10+ Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

People love quizzes. 

They consider it as a fun and refreshing activity. But, when it comes to websites and blogs, they offer greater value. 

Quizzes help drive more traffic to your website. They play a significant role in keeping your visitors engaged to your website for a longer time. Likewise, quizzes can help to grow your email list and increase social shares. 

Generating quizzes takes time and effort. Fortunately, there are many WordPress plugins available that can ease up this task. Quiz plugins make it easy to build and publish quizzes on your WordPress website. 

If you use a WordPress quiz plugin, you just have to come up with interesting questions. You can then let the plugin carry out the rest of the tasks, like collecting answers and calculating results. 

We will list out the ten best WordPress quiz plugins along with their main features in this article. Besides, we will explain why you should embed quizzes on your website and what are the things you should look for in a quiz plugin. 

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Why Embed Quizzes On Your Website?

The ultimate benefit of using quizzes on your website is to generate more user engagement. 

For instance, if you embed a quiz or survey at the end of a blog post, users are more likely to engage longer on your website to complete the task. This automatically increases the time users spend on your website, resulting in higher search engine rankings. 

Other than that, you can collect leads and grow your email lists using quizzes on your website. Here are the main benefits of quizzes on your WordPress website:

  • It helps reduce your website’s bounce rate by keeping your users engaged to your site for a longer time. A low bounce rate boots higher ranking on search engines. 
  • It offers your visitors something to do that is fun, educational, or something relevant.
  • It helps to improve your conversions as customers learn about your company through the quizzes. As they stay on your website for long, they may end up buying products, clicking on ads, or signing up for your email list. 
  • With quizzes, you get a lot of social shares that put your website on the map. 
  • Quizzes also help to capture leads. As per LeadQuizzes, the average quiz has a 33.6% lead capture rate

Some quiz plugins even allow you to create product-related quizzes and surveys to help your users find out what product is suitable for them. 

What to Look for in a WordPress Quiz Plugin?

Before deciding on a WordPress quiz plugin for your website, there are few things that you should keep in mind. These include:

1. Ratings and Reviews

Not just you, but thousands and millions of users use the WordPress quiz plugin on their website. As a result, they are busy passing reviews and ratings on the plugins that they use. 

When you look for these plugins, you should analyze their ratings and reviews first. If a plugin doesn’t have high ratings and positive reviews, you shouldn’t install it on your website. To be precise, you should look for plugins with at least a 4-star rating and good reviews. 

Similarly, you can search for the desired plugin on Google or any other search engines and analyze third-party websites’ reviews. You will then have a precise idea about the functionality and performance of the desired plugin. 

2. Functionality

You should always check your plugin’s features and functionality before deciding to use it for your website. When it comes to quiz plugins, you should look for:

  • Ability to create unlimited quizzes
  • Ability to use text, images, gifs, and videos in both questions and answers to make quizzes more interactive and engaging
  • Insightful analytics to track the results of quizzes
  • Email marketing and social media integration
  • Conditional logic to show viewers different questions based on previous answers
  • Responsive design to run smoothly across all devices

3. Support and Maintenance

When you look for a plugin, you should always ensure that the plugin’s author shows engagement in the support forums if you have queries about the plugin. You should look for a plugin that gets frequently updated so that there is no compromise in its functionality and performance. 

If you download a quiz plugin from a third-party website, always check the official site for the plugin’s support policy. You can reach out to the plugin author and directly ask them about the policy to ensure that you receive proper customer support when needed. 

List of Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

You don’t need professional skills to create a quiz. You just need to be smart! Thankfully, different WordPress plugins allow you to easily create quizzes on your website and increase your user’s engagement. Here are the ten best WordPress quiz plugins:

WP Quiz

Wp quiz WordPress Quiz Plugins

WP Quiz is one of the most popular WordPress quiz plugins, which is very flexible and easy to use. 

It includes three quiz types: Trivia, Personality, and Flip cards. 

You can use this plugin to build unlimited quizzes to keep your visitors engaged on your website. 

With a variety in quiz types, each type comes with its own demo data to help you with the initial setup. You can quickly import the demo data with a few clicks. Similarly, each quiz type has options for adding text, images, and videos. You can allow your users to restart quizzes, show results at the end, and much more. 

WP Quiz plugin has two styling options: multi-page and single-page quiz. You can include your entire quiz on a single page or stretch it across multiple pages if there are many questions. The plugin also supports social media buttons to make it easy for you to share quiz results with your friends on social media. 

As the free version of this plugin has limitations, you can easily switch to its pro version for $77 per year. The pro version allows you to choose from six interactive quiz types. 

This plugin features a user-friendly interface that mostly uses WordPress’ UI design. The plugin lets you set up timers for individual questions or the entire quizzes. Besides, you can randomize questions, choose from a list of different animation effects, and have the quiz scroll to the next question automatically.

