GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon | Save Upto 88%

Godaddy WordPress hosting Coupon

Do you want to build your website in 2024 with GoDaddy WordPress Hosting? If you do, then we’ve got an amazing deal for you!

You can use our GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon to get upto 88% off on your purchase. This is an amazing deal to help you accomplish your desire to start your own WordPress site.

Get Up to 88% Discount on GoDaddy WordPress Hosting!

But wait, the excitement does not end there!

With GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plan, you can build any type of website you want. Be it starting a travel blog, creating an agency website, or even building an eCommerce store, this plan has got you covered.

So, make your dream of starting a website in 2024 come true. Build a stunning site with GoDaddy hosting plan right now!

Host Your WordPress Site With GoDaddy – Up to 88% OFF!

We want you to make a well-informed decision regarding your hosting purchase. So, read this article to learn more about GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and the steps to use our coupon.

Table of Contents

Reasons to Choose GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting helps you grow your website by providing numerous powerful features. We have included some of these features in this section. Below, you can clear your doubt regarding the GoDaddy hosting plan for your WordPress site.

1. Free Domain Name and Temporary Domain

With GoDaddy WordPress hosting, you don’t have to purchase your domain name somewhere else. This hosting platform provides you a free domain name for each annual package you select.

Get Free Domain and 88% Discount on GoDaddy WordPress Hosting!

Also, you can skip choosing a domain name at the time of hosting. You can simply get a temporary domain name for free, which will act as your domain name until you finalize the actual domain for your website.

2. Includes a Variety of WordPress Themes

GoDaddy includes a multitude of WordPress themes that you can use for your site. You can easily customize these themes with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. You can also allow GoDaddy to install the themes to your site, including your images and other content.

The WordPress themes of GoDaddy are categorized under various industries such as Art & Design, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, Education, and more.

Host Your WordPress Site With GoDaddy – Up to 88% OFF!

3. Get WordPress Plugins and Page Editors

You can access a variety of WordPress plugins through the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting. Some of these plugins help you add social media icons to your site, optimize your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and more. You can also observe website analytics using these plugins.

Added to that, you can build your website with ease using some of the page builder plugins. GoDaddy’s WordPress eCommerce Hosting plan also integrates the WooCommerce plugin, which helps you build an online store within your site with ease.

4. Free Business Email For a Year

With any annual WordPress hosting package, you get a professional email address for free. This email address includes the name of your business. So, you can contact your clients with the authenticity of your brand name.

Get Professional Email With GoDaddy WordPress Hosting – 88% OFF!

You can renew your business email address after a year for a certain cost. However, if the price has increased within that duration, you don’t need to pay the new price. You just need to pay the initial price which is lower than the new price.

5. Free 24/7 Support Throughout the Year

If you’re facing any issue with your WordPress site, you can rest assured on GoDaddy’s support team. They are ready to help you throughout the day at any hour you want. Also, you can expect help on any day of the week, throughout the year-long duration of your plan.

6. Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime

With the GoDaddy hosting package, you don’t have to worry about server failures. GoDaddy promises 99.9% network uptime. This means that your website remains active for almost 100% of the time for an entire year.

7. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

If you want to opt-out of their hosting plan, you can do so without any questions asked. GoDaddy provides you a full refund within 30 days for any annual packages.

However, what if you purchase a hosting package only for a month? You can still request for a full refund at the condition. For monthly packages, you will get a refund within 48 hours of your payment.

8. One-Click Site Migration and Restoration

Another amazing benefit of GoDaddy Hosting is that you can migrate your site with ease. You can move your website from another hosting provider to the GoDaddy platform with a single click.

Furthermore, GoDaddy saves your website content as backups on a daily basis. You can access these backups for a full month. Also, you can restore any of the backup files with a single click.

9. WordPress Premium Maintenance Support

GoDaddy provides premium support for maintaining your WordPress site. This support includes managing administrative tasks, optimizing site performance, and more. Furthermore, they will analyze your site and optimize it to rank higher on search engines.

You can allow the GoDaddy support team to take care of your WordPress installation and any other core issues. They will even handle database management of your site, which includes permalinks, MySQL optimization, and more.

How to Use Our GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon?

Did you read all the benefits from GoDaddy hosting platform? Now you must be eager to start your WordPress experience by getting up to 88% off on your purchase.

