40+ Free Business WordPress Themes of 2024

Free Business WordPress Themes

Let’s face it: The internet is the new market. There’s not much to argue there.

With the increasing number of online businesses, customers are now constantly searching online for places where they can get their job done. So, having a website expands the reach of your business to a global scale.

WordPress themes can help you build a professional and functional website and enhance your network and reputation online. Themes are super easy to install, and the best part is that there are plenty of themes available for free.

Since there are thousands of themes available, you might find it hard to pick a perfect one for your website. For that purpose, we suggest you read the guide which describes how to choose a WordPress theme

Also, if you want to write regular content on your website, it’s best to create a blog on a particular niche. Check out the article where you can find step-by-step procedure on how to start a WordPress blog

Now, it’s time to unveil the primary purpose of this blog. Here, we have provided a list of 40+ free WordPress themes to create a business site.

What to look for in a Free Business Theme?

Wordpress is a growing community of developers and users. The wide variety of options that WordPress themes provide is unimaginable when it comes to themes and plugins. So, it’s essential to know your purpose and the specific functions that a particular theme offers. 

For a business theme, here’s a list of features you need to look for. 

Design and Simplicity

The first and foremost thing you see is the design of a website. As they say, the first impression is the last. A good design needs to be simple and elegant. It should enhance users’ experience. Opt for a theme that provides multiple options for layouts.  


Not all free themes provide you the option of customizing the layout, color, fonts, and such. So, keep an eye out for the ones that do. Thus, you can create a dynamic website while using a free theme.


The responsiveness of a website ensures that the display is appropriate on all screen sizes. So, make sure your website is responsive. Whether a user visits the website from a phone, desktop, or tablet, your website has to adjust dynamically and display the content beautifully.

Plugin support

Plugins are the beauty of WordPress. A plugin provides you with essential features that a modern-day website requires. Thankfully, there are thousands of plugins available for free. These can add unique features to your website. All you need to do is make sure that the theme supports all popular plugins and is compatible with them.

SEO friendly

As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website so that it ranks high on search engines. With the ever-increasing competition to rank on the first page of the search results page, your site must be SEO optimized. Poorly coded themes cannot give you the desired result.

Social media integration

Social media integration is a modern-day feature to increase your presence across multiple social platforms. Most of the sites these days have their social media profiles integrated through links or feeds. So, it allows for a wholesome social presence by making your business reach out to a larger number of audience.


Support is equally important while choosing a WordPress theme for your business. You may encounter multiple problems while using a theme. In that case, if there’s no technical support from the developers, your website might not function well. 

Support from developers can be useful for tackling problems of compatibility and integration. Most of the themes provide extended support for a year with enough documentation. Check out our recently published article on ‘ 30+ Free Job Board WordPress Themes‘.

List of Free Business WordPress Themes

Here, we have listed out the top 40+ free business WordPress themes in 2024 based on the features mentioned above. Keep reading and find out more.

Rara Business

Rara Business

While talking about the best business WordPress themes, the first theme that comes to mind is Rara Business. It is a top-tier professional SEO-optimized theme for all kinds of businesses. Professional design, useful features, and SEO optimization make Rara Business stand out from the rest.

Design is an essential factor when choosing themes for your websites. Rara theme offers you a clean design and also features a built-in customizer, giving you the liberty to make changes and preview them in real time.

This theme is SEO optimized along with having Schema integration, which is essential for search engine rankings. Similarly, this theme is speed-optimized, which means that your website will load within a second.

For more accessibility, Rara Business is translation-ready and RTL scripts-ready. To add to that, it also allows social media integration so that you get increased traffic from various social platforms.

So, even if you’re a complete newbie in website design, Rara Business helps set up a perfect website for you. You also get plenty of ready-made demo sites.

Recommended Rara Business’s Templates:

1. Business

Rara Business Pro - Business template

With the versatile starter template, Business, you can create a robust online presence. This template is a perfect blend of professional design and functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

The template features sections including all the information visitors require. From the About page to the information about the team, this template offers everything a visitor wants to know during the first visit to the site.

2. Creative Business

Rara Business Pro - Creative Business template

The Creative Business WordPress template is lively and visually appealing for creative professionals, freelancers, and creative enterprises. 

The template lets you customize your website to match your creative ideas. The theme settings window makes changing colours, fonts, and layouts easier. This level of personalization enables you to develop a visually attractive and cohesive online presence that represents your artistic style and sets you apart from the competition.

3. Digital Agency

Digital Agency - Rara Business Theme

Digital agencies and creative experts can customize their websites with this template. With its many features, this slick design highlights your agency’s services, portfolio, and digital expertise.

This template offers a modern and elegant style. This style instantly attracts visitors and shows your agency’s commitment to cutting-edge design and innovation. Thus, this template is ideal for digital branding.

4. Creative Agency

Creative Agency - Rara Business Theme

Creative Agency WordPress template is designed for creative and digital marketing agencies. 

The design comprises a portfolio, staff, case studies, services, and testimonial areas. These sections demonstrate your agency’s expertise, creativity, and successes, improving credibility and clientele. In addition, the design supports popular plugins for contact forms, social media integration, and blog sections.

Travel Agency

Travel agency

The Travel agency is among the best WordPress themes for businesses related to travel and tours. You can create and curate tailored trip packages while attracting potential customers with its remarkable design and features.

The striking design, along with modern CSS and effects help improve user engagement. Likewise, the self-adjusting responsive design makes sure the display is proportionate on various devices.

Travel agency also has social media integration that allows the business to expand its reach across multiple social platforms. For more accessibility, the theme is cross-browser compatible, meaning you can easily access the website from any browser.

Even a few seconds of delay in booking a trip or a flight can make a difference in sales. So, your website must be fast and optimized. The Travel agency theme ensures just that. It loads at a lightning-fast speed and helps your website rank high in search engines.

For better user experience, developers of this theme have created extensive documentation along with comprehensive video tutorials. If there’s any trouble, you can get technical support online as well.

Recommended Travel Agency’s Templates:

1. Trekking

Travel Agency Pro - Trekking Template

The “Trekking” starter demo is a dynamic and visually captivating online platform designed to inspire and facilitate adventurous travel. 

Embodying the spirit of exploration, its vibrant design and attractive layout effortlessly highlight trekking tours and packages. 

The demo features user-friendly navigation and clear images, creating an immersive browsing experience. 

2. Jungle Safari

Travel Agency Pro- Jungle Safari template

The “Jungle Safari” starter demo is a thrilling digital gateway that brings the wild’s adventure to your screens. 

It features an engaging interface that guides visitors through various tours, creating an immersive user experience. 

Jungle Safari is fully responsive and customizable, adapting to the unique needs of wildlife tour operators. With its ability to bring the thrill of a safari to a digital platform, this demo is a valuable asset for businesses aiming to attract adventurous travellers.

3. Vacations

Travel Agency Pro - Vacations Template

This template is a digital haven devoted to creating exceptional trip experiences. 

Its breezy, vibrant design and user-friendly interface expertly showcase various vacation packages. 

This fully customizable and responsive template enables travel businesses to create a unique online presence that reflects their brand identity. This demo is a comprehensive digital solution for vacation planners seeking to expand their reach and conversions by seamlessly guiding visitors from browsing to booking.