Key Takeaways
  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Single or multi-page layout
  • Three quiz types (free version), six quiz types (pro version)
  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Different customization options
  • 6 different animation effects
  • One-click demo import
  • Social media share buttons
  • Options to add text, images, and videos
  • Auto-scroll to next question
  • PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, and Stripe integration (pro version)

WordPress Viral Quiz

wordpress viral quiz WordPress Quiz Plugins

WordPress Viral Quiz is another simple plugin that helps you create trendy and attractive quizzes. It is a premium quiz maker plugin that includes a handful of great features and options to create two types of quizzes: Personality and Trivia

WordPress Viral Quiz plugin is fully-responsive so that you can play awesome quizzes on your iOS, Android, or even Windows phone. It comes with two skins, and one of them uses a style inspired by BuzzFeed. This plugin is for websites like to create quizzes similar to BuzzFeed’s ones. 

This plugin works smoothly on every theme.  It lets you easily import quizzes created by other users. It offers an excellent analytics report to check how many people play your quizzes so that you can analyze their responses. 

Moreover, the plugin includes a browser refresh feature that allows you to increase pageviews. You can place ads around each quiz and enable this feature to earn more money.  

WordPress Viral Quiz plugin relies on WordPress for its UI. As a result, there is no visual builder, and you need to upload your CSS stylesheet if you want to customize styles. Nevertheless, this plugin ranks high with its ability to increase your subscriber count and social shares, thanks to the social media integration feature. You can get this plugin for $36 per year.

Key Takeaways
  • Responsive design and user-friendly interface
  • Two types of quizzes (personality and trivia)
  • Two skins (BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme)
  • Social media and email marketing integration
  • GDPR compliant options
  • Easy to import quizzes created by other users
  • Insightful analytics and user stats
  • Supports advertisements
  • Supports multiple languages ( English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, and more)
  • Auto-update

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker Premium WordPress Plugins

Quiz Maker is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed for building awesome quizzes and exams. The number one reason for choosing this quiz plugin is that it focuses only on quiz-building and offers a huge range of interactive, cool tests. 

No beginner needs to worry, as the plugin doesn’t require any technical skills, and the interface is quite simple. Every single option is explained in detail with the help of tooltips.

This WordPress quiz plugin supports different quiz types, such as personality tests, true or false quizzes, multiple choice quizzes, trivia quizzes, and so forth. The plugin allows you to keep track of all the results and entries as an admin. To skyrocket your email list, you can integrate your quizzes with the most popular integration tools like MailChimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and many more. 

Another essential feature is exporting questions in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats. Besides, you can write your questions in Excel, CSV, and JSON files and import them to the plugin. Additionally, you can add your own custom form fields and know more about your quiz takers.

As test-taker’s scores mainly vary, there’s a need to display different messages for different results. To this end, Quiz Maker allows you to write interval messages that will match the results of test-takers. Moreover, your exam can be password protected! You can create a password yourself or have several passwords generated automatically. 

Although you can make the best of the free plugin, the Quiz Maker Premium version gives you full access to other must-have features. Finally, there is no limit as to how many exams and questions you can create with Quiz Maker. You are free to build as many tests and questions as you need to.

Key Takeaways
  • Certificate-based exams
  • Question import & export
  • Exam scheduling
  • Reports in charts and leaderboards
  • Quiz with timer
  • Paid quiz
  • Content protection
  • Responsive design
  • Integration opportunities
  • Constantly updated
  • Caring support team

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder WordPress Quiz Theme

Thrive Quiz Builder is yet another handy WordPress quiz plugin that lets you create stunning quizzes in a moment that look like they took hours to code. It comes with some cool features and allows you to build highly-engaging quizzes with a simple quiz builder. 

You can create questions on text or pair them with images. Likewise, you can create dynamic question trees that direct quiz takers to alternative questions, depending upon the answers they give. 

This premium plugin has a multipurpose nature. It allows you to create quizzes based on some specific goals, including expanding your email list, increasing your social shares, and receiving more page views. You can choose among the four quiz types based on numbers, percentages, categories, and personalities. 

With the email marketing integration, Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to build quizzes that sort subscribers into your email list segments based on how they respond. Similarly, the badge builder tool increases the number of social shares you receive as it helps create visually-appealing graphics for quiz results. 

The troubleshooter option alerts you if something is missing or stops working so that you can instantly fix the problem. The pricing for Thrive Quiz Builder starts at $67 per year if you want to install it on a single WordPress website.

