Free WordPress Themes

Blossom Studio

Blossom Studio is a lead-generating WordPress theme to showcase your yoga, dance, and meditation studio. This is a free theme with a premium feel and great customization features. This theme allows you to perfectly sell and showcase the services offered by your yoga studio, meditation center, dance studio, wellness retreat, and other businesses.

This free theme comes with great customization options at no extra cost. There are 1000+ Google fonts to change the look and feel of your website instantly. You can also use page builder plugins, including the Gutenberg Block Editor and Elementor, to customize your layouts with easy drag-and-drop motions.

Cookery Lite

5.0 (1 review)

Cookery Lite is a free recipe WordPress theme with an expert design to boost your lead generation. This free theme is perfect for food bloggers looking to up their blog from alright to appetizing. It has an elaborate set of features that give you everything you need to excel as a food blogger.

This theme is easy to use and boasts a smooth user experience. It has a yummy, elegant design that is mobile-friendly and speed-optimized.

Cookery Lite works together with the powerful Delicious Recipes plugin. This plugin allows you to build your recipes easily with step-by-step instructions. It comes with various features to boost the user experience on your website.

Yoga Fitness

Yoga Fitness is an elegant, free WordPress theme for your beauty, health, and wellness business. This theme is ideal for spa, yoga studio, beauty salon, wellness center, massage parlor, meditation classes, and natural healthcare businesses.

This theme is easy-to-use and allows you to sell your services with carefully designed sections. It comes with multiple areas to display your services and a gorgeous Testimonials section to showcase customer feedback and build trust.

This free theme comes with valuable customization options like 900+ Google Fonts. It is speed-optimized to provide a fast loading speed. Its fully responsive design allows it to load perfectly on all screen sizes.

CoachPress Lite

5.0 (1 review)

With CoachPress Lite, you can create a unique and stunning website for coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

You can easily personalize this theme as you get unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts. Change the look and feel of your website with a few clicks.

CoachPress Lite comes with SEO-friendly features as well as Schema integration to help your website’s search engine rankings. It has a fully responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes, offering a great user experience on all devices.

Travel Nomad

5.0 (1 review)

Travel Nomad is an elegant free WordPress theme ideal to create sleek and feminine travel blogs. This responsive, SEO integrated, and speed optimized theme caters to all sorts of travel bloggers willing to share their experiences with the world.

This theme comes with several predefined homepage sections to choose from. The built-in live customizer provides you control over the visual appeal of your site. You can change the color typography and fonts of your site to match your brand style.

With Woocommerce’s support, you can easily create an online store and sell your merchandise. It also supports HTML 5 Maps, so marking the places you have visited is effortless.

Yummy Recipe

5.0 (2 reviews)

Yummy Recipe is a perfect theme for creating a professional food blog and recipe website. The theme is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, Schema friendly, and loads faster to help you rank your recipes higher on search engines.

The theme is compatible with the Delicious Recipes plugin to provide top-notch features to easily create and share your recipes. You can easily choose from unlimited colors and 900+ Google fonts to change your website look and feel with a single click.

Yummy Recipe is SEO-friendly, ensuring your website is crawled and indexed by Google search engine, increasing your website’s chance of higher ranking.

Vandana Health Coach

Are you a coach looking to create a professional website to take your business to the next level? Meet our theme Vandana Health Coach that is easy to use and helps you achieve your goals.

Vandana Health Coach is a perfect theme for coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to introduce their services to their customers without writing a single line of code.

It is optimized to load faster and provide a smooth user experience. It is also SEO optimized and implements the industry-leading SEO practices to help you rank your website higher on search engines.

Hello Fashion

5.0 (1 review)

Hello Fashion is a stylish WordPress theme with a captivating design. You can create lively and professional blogs for lifestyle, travel, food, beauty, makeup, coaching, and more. Hello Fashion is…

Vandana Lite Free WordPress Theme

Vandana Lite

5.0 (1 review)

Are you looking to create a unique website to take your service business to the next level? Meet our theme Vandana Lite that will help you achieve your goals effortlessly.

Vandana Lite is free and is a perfect choice for coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their service business without writing a single line of code.

