Instagram Posts

You can display your Instagram posts at the top as well as above the footer. You can easily sync your Instagram posts into your site to grow your follower’s list and influence your readers. Also, it adds a sophisticated touch to your blog.

Author Bio on Sidebar

With Author Bio widget, you can place your short introduction to display in the sidebar. You can add your photo along with your short bio, signature and link your social media profiles.

Add Your Custom Signature

Add a personal touch to your blog post by embedding your signature. You can upload your signature that displays at the end of every post along with your social media profile.

Enrich Visitors’ Experience with Dark Mode

These days, people are fascinated with Dark mode for the safety of their eyes. Sarada comes with a built-in Dark mode that lets visitors switch between dark and light mode. This feature improves the readability of text, images, and videos while still preventing Eye Strain.

Smart Lazy Loading of Images for SEO

Lazy loading of images boost your site speed and improve the user experience. By enabling the built-in lazy loading settings, your images will only load when your visitor scrolls down to that particular section.

Single Post Like

The Post Like feature lets your visitors showcase their love and appreciation for your posts. It’s a win-win situation since you also get a better idea of what type of content do your viewers prefer most.

Enable/Disable Automatic Image Crop

Worried about your featured images being cropped after upload? Sarada has built-in toggles that allow you to quickly display all your featured images without any cropping.

Footer Copyright Editor

Add your personalized copyright message for your footer. It also includes a shortcode that automatically updates the current year in the footer.

Footer Menu

The theme also includes a footer menu where you can include your Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and more.

Built-in Google Analytics Settings

Google Analytics helps you track your online traffic. You can directly add your Google Analytics code in the Customizer and get rid of the extra plugin used for this purpose.

Social Media Integration

Adding your social media profile to your site lets your visitors engage and create a long-term relationship with you. You can place your profiles in the header and footer area. Sarada supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and also Russian and Chinese social media apps like OK, VK, Zing, and others.

Sticky Social Shares

The sticky social shares placed on your blog posts allow your visitors to quickly share your posts to their social media account in a single click.

Built-in SEO Settings

Sarada comes with some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings. You can enable Breadcrumb and show the last updated date of your post. You may feel the last updated date is unnecessary, but it is crucial for a better ranking of your site on Google.

Lightbox for Images

With a built-in lightbox feature, your visitors can efficiently view your images in a center with a dark overlay on the background.

Sticky/Floating Menu

You can make your main navigation menu sticky so that your viewers can navigate and explore your site easily.

Sticky Widget

The Sticky Widget option enables you to make your sidebar last widget sticky. This feature is handy when you want to display the Call-to-Action button, promote affiliate products, or place your ads to encourage actions.

Post Excerpt

With the post excerpt feature, display the summary of the posts. You can choose the length of the excerpt for up to 100 words.

Related Posts Based on Category or Tags

You can display related posts from the same category or tags at the end of every post to keep your visitors engaged with your articles.

Comment Section Toggle

By default, the comment section displays at the end of the single post just above the footer. In Sarada, you can change the position of the comment section and present it at the end of your articles. It encourages your readers to share their opinions easily.

Drop Cap

Drop Cap adds an aesthetic style to your posts and page. Once you enable it, Drop Cap capitalizes the first letter of every post and page.

Back to Top Button

Easy navigation adds to a good user experience. The Back To Top button saves the time of viewers and makes it easy for them to browse other articles as well.

Widgets Ready

Sarada has enough space for placing the widgets. You can add and manage as many widgets you wish without compromising user experience and design of the theme.

22 Custom Widgets

Sarada comes with 22 highly customizable and useful widgets. You can place these widgets in the sidebar and footer areas. The available widgets are:

  • Blossom: Advertisement
  • Blossom: Author Bio
  • Blossom: Call To Action
  • Blossom: Client Logo Widget
  • Blossom: Contact Widget
  • Blossom: Custom Categories
  • Blossom: Email Newsletter Widget
  • Blossom: Facebook Page
  • Blossom: Featured Page Widget
  • Blossom: Icon Text
  • Blossom: Image Text
  • Blossom: Pinterest
  • Blossom: Popular Post
  • Blossom: Pricing Table
  • Blossom: Posts Category Slider
  • Blossom: Recent Post
  • Blossom: Snapchat
  • Blossom: Social Media
  • Blossom: Stat Counter Widget
  • Blossom: Team Member
  • Blossom: Testimonial
  • Blossom: Twitter Feed

Unlimited Sidebar Options

Sarada comes with unlimited sidebar flexibility. You can create as many sidebars to assign to different posts and pages. You can populate your custom sidebars with different widgets from the available 22 widgets.

