30+ Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes of 2024

Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Are you looking to start an e-commerce site to sell products online? Maybe you want to extend your brick-and-mortar store with an online counterpart.   

E-commerce is becoming ever more relevant in the present day. In the USA, 25% of people buy stuff from online stores at least once a month.

Setting up an online store has become easier than ever with WordPress themes. Using the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily set up an online store and start selling products. The best WooCommerce WordPress themes have great design and help boost your business.

You can also create an eCommerce site with a limited budget using one of the free WooCommerce WordPress themes.

However, there are many WooCommerce WordPress themes out there with different designs and feature sets. You need to choose the one that suits your needs perfectly and helps boost your business. In this article, we have gathered a list of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes.

Likewise, we suggest you check these tutorial posts as well. These blogs will educate you with some of the basic concepts of customizing your WordPress site. 

What to Look for in a WooCommerce WordPress Theme?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the key features you need from a WooCommerce theme. This feature helps you improve your search engine ranking increasing your visibility on search engine results. 

Speed Optimization

Having a fast loading website is essential for a great user experience. Loading speed also has a major role to play in an online store’s bottom line. You can lose 53% of visitors if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. On top of that, loading speed is also a Google ranking factor meaning that it will have an impact on your Google search engine ratings.

Customization Features

Having an easily recognizable visual style allows customers to remember you more easily. You cannot expect customers to come back unless you leave a mark on them. Being able to customize your chosen theme is a great feature that allows you to personalize your website and meet your branding needs. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

More and more users are doing their internet surfing through mobile devices. According to this survey by Statista, around 50% of internet usage has been appearing from mobile phones since 2017. 

This means that you can lose half of your business without a mobile-friendly website design. You can avoid that by using mobile-friendly WordPress themes that are responsive across all screen sizes.

Shop Sections

The major visual elements of an online store should be the areas that showcase products. You want a great theme layout that can organize your product information in an appealing and intuitive way. 

There can be multiple homepage sections to display shop products like Popular Products, and Recent Products to display a large collection of choices to the visitor.

Easy Checkout Process

The checkout process is a major point where online stores lose potential customers. Baymard Institute calculates the average cart abandonment rate at 68.8%. A good chunk of prospects who abandon their carts do so because of a complicated checkout process. So, it is important to use a WordPress theme that has a well-designed checkout process that is easy to navigate.

Shop Addons and Tools

When it comes to online stores, the smallest design element can make a big difference in your bottom line. Look for a theme with an Add to Cart button, which allows visitors to add items to their shopping cart with a single click.

There are also many other shop features like countdown timers and product filters that can help improve your conversion rate.  

Social Media Integration

A Statista study shows that 43% of shoppers globally do research for online products on social media. Needless to say, it is super important for online stores to have a social media presence.

Integrating your social media profiles to your website allows visitors to stay connected with you over social media and helps boost your business.

Good Navigation

A customer is more likely to leave with a purchase if they can quickly find what they are looking for. You want the visitor to stick around and explore your website. An intuitive design that helps in easy navigation is essential for that. Sensible product categories and a search function with filters are some features to consider. 

Multi-language Features

E-commerce is a naturally global business and gives you the opportunity to extend your business across geographical boundaries. Multilingual themes that allow visitors to explore in their chosen language is a great way to extend your customer base. Tools such as the WPML plugin help you set up your website in multiple languages.

Review/Testimonials Section

A review section is an important feature of online stores. Most online shoppers have grown to rely on reviews and testimonials to do their online shopping. Having a testimonials section in your WooCommerce theme will help improve the customers’ trust in you.

Featured Offers Section

Having a dedicated section to showcase your current deals, discounts, and offers is also quite important. You want to highlight your promotional offers in the best possible way to get the most out of those strategies.  

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a nifty tool that can give your business an edge with useful data from your website. You can get valuable consumer information such as demographic and country of origin that can be used to create specialized marketing strategies for driving up conversions.

List of Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Using a theme with the features listed above will help you succeed in your e-commerce business. With careful attention to these features, we have put together a list of 30+ Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes in 2024.

Blossom Shop Pro

Blossom Shop Pro

Blossom Shop Pro is a WooCommerce WordPress theme with a unique, elegant design. This theme offers you numerous layout choices and comes with a collection of information sections that can create a lively shopping experience.

This SEO-optimized theme has a homepage with 16 sections. There are also numerous layout choices for important areas like the header and the Featured Section.

