15+ Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2024

Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

Do you host meetings and seminars or schedule events, bookings, and appointments regularly on your WordPress website?

If so, then you should have the best event calendar plugin installed on your WordPress to organize all of these things properly. Else, these things can get out of your hand pretty fast!

Luckily, WordPress event calendar plugins simplify your process of scheduling events, webinars, meetings, seminars, and concerts. These plugins are destined to make your work simple when it comes to event management. 

As handy as they are, there is a myriad of WordPress event calendar plugins available in the market. With that, you get to choose from free and premium event calendar plugins based on your requirements. 

So how do you identify which one to pick? Well, we are here to answer your doubts and make the selection process easy for you. 

That being said, it’s time that you explore the 15+ best event calendar plugins for WordPress in 2024. But before the feature-highlighted review of every plugin, let’s give you some insights on why you need event calendar plugins and what factors you need to consider before installing one on your website.

Things to Consider When Looking for WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

Before deciding on an event calendar plugin for WordPress, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These include:

Features and Functionalities:

The event calendar you choose should let you manage your events effortlessly. The plugin should allow you to get a list of local meets, talks, or other important events.

Likewise, if you deal with ticketing and booking, you should consider the plugin that includes this feature as an add-on. Other peculiar features worth considering in an event calendar are Google Maps integration and social media sharing.  

The calendar plugin should:

  • Display availability for events or client bookings
  • Allow clients to self-book for events
  • Request and store user data in a customer database
  • Record events in your calendar
  • Send confirmation notifications to the concerned parties
  • Send updates in the event changes

Likewise, it’s also critical that your calendar plugin includes essential information such as the event date and time, number of people involved, necessary equipment, required staff, and other relevant logistics.

Responsive Design:

Having a WordPress website with a responsive design is a must these days. Hence, you should look for a plugin that allows you to maintain your website’s responsiveness. While looking for an event calendar plugin, you should make sure that it is responsive and performs well across every device regardless of the screen size.  

Some plugins restrict you from achieving responsiveness, especially on mobile views like table-style calendars. You should choose a plugin that enables you to mitigate this issue. 

For instance, you should opt for a plugin that allows tile-view. This ensures that your website is responsive and also makes it easy for your visitors to navigate.

Display Elements:

Another major feature to consider in an event calendar plugin is a visual interface. You should install a plugin that is engaging and offers a range of styles like list, column, and grid. 

Moreover, you should consider a plugin that offers built-in accessibility elements. This makes it easy for your users with disabilities to use it. 

Ratings and Reviews

There are more than thousands of users who use the event calendar plugin on their WordPress website. As a result, they provide reviews and ratings on the plugins that they use. 

When you look for the best event calendar plugins for your WordPress, you should analyze their ratings and reviews first. If a plugin lacks high ratings and positive reviews, you shouldn’t use it on your website. To be fair, you should look for plugins with at least a 4-star rating and good reviews. 

Similarly, you can search for the desired event calendar plugin on Google or other search engine platforms and analyze third-party websites’ reviews too. You’ll then have a precise idea of the plugin’s functionality and performance.

Support and Maintenance

We always suggest you opt for a plugin that has regular updates. When you look for an event calendar plugin, you should always make sure that the plugin’s developer regularly engages in the support forums. 

If you download an event calendar plugin from a third-party website, make sure to go through the official website for the plugin’s support policy. Besides, you can directly contact the plugin author and inquire about the policy to make sure that you receive proper support when needed.

List of Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

The Events Calendar is a popular WordPress plugin with over 800,000+ active installations. It lets you easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress website. The plugin boasts an intuitive interface and a wide range of powerful event management features.

The Events Calendar plugin is available in both free and premium versions. The free plan has some excellent core features like a built-in search tool that allows users to search for a specific event in the calendar without much hassle.

Likewise, The Events Calendar lets you post events using three viewing modes. You can further add time, date, event location, cost, and other valuable information pertaining to the event.