Below, we provide you a detailed guide on how to use our GoDaddy WordPress hosting coupon.

Step 1: Go to GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Page

Initially, you have to click on our GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon link. This will take you to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting webpage. You should see at the header section a message that states the discount is applied.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Package

Now, scroll downwards in the WordPress hosting webpage. Here, you can see four pricing plans: Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, and eCommerce. Select your desired hosting plan for your website and click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 5: Get Your Free Domain Name

Now it is time to get a free domain name for your website. You will see a text box to enter the preferred name of your site. Enter your domain name with an extension in this box.

For the demonstration, we wrote “” as our domain. Alternatively, you can skip this step by clicking “No thanks. I’ll pass on the freebie” button.

If your desired domain name is available, you can see a congratulations message as shown in the image. Now click on the “Select and Continue” button to continue.

Step 3: Verify Your Shopping Cart

The next step displays a shopping cart on the right side of the page. Here, you can check the package that you’ve selected along with the duration.

An important thing to note is that you will get an 88% discount only when you choose the duration to be 12 months. Also, you can also change the duration for which you want to purchase the domain name.

In this step, you need to match the duration of your domain with that of your hosting plan. For instance, if you choose domain duration for 2 years then you will not get a free domain name for the second year.

As you can see in the image above, the total cost is SG$18.15. The additional $0.27 is for the tax rate to be applied to your domain name.

Step 4: Create a GoDaddy Account

To finalize your purchase and make a payment, you need to create an account on GoDaddy. You can also login to GoDaddy using either Facebook or WeChat. But for this demonstration, we will briefly show you the steps to create a GoDaddy account.

To create an account, you need to fill-up the form shown in the image above. The form requires you to provide your email address, create a username and a password.

Step 5: Provide Your Billing Information

This step requires you to provide your billing information to fully finalize the process. If you want to pay through PayPal, you can skip this step and login to your PayPal account instead.

The information you need to provide on the billing section includes your country, name, primary phone number, etc. You also have to either agree or disagree regarding whether you want to accept a newsletter from GoDaddy.

In addition, you have to fill-up the form with text boxes for address, postal code, province/region, city, and more.

After completing this section, you can click on the “Save” button. This will take you to the payment page.

Step 6: Give Your Payment Details

On the payment page, you have to select which payment method you would like to choose. Currently, GoDaddy provides three payment methods, credit card, PayPal, and UnionPay.

If your preferred mode of payment is through a credit card, then you need to provide your credit card details. This includes your card number, expiration date, and security code. GoDaddy supports VISA and Mastercard for payment purposes.

Alternatively, if you choose PayPal, GoDaddy redirects you to the PayPal login page. There, you need to authorize your account to make your purchase. Similarly, If you choose UnionPay, GoDaddy redirects you to the payment provider’s site.

Step 7: Complete Your Purchase

This is the final step for acquiring your WordPress hosting plan. After providing your payment details, you can review your shopping cart, billing information, and all other information.

The final section of the shopping cart shows you the actual price you have to pay to get your hosting account. GoDaddy charges a certain amount of tax on your purchase. So, after the tax, your final price will be SG$19.42.

Don’t forget to read GoDaddy’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in this step. After doing so, click on the “Complete Purchase” button.

Congratulations! You just acquired your first WordPress hosting account from GoDaddy.

Pricing Plans for GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon

Now, are you ready to start your WordPress experience with GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting? Before beginning your GoDaddy’s journey, you need to get an insight into their pricing plans.

We have described all of GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting pricing plans among which you can pick your favorite.

1. GoDaddy WordPress Basic Hosting Plan

The WordPress Basic Hosting Plan from GoDaddy is a perfect way to get started with your WordPress site. You can host one website and also get a free domain name to go with your hosting account.

Get GoDaddy WordPress Basic Hosting Plan – 88% Discount!

Also, if your website gets up to 25,000 visitors/month, this plan works great for you. The GoDaddy WordPress Basic Hosting Plan even lets you create a free business email address for a year.

You can create a backup for your website’s content with this plan as well. GoDaddy saves your website for up to 90 days and you can restore them with a simple click. You also get the option to schedule the backups or even download them when in need.

