6 Best Wheel of Life Coaching Assessment Tools

Best Wheel of Life Coaching Assessment Tool

Imagine being a dedicated life coach, holding the power to transform lives in your hands. 

If this is what you thrive for, the Wheel of Life assessment tool is your compass. You can guide your prospects towards a more balanced and fulfilling existence.

The online Wheel of Life assessment tool is vibrant, each segment representing a unique sphere of your prospects’ lives.

With this tool, you’re not only showing them their life’s dimensions. You’re empowering them. You’re giving them the means to measure their satisfaction in each area and, more, to identify where they crave growth and change.

As you navigate this transformative path with your prospects, imagine you have a set of assessment tools. Not any tools, but ones designed around the profound Wheel of Life concept.

Ready for the journey?

Let’s dive deep into 6 best Wheel of Life coaching assessment tools together. Each one illuminates personal growth, fosters self-awareness, and sparks meaningful goal-setting. Let the exploration begin!

What is a Wheel of Life Assessment?

The Wheel of Life assessment is a powerful tool to help your prospects gain insights into various aspects of their lives. You can help them achieve balance and personal growth. 

It is a circular chart divided into segments. Each segment represents a different area, such as career, relationships, health, etc. 

Your prospects can rate their current satisfaction levels in each segment by placing a mark on the chart. This visual representation offers a clear snapshot of their life’s balance.

The Wheel of Life assessment enables prospects to identify areas where they are thriving and those that may need attention. It prompts self-reflection, encouraging them to consider their priorities and goals. 

This tool can ease open conversations, guide goal-setting, and support clients in making informed decisions. In return, it will elevate your coaching practice.

Benefits of Online Wheel of Life Assessment Tools 

The Wheel of Life tool makes coaching organized and helpful. It ensures you and your prospects get the most out of the meetings.

You can refer to the article: A Complete Guide to Wheel of Life, to understand the importance of using assessments in coaching. 

Nonetheless, here are some benefits of the online Wheel of Life assessment tools:

1. Holistic Overview

You can get an overview of your prospect’s life. You can understand their stand on health, friendships, work, and self-improvement.

2. Goal Baseline

You can see how well your coaching service works by checking how your prospect is doing over time.

3. Tailored Coaching

You can customize your coaching strategies based on the specific areas a prospect needs to focus on.

4. Engagement Boost

Using the Wheel of Life chart helps you bond with your clients and makes tricky ideas simple to understand.

5. Goal Setting

It facilitates setting clear, actionable goals in areas that need improvement.

6. Motivation and Accountability

Tracking progress over time can motivate prospects. You can also hold them accountable for their personal growth.

7. Effective Communication

You can start a conversation quickly with your clients. It helps you delve deeper into specific areas and understand the actual issue. 

8. Time Efficiency

It makes the first check-in smoother, so there’s more time for deeper talks and help in future meetings.

9. Professionalism

Using a set tool can make you look more trustworthy and professional to your client.

10. Feedback Mechanism

It lets prospects share how they’re doing, ensuring the help they get stays useful and on point.

11. Resource Allocation

You can focus on what’s most urgent, saving time and using resources wisely.

12. Continuous Learning

You can use the tool with different people, learn from it, and improve how you coach in the next meetings.”.

Best Wheel of Life Assessment Tools  

As a coach, having the right tools and a good approach to satisfy your prospects is always essential. You can grow as a coach only when you utilize your skills and stay on trend when it comes to addressing your prospects’ issues. 

So, we have a few of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools for you to excel in your practice. 

1. CoachPodium  

CoachPodium banner image

CoachPodium is an interactive online tool to help you nurture leads and sell your coaching services. This online tool is perfect for all kinds of coaches, whether they help with life, health, relationships, business, and more.

You can also create interactive Wheel of Life assessments that allow your prospects to explore their life balance in a few minutes. It provides valuable insights for you to tailor your strategies effectively. Each evaluation also serves as a potential lead for the business. 

CoachPodium also has an outstanding feature where you can create a public profile. Imagine being a coach and not needing a separate website. You can generate leads, attract prospectus, and manage them, all in a single platform. 

Why CoachPodium?