It also provides settings for CSV file importation, iCal, Google Calendar, and Google Maps integration, all while being mobile-friendly. The plugin is perfect for you if you regularly host events or concerts.

The Events Calendar allows you to create multiple venues for your events that can be reused as necessary. There are also many options for displaying your calendar and the events on your website, including some useful widgets for your sidebars and custom content layouts.  

The premium version of The Events Calendar is available at $99 per year. The pro version includes features like recurring events, additional views, widgets, shortcodes, as well as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration. 

Features of The Events Calendar:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Saved Venues and Organizers
  • Calendar Month View with Tooltips
  • Event List View
  • Event Search Option
  • Google Maps, iCal, and Google Calendar Integration 
  • Easy to Import Events from Other Calendars with CSV Importer
  • Supports Time Zone
  • Featured Events and Recurring Events

WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress

Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress

WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress is a premium solution for online scheduling appointments on your website. It is crafted for all kinds of businesses that deal with appointments: beauty salons, barbershops, yoga studios, medical institutions, tutoring centers, and much more industries.

Submitting a booking is easy. The customers will come across a step-by-step process that is possible thanks to a mobile-friendly appointment booking widget. They will select a service, a specialist, then a date and make a booking. Email notifications are sent automatically so that they are informed about booking details.

If you’re searching for the free WordPress booking plugin, this plugin has a lite version equipped with basic functionalities. You can create services and set their duration, add individual schedules with flexible options and allow group booking. These flexible options include buffer times, breaks, lock-out hours and vacations. The client will be able to book multiple services at one go.

The premium version gives access to such paid features as online payment gateways, Google Calendar synchronization, different user roles, a built-in bookings calendar, and more. A license for a single site is available at $49, while a license for unlimited sites costs $199.

Features of MotoPress Appointment Booking:

  • Options for any number of team members and customizable services
  • Scheduling for a group of people and multiple bookings
  • Easy management from the dashboard
  • Support for PayPal, Stripe, and direct bank transfer
  • Appointment Manager and Appointment Employee user roles
  • Synchronize bookings with an employee’s Google Calendar
  • A centralized admin bookings calendar
  • Integration with Gutenberg, Elementor and Divi page builders
  • Translated into English, Italian, French, German and Spanish

Events Manager

Events Manager WordPress Plugin

Events Manager is yet another popular event calendar plugin for WordPress. It comes packed with features to make it easier for you to create events and add them to the calendar. In addition, you can also enable registration for your events. 

This plugin offers a pretty intuitive user interface that allows you to schedule recurring and multiple events. Similarly, it supports BuddyPress that lets users submit group or personal events. 

Events Manager supports Google Maps integration and lets you manage bookings, multiple ticketing, and pricing. You can easily add images of the location or thumbnails of the events as well. Besides, it is even convenient to use widgets and shortcodes and modify template files as well as event pages. 

The main plugin setting area features hundreds of options spanned across five different tabs. You can define just about everything like thumbnails, form settings, event pages, formatting and design, email confirmations, bookings, and more. There is also a role manager that lets you set exactly what users can and can’t do.

You can get the premium version of this plugin at $75. The pro version includes some advanced features like integration with payment services, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Offline Payments. Similarly, the paid version supports spam protection with reCAPTCHA. 

Features of Events Manager:

  • Easy Event Registration
  • Recurring and Multi-Day Event Registration
  • Compatible with SEO Plugins
  • Multisite Support
  • BuddyPress Support
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Widgets for Events, Locations, and Calendars
  • Timezone Support
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Spam Protection with reCAPTCHA

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso WordPress Plugin

Event Espresso 4 Decaf is a heavy-duty WordPress event calendar plugin that makes it easy for you to sell tickets for training, events, workshops, conferences, and concerts, all from your WordPress website.