This theme is also optimized for fast loading which is a crucial feature for e-commerce sites.

Blossom Shop Pro comes with an elegant sliding banner and you can feature a newsletter subscription form to build a mailing list and generate new leads. You can even place an advanced product search bar on the banner to improve user experience.

There are multiple product sections like Best Sellers and Popular Products with varied layouts from sliders to mason grids. You can highlight your promotional offers in a dedicated section.

Visitors can also find products related to the ones they are exploring in the Related Products section.

Personalization is important for an online store and you can easily do that with a collection of 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited color options to choose from.

You can even place a full-width Instagram feed on your website to showcase your social media profile.

Theme DetailsDemo

Shopexcel Pro

Shopexcel Pro Theme

Looking for the perfect WooCommerce theme to create your online retail store? Look no further than Shopexcel Pro! This premium theme is built with a wide range of features and user convenience in mind, making it the ideal companion for any online retail store. So whether you’re selling clothing, skin care products, electronics, groceries, beauty products, jewelry, pharmacy items, or anything else, Shopexcel Pro has covered you.

Shopexcel Pro is WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to start selling right away. With over 1400+ Google Fonts available to choose from, a plethora of customization options, and a fantastic user interface with easy-to-use functionalities, even beginners will find Shopexcel Pro easy to use. Discover what this amazing theme can do for you:

• Pre-designed demos that can be installed with just one click

• Banner slides with call-to-action (CTA) buttons

• Popular products and best sellers sections

• Smart loading images optimized for SEO ranking boosters

• Social sharing integration to engage customers on multiple channels

• Compatible with popular page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor

Why not experience the power of Shopexcel Pro for yourself? Get started today and turn your online store dreams into reality with this amazing theme.

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Digital Download Pro

Digital Download Pro

Digital Download Pro is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is built to serve as a marketplace for digital goods. You can set up this theme to sell your own digital products like plugins, ebooks, music, or photos. This theme also allows you to set up a common marketplace for vendors to sell their products.

This mobile-friendly theme allows marketplace building features through the Easy Digital Download plugin. With the plugin’s Frontend Submissions addon, you can allow vendors to sell digital products through your website.

There are some useful additional features of the Easy Digital Download plugin. Vendors and customers can directly message each other to talk about products. The plugin also allows visitors to leave product reviews, an essential feature of any marketplace.

There are some effective features to boost conversions like dedicated Call-to-Action sections that attract viewers towards key pages. Visitors can also search for their desired products with a banner search form.

You get a collection of useful inner pages including Portfolio, Downloads, Pricing, Team, and Testimonials. So, you can set up your website quickly without the hassle of having to build basic inner pages.

Customization is easy with a collection of 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited color choices.

This theme allows social media integration as well, including Russian and Chinese social media platforms like VK, OK, and QQ.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro is a WordPress theme with a distinct chic style. A blog-style theme, it has well-integrated shop features that you can use to power your online store. This theme is best for fashion-related stores and wedding cakes stores among others.

Easy customization is one of the key features of this theme. Alongside easy color choices and 900+ Google Fonts, you can also choose between 8 header layouts, 21 homepage layouts, and 5 single post layouts.

The homepage has a prominent shop section with a customizable background. You can showcase blog sections in an eye-catching way and a “Shop This Look” widget that features the products mentioned in each blog post. You can basically promote a collection of your products with each blog post.

There is also a dedicated section for affiliate links promotion. You can generate ad revenue by using the advertisement widget to place ads around your website.

You can also grow your mailing list and generate leads with a prominent email subscription center.

Social media integration is included and you also get a beautifully-designed Instagram feed section. The section helps to showcase your Instagram photos and grow your social media following.

Theme DetailsDemo

Bakes and Cakes Pro

Bakes and Cakes Pro

Bakes and Cakes Pro is a specialized WordPress theme built for bakery shops. Its elegant design and typography make it the perfect fit for beauty shops and selling wedding products.

The theme has a single page option with a brilliant design that makes it one of the best lightweight WooCommerce themes. Bakes and Cakes Pro is also a great minimal WordPress theme that is optimized for fast loading.

This theme has a collection of prebuilt inner pages to help promote your business such as Testimonials, Portfolio, and even a Food Menu page.

You get an attractive homepage design with sections that can be rearranged to suit your needs. A Featured Products section with slider allows you to showcase your top products with photos and prices.