4. Holidays

Travel Agency Pro holidays template

Holidays is a versatile starter template designed exclusively for your tour and travel companies.

With its captivating design, intuitive layout, and comprehensive features, the Holidays template empowers travel agencies to create a stunning online presence that captures the essence of wanderlust and adventure.

Education Zone

Education Zone – Perfect Free Education WordPress Theme

Education Zone is a dedicated WordPress theme crafted for the unique digital needs of educational institutions. 

The standout aspect of the Education Zone theme is its structured, clean layout that effectively showcases various educational offerings, faculty details, campus life, and much more. 

Education Zone also recognizes the diverse needs of different educational entities. Whether it’s a small neighbourhood school, a large university, or an online education provider, the theme’s customization options ensure it can be moulded to mirror any institution’s unique identity and ethos.

Equipped with a responsive design, Education Zone assures a seamless browsing experience on any device, making it easily accessible for all users. 

Education Zone theme has a free version, while the premium version starts from $59, offering 9 various starter templates.

Recommended Education Zone’s Templates:

1. Education Zone Modern

Education Zone WordPress Theme

The Education Zone Modern is a starter template designed for contemporary educational institutions. 

Its minimalist design, coupled with a user-centric layout, fosters an efficient, engaging browsing experience. 

This demo skillfully presents diverse educational programs, faculty profiles, and upcoming events, facilitating seamless access to crucial information. In addition, with customization options, institutions can adapt the design to reflect their unique brand identity. 

2. Smart Education

Education Zone Pro- Smart Education

Smart Education is a starter template designed to meet the evolving needs of modern educational institutions. 

It offers seamless navigation through various course offerings, faculty profiles, and resources. Smart Education is also customizable and responsive, adapting to an institution’s specific needs and ensuring optimal device functionality. 

3. Pre School

Education Zone Pro - PreSchool Template

The Pre School starter template captures the colourful world of early education in a charming, intuitive digital platform.

Its vibrant yet sophisticated design perfectly suits the young audience while maintaining professional standards. 

The template showcases essential information, such as curriculum details, teacher profiles, and event updates, in a user-friendly manner. With a Pre School template, early educational institutions can create a delightful, informative digital space that mirrors the joy of learning.

4. University

Education Zone Pro - University Template

This template embodies the spirit of academia in a polished, intuitive online platform. 

It is designed with a modern aesthetic and effectively highlights academic programs, faculty, campus life, and research opportunities. 

The layout’s user-centric design ensures easy access to vital information, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. In addition, it’s fully responsive, providing a seamless browsing experience across all devices.

Besides these, the following are some other notable starter demos of the Education Zone Pro theme:

Construction Landing Page

Construction Landing Page WordPress Theme

The Construction Landing Page is a free WordPress theme for construction companies and businesses. 

It’s ideal for constructors, builders, interior design companies, architects, plumbers, packers and movers, landscapers, and any construction-related industries.

The theme is highly customizable, with a built-in live customizer for real-time changes and previews. It also offers a free one-click demo import to kickstart your website with ready-made content and settings.

One of the standout features of the Construction Landing Page theme is its over-the-fold contact form. This feature is perfect for increasing email inquiries, as it’s one of the first things visitors see when they land on your website.

The theme is also SEO-friendly and speed optimized, ensuring your website ranks well in search engine results and loads quickly for users. It’s also compatible with the Contact Form 7 plugin, allowing for the easy addition of contact forms on your website.

Construction Landing Page has a free version, while the pro version starts from $59, offering a variety of free and premium website templates.

Recommended Construction Landing Page’s Templates

1. Construction Company

Construction Landing Page Pro- Construction Company Template

The Construction Company starter template is a robust WordPress theme tailored for the construction industry. 

It’s user-friendly, SEO-optimized, and fully responsive, ensuring a seamless and effective online presence. 

The template highlights essential services, showcases client testimonials, and features an over-the-fold contact form to boost inquiries. With a built-in live customizer and a one-click demo import, it offers a hassle-free setup experience.

2. Epic Construction

Construction Landing Page- Epic Construction template

The Epic Construction starter template is a professional WordPress theme designed specifically for the construction industry. This fully responsive, SEO-optimized template ensures a seamless user experience and improved rankings for search engines. 

The template also highlights the company’s experience and commitment to quality assurance. 

3. Timberline

Construction Landing Page Pro -timberline template

The Timberline WordPress starter template is a fully flexible and SEO-optimized theme so that users will have an easy time, and search engines will rank it higher. 

It highlights the essential services and has a visible contact form encouraging people to ask questions. 

It is easy to set up with a built-in live customizer and a one-click demo download. The template also shows the company’s experience and dedication to quality assurance. 

4. Apex Constructors

Construction Landing Page Pro - Apex Construction

Apex Constructors is a stellar starter template designed for the construction industry. This template stands out with its professional and clean design, ensuring easy navigation and a user-friendly experience. 

It features dedicated sections for services, team introductions, client testimonials, and a comprehensive blog. With its focus on showcasing expertise and quality of work, the Apex Constructors template is perfect for construction companies aiming to build a solid online presence. 

Blossom Coach

Blossom Coach Free Wordpress Theme

Blossom Coach is a free WordPress theme to create engaging websites for life coaches, health coaches, mentors, speakers, and therapists to enhance their coaching business. 

The theme is mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and speed-optimized, ensuring a smooth user experience and better rankings in search results. 

Blossom Coach also includes a blog section to share your knowledge and expertise, a call-to-action section to convert visitors into customers, and a product section to sell the products you use in your services. 

Moreover, Blossom Coach is WooCommerce-ready, allowing you to gain effective site monetization through a powerful online store. It’s also translation-ready and supports RTL scripts, making it accessible to a global audience.

Overall, Blossom Coach is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to create a stunning and effective online presence in the coaching and wellness industry.

Blossom Coach Theme has a free version, while the pro version starts from $59, offering a variety of free and premium coaching website templates.

Recommended Blossom Coach’s Templates:

1. Life Coach

Life Coach template - Blossom Coach Pro

The Life Coach template is a dynamic and engaging WordPress theme designed for life coaches, mentors, and speakers.

The template includes a call-to-action section to convert visitors into customers and a podcast section to share your audio or video files. It also offers a shop section, allowing you to sell your products directly from your website.

2. Health Coach

Health Coach template- Blossom Coach

Blossom Coach Pro’s “Health Coach” template is a dynamic WordPress theme for health coaches and wellness professionals. It’s designed to help you create a compelling online presence and reach your goals. 

Key features of this demo include a slider/banner for greetings or newsletter sign-ups, an about section for personal introductions, a services section, and a testimonial section for client feedback. 

It also provides a blog for sharing expertise, a product section for selling your items, a call-to-action section for customer conversion, and a podcast section for audio or video content. 

3. Wellness Coach

Coach Wellness - blossom Coach Theme

Blossom Coach Pro’s “Wellness Coach” template is a sleek WordPress theme perfect for wellness professionals. It’s designed to foster a healthier future for you and your clients.

Some key features include an engaging slider/banner for greetings or newsletter sign-ups, an About section for self-introduction, and a service section to display your offerings. 