GoDaddy features superior-quality storage drives that provide a faster load speed. You get a 30 GB of storage space with this plan. Moreover, GoDaddy automatically installs the Sucuri plugin on your website to provide protection from malware.

2. GoDaddy WordPress Deluxe Hosting Plan

The WordPress Deluxe Hosting Plan from GoDaddy helps you get many unique visitors to your website. With this plan, you get SEO wizard integration and the best SEO optimizer, Yoast, automatically installed to your hosting account.

GoDaddy WordPress Deluxe Hosting with Amazing Offer!

You can host a single site with this plan and get a storage space of 75 GB. Similar to the previous plan, you get a free business email address for a year. You can also opt for website content backup. GoDaddy stores and lets you restore them for up to 90 days.

In addition, you can acquire a free domain name with the WordPress Deluxe Hosting Plan, although you need to purchase a hosting plan for at least 12 months to get it for free. Also, the domain’s duration should be equal to that of your selected hosting plan.

Most interestingly, you don’t have to make live changes to your site. GoDaddy allows you to preview your changes in a testing environment before making it live. Lastly, the automatically installed safety plugin, Sucuri, frequently scans your site for malware as well.

3 GoDaddy WordPress Ultimate Hosting Plan

GoDaddy WordPress Ultimate Hosting Plan provides you a secure online experience along with a free SSL certificate to secure your online transaction. In addition, you get unlimited storage space to upload tons of content to your website.

Best Deal for GoDaddy WordPress Ultimate Hosting Plan!

Similar to the previous plans, you can host a single website with this plan. You also get a free business email address with the Ultimate Hosting Plan.

This plan also features website backup for up to 90 days and lets you restore any previous versions with a single click. Furthermore, GoDaddy automatically installs the Yoast SEO plugin. This helps your website to rank higher on search engines.

You also avoid the risk of live editing with its 1-click testing environment. You get a free domain for the duration of your hosting plan as well.

Moreover, this plan provides unlimited bandwidth and supports unlimited website visitors.

GoDaddy provides Website Security Essential for free with this plan as long as your hosting duration. This defends your site by removing unlimited malware and hack attempts.

4. GoDaddy WordPress eCommerce Hosting Plan

GoDaddy WordPress eCommerce Hosting Plan lets you build an online store with a fast and simple setup. You can include unlimited products on your eCommerce store and also facilitate bookings and appointments for your clients.

GoDaddy WordPress eCommerce Hosting with Amazing Discount!

You get the integration of the WooCommerce plugin that makes your eCommerce experience much easier. GoDaddy also provides premium WooCommerce extensions, such as Checkout Field Editor, Follow-Ups, Points and Rewards, and so on.

GoDaddy does not charge any transaction fee for your business. Your clients can also calculate real-time shipping rates on your website. To provide secure transactions to your clients, your website will include a free SSL certificate.

Similar to the previous plans, the WordPress eCommerce Hosting Plan also provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. You can also backup your site content for up to 90 days. GoDaddy scans and removes malware from your site as well.

Grow Your Business With GoDaddy Pro! (FREE)

Do you want to take your business to the next level? If you provide great website services to your clients, then GoDaddy provides something more for you than just hosting packages.

GoDaddy Pro is designed to help you manage your clients, their website, and your tasks, all at once. Below are the detailed benefits of this free tool:

1. Manage Multiple Sites and Updates

GoDaddy lets you manage all of your clients’ websites by automatically scheduling any updates or backups. This way, you can simplify the maintenance tasks of even the clients who have not hosted their website using GoDaddy’s platform.

Some of the maintenance tasks provided by GoDaddy Pro includes client report, uptime monitor, Sucuri security check, and more. You can also build WordPress website templates that you can use for multiple other projects.

In addition, you can also track the website performance of your clients with Google Analytics. You can even check the performance of these websites and suggest improvements accordingly.

2. Client Management on a Single Dashboard

Every business wants to focus more on creativity and less on management. Hence, GoDaddy Pro provides a single dashboard to take care of all website management activities.

For instance, you get one login access for all of your clients’ websites. With this, you can keep track of all of their activities easily. In addition, you get professional-client reports to inform them about any improvements they may require.