Unlimited Background Options

The theme has 63 unique background patterns along with the option to set your background image.

Performance Settings

The built-in performance parameters help boost your site speed. By enabling it, your site loads faster, which leads to more views.

Portfolio Page Template

If you want to share a case study or share your portfolio, you can display them with the built-in portfolio page.

Landing Page Template

Sarada includes a landing page template. You can use this template to make beautiful landing pages using page builders like Elementor or default WordPress blocks.

Easily Reset Customizer Settings

The theme has easy Customizer Reset functionality. If something goes wrong with the Customizer, reset it to start over.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Sarada is Cross-Browser compatible, which means your site will look great and work seamlessly on all popular web browsers. We have tested the theme on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Easy Legibility

Sarada is the perfect combination of font type, size, spaces, and contrast. It ensures your content is visibly easy to read and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Schema Friendly

Schema is an important ranking factor for a better ranking on search engines like Google. Sarada comes with the best Schema integration practices so, your site index faster by search engines.

RTL Scripts Ready

Do you use right-to-left (RTL) scripts like Arabic? With Sarada, you can confidently write your articles in both RTL and LTR languages.

Translation Ready

Sarada supports localization so that you can use the theme in your local language to connect with your local audience.

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

The theme is compatible with popular multi-language Polylang WordPress plugin. You can translate your site in different languages to create a multilingual blog.

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

In addition to Polylang, the theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin. You get the flexibility to choose your favorite multilanguage plugin to create a multilingual blog to widen your reach.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

Our team of expert developers ensures your site is safe and sound from vulnerabilities with our timely updates. We always make sure our theme:

  1. Is updated with the latest security patches
  2. Meets WordPress standards
  3. Adds essential features to enrich your experience.

Custom CSS

You can write custom CSS to modify some sections as per your preference. It will override the theme’s default styling.

Clean Codes

Our developers follow the best practices to write clean, well-organized, and commented codes. If you want to edit codes to make some changes, you can easily do that as well.

Extensive & Beginner Friendly Documentation

Sarada comes with clear and crisp documentation that’s easy to read. Our team always listens to users’ feedback and incorporates them into writing the best documentation possible.

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

Our support team is friendly and always ready to help you. If you run into any trouble or have pre-sales queries, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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21 reviews
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  • Excellent Support

    Thank you for the excellent support service as I build my website!

  • The service from Blossom Themes is like a breath of fresh air

    My wordpress site is 10 years old. I have had various themes during this time, and recently decided again that my website needed a facelift.
    By luck, I stumbled onto Blossom Themes and decided to purchase Sarada Pro. I am astonished that it was so easy to build a super professional website without any coding whatsoever. When I needed technical support, the team at Blossom Themes was on it within less than 30 minutes every single time. Every single time I logged a ticket, it was resolved fast and 100% to my satisfaction. I am amazed. In our modern world, where we all feel like just a number, the team at Blossom made me feel like a valuable customer. I will not move away from Blossom, not matter what. This is my tribe. Here I am staying.

  • Quality themes & incredibly good customer service

    I have been Blossom themes’ customer for over a year and have only positive things to say about the experience. Their beautiful themes are functional and easy to use and their customer service is reliable, fast, and never fails to deliver. I’ve bought two different themes and theme installations from them. Both times everything went very smoothly! If you want a stress-free quality theme, Blossom is your choice.

  • Professional Team

    This theme is worth recommending. It can be used as a personal blog and store. It has rich functions and the support team will spare no effort to answer questions. It’s great!