4. Marriage Coach

Marriage Coach template - Blossom Coach Pro

The Blossom Coach Pro package, created especially for marriage coaches, relationship counsellors, and family therapists, includes the “Marriage Coach” template as a core component. 

It strongly emphasizes user connection and incorporates newsletter capabilities to make it easier for users to stay in touch with customers and share resources.

Another important component is social media integration, which includes a special Instagram section for more in-depth visual communication.

5. Fitness Coach

Blossom Fitness template - Blossom Coach

Fitness Coach template of Blossom Coach Pro is a sleek WordPress template perfect for fitness professionals.

The template features a stunning slider/banner section where you can share a greeting message or improve your newsletter subscription.

6. Speaker

Blossom Speaker Pro – Blossom Coach Pro

Speaker template is a user-friendly theme for coaches seeking to enhance their online presence and client interaction.

This template has a call-to-action section for customer engagement, a podcast section for motivational content, and a shop for direct product sales.

Blossom Spa 

Blossom-Spa Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Spa is a beautiful, free WordPress theme for businesses in the wellness industry, such as spas, beauty salons, wellness centers, yoga studios, and more. Companies can revitalize their website or create a new one that is user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and SEO-ready using this theme.

Its responsive design ensures your website looks great on any device. It also passes Google’s mobile-friendly test, which is crucial for SEO.

Moreover, Blossom Spa comes with 22 useful widgets, three blog page layouts, and four sidebar layouts. It is also cross-browser compatible, translation ready, and supports RTL scripts.

Blossom Spa is a comprehensive solution for anyone in the wellness industry looking to create a stunning and effective online presence. This theme also comes in the premium version, Blossom Spa Pro. 

Blossom Spa Theme has a free version, while the pro version starts from $59, offering a variety of free and premium website templates.

Recommended Blossom Spa’s Templates:

1. Beauty Salon 

Beauty Salon – Demo of Blossom Spa Pro

The Beauty Salon template is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for any beauty salon looking to enhance their online presence. It offers comprehensive sections to showcase your services, team, and customer testimonials.

The template’s main highlight is its service section, where you can detail the services you offer and how customers can benefit from them. 

2. Massage Center

Massage Center – Blossom Spa Pro

Massage Centers template offers a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, making it an ideal choice for massage centers and wellness retreats.

With its soothing color scheme, clean layout, and easy-to-use features, Massage Center template is a great option for your spa business website.

3. Hair Salon

Hair Salon - Demo of Blossom Spa Pro

The Hair Salon template provides an aesthetically pleasing and practical arrangement that highlights the amenities and atmosphere of a hair salon. Hair salon owners committed to increasing their online clientele can rely on this template.

This theme’s pricing section is one of its best features. Visitors and potential customers may readily grasp the pricing structure and make informed judgements using this section.

4. Yoga

Yoga – Demo of Blossom Spa Pro

Blossom Spa Pro’s “Yoga” template is intended to help yoga studios, instructors, and lovers build beautiful websites. 

The design provides several sections and customizability possibilities to highlight the distinctive features of your yoga business.

Besides these, the following are some other notable starter demos of the Blossom Spa Pro theme:

CoachPress Lite

CoachPress Lite WordPress Theme

CoachPress Lite is a lead-generation WordPress theme strategically designed to create more opportunities for lead generation. With this free theme, you can create a unique and stunning website for coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

CoachPress Lite comes with SEO-friendly features as well as Schema integration to help your website’s search engine rankings. It has a fully responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes, offering a great user experience on all devices.

CoachPress Lite is also a translation-ready theme that you can set up in any local language. In addition, it is also compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins for setting up multi-language websites too.

CoachPress has a free version, while the pro version starts from $59, offering a variety of free and premium coaching website templates.

Recommended CoachPress’s Templates

1. Life Coach

Life Coach - Coachpress

The Life Coach template is best for entrepreneurs, mentors, and life coaches. 

With this theme, you can have total control over the style and structure of your website due to the robust Elementor page builder. Thanks to its simple drag-and-drop interface, you can customize every part of your site without any coding experience.

This theme facilitates a free “Wheel of Life’’ assessment for visitors to analyze the life aspects that need improvement. 

2. Business Coach

Business Coach Coachpress

Without coding or technical knowledge, the Business Coach template enables business coaches to build beautiful, compelling websites.

Coaches can integrate contact forms to gather client queries, appointment management systems to handle bookings, and interactive components like sliders, galleries, and video backgrounds to make their websites more user-friendly.

3. Ikigai Coach

CoachPress theme - Ikigai Coach Template

With its clean and intuitive design, the Ikigai Coach template by CoachPress Theme is perfect for life coaches to creates a welcoming and encouraging online website.

The template provides seamless navigation, allowing users to effortlessly explore various coaching services, testimonials, and special promotions.

4. Confidence Coach

Coachpress- Confidence Coach template

The Confidence Coach template is designed for coaches to create stunning, impactful websites without coding or technical expertise.

It also offers a various layouts and features to enhance website functionality.

Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon WordPress Theme

The Spa and Salon is an impeccable blend of aesthetics and functionality, specifically crafted for beauty, wellness, and healthcare industry websites.

This theme effortlessly creates an inviting digital environment, reflecting the relaxation and luxury of spas and salons. 

The striking design has been thoughtfully developed to create an immediate impression on site visitors, leading to increased conversions and bookings.

What sets Spa and Salon apart is its ability to adapt seamlessly to various business needs. Whether you run a small local spa, a bustling city salon, or a global wellness brand, this theme will get you covered. 

The Spa and Salon theme also understands the importance of mobile browsing, and it’s fully responsive, ensuring a smooth viewing experience across all devices. 

With the premium version of this theme, users can gain an even smoother experience setting up their website.

Spa and Salon theme has a free version, while the premium version starts from $59, offering various starter templates.

Recommended Spa and Salon’s Templates

1. Beauty Spa

Spa And Salon Pro - Beauty Spa template

The Beauty Spa is a perfect fit for beauty spas and wellness centers, offering a visually appealing and easy-to-use platform to showcase your services and pamper your clients.

An impressive hero image includes a call to action button directing visitors to the booking page.

2. Beauty Salon

Spa and Salon Pro - Beauty Salon template

Beauty Salon, a starter demo of Spa and Salon Pro Theme, is a sleek digital platform designed to reflect the glamour and sophistication of modern beauty salons. 

Its clean, contemporary design and intuitive interface create an engaging user experience, enticing visitors to explore and book services. 

The demo’s customization flexibility allows salons to infuse their unique brand identity, resulting in a distinctive online presence. Its responsive design ensures seamless browsing across devices. 

Coachify Theme

Coachify Theme

Coachify Theme is more than just a theme designed for coaching and consultancy professionals dedicated to enhancing their online visibility and business growth.

What truly sets the Coachify theme apart is its capability to showcase the unique offerings of coaches and consultants effectively. 

Its features, such as service showcasing, client testimonials, and engaging call-to-action sections, are carefully designed to highlight professionals’ value.

The theme also caters to the need for meaningful interaction between professionals and their clients. Features like appointment booking, event calendars, and integrated blogging functionality make it easy for clients to engage with the services offered.