As stated earlier, CoachPodium is a solution for coaches like you. Here are some of the reasons that make this tool one of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools: 

Create Interactive Online Assessment: You can set up an online Wheel of Life tool, eliminating the need for traditional paperwork. And the best part: You can create as many Wheel of Life assessments as you want. 

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Customize Each Wheel: You can tailor each assessment to fit specific coaching strategies and gather insights faster. For example, you can change the colors and design of your Wheel.

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Integrate Your Wheel into Different Platforms: With CoachPodium, you can easily embed your Wheel of Life assessments on websites, homepages, or high-traffic blog posts. Additionally, you can also share the individual link among your prospects.

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Capture Lead: The tool collects contact details of people who use it, making them possible future customers.

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Boost Engagement: You can offer prospects the Wheel of Life assessment for free, fostering trust and rapport. Also, the intriguing questions and strategies can help in maintaining engagement. 

Integrate Call To Action: You can add a call to action on the results page, directing prospects to coaching services or profile highlights.

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Create a Public Coach Profile: You can create a public coach profile to introduce yourself and your coaching service and include your Wheel of Life Assessments. This eliminates the need for a separate website.

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Integrate Email Marketing Tools: Connect with email tools like MailChimp, Zapier, and Brevo to keep in touch and grow your customer base.

2. Wheel of Life Plugin

wheel of life pro

For coaches like you, understanding the needs and aspirations of your prospects is paramount. The Wheel of Life Plugin is an exceptional tool to ease this understanding. 

With this tool, you can create your own assignments in different categories. You can also integrate those into your website and make it available for your prospects.

The Wheel of Life Plugin is more than just an assessment tool. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps you connect with and help your clients, taking your coaching business to the next level.

Why Wheel of Life Plugin?

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Here are some excellent features of the Wheel of Life Plugin:

Easy Setup and Use: You can create assignments that let your prospects see important parts of their lives. The tool is for simplicity, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your prospects.

Customizable Assessments: Tailor the Wheel of Life to your coaching style. You can add as many quiz details as you want, change how it looks, and pick the values for the Wheel.

Engage and Capture Leads: Every assessment taken is an opportunity. As prospects engage, you capture valuable leads, paving the way for meaningful coaching sessions.

Analytics Dashboard: Gain insights into which assessments are popular, the total number taken, and more. This data helps you refine your approach and better cater to your prospects’ needs.

User Registration: Prospects can register on your website, access their dashboard, and take multiple assessments. This feature fosters a deeper connection between you and your prospects.

Customizable Email Templates: Build a stronger bond with potential clients by sending them personal emails when they sign up or request a report.

Call to Action Integration: Get more potential clients by adding a catchy message on the quiz result page, leading them towards your coaching help.

Flexibility in Embedding: Whether on a post, page, or footer, you can easily integrate the Wheel of Life assessment across your website.

3. Upcoach

upcoach coaching platform

UpCoach is an online coaching platform designed to help you deliver exceptional programs, nurture client relationships, and manage your coaching business all in one place. 

One of the tools they offer is the Free Wheel of Life app. The Wheel of Life is a popular coaching tool that helps individuals assess and reflect upon the balance and satisfaction in different areas of their lives. 

By visualizing these areas as segments of a circle or ‘wheel,’ one can easily identify which areas of their lives might need more attention or improvement.

Why Upcoach?

Upcoach stands out as a premier platform meticulously designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern coaching. Here’s why:

Holistic Platform: Upcoach offers everything in one place, from coaching sessions to courses, worksheets, and community engagement. It ensures a seamless and integrated experience for your prospects.

Customized Coaching Programs: With Upcoach, you can effortlessly create tailored coaching programs using their intuitive drag-and-drop program builder. It ensures that your prospects receive content that resonates with their unique needs.

Client Management Simplified: Manage all your clients effortlessly in a single platform. Whether delivering coaching programs, managing individual client groups, or fostering community engagement, Upcoach has got you covered.

Scalability: Its robust infrastructure ensures that as you attract more prospects, the platform can handle the increased demand, allowing you to focus on what you do best – transforming lives.

Client Testimonials: Numerous coaches and organizations have admired Upcoach for its transformative impact on their coaching processes, emphasizing its role in streamlining operations and enhancing client engagement.

4. Evalinator

Wheel of Life Evalinator

This platform isn’t just another assessment tool; it’s a consultative selling platform designed to enrich client engagement. With Evalinator, you can help your prospects assess their current state, set meaningful goals, and track their progress. 