    Hello, I’m an italian travel blogger and after some online research I found Blossom Theme and it was a lucky day!! I found the best theme ever (Sarada) with all the features I was looking for. Simple, clean, minimal, elegant and very modern. I have a travel blog and this theme has everything you need. So easy for readers to navigate, super easy to use even for beginners. It already has everything you need basic, but with a simple additional CSS you can implement many functions and customize your site completely. Not to mention the really punctual, patient and perfect assistance. They provided me with the necessary code to customize my site in a very short time, they satisfied my every request (and there were many) and they never made me feel lost. With patience and kindness, for about a month they helped me create the site of my dreams. The site is really easy to use thanks to the additional CSS which is an easy way to customize it without the need for experts. I recommend Blossom Theme themes to everyone because you won’t regret it. Beautiful and functional themes and the best support ever !!! Thanks Blossom Theme and thanks especially to Alina who supported me day after day until the end of the site (and is always available for anything).

  • Super beautiful Themes and Super support

    I had been looking for a nice theme for my dog website for a while. Then I found Blossom Themes and in consultation, I used their free theme for a while, I liked it so much that I bought the Sarada theme.

    The Theme has many options and just looks really nice. You can adjust anything you want and if you have any questions you will get a very fast and good answer.

    The service here is really unprecedented. So if you not only want a beautiful but also a well-functioning website, browse through the themes of Blossom Themes and select one here! I recommend Blossom Themes to anyone who has a website.

  • Excellent support and designs

    The designs of the Blossom templates are all beautiful and ideal for blogs on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, etc … apart from that they provide very fast attention to any type of inconvenience you may have. They explain excellent and very clear. I recommend 100%!

  • Best support

    The themes are simply beautiful, cute and minimalist looking. Also the support is super quick. They explain very well and make everything easy understandable!

  • Blogging Made FUN! Functional | Beautiful | Simple

    After about 5 years of blogging and blog creating, this was the first theme I’ve actually purchased– it was marketed that well! But more importantly, it lived up to my standards and every marketing ploy used to sell it to me!

    I started off with Sarada Lite (the free version) in WordPress, which is great. I didn’t even realize there was a pro version until I actually came to the Blossom Themes website and saw all of their beautiful themes. Once I got a look at the Sarada pro demo, I knew I wanted it.

    I’ve had it for about three months now (Since December 2020). Words do not do the customer service justice. I appreciate the patience and willingness to help from development and technical support. They are responsive, and they give clear instructions. They are truly the best part of this experience. I’m the type of shopper who values experience over product, so believe me when I say the experience makes this worth the purchase!

    My stats have improved, site responsiveness is better, and the amazing features are really a no-brainer. I haven’t experienced any hiccups (that are the fault of the theme or it’s creators). The documentation makes customization VERY simple. Overall, having this theme has made my work blogging FUN. One of the best aspects of this theme is that it’s truly already coded with your desires in mind from layout, colors, to default pages and filler content (like graphics).

    My faves:

    – detailed personalization
    – shop page (woo commerce integration)
    – layout versatility (the main reason I upgraded to pro)

    I have everything I want in a theme and I do zero coding!

    I highly recommend this theme. I get bummed when people compliment my site and I have to tell them that I didn’t create it myself, but I do love crediting Blossom Themes for every inch of the amazing experience gifted from being their customer.

  • Stunning Design, Easy To Use Theme & Great Customer Support

    I normally hire someone to update my website because I can’t take the aggravation of trying to tweak less than perfect WordPress themes. Lately, I have run across so many themes that were put together with duct tape, glue, and a thousand plugins. They were awful.

    Blossom Themes is a breath of fresh air. The themes were developed by real coders who put thought into their work and provided a bare minimum of plugins.

    I have the Sarada theme, which is a work of art. I absolutely love it! The few changes I wanted to make were super simple to do. In addition, the video made learning all about the theme really easy. On top of that, the online theme documentation is top-notch.

    I’d also like to give a shout out to Alina. Her customer service skills are impeccable! In addition, I would gladly recommend their products to friends and family. As a matter of fact, I found out about Blossom Themes because my daughter recommended them to me.


    I am totally in love with the SARADA theme. I really like the layout, it’s wonderful. The themes are not that complicated as others! If you have questions, they let you know that you can feel free to ask for information and help, anytime! The answers are very quickly, they are so kind and nothing is too much! I can only say: order, you won’t regret!