If your primary concern is generating leads and grabbing your customers’ attention, we have you covered. The newsletter section in the banner will help increase the conversion rate and channel traffic to your site. There are also multiple smartly placed Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to generate leads.

Sarada Lite Free Wordpress Theme

Sarada Lite

5.0 (1 review)

Are you a blogger looking for a professional WordPress theme? If yes, Sarada Lite is the best solution for creating and crafting beautiful professional websites. 

Whether you are a Fashion, Travel, Food, Beauty or Lifestyle blogger, Sarada Lite will help your website stand out among your peers. 

The best part is Sarada Lite allows you to create a unique and gorgeous website even without any knowledge of coding. 

Vilva WordPress Theme


5.0 (5 reviews)

Vilva is an easy to use blog theme designed to create beautiful, lively, and professional websites. Whether you want to share your expert fashion tips, your favorite recipes or create a lifestyle, travel, food, beauty, makeup, coaching, or any themed blog, Vilva is the ideal choice for you.

You can easily customize your website color and typography to reflect your brand. It has a speed-optimized, mobile-friendly interface so that your website will display nicely on different screen sizes and provide excellent user-experience to your visitors.

Blossom Shop Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Shop

5.0 (4 reviews)

Blossom Shop is a clean, fast and feature-rich free WordPress theme to create online stores. It is powered by WooCommerce plugin. You can use it to build all kinds of online shop such as fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, furniture, accessories, lifestyle, decoration, gadgets, books, home appliances, clothes, automobiles, movies, and so so. Blossom Shop is designed to highlight products and provide user experience of the highest quality so that your products are sold easily like candy.

Blossom Wedding Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Wedding

Blossom Wedding is a fully responsive free WordPress theme to help you create a whimsical wedding website without writing a single line of code. This theme comes with unique features for a wedding website to help you connect with your guests, as well as share the wedding information and your happy moments.

Blossom PinIt WordPress Theme

Blossom PinIt

Blossom PinIt is a child theme of Blossom Pin Free WordPress Theme. It is a Pinterest style theme for feminine bloggers who wants to start a blog and share their ideas on various topics like fashion, makeup, lifestyle, food, travel, parenting, beauty or any other creative topic. It is a fully responsive theme and ensures your content displays perfectly on every screen sizes and devices.

Blossom Travel WordPress Theme

Blossom Travel

5.0 (4 reviews)

Blossom Travel is a beautiful free WordPress theme suitable to create a gorgeous feminine travel blog. You can share your travel experiences, and the photos of the places you visited using this in an elegant and attractive manner.

Fashion Diva WordPress Theme

Fashion Diva

5.0 (7 reviews)

Fashion Diva is a child theme of Blossom Fashion free WordPress theme for aspiring female bloggers to help them create a cute and girly fashion blog. You can create an absolutely stunning and fully-responsive fashion blog with this theme. The elegant and modern layout of the theme helps to increase user engagement on your blog.

Best Feminine WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Blog

Blossom Feminine

5.0 (17 reviews)

Blossom Themes presents you a gorgeous, easy-to-use free feminine WordPress blog theme because money shouldn’t stop your dreams. With Blossom Feminine, you can create a cute (or bold) blog without writing a single line of code.

Blossom Feminine is optimized to load faster and provide a smooth user experience to your readers. It is also SEO optimized, Schema Friendly and implements the industry-leading SEO practices to help you rank your website higher on search engines.

Blossom Coach Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Coach

5.0 (13 reviews)

Blossom coach is a free WordPress coach theme designed to create websites for coach, mentors, speakers and therapists.

You can easily use this theme to create stunning website without any knowledge of coding. The theme is designed with features that highlights you and yours services that will help to improve your followings.

Blossom Beauty WordPress theme

Blossom Beauty

5.0 (3 reviews)

Blossom Beauty is a child theme of Blossom Feminine Free WordPress Theme to help you create a cute and girly feminine blog. Blossom Beauty Blog is a clean, pretty and free feminine WordPress theme which will help you create a visually appealing and fully responsive blog without writing a single line of code.

Blossom Recipe WordPress Theme

Blossom Recipe

5.0 (10 reviews)

Blossom Recipe is a fully responsive free WordPress theme for cooking enthusiasts and food bloggers to help them share their recipes to the world. This theme features a clean, and visually appealing layout to keep your visitors engaged on your blog.