Key Takeaways
  • 4 different quiz types (based on numbers, percentages, categories, and personalities)
  • Easy-to-use quiz builder
  • Create dynamic question trees
  • Email marketing integration
  • Badge builder for increased social shares
  • Visually-pleasing graphics for quiz results
  • Text and images-based questions
  • A/B split testing 
  • Easy-to-use troubleshooter

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat WordPress Quiz Theme

Quiz Cat is a free plugin that lets you build viral and engaging quizzes for your WordPress website. It has an easy-to-use interface and includes two quiz types that you can use to create personality-style quizzes and multiple-choice quizzes.   

This plugin lets you to add images to each question and answer. Similarly, you can also create a start and finish screen for your quiz. It has a simple UI that is familiar and easy to navigate. The front-end is designed to offer you quizzes with the viral BuzzFeed look and feel. 

Quiz Cat plugin has powerful marketing capabilities. It lets you flourish your social media presence by offering your users the ability to share their social media results. Additionally, you can also grow your email list by encouraging your users to enter an email address to see their results. 

This plugin is effortless to integrate using Facebook pixel tracking code to track your ad campaigns through page views, quiz start and completion metrics, lead, and so on. Quiz Cat is Gutenberg-compatible, meaning you can easily add your quiz to a post with the modern WordPress post editor. 

The premium plan of this fully-responsive plugin starts at $49 per year. With its premium version, you can collect emails and promote social shares.

Key Takeaways
  • Two quiz types (personality quizzes and multiple-choice quizzes)
  • Text and image-based questions and answers
  • Analytics with user data
  • Email marketing integration
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Supports different languages
  • Easy to export user data to spreadsheets
  • Insights on user engagements with analytics
  • Restart quiz option
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Premium email support 


Onionbuzz WordPress Quiz Plugins

OnionBuzz is another WordPress quiz plugin that lets you build well-designed BuzzFeed-style quizzes. It supports five different quiz types.

1. Personality test

2. Trivia quizzes

3. List posts

4. Flip card-based quizzes

5. Checklists 

This plugin uses its UI that is well-designed and user-friendly. Its front-end looks similar to BuzzFeed, which gives your quizzes a fun vibe. With the social sharing option, your users can easily share their quiz results on social media. 

OnionBuzz is a fully-responsive plugin, and it allows you to create as many categories as you need and then as a widget for content filtering. The plugin supports different ad locations so that you can mix your stories with AdSense, image banners, or custom code ads. 

Email marketing integration is also available with this plugin, though only with MailChimp. You can do this by exporting your MailChimp list to your preferred email marketing platform with Zapier. OnionBuzz comes translation-ready, and you can use Loco Translate or similar other tools to translate plugins in your language. 

OnionBuzz is available at $35 per year.

Key Takeaways
  • Five different quiz types (personality quiz, trivia quiz, list/ranked lists, flip cards, checklists)
  • 100% responsive design
  • Text and image-based questions and results
  • Supports ads in the middle of quizzes
  • Insightful analytics and user stats
  • Email marketing integration
  • Social sharing options
  • Multiple quiz layouts
  • WordPress widgets for your feeds and stories
  • Translation-ready

HD Quiz

HD Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugins

HD Quiz is the awesome free quiz plugin for WordPress websites. It is a fully-responsive plugin and has a single quiz type that you can use to create a simple test with multiple-choice questions. 

This plugin is user friendly and lets you build an unlimited amount of quizzes and embed them into any page or post on your website. You can create professional questionnaires or fun BuzzFeed style quizzes. 

Each of the questions on HD Quiz has its own featured image. Besides, the plugin also supports image-based answers to make it more visually pleasing. The quiz timer feature allows you to set a time limit to complete the quiz, making it more challenging for your users. 

The quizzes’ results are based on percentages, which is why you need to specify a minimum percentage the quiz taker must receive to pass. After completion, the quiz taker can see which answer they got right, which answer they got wrong, and the correct answers. With the social media integration feature, you can easily share quizzes across Facebook and Twitter.

HD Quiz uses WordPress’ UI on the back-end where you can build quizzes. Likewise, it supports basic translation feature as well.

Key Takeaways
  • Mobile-friendly design and touch-friendly
  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each question has its featured image and tooltip
  • Image-based answers
  • Quiz timer
  • Display results as a percentage
  • Animated gifs as question featured image or for any answer
  • Social media integration


Interact WordPress Quiz Plugins

Interact is a beginner-friendly quiz maker that allows you to create different quizzes with modern and eye-catching designs. You can create an account on the Interact website and make quizzes using its web-based editor. After that, you can use the WordPress plugin to embed the quizzes to your website easily. 

Interact supports different styles, colors, designs, and more than 800 ready-to-use quiz templates. It features a quiz branching feature that allows you to show questions based on your user’s answers to previous questions. 