Coachify Theme understands the importance of branding in the coaching and consultancy industry. Its robust customization capabilities allow professionals to inject their unique brand identity, creating a distinctive online presence.

It’s also fully responsive, ensuring a smooth browsing experience across all devices. Coupled with SEO-friendly coding, the Coachify theme is designed to empower coaches and consultants to rank higher on search engines, drive organic traffic, and ultimately grow the number of their clients.

Pricing: This theme comes in two different packages:

  • Personal: $59 per year, $149 for a lifetime package
  • Agency: $149 per year, $299 for a lifetime package

Recommended Coachify’s Templates

1. Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach- Coachify

Wellness Coach, a standout demo from Coachify theme, provides a vibrant, engaging digital platform tailored for health and wellness professionals. 

Its aesthetic mirrors the theme of well-being, while the layout intuitively highlights crucial elements like services, client testimonials, and wellness advice. 

An integrated appointment booking system simplifies scheduling, fostering better client engagement. 

2. Life Coach 

coachify- life coach theme

With an elegant design and user-centric layout, Life Coach template intuitively showcases a coach’s services, client testimonials, and inspirational content. 

Professionals can infuse their unique brand into the website with customization options, creating a distinctive online presence. 

3. Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach- Coachify

The “Leadership Coach” is another great template of the Coachify theme.

Its sleek design expertly highlights the coach’s services, testimonials, and leadership insights. An integrated appointment-booking feature streamlines client engagement and session scheduling. 

This demo stands out with customization capabilities, empowering coaches to create a distinct online brand that mirrors their unique leadership coaching philosophy. 

4. Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach- Coachify

The Relationship Coach demo by Coachify theme crafts a warm, engaging digital space designed for relationship coaching professionals. Its welcoming design effectively showcases services, client testimonials, and insightful relationship advice. 

This demo’s customization flexibility sets this demo apart, enabling coaches to reflect their unique approach and brand identity in the design. 

5. Health Coach

Health Coach Template- Coachify

The “Health Coach” demo by Coachify is designed specifically for health coaching professionals. With its modern and intuitive design, the demo effectively showcases a range of health-related services, such as personalized coaching, nutrition guidance, and fitness programs. 

The integrated appointment booking function improves the coaching experience by streamlining client engagement and scheduling. Customization options allow health coaches to infuse their unique branding and approach into the design, creating a distinct online presence.

6. Olivia Female Executive

Olivia Female Executive - Coachify Theme

The Olivia Female Executive template is designed for executive coaching professionals. 

The template emphasizes a supportive yet results-driven coaching style, promising to help clients achieve tangible, measurable results.


Benevolent Pro Charity WordPress Theme

Benevolent is a WordPress theme crafted explicitly for organizations with their hands in charity. This theme is modern, clean, and highly customizable, making it a perfect fit for any organization looking to establish a robust online presence.

This theme is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring your website looks great and functions smoothly on all devices, from desktops to mobiles and tablets. 

It is speed optimized, ensuring a smooth user experience, and SEO optimized, making it easier for your website to rank higher in search engine results.

Benevolent also includes social media integration, allowing you to connect with visitors across various platforms. In addition, the theme is translation ready, making it easy to use in any language.

The theme lets you post different kinds of content on your blog, such as images, galleries, videos, asides, links, quotes, and so on.

The Benevolent theme has a free version, while the premium version starts from $59, offering 9 various starter templates.

Recommended Benevolent’s Templates:

1. Charity Care

Charity Care - Benevolent Theme

Charity Care is a compelling starter template designed for non-profit organizations and charities. This template focuses on user engagement and conversion, featuring a clean design and intuitive navigation. 

It includes dedicated sections for showcasing your causes, team members, testimonials, and a blog for sharing updates and stories.

The template also features a unique donation functionality, allowing visitors to contribute to your cause directly from the website. With its responsive design, Charity Care ensures a seamless browsing experience across all devices.

2. Fundraiser

Benevolent Pro - Fundraiser

Fundraiser is a vibrant and engaging starter template for non-profit organizations and charities. 

Along with a blog for sharing news and updates, it has settings specifically designed to highlight your teams, programmes, and success stories.

This template is a blend of design, functionality, and ease of use, making it a top choice for non-profit organizations.

3. Giving Heart

Benevolent Pro - Giving heart Template

Giving Heart is a colourful and engaging template for charities and non-profits. 

Like other templates of Benevolent Pro, it offers specific areas for promoting your causes, presenting your team, sharing success tales, and running a blog for ongoing updates and stories.

Its seamless fusion of style, usability, and user-friendliness makes it a top option for non-profit organizations.

4. Empower

Benevolent Pro - Empower Template

It is a great template to encourage visitors to contribute to different causes and charities. With the vibrant interface of this template, charity and non-profit organizations can grow the leads and clients of their websites.

The template includes a visually appealing stats counter, allowing you to display your achievements and reach. A banner section with visible call-to-action buttons to guide visitors to the desired page.

Besides these, the following are some other notable starter demos of the Benevolent Pro theme:

Perfect Portfolio 

Perfect Portfolio WordPress Theme

Perfect Portfolio is a free WordPress theme designed to display your work and achievements elegantly. This theme is ideal for freelancers, photographers, and agencies looking to showcase their creative work and attract more customers. 

It has many valuable features, including mobile-friendly design, speed and SEO optimization for optimal performance.

One of the key features of Perfect Portfolio is its stunning mobile-friendly design. This template is designed to adapt to any screen size.

It also comes with a built-in live customizer, allowing you to fine-tune and customize your website’s appearance and see the changes in real-time.

Perfect Portfolio also offers a free one-click demo content import. It means you can kickstart your website with ready-made content and settings, saving you hours of setup time.

Perfect Portfolio has a free version, while the premium version starts from $59, offering various starter templates.

Recommended Perfect Portfolio Pro’s Templates:

1. Elegant Portfolio

Perfect Portfolio Pro - Elegant Portfolio Template

This template is a chic WordPress theme created for experts who wish to present their work in an attractive and well-organized way.

The hamburger menu maintains the homepage simple while allowing users to locate what they’re looking for quickly. Additionally, this template has a space for your Portfolio where you can show off current works to demonstrate your expertise and services.

Additionally, the template has sections for testimonials to display client comments, a blog to share your experiences, and a contact page for future clients to contact you.

This template is also available in a dark version called Elegant Dark.

2. Sleek Portfolio

Perfect Portfolio Pro - Sleek Portfolio

Individuals and companies can present their profiles stylishly and contemporary with Sleek Portfolio.

The template has sections highlighting your most remarkable work, client feedback, blog articles, services you offer, and many other features. With all of these inclusions, visitors will learn why they should choose your company for their needs.

Additionally, this design is available in a dark variant for people tired of seeing white screens everywhere. The dark version is called Sleek Portfolio Dark.

Travel Monster

Travel Monster Pro Theme

Travel Monster is a free WordPress travel theme designed especially for anyone working in the travel sector, including hotels, tour companies, and travel blogs. 

This theme has a variety of features and functionality to help you build a website that is interesting to look at and highlights various travel destinations, deals, and experiences.