The Pricing section allows you to display different pricing levels of your products or services.

A homepage CTA (Call-to-Action) section allows you to point visitors towards a key section or take a desired action. Contact form is also available if you want to create a channel for bookings or queries.

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Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Rishi Theme is an ultralight and fast WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme. Thanks to its integration with the WooCommerce plugin, you get multiple pre-designed shop layouts to display your products and services in style.

The theme introduces numerous starter websites which you can import using the One-click Demo Import feature. Besides, you can create your own template and tweak changes accordingly using the Elementor Page Builder plugin and the Gutenberg Editor. 

This core vital theme earns a speed score of 100 which makes it blazing fast. Moreover, it is fully responsive and includes the best SEO practices to let you increase your website’s visibility on search engines. 

Rishi Theme is a game-changer when it comes to customization. It features advanced typography control, unlimited color choices, and over 1000 Google fonts to let you change the look and feel of your website. 

The theme’s integration with the WooCommerce plugin makes it one of the sought-after themes when it comes to speed and performance. Using this feature, you can quickly set up your online shop and sell your products and services to earn a substantial income.

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Astra is an expansive theme with a large number of website templates for various uses. This theme is well-optimized for use with WooCommerce and you get a number of shop themes for different purposes.

This theme allows you to easily customize any aspect of your website — layout settings, color, and typography.

This theme comes with various rare features that are useful to your online stores. You get Grid Settings allowing you to showcase your products in grid layouts designed per your choice. Infinite scroll allows visitors to continuously explore new items without having to move to a new page.

You also get an off-canvas sidebar that slides in and out of view. It can be used to display various filters so that the visitor can quickly find the product they need.

A quick view feature allows visitors to preview the key features of individual products without having to open a new page. This convenient display of information can also help improve your conversions.

Theme DetailsDemo



Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress themes on the market that comes paired with the custom Divi Builder customization plugin. The theme comes with a passive collection of website templates that are specially built for online stores.

The Divi Builder customization plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and allows you great flexibility while building shop items on your website. You can add and customize WooCommerce elements using the plugin’s Woo Modules functionality to create custom shop pages.

The best thing about Divi is that it puts all its available functionalities at your disposal regardless of the website template or layout pack you choose. You can add a Gallery page, Testimonials, forms, and Call-to-Action buttons to serve your needs.

This theme also comes with a collection of animations that you can customize as per your needs. A website built with beautiful interactive animations can make for a wonderful user experience.

Theme Details



Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme with highly specialized features built for online stores. With features based on research data, this is one of the best converting WooCommerce themes.

Shoptimizer is built for fast loading which helps create a great user experience.

This theme comes with a distraction-free checkout page that increases the chances of conversion. The checkout page also comes with a progress bar that shows the number of steps remaining to complete the transaction.

The theme allows you to display trust badges from different security brands to increase the trust of the consumer. Showcasing trust badges at steps where the consumer gives out their credit card information decreases the chances that the customer backs out of the purchase.

This theme is built using the Elementor page builder plugin, allowing you to make easy customizations with simple drag and drop motions. You also get a mega menu to stylize your menu items according to your needs. You can also showcase your menu with featured products that you want to highlight.

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eLab is a WooCommerce WordPress theme with multiple website templates to suit your product category. This theme is designed to suit an electronics product market but can be used for any kind of online store.

This theme comes with a custom page builder plugin called X Builder. Its drag and drop feature allows you to make customizations easily.

Besides a collection of website templates, you can also choose between multiple single product page layouts to create the right impact. The product page layouts have been designed to improve conversions and you have layouts that are both image-focused and text-focused. You can use the strategy that works best for you.

You also get a category bar attached to the header banner that allows users to quickly zone in on the product they are looking for.

This theme is also excellent for creating a marketplace website as it is fully compatible with marketplace plugins Dokan and WCVendor.

The one-click demo import feature allows you to easily download the contents of this theme and start using them immediately.

Theme DetailsDemo



XStore comes with a big collection of 90+ readymade shop designs for all kinds of e-businesses. You can get specially designed website templates for fashion stores, baby shops, organic goods, and much more.

This theme is perfectly compatible with page builder plugins like Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and Visual Composer. You also get a premium plugins bundle for added functionality which includes the Massive Addons for Visual Composer, a collection of useful theme elements.

This is one of the best WooCommerce themes for mobile devices with a special design for mobile screens. Mobile users get an effective navigation bar that takes them from one section to another.