Its intuitive dashboard, customizable templates, and dynamic results presentation ensure a seamless experience for you and your prospects. 

By incorporating Evalinator into your coaching service, you elevate the value you provide and showcase yourself as a coach who leverages top-tier tools to benefit your prospects.

Why Evalinator?

Evalinator stands out as one of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools in the market. Here’s why:

Personalized Assessments: With Evalinator, you can offer tailored assessments that resonate with your prospects, ensuring they receive actionable and relevant feedback.

Engaging Visuals: Evalinator provides insightful charts and feedback, making the assessment results visually appealing and easily comprehended for your prospects.

Collaborative Goal Setting: After the assessment, you can engage with your prospects in setting SMART Goals, fostering collaboration and driving a personalized experience.

Comprehensive Dashboard: Evalinator’s intuitive dashboard offers a summary of results and the status of your respondents, allowing you to gain unique insights into their primary challenges and opportunities.

5. Quenza


Quenza stands at the forefront of this digital revolution, offering a comprehensive platform tailored for coaches like you. Designed with precision and a deep understanding of coaching needs, Quenza transforms how you engage with your prospects.

At its core, Quenza is more than just an assessment tool. It’s a digital companion that bridges the gap between traditional coaching methods and the digital expectations of today’s clients. 

With its intuitive interface, Quenza offers a seamless experience, allowing you to dive deep into their prospect’s perceptions, aspirations, and challenges.

The platform’s primary feature, the Wheel of Life assessment, is a testament to its commitment to quality and effectiveness. 

Why Quenza?

Here are the features that make Quenza one of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools for you: 

In-depth Assessment: Quenza’s Wheel of Life tool helps you gauge your prospect’s satisfaction across various life domains. It allows them to pinpoint and invest in areas that need attention.

Visual Representation: The resulting pie chart from the assessment showcases how your prospects are faring and highlights the disparity between their current and ideal situations.

Versatility: Beyond the traditional Wheel of Life, Quenza offers variations like the Strengths Wheel, Wheel of Needs, and Wheel of Values, catering to diverse coaching needs.

Interactive Experience: Quenza’s digital platform ensures you and your prospects can view, download, and print the assessment results. It fosters a collaborative approach to goal setting and progress tracking.

Seamless Integration: With Quenza’s Activity Builder, you can integrate the Wheel of Life assessment into other coaching exercises and online activities.

6. Goal-Life.com

Goal Life Wheel of life

You can use this assessment tool to help their prospects find purpose and direction. Through tailored tools and insights, you can guide them towards setting and achieving meaningful life goals, ensuring a journey of growth and fulfillment.

Why Goal-life.com?

In coaching, having the right tools to gauge and guide your prospects is paramount. Goal life emerges as one of the premier Wheel of Life assessment tools available today. Here’s why:

Comprehensive Assessment: It allows your prospects to evaluate the balance of their personal life, rating each sphere from 1 point (indicating a challenging situation) to 10 points (indicating optimal satisfaction).

Clear Visualization: The platform provides a clear visual representation, highlighting areas in excellent condition and those requiring attention. You can allow your prospects to easily identify and focus on their weak areas.

Actionable Insights: It emphasizes the importance of addressing weak areas, ensuring that changes in these areas will significantly improve overall life satisfaction.

User-Friendly Interface: With a straightforward sign-up and login process, this tool ensures a seamless experience for you and your prospects.

Some More Online Wheel of Life Assessment Tools

While you can integrate the above-mentioned Wheel of Life assessment tools into your website, there are other online platforms where taking the Wheel of Life assessments is a breeze. 

They can be easily shared with prospects via direct links, ensuring the assessment process is smooth and accessible. 

So, here are some tried and tested online Wheel of Life assessment tools popular among coaches like you.

1. Wheel of Wellbeing

As a coach, it’s imperative to have tools that provide a holistic view of your prospects’ lives. With its unique approach, Wheel of Wellbeing stands out as one of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools available. 