Travel Monster theme is compatible with the WP Travel Engine plugin to create a fully functional travel booking website. With this plugin, you can easily add comprehensive itineraries, cost details, and booking forms and sell them with ease.

Additionally, Travel Monster theme is search engine optimised, and mobile-friendly. As a result, it aids in bringing in organic traffic and raising your internet presence, which ultimately results in more potential clients and reservations.

The theme is updated frequently to add new features and maintain compatibility with the most recent WordPress version. 

Price: There are three rates available for the theme in the premium edition.

  • One site: $59
  • 2-5 sites-$99
  • Unlimited-$149

Recommended Travel Monster Templates

1. Travel

Travel Wind Travel Monster

It is a pre-made demo that only requires one click to install. You can quickly customise your travel and hotel website and create an appealing one with different layouts, 1000+ Google fonts, and endless colour possibilities. 

The features in this mobile-friendly beginning template will enable you to generate more leads and convert site visitors into paying customers.

2. Funky 

Funky – Travel Monster

To draw in young and daring travellers, the Funky template offers a vibrant, aesthetically appealing layout with vivid colours, contemporary font, and enticing visuals. 

Users can access detailed itineraries in a variety of ways, navigating effortlessly between daily activities, destinations, and landmarks.

3. Holidays

Ski Holidays –Travel Monster

Holidays is a gorgeous starter demo for Travel Monster that aims to give your hotel and travel website a joyful and laid-back atmosphere. For travel companies, tour operators, and holiday planners wishing to highlight different holiday packages and festive travel experiences, it is the perfect option.

4. Wine Tour

Fine Wine – Travel Monster

Wine Tour is a sophisticated demo of Travel Monster Pro. It is intended exclusively for wine tour companies, vineyards, or tour operators that focus on food and wine.

Clear information about the vineyard visits, wine tastings, and other activities planned for each day is provided in the form of detailed itineraries for wine tours.

This template includes the fee schedules for the bundles the site visitors desire. The template thus makes it simpler for customers to find what they need from your company.

5. Trekking

Trekking - Travel Monster Pro theme

This is another great template of Travel Monster Pro theme designed exclusively for tour and trekking agencies.

This demo’s seamless integration with WP Travel Engine makes booking and managing trekking packages simple.

Rishi Theme

Rishi Theme Law Firm

Rishi Theme is a multipurpose theme with an elegant and professional look that best suits all kinds of business websites. It has a collection of niche-specific theme demos so that you can select a demo of your choice, install it and kickstart your business website.

The homepage of the theme is well designed to help you succeed in your business. It has predefined homepage sections like Services, About, Testimonials, clients, etc. The full-width Banner Section with the CTA button also helps to convert more visitors into customers.

If you are an eCommerce business owner, the WooCommerce plugin integrated into this theme comes to your rescue. The plugin takes care of the entire design of the shop and product display. It also makes the shopping experience smooth for both the buyers and the shop owner.

This lightweight theme loads superfast. It is Schema friendly, so your chances of appearing on the front page of search engines are high. In addition, the theme is also integrated with third-party plugins for SEO like Rank Math and Yoast SEO. This gives you more exposure and chances to grow your business.

You do not need any coding skills to use Rishi Theme. Instead, you can construct the theme with the front-end page builder, Elementor, which allows drag-and-drop features to ease the website building process.

Theme DetailsDemo


Ziri Theme

If you’re looking to build a speedy website for businesses, marketing agencies, startups, life coaches, spas, portfolios, law firms, and more, the Ziri theme is perfect for you. It’s optimized for core web vitals, ensuring your site runs at lightning speed.

Ziri boasts an impressive Google PageSpeed rating, so you can be confident your site will load quickly. With its SEO-friendly design, your site will rank higher in search results.

The theme’s standout Call To Action section allows you to guide visitors to important content or landing pages, boosting user interaction. With this, you can also turn your website visitors into customers. 

Additionally, with 20 distinct block patterns and a range of block and style choices, you can craft a site that truly reflects your business. Thanks to its Full Site Editing (FSE) feature, you have the freedom to modify how your site looks using blocks, including the header and footer.

To sum it up, Ziri offers a rich set of features and customization tools, letting you design your dream website without knowing any code.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Studio

Blossom Studio Free Wordpress Theme

Blossom Studio is an excellent free theme to promote your wellness studio, dance studio, consulting business, or any kind of female-owned business. Its elegant design is super unique, and you can easily customize it to meet your branding needs. 

This theme is SEO optimized to help give your search engine ratings a boost. It is also a speed-optimized theme that helps provide a better user experience to your visitors. 

This theme can be easily customized to meet your branding needs. There is a collection of 1000+ Google Fonts that allows you to change the look and feel of your website instantly. You can also use the Gutenberg or Elementor page builder plugins to customize the layouts of the pages. 

There are 12 homepage sections that allow you to give out all the key information about your business and visitors’ services. You can also display testimonials from happy customers to earn the visitors’ trust. 

You can also display your portfolio on a dedicated inner page to increase your chances of conversion. The theme supports social media integration and allows you to display your Instagram posts which encourage visitors to follow your Instagram. 

Blossom Studio is also a translation-ready theme that can easily be localized to the language relevant to you.

Theme DetailsDemo

Lawyer Landing Page

Lawyer Landing Page Free WordPress Theme

Lawyer Landing Page is a WordPress theme that is both modern and clean, making it an ideal choice for legal professionals and law firms. 

This theme focuses on conversion, aiming to increase email inquiries. It is mobile-friendly, ensuring that content is displayed effectively across various devices.

The theme features a clean and elegant design that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. In addition, it includes a banner highlighting important articles or pages, a contact form for increased inquiries, and a testimonial section to showcase client feedback.

Moreover, the theme is SEO and speed optimized, ensuring a smooth user experience and better ranking in search engine results. 

Lawyer Landing Page also includes social media integration, allowing easy connection with visitors across various platforms. 

Pricing: Free Lite Version. Pro version at $59 with additional features and services at additional costs.

Theme DetailsDemo


Blockscape Free Theme

Blockscape is a revolutionary WordPress theme that harnesses the power of Full Site Editing (FSE) to deliver a visually stunning and speedy website.

It features a new Theme Editor that gives you total control over your website elements, allowing for a high degree of personalization. 

What sets “Blockscape” apart is its versatility – it’s perfect for building blogs, business websites, startups, law firms, or any other creative agency website. In addition, it’s entirely GDPR compliant and hosts all your fonts locally, ensuring compliance and performance.

The theme has several predefined block patterns, such as banners, clients, services, testimonials, about, call-to-action, and more. These patterns allow you to create an appealing design for each page, enhancing the user experience.

Blockscape is also optimized for quick loading and passes the Google Mobile Friendly test, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across all browsers and screen sizes for your readers. 

Additionally, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily set up an online store and sell products directly from your site.

Pricing: Free Lite Version. Pro version at $59 with additional features and services at additional costs.

Theme DetailsDemo


Conference free theme

The Conference is a free WordPress theme perfect for promoting events, conferences, seminars, symposiums, or concerts. 