This theme also comes with off-canvas sidebar options — you can offer added functionalities like user login and the shopping cart page with a single swipe.

You also get some necessary functionalities through WooCommerce plugins like a pdf invoice function. The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin allows you to make use of discount functions to increase sales.

Theme DetailsDemo

Virtual Store

Virtual Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Virtual Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a useful option for any eCommerce shop. It features a clean design and minimal layout. As a result, beginners can use this theme easily. 

Virtual Store has a minimalist style, and it is 100% responsive. The theme adapts perfectly to any mobile device with a mobile-friendly design, irrespective of the screen size. 

Besides, it is cross-browser compatible, meaning all of its features work well on the latest versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This theme includes a responsive slider and a custom background image that enhances your website’s look and feel. Customization is made super easy, thanks to custom background color options. 

With valid XHTML and CSS technology, this SEO-optimized theme helps you achieve higher ranks on search engines. 

You can get Virtual Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme at the one-time fee of $59. With the purchase, you get free installation and setup, updates and support, and an XML demo content. 

On top of that, you can get your refund back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the theme, thanks to their 30-day money-back policy.

Theme DetailsDemo



Sober is a great lightweight WooCommerce theme built on the Bootstrap framework. You get minimal and spacious design cues that work really well with online fashion stores, jewelry shops, and digital product stores.

You get 12 homepage layouts each with a different focus — choose the right one according to your needs. You can choose from virtually endless header styles to create the right impact.

You also get a collection of basic inner pages like Shop, Single Product, and Portfolio. However, there is a collection of artistic choices for each of these pages. You also get a Frequently Asked Questions page to address curiosities regarding your brand.

As a minimal theme, this theme is designed to create maximum impact with the basic elements. Having full control over the typography is essential and this theme gives it to you. Create a chosen combination of fonts, font sizes, and colors to create a distinct look for your online store.

This chic theme also comes with a live search bar that allows visitors to quickly find the products they are looking for.

Theme DetailsDemo



Shopkeeper is an effective WooCommerce theme with a collection of functional layout options for all the essential pages and sections. This theme has an elegant style with a photo-first focus that is useful to build up a vivid brand image in the visitors’ eyes.

This theme comes bundled with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin for intuitive drag-and-drop customizations. You also get great typography control with this theme along with a choice of 700+ Google Fonts.

This theme comes with a collection of homepage layouts with varying focus. The Home Product Landing acts as a promo page for a single product or product line with seamlessly merged images and text blocks.

You can also choose to showcase an attractive grid-style categories section. Similarly, you can also choose between a collection of product page layouts.

There are some useful features to create a sense of immersion and improve your conversions. You can embed Youtube videos in the header banner and also in the Gallery section to showcase products.

You can also use a product preview feature that allows viewers to check out the key feature of individual items without having to open a new page.

Theme DetailsDemo



Highend is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a collection of website templates for various purposes. The theme also includes an online store template backed up with some effective features to boost your conversions.

This theme allows you to set up essential information sections to showcase your products and businesses using custom post types. You can set up a portfolio, a gallery, an FAQ section, testimonials, and pricing tables using dedicated post types.

The theme is also compatible with the bbPress plugin allowing you to set up online forums on your website. A social interaction platform on your website can be a great way to increase your visitors and to gain repeat visitors to your website.

The theme can be customized with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You also get a collection of 800+ Google Fonts along with unlimited color choices to personalize your theme.

You get 3,000 vector icons to help set your website apart from the rest. The theme includes a mega menu option as well, so you can stylize your menu items to meet your needs.

Theme DetailsDemo



WoodMart is the complete solution for your online store needs with multiple layouts and support for various tools that allow you to greatly extend your functionality. This theme also supports marketplace plugins like Dokan and WCFM allowing you to set up a multi-vendor website.

This theme comes with 15 unique homepage layouts that you can choose according to your needs. Built using AJAX technology, WoodPart ensures a seamless surfing experience as visitors can continue exploring new products without having to load the entire page.

The theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin included. You also get 35+ custom elements for this plugin allowing you to add special theme elements to your website.

Users can find the right product quickly and conveniently using the search bar. The theme also includes an off-canvas sidebar with product filters allowing users to optimize their search as well.

You can also set up discussion forums on your website to discuss your products and related topics using the bbPress plugin. The MailChimp plugin allows you to build mailing lists for generating new leads.