Here’s why:

  • You can swiftly share the assessment through a direct link. Your prospects can access it without the need to navigate a website.
  • Without integration, you can maintain your website’s unique look and feel while leveraging Wheel Of Wellbeing’s specialized features.
  • Whether in face-to-face sessions, virtual meetings, or as part of assignments, the tool can be utilized flexibly without being anchored to a website.
  • Any enhancements or updates made by Wheelofwellbeing are instantly available, eliminating the need for website adjustments.
  • Wheel Of Wellbeing offers a distinct visual representation of life sectors, facilitating deeper and more engaging discussions than generic tools.

2. Wheeloflife.io

In the dynamic world of coaching, having the right tools to provide a holistic view of your prospects’ lives is essential. Wheeloflife.io is one of the premier Wheel of Life assessment tools available today. 

Here’s why:

  • You can easily share the assessment with prospects via a direct link, ensuring quick access without navigating through a website.
  • It offers a clear and engaging visual breakdown of life domains, which can serve as a focal point during discussions, setting it apart from other generic tools.
  • Since the assessment isn’t tied to your website, data security is added, ensuring client information remains confidential. It isn’t mixed with other website data.
  • Its unique feedback system lets your prospects directly provide insights, ensuring the tool remains dynamic and responsive to user needs.
  • You can benefit from this tool’s active community, gaining insights, sharing experiences, and learning best practices without the confines of website integration.

3. Resourcesof.life

In the evolving world of coaching, having tools that offer a comprehensive view of your prospects’ lives is invaluable. Resourcesof.life stands out as one of the best Wheel of Life assessment tools available. 

Here’s why:

  • You can effortlessly share the Resources of Life assessment via a direct link, ensuring prospects have immediate access without navigating a website.
  • You can easily incorporate this tool into various coaching settings, from in-person sessions to virtual consultations.
  • It clearly shows different life areas, making talks more meaningful and different from regular tools.
  • Being apart from the coach’s website gives an extra layer of privacy, ensuring client comments and info stay private.
  • Your clients can share their thoughts directly, ensuring the tool fits what users want.
  • If you switch up your website’s look or system, the Resources of Life tool still works the same. It makes sure your coaching stays smooth and helpful.

How To Find The Perfect Tool For You?

You should choose the right Wheel of Life assessment tool as a coach. It ensures practical coaching sessions and provides valuable insights to your prospects. Here are the ideas and considerations you can take into account:

1. Comprehensiveness 

Does the tool talk about all the essential parts of life, like health, friends, money, work, self-improvement, and beliefs?

You should consider whether a comprehensive tool will provide a holistic view of a prospect’s life.

2. Customizability

Can you tailor the tool to fit the unique needs of your prospects? 

The ability to add or modify categories ensures that the assessment resonates with each individual.

3. User Experience 

Is the tool user-friendly and intuitive? 

You should always choose a smooth and easy process so people are more likely to get into the assessment.

4. Visual Representation 

Does the tool provide clear and engaging visuals? 

Remember, using pictures can help people get and make sense of their results.

5. Feedback Mechanism

Does the tool offer actionable insights and recommendations based on the assessment results? You can guide your prospects to set meaningful goals.

6. Progress Tracking

Can your prospects track their progress over time? Seeing tangible improvements can motivate and inspire continued growth.

7. Integration Capabilities

Can you integrate the tool with other coaching tools or platforms you use? It ensures a streamlined coaching process.

8. Data Privacy

How does the tool handle and store data? Ensure that the tool you use ensures the privacy and security of your prospects’ information.

9. Cost

Is the tool cost-effective? While quality is essential, it’s also important to consider the tool’s price and any associated subscription fees.

10. Community and Support

Does the tool have an active community or support system? Sharing experiences, getting advice, or seeking help when needed can be invaluable.

11. Flexibility

Is the tool accessible both online and offline? Based on how you coach and what your clients like, having different ways to use the tool can be good.

12. Training and Resources

Does the tool provider offer training sessions, webinars, or resources to help me maximize its potential? You can use these resources to enhance your coaching practice.

13. Testimonials and Reviews 

What are other coaches saying about the tool? Reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the tool’s effectiveness and reliability.                                                                                                                   


The Wheel of Life tools are great blueprints for self-check and personal growth.

By looking at different parts of their life and thinking about how happy they are, prospects can see what they might want to work on.

These tools help prospects better understand themselves and push them to set realistic goals for a happier life.

Whether you use them or your prospect people try them out themselves, these tools can help make positive changes in life.

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