    Watch my site, I love it and I’m sure everyone else will. THANKS TO BLOSSOMTHEMES!

  • Excellent Support!

    I’m very happy with my purchase. If you are thinking about it, do it! The theme itself is very beautiful and customizable. The best part is the support. The team is very nice, professional and quick to respond. I needed some changes and they were so helpful! I highly recommend them!

  • Chic & Sophisticated

    By the time I finally found Sarada, I’d literally been through about 15 different themes from different companies. This theme was the only one that had the look that I was going for- stylish, clean, chic, sophisticated- without looking too girly as I still wanted to keep it professional for my lifestyle & travel blog. Not only am I very happy with the theme itself (I’ve gotten countless compliments on the appearance), I’ve also loved working with Blossom Theme support to get everything working smoothly with my theme and website. The company is so great and I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Beautifully Designed, Easy to Navigate Theme

    As bloggers, we work hard to create content that wows. A great theme should complement our content by being well designed, easy to navigate, and offer helpful ‘reading suggestions.’ Sarada has ticked all of those boxes and much more.

    At Wholeness Haven, my goal has always been to inspire others to live their best lives. Sarada has inspired me to bring out the very best in my work.

    Most of all, I’d like to mention the technical support at Blossom Themes. In particular, I have been working with Nabin. His knowledge, friendly disposition, and willingness to go above and beyond are what cause me to feel so fondly about this Sarada theme. If you run into a problem with your site – knowing there is a support team to help you when you need them most is critical. Response times are blazing fast, always helpful, and top-notch.

    If you are looking for excellent customer service, an easily customizable theme that stands apart from the rest, and a site you can be proud of, Sarada might just be the perfect fit for you.

    Sincerely, Holly ♥ –

  • Awesome Support

    I love the theme I purchased Sarada. I had a technical issue and reached out to the Blossom Themes Support. Despite the time difference, they help me resolve the issue. Very friendly, informative, and willing to help you. Very pleased with the Blossom Themes Team! Thank you =)

  • Beautiful and Original

    I love Sarada for for both its originality and its quirky beauty.

    Blossom have so many lovely themes to choose from and this is the latest release. I can foresee a long relationship with myself and the designers at Blossom as they tick all the boxes for what we need.

    Thank you so much guys and keep up the good work.


  • Amazing Customer Support

    Once again Subham and the Team @ Blossom Themes have gone above and beyond to assist me in customising my site. I really appreciate the easy going way that problems are dealt with and the friendliness offered when requesting support. Thanks again.

  • User-friendly and versatile theme. Outstanding customer support.

    I just used this (Sarada) theme to design a website for a dog kennel business. The theme was easy to work with and to customize to meet the needs of the business. The client is very happy and that makes me happy.

    The last three websites I have designed have been Blossom Theme sites. Customer support is so outstanding that I am staying with Blossom Themes. As far as I am concerned I need not look anywhere else for beautifully and thoughtfully designed themes.

  • Love the themes, love the support

    I’m one of those people who can break anything technical. The weirdest things go wrong when I’m using something but the Blossom support team are always unfailingly quick to respond and endlessly patient. Plus the themes themselves are just pretty darned good looking, too!

  • Incredible Theme & Amazing Support!

    I purchased the Sarada theme after reading several recommendations about other Blossom Themes relating to page speed and mobile optimization. While exploring the Pro themes on the site, I noticed the Sarada release. I reviewed the extensive information provided and tested the demo. This theme has not disappointed. It took a few minutes to install. There is full documentation provided with all questions answered on how to set up and customize your site. I have had several questions during my setup process relating to my own personal requirements for my blog and website, and I have had the best experience with the Blossom Themes team, especially Nabin. Every question I have asked has been resolved, with detailed responses and information provided. The team have gone above and beyond to ensure that my site can do what I need it to do. My site has also had a noticeable increase in traffic since I began using this theme, and my performance speed has increased. I am so impressed and I am very happy that I purchased the Sarada Pro theme. I highly recommend it for any blogger. Thank you so much!

  • Amazing Support

    The themes are great and the support is very quick and polite. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my issue. I appreciate you going the extra mile to ensure that it is working as promised!

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