You can easily create events from within the WordPress admin area using the Event Espresso engine. Besides, you can create signup forms to collect information about your attendees as well as create reports.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf supports payment processing via PayPal Express Checkout, allowing you to collect money in advance to cover the costs of the event. Additionally, it has a powerful confirmation email system that is used to send custom registration forms, confirmation emails, invoices, newsletters, and more.

Furthermore, the plugin supports Google Maps integration and includes a feature like venue information. You can also manage registrants (attendees) and export registrant (attendee) data easily.

For the added functionalities, you can upgrade to the pro version of Event Espresso 4 Decaf at $99.95.

Features of Event Espresso 4 Decaf:

  • Automated Confirmation Emails
  • Payment Processing with PayPal Express Checkout
  • Manage Attendees and Export Attendee Data
  • Location/Venue Information
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Seamless Ticket Checking Process
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Manual Registration
  • Multiple Pricing and Ticket Options

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

With over 100,000 active installations so far, the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin is another great option for WordPress website owners. It is very easy to manage and is a beautiful way to list your events in WordPress.

All-in-One Event Calendar comes with a simplistic user interface with notable features like easy sharing and event filtering. You can export, import, and let your calendar display on other websites. 

Furthermore, you can display Google Maps and recurring events even with the free version of this event calendar plugin. It also helps to filter events by event category or tag. You can easily share your event with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook, and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feed.

The plugin also supports featured event images and category images. It includes five different view modes — Day View, Week View, Month View, Agenda View, and Posterboard View.

Features of All-in-One Event Calendar:

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Recurring Events Including Complex Patterns
  • Filtering Options by Event Category or Tag
  • Easy Sharing Option with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and MS Outlook
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Five Different View Modes
  • Includes Upcoming Events Widget
  • Inline Calendar Theme Editor
  • Easy to Import Other Calendars

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager WordPress Plugin

WP Event Manager is a scalable and full-featured event management plugin for adding event listing functionality to your WordPress website. The plugin seamlessly works with any WordPress theme and is very easy to set up and customize.

This plugin has a lightweight user interface. It is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. Likewise, the plugin is entirely compatible with SEO plugins. It lets you add, manage, and categorize event listings using the familiar WordPress UI. 

Moreover, it allows you to add searchable and filterable Ajax-powered event listings using shortcodes. This plugin includes frontend forms for guests and registered users to submit and manage event listings.

Each event listing can be easily tied to an email or website address so that attendees can register for the events. Besides, it allows logged-in organizers to view, edit, mark canceled or delete their active event listings. 

Similar to the previous plugins in our list, WP Event Manager features widgets for recent, upcoming, and featured events. The premium package comes at $240 and includes some handy add-ons like Google Maps integration, WooCommerce Sell Tickets, Event Alerts, Embeddable Event Widget, Google Analytics, and more.

Features of WP Event Manager:

  • Fully Responsive and SEO-Friendly Design
  • Lightweight and Intuitive User Interface
  • Fully Ajaxified for Smooth Browsing
  • Easy to Add, Manage, and Categorize Events
  • Frontend Forms for Submission and Management of Event Listings
  • Widgets for Recent, Upcoming, and Featured Events
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Supports Caching
  • Integration with Google Maps, WooCommerce Sell Tickets, and Google Analytics

My Calendar

My Calendar WordPress Plugin

My Calendar is an easy-to-use event calendar plugin that makes WordPress event management a breeze. It is fully compatible with the WordPress Multisite and is one of the few options which offer excellent accessibility for users with disabilities. 

The plugin enables you to schedule recurring events, conduct event searches, and add widgets to your website. Moreover, it displays daily, weekly, and monthly events for your visitors. You can easily customize the calendar to match your website’s design by editing the CSS and JavaScript code. 

My Calendar lets you set multiple start and end times and dates for events. There is also a handy option to attach a logo or banner for each event. Besides, the location editor allows you to add multiple locations and details like the address, GPS coordinates, contact information, website address, accessibility, and more. 