Blossom Fashion Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Fashion

5.0 (14 reviews)

Blossom Fashion Free is a feminine and chic WordPress blog theme designed for you to create your own gorgeous and eye-catching lifestyle fashion blogs, without spending a single penny.

If you are looking to sell your fashion products online by showcasing them or writing about them in your blog, this theme provides you the best platform.

Blossom Pin Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Pin

5.0 (13 reviews)

Blossom Pin: A modern masonry layout theme with advanced features for stunning your audience. Blossom Pin is a stylist Pinterest-style free WordPress theme with an infinite scroll feature.

Blossom Spa Free wordpress theme overview

Blossom Spa

5.0 (7 reviews)

Blossom Spa is an alluring free WordPress theme for spa, beauty salon, wellness center, massage parlor, yoga studio, meditation classes, and natural health care businesses. Whether you want to create a rejuvenating website or want to give a fresh look to your old website, Blossom Spa is the theme for you.

Blossom Chic Free WordPress theme

Blossom Chic

5.0 (13 reviews)

Blossom Chic is child theme of Blossom Feminine free theme for aspiring female bloggers!

Blossom Chic is an elegant WordPress blog theme that can help you create beautiful blogs without writing a single line of code.

Blossom Health Coach WordPress Theme

Blossom Health Coach

5.0 (2 reviews)

Blossom Health Coach is a child theme of Blossom Coach free WordPress theme dedicated to health coaches, mentors, life coaches, and influencers. Blossom Health Coach is a fully responsive, and easy-to-use theme that helps you create a highly converting website.

Blossom Speaker Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Speaker

5.0 (2 reviews)

Blossom Speaker is free child theme of Blossom Coach free WordPress theme. This theme is dedicated to female motivational speakers, life coaches, health coaches, mentors, consultants and influencers to increase their online presence. You can create a highly-engaging website with this theme without writing a single line of code.

Fashion Stylist Free WordPress Theme

Fashion Stylist

5.0 (2 reviews)

Fashion Stylist is a child theme of Blossom Fashion Free WordPress theme for creating a trendy feminine blog for free. Fashion Stylist looks absolutely stunning and is intuitive to use.

Blossom PinThis Free WordPress Theme

Blossom PinThis

5.0 (1 review)

Blossom PinThis is a child theme of Blossom Pin Free WordPress Theme. The theme helps you easily create a Pinterest like website in no time without writing a single line of code.

Blossom Mommy Blog Wordpress theme

Blossom Mommy Blog

5.0 (5 reviews)

Blossom Mommy Blog is a child theme of Blossom Feminine for quickly creating the best mom blog for free. Blossom Mommy Blog is a pretty, clean, free feminine WordPress theme that will help you create a stunning mobile-friendly mom blog without writing a single line of code.

Blossom Life Coach Theme

Life Coach

Life Coach is a child theme of Blossom Coach free WordPress theme designed for mentors, life coaches, and influencers. Life Coach features a highly converting landing page design with the strategically placed contact form, newsletter form, and call to action button.

Fashion Lifestyle Free WordPress Theme

Fashion Lifestyle

5.0 (3 reviews)

Fashion Lifestyle is a child theme of Blossom Fashion. Fashion Lifestyle is a stylish, chic free WordPress theme for stylist lifestyle bloggers.

Blossom Diva WordPress theme

Blossom Diva

5.0 (1 review)

Blossom Diva is a child theme of Blossom Feminine Free WordPress theme. You can create a visually appealing, stunning and lively feminine blog without writing a single line of code using this theme. The theme can be a perfect choice for creating a gorgeous blog to share your expert tips on topics like fashion, beauty, makeup, recipe, wedding or any other creative topic.

Fashion Icon Free WordPress Theme

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon is a free child theme of Blossom Fashion that helps you become the icon of the fashion world. Fashion Icon is a free feminine blogging theme for fashion enthusiasts and fashionista.

Blossom Pretty WordPress Theme

Blossom Pretty

5.0 (1 review)

Blossom Pretty WordPress theme is a child theme of Blossom Feminine free theme for aspiring female bloggers!