It’s designed to be fully responsive, SEO friendly, and visually appealing, helping you sell more tickets and engage your audience. In addition, this theme is user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding knowledge, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

“The Conference” theme features an attractive UI and modern features, including a banner section with a Call to Action button and an Event timer section. 

It also has a speaker section to showcase event speakers, a testimonial section for client reviews, and a stat counter section to display event stats.

The theme is mobile-friendly, passes the Google Mobile-friendly test, and is speed optimized for a seamless user experience. It also integrates smoothly with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell event tickets online.

Pricing: Free Lite Version. Pro version at $59 with additional features and services at additional costs.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rara eCommerce

Rara eCommerce Free them

Rara eCommerce is a unique WordPress theme designed to help you create an online store. This theme is flexible, user-friendly, and packed with many features that make setting up an online shop a breeze.

The theme offers a ready-to-use demo that can be installed with a single click, allowing you to get your site up and running quickly. It also provides extensive customization options, including a selection from over 1000 Google Fonts, unlimited colour combinations, and advanced typography controls.

This theme is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about performance. The theme is speed and performance-optimized, providing a smooth user experience. It also comes with SEO optimization and Schema integration, crucial for higher search engine rankings.

The theme is versatile, allowing you to create various online stores, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, beauty and makeup, furniture, grocery, and organic stores.

Pricing: Free Lite Version. Pro version at $59 with additional features and services at additional costs.

Theme DetailsDemo


JobScout Free Job Board WordPress Theme

The JobScout is a comprehensive WordPress theme for human resources companies and recruiting agencies. 

It’s a fully responsive theme, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. In addition, the theme is based on the widely recognized WP Job Manager plugin, which makes it simple to advertise jobs on your WordPress website.

JobScout is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no coding knowledge or experience to create a professional job board website. 

It’s highly customizable, with a built-in live customizer for real-time changes and previews. In addition, the theme offers a free one-click demo import to kickstart your website with ready-made content and settings.

One of the standout features of JobScout is its advanced job filter, which allows job seekers to search for their dream job based on job type, category, keywords, and location. 

The single job listing page displays job information neat and clean, making it easy for job seekers to find the information they need.

JobScout also includes a range of custom widgets, from a featured page widget and call to action to a popular post widget and social media widget. 

Pricing: Free Lite Version. Pro version at $59 with additional features and services at additional costs.

Theme DetailsDemo

Seva Lite

Seva Lite – WordPress Themes for Entrepreneurs

Seva lite is a versatile WordPress theme for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and therapists. This theme is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal choice for creating a powerful online presence.

Seva Lite has essential features allowing you to showcase your brand and services effectively.

It offers a captivating slider/banner section, an About section for personal introductions, a service section to highlight your offerings, and a testimonial section to display client feedback.

Moreover, it supports LMS plugins like LearnDash and Tutor LMS, allowing you to create, track, and manage eLearning programs effortlessly.

Seva Lite is mobile-friendly, ensuring a smooth user experience across all devices. It also comes with SEO and speed optimization features to enhance your site’s performance and visibility on search engines.

The theme includes a strategically-placed newsletter section for lead generation and WooCommerce compatibility for setting up an online store. In addition, Seva Lite is prepared to cater to a global audience with its translation-ready and RTL-script-ready features.

Pricing: While the Lite version can be used for free, the premium service starts at $59 with additional service options with additional charges.

Theme DetailsDemo

Prime FSE

Prime FSE theme

Prime FSE stands out as a versatile choice for business websites based on WordPress. Designed for the WordPress Site Editor (FSE), this free theme by MotoPress provides an extensive library of pre-built patterns, with 52+ designs crafted using core WordPress blocks.

You can use them for creating stunning layouts, whether you’re showcasing products, services, or company information. Prime FSE offers 5 color schemes to tailor the theme to the site’s unique style.

Getwid blocks equip you with additional design elements and customization capabilities, while a mega menu block enables you to create visually appealing navigation menus.

Theme DetailsDemo

Home Services


Home Services is a free theme for service-oriented businesses such as HVAC, repair and handyman, maintenance and renovation, plumbing, construction, cleaning, etc. This theme has multiple demo pages tailored toward small service businesses’ websites so that you can choose a demo and get started with your website.

This theme is fully responsive and SEO optimized, so your website doesn’t fall behind in search engines and provides a user-friendly website. Besides that, the home services theme is also optimized for speed, providing a better user interface and experience for your customers.

Offering generic WordPress theme features along with tailored services business features, this theme meets the criterion for creating a service-oriented business website. It is compatible with all the popular page builder plugins that will help you easily customize your website.

Home Services theme provides multiple website templates which can be customized to create a website for any service business. Multiple home page sections, blog category layouts, advanced typography, and many more customizable options can help elevate your business to the next level. Not only that, you can integrate your social media profiles and make use of or set up lead generation elements throughout your website, specific mobile CTAs buttons on this theme can help facilitate the conversion of your website visitor to customers and create additional customer touchpoints.

Once you install this theme, you can import the demo with a single click, and if you require any help, Alley Themes customer services and documentation is always there for you.

Theme DetailsDemo



Astra theme has a highly customizable design, and its features justify the impeccable popularity it has gained in a short time.

You can customize anything from layout, colors, typography to blogs allowing flexibility, unlike any other themes. The theme has highly optimized codes that ensure fast loading speed.

Create an online store within your site easily with the help of the Woocommerce plugin. The website’s responsive and mobile-friendly design maximizes the chances of sales by keeping your customers engaged.

With Schema integration and SEO optimization, Astra helps your site to rank higher in search engines. Besides, it also provides 24/7 support.

Some more reasons you’ll love Astra is that it is translation-ready and RTL ready. So if you’re looking for a theme to get your business online quickly and easily, Astra has the most extensive library of pre-built websites.

Theme DetailsDemo



Storefront is the perfect theme for businesses selling products, merchandise, and such. It has Woocommerce deeply integrated with it. It is simple, clean, and highlights your content beautifully.

Storefront has a minimalistic and responsive design that adjusts flawlessly with any device, providing better navigating experience than its competitors.

This theme offers a highly customizable e-commerce homepage. Different products use different layouts for selling products online. Storefront realizes the needs of sellers and offers multiple layout options according to the products.

Storefront allows businesses to explore the horizons of social media with its social media integration feature. It is also highly accessible. It is translation-ready and can be used anywhere in the world reaching out to a wide range of audiences.

Theme DetailsDemo

Ocean WP

Ocean WP

Ocean WP is among the fastest-growing WordPress themes, offering unmatchable creativity in design and features.

This theme works with all leading page builders plugins like Visual Composer, Elementor and many more with simple drag and drop features.

Ocean WP has a responsive design that adjusts the layout on any screen size. It also provides fast loading speed with its highly optimized code. The codes are well-organized and are written following WP standard practices. Well-structured codes allow for easy customization as per your needs.

Ocean WP has Woocommerce integration, providing an e-commerce ready website for businesses. The built-in SEO base allows for higher rankings in the search engines, which in turn, increases your online presence. Besides that, social media integration features also help in gaining potential customers for your business.

This theme is translation ready which means you can easily localize it in no time. This makes it a perfect option for any websites anywhere in the world. It supports RTL scripts as well and can translate the website into your local language.

The incredible support team is always available to assist you.