The main settings area of this plugin has some useful options like retrieving data from a remote database and removing data upon uninstalling the plugin. The calendar layout editor enables you to change the order of information displayed in your calendars. 

You can get the pro version of My Calendar for $59.  

Features of My Calendar:

  • Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Supports Mini-Calendar for Compact Display
  • Multisite Ready 
  • Supports Grid and List Views for Events
  • Supports Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views
  • Includes Multiple Widgets
  • Option to Schedule Recurring Events
  • Includes Shortcodes
  • Fully Customizable
  • Location Editor to Add Multiple Locations and Details


Amelia WordPress Plugin

Amelia is a premium WordPress event calendar plugin that handles event bookings and appointments. Using this, you can create events and display them in a beautiful front-end calendar, automate online payments, and manage your users’ availability at the same time. 

The free version of this event management plugin allows you to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website. This handy tool makes an excellent match for small businesses and individuals that depend on a proper appointment booking process. 

Amelia helps to designate the events as a one-time, single-day, multi-day, or recurring. You can even insert the start and end times of the event. Besides, you can select the customers who will be attending when booking appointments. 

The main settings page of this plugin lets you control every aspect of bookings and events. You can include information about your company, mandatory fields, and the page sent to customers after booking. 

The premium version, which is available at $59, includes Google Calendar integration, additional calendar views, multiple payment gateways, WooCommerce support, search interface bookings, automated notifications, and much more. 

Features of Amelia:

  • Option to Design Single Time and Recurring Events
  • Custom Fields for Booking Forms
  • Search Interface for Bookings
  • Insightful Dashboard and Reporting
  • Supports Calendar and List View
  • Option to Manage Multiple Locations
  • Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar Synchronization
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Integration with PayPal and Stripe
  • Email and SMS Notification


booknetic Plugin

Booknetic is a WordPress appointment booking plugin that’s perfect for personal trainers. Its ability to self-schedule appointments makes it ideal for customers and personal trainers.

You can add an unlimited number of staff calendars to the plugin. Google Calendar Sync also allows you to connect your appointment calendar with Google Calendar. Both calendars will show all available and busy hours. This prevents multiple reservations and allows you to schedule more appointments.

Continue with Google and Facebook capabilities to allow users to log in using their existing social accounts. The system saves all consumer information automatically. The plugin also allows businesses to host virtual events from the booking page, thanks to Zoom integration. By utilizing Google Calendar sync, you can keep track of your online appointments.

Features of Booknetic

  • WooCommerce sync is another important feature.
  • PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, Square payment gateways
  • SMS, email, WhatsApp, and Telegram notifications can be used to send notifications to clients.
  • Webhook actions for endless HTTp\HTTPS requests
  • Multi-location scheduling solution.
  • Convert into any language.
  • Custom appointment status.
  • Form-builder feature
  • Sendable invoices
  • Group appointments
  • Gift cards
  • Endless color possibilities


latepoint plugin

LatePoint is a WordPress plugin that easily handles online bookings and schedules appointments. It’s great for businesses that depend on appointments, like photographers, gyms, personal trainers, and yoga instructors.

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to book appointments online without having to call or email. With LatePoint, customers can see when slots are available, pick the service provider they want, and schedule an appointment whenever it’s convenient for them.

LatePoint also makes things easier for your team by updating everyone’s calendars in real-time. This process helps avoid double bookings and scheduling mix-ups. It comes with helpful features like automatic reminders and notifications to keep everyone up-to-date and organized.

Features of LatePoint

  • Clients can easily book appointments on their phones.
  • Multi-location & Time Zone Support
  • Built-in calendar integrates with Google Calendar
  • Virtual Appointment Ready
  • Supports various payment gateways


EventON WordPress Plugin

EventON is a premium-only WordPress event calendar plugin that lets you design a calendar with a specific time, date, and address. The plugin comes packed with some useful features and supports Google Maps, multi-day events, custom fields, event categories, and more.