With Blossom Pretty, you can create a pretty blog without writing a single line of code. And, this pretty chic WordPress theme won’t cost you a dime, for real! So, go ahead and create a lifestyle, beauty, or a fashion blog with this fully-responsive, super-fast, and SEO-friendly WordPress template.

Blossom Consulting free WordPress Theme

Blossom Consulting

5.0 (1 review)

Blossom Consulting is a free WordPress theme designed to create websites for consultants and consulting companies, coach, mentors, speakers and therapists.

You can easily use this theme to create a stunning website without any knowledge of coding. The theme is designed with features that highlight you and yours services that will help to improve your newsletter subscription and your business following.


Blossom Themes provides a collection of feature-rich WordPress themes with gorgeous feminine designs. You can get free WordPress themes with eye-pleasing color combinations and attractive typography.

All of the free Blossom WordPress themes are responsive, search-engine-optimized, includes elegant typography, user-friendly interface, etc. We also have user-friendly designs that captivate your audiences’ attention. 

Some of the standard features in our free themes are:

  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Includes 900+ Google Fonts
  • Translation Ready
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Homepage Designs
  • Well-Designed Lead Generation Forms
  • Supports WooCommerce Plugin
  • Seamlessly Upgrade to Premium Version

Here is a list of 10 major benefits that you get from free WordPress themes of Blossom Themes:

Diverse Niche Areas

Are you aiming to create a blog or a corporate website? We have a variety of niche areas provided to download your ideal WordPress theme for free. Let's look at a few of them.

1. Fashion Blog

Who doesn’t want to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends? Blossom Themes lets you download several free WordPress themes to create a fashion blog. As a blogger, you can build a broad audience using these gorgeous themes. 

Of course, fashion blogs are all about the trendy, elegant aesthetic and you get that easily with our themes like Blossom Fashion. Our blog themes come with versatile section layouts to create a dynamic feel that is rare for free themes. 

Also, you can take advantage of their WooCommerce friendly themes to sell your merchandise online. 

2. Beauty Blog 

You can create delightful websites to share makeup tutorials and promote beauty products. Blossom Themes provides a range of free feminine WordPress themes for this purpose. Its responsive design renders your website on any screen size. 

Additionally, their web templates allow you to sell beauty products using the WooCommerce plugin. 

3. Lifestyle Blog

Share your day-to-day experiences with your audience by becoming a lifestyle blogger. Blossom Themes provides free WordPress themes with attractive blog layouts, sections, and other elements. 

You can upload your daily activities, informative content, and share your interests with your regular readers. 

4. Travel Blog

Do you love sharing travel stories? If yes, why not become a travel blogger to highlight your experiences. Blossom Themes helps you share beautiful high-definition travel pictures, videos, and more with its travel-related blog theme. 

Our free theme Blossom Travel in particular comes with nine homepage sections that can really highlight your travel exploits. With attractive newsletter sections and Instagram feeds, you can really build your following.  

5. Business

Have you found the right business idea to start an online company? Congratulations! Blossom Themes can help you create a professional website that acts as a go-to place for your audience. 

You can design websites for businesses, like coaching, consulting, beauty salon, hairdresser, etc. Elegant design along with just the right homepage sections allows you to showcase your business perfectly and generate leads. 

6. Spa and Salon

Speaking of businesses, you can even start a salon, spa, beauty studio, or wellness center with Blossom Themes. Its clean and engaging design works great for kickstarting your service business. 

You can even sell beauty and self-care products using the WooCommerce friendly web templates of Blossom Themes.

7. Chef Blog

Cooking blogs are one of the most profitable niches out there. People love to read easy recipes. With a lot of room for creativity, you can stand out from the rest even more with the beautiful and creative themes of Blossom Themes. 

After scaling your cooking blog, you can even sell recipe ebooks from your website. The WooCommerce plugin can assist you in this process. 

8. Food Blog

Some of us like to cook while others love eating! If you fall under the latter category, allow Blossom Themes’ free WordPress templates to design a perfect food blog. You can travel to different cities, countries, and even continents enjoying diverse delicacies.

While you’re at it, share your experiences of eating those flavourful meals to your audience. They’ll follow your blog and encourage you to share more. 