Theme DetailsDemo



Zakra WordPress theme has the ability to serve multiple purposes. Zakra is built on a lightweight framework.

Zakra provides you with options to choose from 40+ demo layouts. Thus, Zakra offers a wide range of demo options to choose from with just a click of a button.

With Zakra, you get 7+ widget areas and a built-in live customizer to preview the changes in real-time. Unlike other themes, the typography and layout options in Zakra are advanced, allowing you to design a unique website.

Zakra, when combined with other page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg, can open up a world of endless possibilities. It helps you add and design pages of your website for any purpose. To keep up with the competitive market, this theme is SEO optimized, RTL ready, and translation ready. SEO optimization ensures your website ranks high in search engine rankings. While being translation-ready and RTL ready provides options for localizing the website.

Zakra offers extensive support with its dedicated and skilled support team as well.

Theme DetailsDemo

Digital Download

Digital Download

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that heavily focuses on e-commerce features, the Digital Download theme is the best option. It is attractive, engaging, and user-friendly.

Since most of the search comes from mobile devices these days, developers of Digital Download have made extra effort to make it fully responsive to any screen size.

From a business perspective, this theme is SEO friendly. Along with it, this theme also has Schema integration that helps your website rank higher on search engines. It is also cross-browser compatible, meaning it is accessible from any browser.

The widget ready designs allow you to customize your website as you like. There is also a built-in live customizer that allows for real-time customization.

To help you get started on using this theme, you get extensive documentation. In addition, there is also a dedicated support team that provides support 24/7.

Theme DetailsDemo



Hestia is a stylish one-page theme that offers high performance along with an unmatchable user experience. Hestia loads fast and comes with mega menus, making it easy to organize your submenus.

Hestia packs everything you need in a bundle and offers you global standard performance. With its readymade starter sites, you can get right on track in no time. Hestia is compatible with almost all major page builders.

The built-in live customizer allows you to make changes in real-time. In terms of performance, the theme is fast and SEO friendly, meaning it ranks high on search engines. Hestia is also translation and RTL ready if you want to set up your site in your local language.

If you want a proper tutorial on how to use this theme, there are plenty of video tutorials along with fast and complete support.

Theme DetailsDemo

Generate Press

Generate Press

Generate Press can be an excellent choice for your next business project. It’s so because it is one of the most efficient themes. It stands out from the rest in terms of speed, security, and user interface.

This theme assures stability and security with its high-quality coding standards, which can also result in speed. It also eliminates all kinds of dependencies and render-blocking issues.

Generate Press is SEO optimized so that your website ranks higher on search engines. Validated HTML coding and schema.org integration also help with ranking.

Generate Press follows a minimalist approach in its layout and design. You also get multiple options for colors and topography settings.

When it comes to compatibility, Generate Press is compatible with its all major page builder plugins. It supports 20 different languages, including RTL languages.

Theme DetailsDemo



Neve is a theme known for its various integration capabilities and accessibility. It fits perfectly with all major existing page-builders plugins. The best thing about Neve is that it simplifies the process of building your website.

Neve loads at a lightning-fast speed. Customizing your website is effortless with Neve because of the simple drag and drop feature. You can also choose a custom header and footer and also control the layout of the website.

This theme is highly responsive for all screen sizes. With its SEO optimized codes and AMP-compatible features, Neve helps keep your website on top of the Google ranking. Moreover, frequent reliable updates are only a click away with the Neve theme.

Neve is translation-ready and supports RTL scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Business One Page

Business One Page

Business One Page is one of the best one-page themes for all sorts of businesses. It has beautiful sections like Testimonials, Portfolio, Services, Team, and such.

The theme is fully responsive, adhering to any screen size. The design elements are eye-catching and user-friendly. Options like floating menu and slider add value to the design while also making it easy for you to navigate.

Clean and optimized codes guarantee easy customization, in case it’s needed in the future. It also confirms better SEO performance, which helps your website rank high on search engines.

In addition to all of the above features, Business One Page supports multiple languages and also has a social media integration feature. Both of these are useful in spreading the reach of this theme.

Theme DetailsDemo


total WordPress theme

If you are looking to create a beautiful and engaging WordPress website for your business or corporate agencies, Total is just the solution you need. It comes with a clean and modern layout combined with flexible features to build any website as per your requirement.

The theme is packed with multiple homepage layouts that can be imported and installed on your WordPress website in a single click. These demos are highly customizable, and you will be able to personalize every element of your site as per your requirements to build a unique website in no time.

Total is a very flexible WordPress theme that you will ever come across. It supports both native WordPress customizer and Elementor page builder to design your website. This will allow you to choose a platform to make a beautiful website without having to touch any codes.

The theme is fully responsive and can adapt well to all types of screen sizes for mobiles, desktops, laptops, tablets. Besides, the theme is translation-ready and can be used for creating a multilingual website as well.

Theme DetailsDemo



Customizr is a modern business theme with a design that has high-quality standards and exceptional user experience.

Customizr is ideal for any corporate website. It is SEO friendly, speed-optimized, and accessible. This theme always keeps up with the latest web technologies to keep users engaged.

Customizr is easy to install. It comes with built-in full-width sliders, including a parallax effect attached with call-to-action buttons. This clean theme is responsive and adjusts the layout to any screen size.

It is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin, giving you a space to sell your products/services within your website. Specific sections like Related posts, Images, Comments are all included in the Customizr theme.

On top of everything, this theme has extensive documentation and it can help you with any kind of query regarding the theme.

Theme DetailsDemo

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe

As the name suggests, Restaurant and Cafe is a WordPress business theme for restaurants, cafes, and similar businesses. With a unique design and user-friendly sections, this theme enhances user experience.

This theme is fully responsive, meaning it adjusts to any screen size. Also, it is cross-browser compatible, which means it can be accessed through all major browsers. The theme is SEO optimized which helps your site rank high easily in search engines.

Restaurant and Cafe theme is translation ready as well. You can quickly get started with this theme as it allows you to import demo content with just a click. There are several features for customization. You can choose fonts and colors for your website as you wish.

This theme is also compatible with the Woocommerce plugin so that you can create an online store within your site.

Sections like Dishes of the Day and Discover Our Story make your website look appealing. Along with that, this theme also has social media integration that helps connect your social media to your site.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop is the best option for you if you want a full e-commerce website.

Blossom Shop’s well-optimized codes ensure reliable performance. This SEO optimized theme helps your website rank high in search engines. Along with that, Schema integration is another factor that helps with ranking.

To suit your taste, multiple demo layouts of this theme are available, and you can download them with just a click. Also, this theme offers you a built-in live customizer that lets you preview changes in real-time.

There is a premium support feature to keep up with the regular updates. Besides that, extensive documentation comes in handy to get you started with this theme. With elegant design and a user-friendly interface, this theme can help boost your business in a short time.

Theme DetailsDemo



Futurio is another reputed name in the list of top free business WordPress themes. It is one of the most updated themes in terms of design and functionality. With support for major plugins, frequent updates, and multiple free demos, Futurio is truly a theme for the future.

It offers plenty of options for background and widgets with support for custom designs too. It is compatible with Woocommerce and Yoast and helps you organize your products and services beautifully and effectively.