Using this plugin, you can create unlimited events. Besides, you can control event start and end times, including an option to overlap different days for events that end after midnight. For the recurring events, you can have them repeat on different schedules like weekly or monthly.

The EventON plugin allows you to add event images, insert Google Maps and directions into each listing. You also get the option to add colors to your calendar and make it look more appealing. You can choose from different options for calendar display, including tile, list, or grid style.

Additionally, EventON comes with a shortcode generator that makes it super easy to customize calendar options. Your users can use a search bar and filtering options to find events more quickly. Likewise, there is an option to display all of the events attached to a specific location.

EventON is available at $25

Features of EventON:

  • Supports Single and Multi-Day Events
  • Option to Set Event Location Image
  • SEO Content Support for Calendar Events
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Integration with PayPal to Accept Payments for Events
  • Integration with Zoom to Create Different Meetings 
  • Shortcode Generator for Easy Customization
  • Option to Schedule Recurring Events 
  • RTL Support

Event Organizer

Event Organiser WordPress Plugin

Event Organizer is a lightweight event calendar plugin that comes in both free and premium versions. The plugin allows you to generate multi-day and recurring events along with an option to tweak how often events should repeat.

Event Organizer offers venue support alongside Google Maps integration and an intuitive user interface. Likewise, it includes a wide range of widgets for displaying your events and some shortcodes for embedding calendars on your website. 

Users get the option to create pretty permalinks, color code event categories, and customize past events from the backend admin section. You also get customizable ticket booking templates with the pro version of this plugin that makes tickets purchase or reservations a breeze.

With the paid add-ons of this plugin, you get popular payment gateways integrations, including PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, and Pro-Offline. You also have an option to export and import events to and from ICAL files. The available public events feed allows your visitors to subscribe to your events or a particular venue/category. 

You can upgrade to the premium version of the Event Organizer at $50

Features of Event Organizer:

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Supports Complex Recurring Patterns for Events
  • Ability to Add and Remove Specific Dates to an Event
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Supports a Wide Range of Widgets
  • Supports Multiple Shortcodes
  • Includes Customizable Ticket Booking Templates
  • Ability to Import/Export Events To and From ICAL Files
  • Supports Pretty Permalinks

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD WordPress Plugin

Event Calendar WD is a powerful and responsive event calendar plugin that helps you to create events and organize them into calendars. It is a user-friendly option to create an event promotion website or manage events to your existing WordPress website.

This plugin is a highly flexible event organizer plugin that lets you create both simple one-time events and multiple recurring events. Similarly, the plugin makes it super easy to send event invitations and sell tickets online. 

Event Calendar WD makes it easy to spread the word about your events as it includes social sharing button support. It also allows your website visitors to easily find events around them using the frontend event search option. 

The plugin includes five different themes that you can choose from, and each of them can be adjusted to the user’s needs. You can also change the filters and headers for added customization. 

Events Calendar WD integrates properly with Google Maps, allowing you to add tags, categories, videos, and locations to your event directly from your website. It is mobile-friendly and optimized for SEO.

The plugin includes more than 14 premium add-ons for various functionalities like displaying upcoming events, selling tickets online, and events countdown. The premium version is available at $25

Features of Event Calendar WD:

  • Unlimited Events and Calendars
  • SEO-Friendly and Mobile-Ready
  • Supports Social Sharing Buttons
  • Full Control and Flexibility
  • Multiple Event Display Views
  • Supports Recurring Events
  • Includes 5 Customizable Themes
  • Google Maps and Google Calendar Integration
  • 14 Add-Ons for Added Features
  • Front-End Event Management

Calendarize it!

Calendarize It WordPress Plugin

Calendarize it! is a feature-rich and flexible event calendar plugin for WordPress. This premium plugin provides multiple views like day view, week view, month view, event list view, event grid view, event map view, and event year view. 