Theme DetailsDemo



Storefront is the online store WordPress theme offered by the people behind WooCommerce. This theme is naturally compatible with all WooCommerce products, reducing website downtime due to incompatibility between the theme and plugins.

You can use this theme along with the Storefront Extensions bundle to build a website to ensure maximum impact. Storefront allows you to make the most of the WordPress default customizer to make changes from the front end.

You get useful features such as a distraction-free checkout to increase your conversion rate. You can even feature reviews on your products to increase trust in them.

It is also possible to switch the default menu to an off-canvas style menu for mobile devices to improve user experience. You can add the Storefront Parallax Hero feature to create an amazing 3D parallax effect on your website.

You can also choose to employ mega menu elements, showcasing featured products on the menu. Pricing tables are also a useful item as it allows users to compare prices and features offered in different price deals.

Theme DetailsDemo

Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro

A multi-purpose WordPress theme with great shop features, you cannot go wrong with choosing Sydney Pro for your WooCommerce needs. This theme comes with a number of different templates for varied purposes, ranging from a restaurant business website all the way to yoga center websites.

You can customize this theme with the Elementor plugin. Essential information areas such as pricing tables are set up through Elementor block units.

This theme has an attractive banner design with a Call-to-Action button that attracts visitors to take a certain action. You can even feature a video background in the banner to create an immersive shopping experience.

The theme comes with 7 inner page templates so you can get started with setting up a website immediately.

There are some useful features like a Cart feature, user account feature, and also built-in checkout options making this theme useful for small businesses. Users can avoid the hassles of setting up shop-related functions themselves.

This is also a translation-ready theme so you can easily localize it in your relevant language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Modern Store

Modern Store WordPress Theme

Build an awesome eCommerce store with the free Modern Store WordPress theme. This template is fully compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin and features a sleek, minimalist design.

At the top of the site, you’ll find a product search bar that lets visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. It includes a dropdown to limit the search to specific product categories, and if a product name is entered, it will take them straight to that product page. The header also includes a custom logo, primary menu, and social icons that link to your online profiles.

Modern Store is a responsive theme so shoppers will have no trouble completing purchases from their phones, tablets, or laptops. It’s also made with WordPress coding best practices, so it plays well with plugins and continues to run smoothly through major WordPress updates.

Theme DetailsDemo



Neto is a simple and effective WooCommerce theme with a homepage that prioritizes the showcase of products. You can use multiple sections like Featured Products and Top Rated Products to showcase a large number of products with their prices, ratings, and so on.

This theme is compatible with most major page builder plugins like Visual Composer and Beaver Builder for easy layout customizations. You also get a detailed options panel to make many changes like enabling and disabling theme elements, choosing background colors, and so on.

The color control with this theme is quite extensive and you can define a distinct color for virtually any visual element from buttons to borders.

Neto is a plugin-friendly theme that is compatible with most 3rd party plugins on the market. You can incorporate plugins such as MailChimp to set up newsletter forms and Yoast SEO to strengthen your search engine ratings.

You can download the demo contents of this theme and start working with it with a single click. The theme is also translation-ready so you can easily localize it in your relevant language.

Theme DetailsDemo



Martfury is a WooCommerce theme suitable for multi-vendor online stores. This theme comes with a collection of useful tools to drive up your conversion.

Martfury comes with a collection of unique demos prepped for different kinds of products, from kids’ products to auto parts. You can use the bundled WPBakery Page Builder to make customizations as per your needs.

You also get some standard layout choices to create the right kind of impact. With specially designed pages for phones, Martfury is one of the best WooCommerce themes for mobile devices.

This theme is fully compatible with multi-vendor plugins like Dokan and WCFM.

Users also get the option to compare vendor prices for products allowing them to make informed decisions.

You can also feature product deals alongside countdown timers and a number to show remaining stock. The impression of scarcity can persuade users to buy products.

An advanced product search allows visitors to quickly find the desired product. You can also create visibility for a larger number of products with sections such as Trending and Recently Viewed Products.

Theme DetailsDemo



North is a chic WooCommerce theme that can highlight products with its vibrant design. This theme includes a collection of effective layouts for the major sections and pages. A bundle of premium tools also adds useful shop-related functionalities.

This theme gives you a collection of single product page layouts for showcasing each product in the best possible way. You can choose a desired item density for the listings page too. AJAX Loading allows visitors to have a smooth browsing experience.