Since it is a business theme, it is SEO optimized for better results in search engine rankings. There’s no point in having a business website that’s not readily accessible on the web. Thus, for enhanced accessibility, this theme is translation ready meaning it can easily localized for easy understanding.

Futurio offers support, unlike any other themes with its fast and friendly support system. Additionally, there is also detailed documentation that comes with the theme for easy installation and use.

Theme DetailsDemo

Software Company

Software Company

Here’s a theme for any kind of IT business, including software companies, firms, and other IT related offices. With the Software Company theme, your possibilities are endless.

This theme has a mobile-friendly and responsive design, and can adjust to all screen sizes. Along with that, Software Company is also Schema integrated and SEO optimized, giving you an advantage on search engine ranking.

You get a built-in live customizer through which you can preview the changes as you make them. The design features 3 Call-to-Action buttons for converting your leads into sales.

This theme works at a lightning speed. To get started with this theme, you can simply download the pre-existing demo sites with just a single click and customize it according to your needs.

A friendly and dedicated support team is always at your service to offer reliable assistance.

Theme DetailsDemo



If you prefer an easy-to-use and powerful business theme, Sydney is undoubtedly the best choice. Sydney offers unique customization options like access to all Google fonts, full color control, layout control, full-screen slider, sticky navigation, and much more. Even Elementor recommends this theme.

Sydney has a responsive design so that your website is accessible from all devices. It lets you design your homepage using custom Elementor blocks. With parallax background and theme customizer, Sydney offers a top-quality design of global standards.

Its cross-browser compatibility and translation ready feature enhance its accessibility. Other than that, the optimized and standard codes make it easily integrable with popular Wordpress plugins. Plugins enhance your website’s functionalities by adding features for better user experience.

Moreover, the theme is continuously updated to ensure it’s bug-free and up to date with the latest web technologies. Whenever there’s an issue, the support team offers fast and reliable support, which has helped maintain its reputation among users.

Theme DetailsDemo

Colibri WP

Colibri WP

Colibri WP is a world-class business WordPress theme that you can enjoy for free. For a free theme, the features and services that this theme offer is unmatchable. It is suited for almost all kinds of business.

One of the highlights in the Colibri WP theme is its outstanding design. It has a modern, elegant, and standard design that can never be the wrong choice for any website. Either you visit the website from a mobile device or any other device, the design is fully responsive. This gives users a pleasant experience of using the website.

It also offers you the freedom to customize your website with a live customizer. With more than 40+ drag and drop components, you can play around with the look and feel of your website. Other than that, Colibri WP is also one of the fastest loading themes with minimum footprint.

It is compatible with all major plugins like Woocommerce. You can simply integrate the plugin and get the benefit out of it without any hassle.

Colibri WP is an efficient theme as it requires minimum resources for operating. It is one of the very few cloud-based platforms for building a website. This minimizes the load of your device, making it last longer and work faster.

Theme DetailsDemo



ColorMag stands out in the list of WordPress business themes with its unmatchable performance. It is highly optimized both in terms of speed as well as SEO. That’s one of the main reasons it is the number one theme for magazine and news style WordPress themes.

Not just performance, ColorMag excels in terms of design and layouts too. It provides multiple color options along with advanced typography and multiple widget areas. You can build your custom widgets and give a unique outlook to your website too.

ColorMag is Woocommerce compatible too. You can start selling products by creating a well-managed store with the help of this feature. Besides, it is also compatible with major page builder plugins and is easily integrable to your website.

To comply with the varying needs of users, ColorMag provides 15+ ready to use starter sites based on specific purposes. All these sites are easy to set up and customize on your own.

Besides, with ColorMag you get a dedicated support line to help you with any issues you encounter during its use.

Theme DetailsDemo



Onepress is a stunning one-page creative theme for businesses, digital agencies, product showcase websites, and freelancers. For someone who’s focused on design, Onepress is a perfect choice.

Onepress is a theme with a highly responsive design. If you choose to use the theme, be assured that your website is visible across all devices in an equally beautiful layout. The theme features parallax background effects along with separate content blocks for each section.

This theme allows you to quickly change design elements and check its effect with a built-in live customizer. With the latest functionalities of HTML5 and CSS3, Onepress brings high standard design elements on the table.

The localization feature of the theme allows you to translate the theme into the language of your choice. Every purchase of the theme ensures one year of priority support. Whenever there’s an issue, you can expect top-notch support from the developers of this theme.

Theme DetailsDemo

Guten Theme

Guten Theme

Guten Theme is a popular name for free business WordPress themes. Its elegance and beauty beat the best of the themes for WordPress. The high-quality customization of Guten offers flexibility, unlike any other free themes.

One of the major highlights of this theme is that it allows for seamless integration with top page builders. It is fast and lightweight with load-time as low as possible. It can adapt to different screen sizes smoothly while still being able to maintain the beauty in design.

It comes with a bunch of pre-designed layouts for you to choose from. Multiple layouts for header, footer, and blogs offer a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, it also provides opportunities for adjusting color and font settings. With plenty of hooks and filters, it provides options for developers to add custom codes too.

Guten is compatible with Woocommerce and is used by many popular e-commerce platforms. In addition, it uses standard WP-coding practices, which helps it rank higher in search engines. It is translation ready too.

Documentation of Guten theme is updated continuously to keep the users up to date with the changes. Likewise, it also has a dedicated support team to help with any kind of issue encountered.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which theme is the best for my business?

We have listed 40+ free business WordPress themes for you in the list above. Depending on the purpose of your business, and the features of the theme, you can find the right theme from the list above. However, if you’d like to know which theme we would recommend, it’s Rara Business

Rara Business theme stands out from the rest in its design as well as performance. It is an SEO friendly theme with a responsive design. It is easy to use and can be accessed through any major browser. Thus, it has high accessibility and can lure in the audience easily. The landing page has an outstanding design that makes a remarkable impression among visitors.

With plenty of options for background colors, layouts, images, the Rara Business theme also offers built-in customizer giving you flexibility and control of your website unlike any other themes. There are specific sections for highlighting your content and providing special functionalities like service section, blog section, contact section, CTA section and many more.


What is a business WordPress theme?

A business WordPress theme is a theme that can be used to set up a website for your business. Each business has its own theme based on which specific functionalities are provided in each theme. For example: food, lifestyle, blog, photography, e-commerce website etc.

Why is social integration useful in a theme?

Social integration features allow your website content to reach an audience across multiple social platforms. It helps you connect and reach out to existing as well as potential audience. This helps in increasing your website traffic and inturn promoting your business. Every company today has its social reach across multiple social platforms.

How are free themes and premium themes different?

Always remember, free themes can offer you all the features that a premium theme provides. In fact, many of the popular themes are free themes. However, in most of the cases free themes have limited features while premium themes offer additional advanced features for a certain amount.


If you’re a yogi, trainer or a fitness expert looking to start out your business, this article is for you. Research on your niche for building a website. The more you engage your visitors, the higher the chances of leads converting to sales.

In the article above, we listed the best 40+ free business WordPress themes in 2024. Hopefully, you have found the one that meets your needs. If you haven’t you can check out some premium business themes too.

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