Also, you can allow your clients to easily purchase any products from GoDaddy. GoDaddy Pro lets you load a shopping cart with products for your clients. You can then share the cart with your client so they can purchase the items without your assistance.

3. Earn Rewards, Discounts, and More

When you opt for the GoDaddy Pro free tool, you get huge discounts on some of GoDaddy’s robust products. You can use these products for both your website and your clients. You get a 30% discount on all qualifying purchases all the time.

GoDaddy Pro has an exclusive web directory called Connect. Here, you get exposure from various clients that are looking for web designers and developers. You can get access to this directory after reaching 2,500 points.

Moreover, you can get updates from GoDaddy Pro’s newsletter as well. This helps you grow your knowledge through the community of WordPress designers and developers.

Why Use Our GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon Code?

If you research on the web to find GoDaddy WordPress hosting offers, then you find a lot of coupon codes, just like ours. Thus, you could be confused about whether to go with the other coupons or use ours.

In this section, we’re going to explain to you why our coupon code is by far the best offer you will find on the internet.

1. Lowest Price Amongst All

On the internet, you can find numerous coupon codes for GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plan for a lower discount rate. For instance, you may find offers with 40%, 60%, or even 70% off.

However, you cannot easily land a coupon code that provides you an 88% discount. That is why our coupon code will give you the best deal for GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

Get the Lowest Price for GoDaddy WordPress Hosting – 88% OFF!

2. Discount Code Applies Automatically

Most of the coupon codes you find on the web are a combination of alphanumeric texts. You have to copy the text and then insert them in the shopping cart to get your discount. Our coupon code is different though.

You don’t have to copy or paste anything!

When you click the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting coupon link that we have provided, the discount applies automatically. This link takes you to the pricing page of GoDaddy WordPress hosting where you can see the exact discounted price.

3. Offer Lasts for a Longer Duration

Some of the coupon codes on the web of GoDaddy WordPress hosting are already expired. You might expect to get a great hosting deal, but find out that it was just an expired offer. That is definitely not a good experience.

Hence, we guarantee you that our coupon code will not expire any time soon. We constantly update our coupon link and replace it with the new offer immediately once it no longer works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon

Q. Does This Coupon Code Apply for all GoDaddy Hosting plans?

A. No. The GoDaddy WordPress Hosting coupon code that we provide only works for WordPress hosting plans.

Currently, GoDaddy has several hosting packages. Some of them are Web Hosting (Linux and Windows), Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, etc. We will soon provide you coupon links for these hosting packages from GoDaddy as well.

Q. How Should I Build my Website After I Purchase the WordPress Hosting Plan?

A. After purchasing your desired WordPress hosting plan, you can directly log in to your WordPress account. GoDaddy installs the updated version of WordPress on your website so you don’t have to do it manually on your own.

After logging in, you can start building your site from the control panel of your WordPress dashboard. If you face any issues, you can directly contact the GoDaddy support team 24/7.

Q. What is The Process to Access My WordPress Account?

A. After you complete your purchase, you can simply go to the homepage of GoDaddy. Here, you have to log-in to your account where you can see your list of products. Select WordPress Hosting on your account to get to your WordPress site.

Also, you can type on your URL bar of the browser. For this URL, the domain name “iwantcouponcode” should be your website’s domain. This takes you directly to your WordPress Admin login screen.

You need to insert your login details and you can access your WordPress site.

Which WordPress Hosting Plan Should You Purchase?

Hence, after reading the detailed article on GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupon, it is time to take action! Now, all you need to do is to build your first WordPress site using the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan.

Build Your WordPress Site With GoDaddy Hosting – Up to 88% OFF!

However, you might still be in confusion regarding which hosting plan you want to purchase. This depends entirely on your website’s needs and requirements.

What type of WordPress site are you planning to build? Is it a personal blog or an agency website?

How many unique visitors do you aim to bring on your first year of building a website? Also, do you want to allow GoDaddy to take care of all the marketing efforts for your site?

These questions help you identify the perfect WordPress hosting package for your site. You can note down all your website requirements and later compare them with GoDaddy WordPress packages.

Then, if the packages satisfy your needs, you’ve found the perfect hosting plan to proceed with.

And once you pick your hosting plan, you can use our GoDaddy WordPress Hosting coupon to get an amazing deal. So, hurry up and get up to 88% off on GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan!

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