With Calendarize it!, you can easily create and manage your events using an easy-to-use point and click interface. Besides, you can choose options to create recurring events as well as add start and end dates and times. It features more than 30 content elements and eight predefined templates to help you build your calendar.

Customizing this plugin is also very quick and easy as you get the options to change the colors, fonts, and margins using the CSS Editor. The plugin features custom widgets for mini calendars and upcoming event calendars. 

Calendarize it! also offers many other options, including an advanced filter with custom taxonomies, Google Maps integration for event and venue page, and dashboard notifications. The plugin is also compatible with the popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can get this plugin at $29.  

Moreover, there are 24 free add-ons and 11 premium add-ons for even more events calendar features. 

Features of Calendarize it!:

  • Easy-to-Use Point and Click Interface
  • Includes 30+ Content Elements and 8 Predefined Templates
  • Multiple Viewing Modes
  • Optimized for Gutenberg Editor
  • Supports WPBakery Page Builder
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Supports Visual CSS Editor
  • Mini Calendar and Upcoming Event Calendar Widgets
  • Translation Ready
  • 24 Free Add-Ons and 11 Premium Add-Ons

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar WordPress Plugin

With over 70k active installations, the Simple Calendar plugin is the easiest way to add Google Calendar events to your WordPress website. It is very simple and easy to set up. Moreover, this premium calendar plugin is both responsive and mobile-friendly.

Using Simple Calendar, you can retrieve events from Google Calendar and change how your calendar looks. Similarly, you can easily tweak the calendar colors and trim long titles to stop them from overflowing onto other days. You also get the option to adjust the date and time settings with this plugin. 

Events are very easy to display in a list or calendar form. Besides, they are super easy to embed directly into your website or newsletter. This event calendar plugin also allows you to combine several calendars when needed. 

You can get Simple Calendar Pro at $49. Simple Calendar Pro includes two premium add-ons, including FullCalendar and Google Calendar Pro. 

The FullCalendar adds different options like daily and weekly views, improved calendar navigation, additional customization options, and many more. Similarly, Google Calendar Pro can be used to display public and private Google Calendars. It also lets you display attendee names, avatars, and RSVP status for any private or public event. 

Features of Simple Calendar:

  • Easy-to-Use and Interactive Interface
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Displays Events From Any Public Google Calendar
  • Option to Combine Several Calendars When Needed
  • Advanced Settings to Adjust Time Zones, Date/Time Formats, and So On
  • Integration with Event Calendar Newsletter
  • FullCalendar Add-On for Week and Day Views
  • Google Calendar Pro Add-On to Display Events From Google Calendars

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

Modern Events Calendar is a premium WordPress events calendar plugin that lets you manage events in the simplest and most modernized way. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly and includes a user-friendly interface to display the events calendar on your WordPress website. 

You can effortlessly adjust the default appearance of the Modern Events Calendar to suit your preferences through the plugin settings and controls. Each event that you add to your events calendar can have its own Google Maps integration if a physical location is relevant.

Likewise, you can add featured images to your events to help your calendar entries look both attractive and informative to your users. As the Modern Events Calendar plugin supports Google Calendar, you can simply connect the two services to share events across both platforms.

Besides that, this plugin also supports PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce to give you the ability to collect payments for bookings or attendance to events.

Modern Events Calendar plugin’s pricing starts at $75. Besides, you can get the lite version of the Modern Events Calendar plugin for basic functionalities.   

Features of Modern Events Calendar:

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Option to Create Single Day and Multiple Day Events
  • Easy to Transfer Events from a Previously Used Event Management Plugin
  • Supports Google Calendar and WooCommerce
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Easy to Add Featured Images to Events
  • Advanced Event Speaker System
  • Supports Shortcodes

Stachethemes Event Calendar

Stachethemes WordPress Plugin

Though new to the list, Stachethemes Event Calendar is already proving its worth with a long list of impressive features for launching an events calendar on your WordPress website. It includes a drag-and-drop builder to remove the need to mess with any code. 