The theme also includes an off-canvas sidebar with product filters. You also get a Quick Shop section in the sidebar to showcase products with ease.

This theme comes with a bundle of premium WordPress tools — the Visual Composer plugin enables you to make drag and drop layout customizations, while others such as Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, and Table Rate Shipping are useful tools for the transaction phase.

You also get the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin, which is a nifty tool that allows visitors to view products in the relevant currency.

The WPML plugin is also included allowing you to set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo



Nitro is a versatile WooCommerce theme with a collection of unique website templates to suit different kinds of product sales. This theme has a carefully built collection of e-commerce features to boost your sales and give the customer the best shopping experience.

This theme is bundled with some essential WordPress plugins including the Visual Composer page builder plugin, Ninja Popup for popups feature, and Revolution Slider to create smooth sliders.

You also get a built-in mega menu to create a vivid and stylized menu. Visitors get a product search bar and a product filter to zone in on desired products.

There are some great features that increase the user experience drastically. A zoom feature allows visitors to check out product photos up close. You can also include custom attributes allowing customers specific choices like a desired color or size of clothing item.

The theme also comes with a Share for Discount button — users can get a discount on a specific product if they share the product page on their social media profiles.

You get 16 effective e-commerce features like these to increase your conversion rate and give a great shopping experience to customers.

Theme DetailsDemo



EmallShop is another effective e-commerce theme with a couple of different website templates to suit different kinds of products. This theme is also compatible with some multi-vendor plugins and is quite adequate for setting up a professional-looking e-commerce site.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin for intuitive layout customizations and includes templates for wine store, clothing store, electronics store, and more. There are also some default layout variations to showcase products in the desired way.

The theme includes an extensive admin panel to add or remove elements. You get virtually unlimited layout options for the header and footer by setting up the desired set of functions in these areas.

This theme is compatible with multi-vendor plugins like Dokan and WC Marketplace to create a multi-vendor e-commerce website.

Visitors can also use the product quick view feature to quickly browse through the main features of individual products without opening a new page.

A built-in mega menu allows you to create engaging and stylized menu items that can serve as a useful tool to showcase products.

Theme DetailsDemo



GoodStore is an e-commerce theme with an engaging design across various specialized templates. This theme is built to support a number of useful WooCommerce tools that can help you create a seamless user experience.

You get a collection of 22 website layouts that showcase products in unique ways. You can choose to display products in a standard layout with a header banner and multiple shop sections.

Another layout creates an engaging effect with freely merging photos and text areas, useful to showcase product line-ups. You can even choose variations in grid layouts to display different levels of details.

The theme comes with the RevoComposer plugin for making drag-and-drop layout customizations. You also get a collection of 300+ vector icons alongside 600+ Google Fonts for powerful personalization options.

GoodStore is compatible with some great e-commerce tools allowing you to place new product badges, sold-out notices, and also a Wishlist section among others.

Social media integration is included and users can jot down Facebook comments on products to review them.

Theme DetailsDemo

EightStore Pro

EightStore Pro

EightStore Pro allows you to create an engaging e-commerce site with a variety of sections to showcase products and also help improve your conversion rate. This theme comes with a fully customizable homepage that allows you to rearrange the different sections.

EightStore Pro comes with an attractive sliding banner and numerous category sections to showcase your products. These sections are set apart with distinct layout styles and catchy animations to increase user engagement.

The theme also includes multiple Call-to-Action sections that attract the visitor to take the desired action, increasing your chances of conversion.

You can also display customer testimonials to develop trust among visitors. The theme comes with subscription forms as well so you can generate leads through mailing lists.

The theme also allows you to integrate Youtube videos on pop-up banners. A search bar is quite useful for improving user navigation.

This theme also comes with the bbPress plugin, allowing you to set up discussion forums on your website. A social platform on your e-commerce site is a good way to increase repeat visitors.

Theme DetailsDemo



Atelier is a great WooCommerce theme with an artistic design. You can showcase your products in an elegant way where items merge into one another in a spacious layout.

This theme comes with 14 different website templates to create the right impact on your visitors. You can easily customize this theme with the Visual Composer plugin.

Atelier comes with a unique banner layout as it features two immersive animations. You also get a collection of shortcodes allowing you to add elements across your website by just pasting a single line of pre-written code.

There are 40 custom icons that can set your website apart with a unique visual language.

This theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce German Market plugin, a tool that optimizes your online store for legal security in Germany and other countries in the European Union.