9. Fitness Blog

Do you love staying fit? You can also help others follow the same routine by creating a fitness blog. You can creatively share your knowledge of the fitness world. Download fitness WordPress themes from Blossom Themes for free and share your wellbeing tips. 

10. Wedding

With the help of Blossom Themes, you can create an eye-pleasing invitation website for your wedding. It even helps you build an online presence for your wedding planner and photography business. We have a powerful theme just for wedding websites, Blossom Wedding, that can really help your wedding website stand out. This theme comes with an elaborate Timeline section, RSVP form, and more to support you in your wedding planning.

11. Mom Blog

Although kind of the same, every mother has a different journey raising her child. People love to hear these crazy and adorable stories from many moms. Also, every mother is always keen to learn what’s best for their child. So, if you think you know it quite well, why not create a beautiful mom blog with the help of Blossom Themes? 

Blossom Themes encourages you to share your parenting stories with its attractive page layout. 

12. Coach

If you're an expert at a particular profession, then why not guide others to achieve success in that field? Be a coach and lead your audience in the right direction. Blossom Themes is ready to help you in the journey with their free WordPress themes. 

We have themes like Blossom Coach that are built with close attention to detail to make your branding efforts a breeze. Our free business and coaching themes actually feature different tools and techniques that can help boost your lead generation. You can get expert features such as multiple newsletter subscription forms at prominent locations as well as Call-to-Action sections to really drive up your leads. All these features come with our free coaching and business themes. 

13. Health Coach

Being a health coach requires a lot of responsibility. As a doctor, physician, therapist, or chiropractor, your job requires you to solve many patients’ problems. Those patients need a systematic way of booking an appointment with you.

Try Blossom Themes’ free WordPress theme to create your professional website. Your potential patients can get to know you more before booking an appointment. 

14. E-Commerce

E-commerce business is something that is set to grow forever. So, with the right marketing strategy, you can make a fortune from online stores. Sell various goods, like apparel, accessories, cosmetics, groceries, and more. 

Besides, Blossom Themes can help you with that as well. You can use their WooCommerce ready free themes to set up an online store straight away.

15. Personal Blog

Express your thoughts, share life experiences, and highlight your favorite hobbies on your blog. Blossom Themes features several free WordPress blog themes to help you engage with your audience in a creative way. 

Their responsive themes will help your audiences to read your blogs on mobile devices as well. 

Provides Strong Performance

Blossom Themes provides powerful built-in SEO settings in its free themes. Some of them include breadcrumbs, displaying last updated post dates, etc. With these features, you can optimize every element of your site to rank higher on SERPs. 

You can also build a faster-loading website with our free themes. Speed is a crucial factor in improving SEO performance and provides a better user experience. Search engines won’t rank your page on the higher results if it takes an eternity to load. 

Blossom Themes’ free WordPress themes have responsive design as well. Your website has to render with correct dimensions on all screen sizes. 

Our responsive web templates render with correct dimensions on a laptop, desktop, mobile device, etc. This ensures that all your website visitors get the full effect of your elegant website design, regardless of the type of device they are using. 

Extensive Customization Options

You don’t want your website to look exactly like the demo version. This is why Blossom Themes provides you extensive customization options, including drag-and-drop features, with its free themes. You get an unlimited color option for your website to match it with your brand’s personality. 

Moreover, each of our free web templates has more than 900 Google fonts. Other typography customization options include settings for primary fonts, secondary fonts, font sizes, and more. 

Upload a custom logo to your website and adjust its size. The free themes include logo customization settings for adjusting it to the header bar. Blossom Themes lets you edit the footer copyright message as well. 

Attractive Homepage Elements

What components do you want to include on your website? Blossom Themes has dozens of sections, widgets, and other perfect elements that make your website attractive.  

Starting from homepage sections, you get Banner sliders, Featured Areas, About, Call-to-Action, Blog, Contact, etc. These elements differ based on the theme's niche. Such as a coaching web template including Testimonial, Services, and more. You can add all these elements using a simple drag and drop editing interface. 