Stachethemes Event Calendar lets you add all kinds of details and information about your events, including the directions, location, weather forecast, guest list, and comments sections. Similarly, you can also create different types of events, such as single, multi-day, or recurring events. 

Stachethemes Event Calendar integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce to enable you to sell your products either from import/export .ics files from Google or directly from the calendar. Similarly, this plugin allows your users to add events to your calendar directly from the front-end. 

You can get Stachethemes Event Calendar in six different views, including full calendar view, month calendar view, grid view, and box grid view. Each calendar is fully-customizable in design, color, and fonts. Other features of the Stachethemes Event Calendar plugin include the ability to work across multiple sites and easily share on social networks.

Stachethemes Event Calendar is available at $59. It’s a reasonable price considering its additional booking and online shop payment options with PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayFast, and more. 

Features of Stachethemes Event Calendar:

  • Includes a Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Six Different Viewing Modes
  • Options to Create Single, Multi-Day, or Recurring Events
  • Option to Set a Date for an Event to End
  • Unlimited Events Per Day
  • Filter Events by Location, Category, and Organizer
  • Google Maps integration
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Supports Additional Booking and Online Shop Payment Options
  • Social Media Sharing

Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar WordPress Plugin

If you are searching for a simple event management solution for your WordPress website, then you should opt for Sugar Calendar. This premium event calendar plugin is designed to avoid complexity by only offering what your users need to create their events and calendars.

Sugar Calendar has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Therefore, this plugin makes it easy for you to create and schedule both one-time events and recurring events automatically. When it comes to categorization, Sugar Calendar allows you to assign events based on a specific category or showcase a master calendar composed of all categories.

Furthermore, you can set events to occur on a specific day as well as assign start and end times to your events. Thanks to its customization option, you can even use different colors to keep track of events across different calendars. 

Another unique feature of Sugar Calendar is that it is available in 8 different languages which makes it fully localized. You can also enable the Ajax calendar view to maximize the user experience.

You can get the lite version of Sugar Calendar for free. The premium version costs $49 per year. The pro version includes multiple add-ons like Google Maps, Ninja Forms, Frontend Event Submission, Event URLs, and Event Ticketing.

Features of Sugar Calendar:

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface
  • Create and Schedule Multiple Events
  • Display Master Calendar Composed of All Categories
  • Option to Add Start and End Times on Events
  • Available in 8 Different Languages
  • Ajax Calendar View for Enhanced User Experience
  • Free Add-Ons: Google Maps, Ninja Forms Form Embed, Gravity Forms Form Embed, WP All Import
  • Premium Add-Ons: Event Ticketing, Frontend Event Submission, Event URLs, Calendar Feeds, Advanced Recurring
  • Translation Ready

Which Event Calendar Plugin is the Best?

Now that you have gone through the in-depth details of all the 15+ best event calendar plugins for WordPress, you would stumble upon the question of which one is the best for you?

Well, every one of these plugins offers excellent features and functionality for swift event management on your WordPress website. However, if we have to pick one among these options, we would definitely choose The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a popular plugin that lets you easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress website. The plugin features an intuitive interface and a wide range of powerful event management features.

This plugin allows you to post events using three viewing modes: Day Mode, Night Mode, and Event List Mode. You can further add time, date, event location, cost, and other relevant information pertaining to the event. 

Here are some of the key features of The Events Calendar plugin:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Saved Venues and Organizers
  • Calendar Month View with Tooltips
  • Event List View
  • Event Search Option
  • Google Maps, iCal, and Google Calendar Integration 
  • Easy to Import Events from Other Calendars with CSV Importer
  • Supports Time Zone
  • Featured Events and Recurring Events
  • Advanced Widgets and Shortcodes
  • WooCommerce and Digital Downloads integration

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to choose a calendar plugin for WordPress?