The theme is also compatible with WPML for multi-language capabilities, and support for Right-to-Left scripts like Arabic.

You can use this theme to set up an elaborate social networking ecosystem using the BuddyPress plugin, which enables social networking through user profiles, and the bbPress plugin which is an online-forum creation tool.

Theme DetailsDemo



Aurum is a retina-ready theme with a chic design and typography. It is quite well-suited for selling luxury goods and fashion products. This theme comes with 4 different website templates and a collection of handy tools creating a unique shopping experience.

This theme is integrated with the Visual Composer plugin so you can make layout customizations with simple drag and drop motions. You get 55 custom elements for the Visual Composer plugin to create a unique look for your website.

You also get a welcome page to redirect users to their regional store — a useful feature if your business has a wide-spread reach.

Built upon the Bootstrap framework, this theme is fully responsive across all screen sizes. Moreover, Aurum is also optimized for touchscreen devices — products are displayed in a carousel layout so users can just swipe to view more of them.

You also get some effective tools to build trust with the prospects with an FAQ page, useful for single-brand stores, and a Testimonials section where you can display reactions from happy clients.

This theme is also WPML-compatible, allowing you to set up a multi-language website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Market is a super elegant WordPress theme with spacious design and subtle animations. This theme is perfect for artisan stores and designers as it comes with multiple sections to establish your brand identity.

This is a Gutenberg-optimized theme so you can use the Gutenberg plugin to make customizations based on its grid unit interface. This is a photo-first theme with large thumbnail images for each product display creating a sense of engagement.

Market weaves your shop section along with different information areas to give the visitor a full sense of your brand. You can place important links like your About Page in a featured area below the banner.

There are multiple product sections on the homepage and also an About section where you can introduce yourself or your company. The blog section is given a major area and you can use it as a tool to market your products and business.

There are strategically placed newsletter sections to increase your mailing lists and generate more leads.

This theme also allows for social media integration with a full-width Instagram feed. You can showcase your Instagram posts and simultaneously increase your social media following.

Theme DetailsDemo



Flatsome is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme powered by a custom page builder called UX Builder. This theme comes with a vast collection of page layouts and starter page templates that allow you to create a truly unique e-commerce site.

The UX Builder page builder plugin comes with an extensive elements library with any kind of theme element that you will need like galleries, testimonials, and countdown timer. The live theme options also add easy back-door controls for theme customization.

You can create your own custom header with a drag and drop header builder. Set up your header with all the desired elements you need to create the maximum impact.

This theme comes with a great collection of features from parallax scrolling to create a 3D effect to sticky sections for drawing attention to key information sections.

A large number of layout choices include photo-first options that create an artistic shop page to basic grid-style layouts that focus on showcasing a large number of products.

You can also display CTA (Call-to-Action) links in the banner to draw visitors to key pages. You can also display a large countdown timer on the banner to create a sense of anticipation over ongoing sales offers.

Theme DetailsDemo



eCommerce comes with a collection of layouts that work great for selling both digital and physical products. This WooCommerce theme comes with adequate customization options and you can easily set up an engaging online store with this theme.

This theme allows you a choice between 6 header layouts. A customizable homepage means that you can rearrange the homepage layout in any way to suit your needs.

The eCommerce theme also allows you to promote affiliate links, which can be an additional source of revenue. There is also a Wishlist feature where visitors can add items that interest them for later reference.

The theme comes with a carefully designed checkout process where customers can see their progress. Customers are less likely to abandon their shopping carts if they can see where they are in the checkout process.

This is a WP Review Pro compatible plugin so you can use this tool to set up a product review feature. Product reviews are an essential part of e-commerce sites as they allow prospects to build a sense of trust over the products they are exploring.

Theme DetailsDemo



Bridge is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme with 490 website templates ready to go. You can basically build any kind of website with this theme and its 78 shop templates come with vibrant and lively styles.

This theme comes bundled with two premium page builder plugins — Elementor and WPBakeryPage Builder. A further collection of 200+ elements gives you everything you need to get started with your online store.

You even get 3 font icon packs to set your website apart from the rest with catchy vector icons. There are some great animations to liven up your pages as well.

You can set up video backgrounds for individual sections to draw attention to key areas.

This theme allows you to integrate a quick view function so that visitors can quickly get the major information about individual products. The Wishlist function allows users to build a list of your products for later reference and purchase.