Moreover, we also provide more than 22 custom widgets that can drastically extend the functionality of your website. Examples include Advertisement, Client Logo, Email Newsletter, Featured Page, etc. You also get an elegant Author Bio that introduces you perfectly to your audience. 

Supports WooCommerce and Other Plugins

The free website templates from Blossom Themes support a variety of WordPress plugins. For instance, you can optimize your site’s SEO performance using the Yoast SEO plugin. 

Blossom Themes also supports the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce helps you create an online store so you can sell various products. Examples include accessories, groceries, gadgets, etc.  

In addition to WooCommerce, you can install other powerful plugins to your site. Examples are JetPack, NextGen Gallery, Constant Contact Forms, W3 Total Cache, and more. 

Captivate Users’ Attention with Attractive Design

All free WordPress themes from Blossom Themes have elegant and delightful designs. They can grab your web visitors’ attention right after they enter your site. Besides, the interface is easy to use, as well. 

So, your audience can enjoy browsing your content. Moreover, its responsive design helps website visitors to browse your site on all screen sizes. 

Google takes page experience signals as a crucial factor to affect website ranking. Adequate visual stability reflects that your site provides a good user experience to your audience. 

So, Blossom Themes helps you in performing great in SERPs with its intuitive interface. 

Social Media Integration

Every free theme of Blossom Themes supports multiple social media channels. You can include both your social profiles’ links and social sharing buttons on your website. Besides, it also lets you display social widgets to promote your channels. 

Some of the social media channels it supports are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Blossom Themes supports regional social media channels, as well. Examples of that are Chinese and Russian channels, like Zing, VK, OK, etc. 

Translation and RTL Script Ready

Does your target audience speak other languages than English? If yes, then Blossom Themes’ can help you build a website in any language spoken around the world. Examples include Spanish, French, German, etc. 

Moreover, its free WordPress themes even support the Right-to-Left (RTL) languages. RTL scripts include Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, and more. With this feature, you can target audiences from middle eastern nations, like the UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, etc. 

Text and Video Documentation

For every free WordPress theme you pick, Blossom Themes provides documentation of both textual and video formats. Its library of detailed YouTube videos guides you on successfully installing themes and configuring and customizing your website. 

The text documentation covers all topics of your free themes, like appearance, customizing page layout, SEO, performance, and other settings. It also includes screenshots at every step for making sure you won’t follow the steps correctly. 

Tailored Support System

The support system of Blossom Themes is one of a kind. If you’re facing any issue with the free themes, their expert support team will help you with their tailored approach. 

Be it issues with installing plugins, like WooCommerce, or translating the site into another language. Reach out to their expert team and solve your issue in an instant. 

You can state your queries using the Support Ticket page on the website. It allows you to share the screenshots and video recordings from your browser as well. With this detailed information, the technical experts can provide you the exact solution to your problem. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What Should You Look For in a Free WordPress Theme?

A. Some of the essential features you need in free WordPress themes are responsive design, SEO-friendliness, WooCommerce friendly, color and typography settings, etc. 

Q. Can I Use Free WordPress Themes for My Website?

A. Of course, you can. Free WordPress themes make it easier to design your website on a limited budget. 

Q. Why is the Blossom Themes Best Option to Download Free WordPress Themes?

A. Blossom Themes provides several powerful features for free. For instance, it provides color customization, typography, and other customization settings that other free themes don't include. 

Q. Can I Migrate From Free to Premium WordPress Themes With Blossom Themes?

A. Yes. Blossom Themes has a WordPress experts team ready to migrate your website from a free theme to a premium one. 

Q. How do I Install and Configure the WordPress Themes of Blossom Themes?

A. First of all, you can take help from the extensive collection of both text and video documentation files. Additionally, you can assign Blossom Themes’ support team to take care of the theme installation and configuration process. 

Q. Does Blossom Themes Provide Documentation for Free WordPress Themes?

A. Yes. Blossom Themes provides text and video documentation for both free and premium WordPress themes. You can take help from these files to install the theme and customize every aspect of your website. 

Q. Are Blossom Themes’ Web Templates Compatible with the WooCommerce Plugin?

A. Yes, they are. Every free WordPress theme that you download from Blossom Themes is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. It helps you design online stores and sell various products, like apparel, downloadable digital items, groceries, etc.