There are different kinds of WordPress event calendar plugins that cater to the needs of all kinds of users. Some simply allow you to display events on a calendar, while others have more advanced features like bookings and appointments, scheduling, ticketing, and integration with third-party services. 

You should choose a plugin based on your requirements. The plugin you install should be able to provide you with all the functionalities that you need on a website.

For instance, if you want to sell event tickets from your website, then an event calendar with just the booking feature may not be suitable for you. You should opt for the one that supports WooCommerce for ticketing.

Can I import my events to my calendar?

Yes! Most of the WordPress event calendar plugins include a built-in CSV import tool. For instance, The Events Calendar plugin also consists of a CSV import tool for your convenience.

Furthermore, if you want to step it up and automatically import all the events from Google Calendar, Meetup, Eventbrite, and so on, you can use Event Aggregator. You need to pay a certain amount to use this feature. For instance, for 100 imports per day, you need to pay $89. Similarly, you must pay $149 for 200 imports per day and $499 for 1000 imports per day.

Can WordPress plugins contain viruses?

Yes, they do! A WordPress plugin can very well include viruses, especially the ones that are available for free. Therefore, we highly recommended you install only reputable and authentic plugins if you have to.

Before installing an event calendar plugin on your WordPress website, make sure to check out plugin reviews and ratings. Besides, don’t forget to take a look at the last update date of the plugin. If the plugin hasn’t been updated for over six months, it may be prone to malicious attacks. 

For added safety, always scan the plugin with the antivirus softwares after downloading the zip file on your computer. Only upload them if the antivirus software marks them safe to use.

What is an ICalendar feed URL?

The WordPress event calendar plugins allow you to export what is called an iCalendar (.ics or iCal) feed URL. This URL contains event data, including dates, times, location, titles, description, and time zone in a standard format. 

Similarly, there is a unique identifier or UID for each event. When events get imported from an ICalendar, the source calendar uses a UID to determine whether the event is new and needs to be created or it has already been imported and only needs to be updated.

How can you add an event calendar to a page?

You can use the shortcode to embed full calendar views anywhere on your WordPress website. For instance, to add an event calendar to your desired place with The Events Calendar, use the shortcode: [tribe_events].

To add your events calendar to the home page of your website using this shortcode, just go to the edit screen in your wp-admin. Then, simply add the [tribe_events] shortcode where required. A calendar then gets generated where you have placed the shortcode.

Can you add a WordPress calendar to a website using jQuery?

There are jQuery scripts that let you add a WordPress calendar to your website. However, this will be a daunting task if you are not familiar with coding. As a result, many calendar plugins include jQuery options.

For example, the full-featured and open-source plugin named FullCalendar makes it possible to display full-sized calendars easily. The WP FullCalendar plugin utilizes the power of FullCalendar and makes it easy to create calendars with WordPress, where your posts become dated entries.

What qualities should all WordPress event calendar plugins include?

When it comes to the best event calendar plugin for WordPress, it should possess these qualities:
– An easy-to-use backend to quickly add, remove, and edit events
– Multiple viewing options for easier user interface
– Built-in booking capabilities
– Compatible with top WordPress plugins and themes
– Positive ratings and reviews from the users
– Frequent updates from the developer
– Responsive and mobile-friendly design
– Easy to customize

To Sum Up

Having a feature-rich and fully-functional event calendar plugin for WordPress is the best way of ensuring that your events are completely organized and clearly visible to your users. Plus, if you want to build a professional event-based website, you can also check our list of Best WordPress Themes for Events.

Besides simplifying your event creation and scheduling process, these event calendar plugins do much more. They keep you away from the need to email your users back and forth to inform them about your upcoming events. They simply can visit your website and find all the detailed information right there. 

We hope you find the best plugin for you from the aforementioned detailed listing of the 15+ best event calendar plugins for WordPress in 2024. Go through the details properly and choose the one that addresses your requirements. 

Try these plugins on your website, and let us know how they work in the comments section below. 

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