The theme also has a membership plugin allowing visitors to make their own profiles on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Porto is another multi-purpose theme that is especially suited for online stores. This theme comes with 30+ shop templates and gives you an edge with some exclusive e-commerce features.

This theme allows you access to the Porto Studio — a huge collection of pre-built layouts and elements that you can use freely to build the e-commerce site that you desire. The theme also comes with a collection of CSS3 animations allowing you to create a truly engaging website.

You get the Visual Composer page builder plugin for free with this theme, along with 33+ custom elements for the plugin. These elements include pricing tables, progress bars, carousels, and Call-to-Action sections that can be very useful for online stores.

This theme also works perfectly with low-level servers so you don’t have to worry about downtime regardless of the type of server you use.

Porto is compatible with major WordPress plugins allowing you to add powerful functionalities to your website like WooCommerce Currency Switcher to display prices in different currencies, and BuddyPress to set up a social networking platform on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo



Zonex is a WooCommerce theme that comes with elegant typography and some nifty features. This theme is especially great for mobile users. You can create an effective online store with this theme that is also a pleasure to surf through.

You get a collection of layout for the key pages including 10+ unique homepage layouts. There are 8+ layouts for the single product page so you can display products in the most appealing way. The theme also comes with a collection of font icons that can be used to set your website apart from the rest.

You get some useful product filters in the sidebar along with a live search bar so visitors can quickly find the products they want.

The product quick view feature is integrated with this theme allowing visitors to see important information related to a theme without opening a new page.

You also get the Frequently Shopped Together section where you can display related products. The theme also allows you to feature Instagram feeds that can be integrated with the shop functions.

Theme DetailsDemo



Konte is a WooCommerce theme with a trendy design. This theme comes with 10 striking website templates with a minimal aesthetic. You get a collection of useful transaction-related features that can help create a better user experience.

This theme is integrated with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for making layout customizations. There are 7 product page layouts and 10 shop page layouts to help you present your products in the best possible way.

Take full advantage of the extensive product filter to give customers just what they want. Good user experience often translates to customers who revisit your website.

You also get a live search bar with instant product suggestions that visitors can be attracted by.

Konte includes a built-in coupon system. Customers will also get the advantage of a shipping calculator and a tax and shipping option. Visitors can rate and review products allowing others to gain a sense of trust with your products.

The store reports function is quite useful for gaining useful data regarding your store performance.

Theme DetailsDemo



Woolea has a distinct style with a dynamic layout. This theme is best if you want to build an online counterpart for your already-established brand. Areas like the About Section and the prominent Blog section can allow you to develop your brand identity online.

This attractive theme is based on the Elementor plugin so you can easily make layout customizations in this theme. There are some useful layout variants in the key pages. There are 3 shop page layouts — a simple grid-style layout, an artistic masonry grid layout, and a carousel layout that creates an interactive page.

The theme also comes with a collection of inner pages so you can get started with setting up a website immediately. An About section on the homepage also allows you to establish your brand identity in the visitors’ eyes.

There are detailed filter options that you can utilize to present customers with the best choice of products. The theme also has an off-canvas feature that can display a quick cart and a wishlist.

You can also use the testimonials section to build a sense of trust among the visitors. This is also a WPML-ready theme so you can set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to use the WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that you can use without paying a cent. But there are numerous add-ons for WooCommerce that you can purchase to extend the functionality of the plugin.

How can I set up discount functions on my e-commerce site?

You can use the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin in order to provide discounts to customers. This plugin integrates with the main WooCommerce plugin and comes with both Free and Premium versions.

How do I offer more payment gateways to my customers?

WooCommerce comes with some basic payment gateways that are enough to get you started. Many WooCommerce WordPress themes also come with multiple payment gateways integrated into them. If you want to offer more choices, you will have to purchase the extensions of the individual payment gateways.

Which WooCommerce WordPress Theme is Best for You?

Blossom Shop Pro is one of the most unique themes on this website with an elegant and feminine design. This theme is a great choice because of its host of useful features that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Blossom Fashion Pro is a great choice for an online store integrated seamlessly with a blog. Moreover, this theme is super engaging and also has some effective shop features that work best for blog-type websites. 

XStore has a collection of 90+ shop website templates and can be a good choice if you want to build multiple websites for customers or simply want the depth of customization.

Meanwhile, if you want a theme that is immediately set apart by its artistic quality, then you won’t be let down by Sober.

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