You can create three different quiz styles for personality tests, score-based results, and general tests. This plugin includes an interactive UI developed as an intuitive visual quiz builder. It lets you create both text and image-based questions to engage more visitors. 

With email marketing integration and Facebook advertising integration features, Interact best suits for websites that set out to create viral content. With its free version, you can create unlimited quizzes. However, if you want to collect emails and gather analytics, you need to subscribe to its premium plan that starts at $17 per month.

Key Takeaways
  • Unlimited quizzes with stylish and modern designs
  • Simple web-based drag and drop builder
  • Three different quiz styles (personal quizzes, scored quizzes, assessment quizzes)
  • Includes more than 800 ready-to-use quiz templates
  • GDPR compliant and registered with Privacy Shield
  • Email marketing integration
  • Facebook advertising integration
  • Text and image-based questions
  • Quiz branching feature
  • Analytics with quiz and answer data

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz and Survey Master is the easiest and most versatile WordPress quiz plugin that enables you to create engaging quiz types, including viral quizzes, trivia quizzes, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee surveys.  

You can easily create quizzes that use multiple-choice, true and false, drop down, and other cool options. With this plugin, you also get some impressive features for designing your quizzes and surveys. 

It has a simple builder with options for items like radio buttons, comments, and checkboxes. This plugin also offers you an option to add a countdown timer to your quizzes to make it more challenging and fun. 

Moreover, the quiz or survey can be graded with a correct/incorrect system or a points-based system. Your users can even share their results on social media, thanks to this plugin’s social media integration feature. 

 Another cool thing about the Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the comment box feature. It allows your users to comment on individual questions as well as entire quizzes. Similarly, the open answer feature of this plugin makes it a powerful option for surveys.

The UI of this plugin is simple. It uses WordPress’ UI on the back-end. Besides, the plugin supports Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, and Campaign Monitor integration. You can get its premium version at $79 per year.

Key Takeaways
  • 10+ questions types (multiple choice,  true and false, open answer question, drop down, multiple responses, fill in the blank, number, captcha, polar, and accept) 
  • Text, image, and video-based answers
  • Option to add hints to questions and explanations to answers
  • Option to randomize questions
  • Comment boxes enabled for individual questions or entire quizzes
  • The time limit for quizzes and surveys
  • Social media integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Options of correct/incorrect or point-based scores in results

WP Poll

WP Poll WordPress Quiz Plugins

WP Poll is another handy WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate a customizable polling system with many options to control your WordPress website’s poll. It makes it easier to take opinions from your users with multiple styles. 

The plugin comes with 10+ theme variations and 5+ timer styles. Besides, it features more than seven input type animation styles to make your poll look more interactive and engaging. You can display results for a single poll with a short-code. 

The premium version of this plugin comes with two add-ons: WP Poll Survey and WP Poll Quiz. With the WP Poll Survey addon, you can create unlimited surveys. Besides, you get eight different themes for each survey.

On the other hand, the WP Poll Quiz add-on lets you create unlimited quizzes. You can look at a preview before the final submission of the quiz. Each question comes with a separate single template that displays the correct answer. Likewise, you can show the results with the given and correct answers.  

The premium version of this plugin includes WooCommerce integration and popup on the scroll feature. It is available at $23 per year.

Key Takeaways
  • More than 10 theme variations
  • 5+ timer styles
  • 7+ input type animation styles
  • Ability to generate more than 1000 variations
  • Ability to export data to spreadsheets
  • Unlimited survey creation with poll
  • Unlimited quiz creation with poll
  • Clean and smart design
  • WooCommerce integration

ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugins

ARI Stream Quiz is another WordPress plugin that lets you use lead generation quizzes by collecting user email addresses and names. With ARI Stream Quiz, you can create unlimited quizzes with any number of questions and answers. 

You can create trivia quizzes and personality quizzes. The plugin supports integration with different email marketing service providers, like ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, and Zapier.

Likewise, you get the option to share your results via popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, or by email. This plugin is fully responsive and works fine on computers, laptops, and mobile devices. 

ARI Stream Quiz contains BuzzFeed and Standard themes and lets you create unique themes. It also adds Open Graph and Twitter tags for better search engine optimization. It also uses ajax for faster performance.  

You can purchase its premium version, starting at $17 per year.  ARI Stream Quiz plugin has fully translatable back-end and front-end parts and contains English, French, Polish, Russian, and Turkish translations.

Key Takeaways
  • Unlimited quizzes with limitless questions and answers
  • Email marketing integration ( ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, and Zapier)
  • Social media integration
  • Contains BuzzFeed and Standard themes
  • Fully-translatable back-end and front-end parts
  • Translation ready
  • Twitter tags and Open Graph for better SEO
  • Fully-responsive design

Which is the Best WordPress Quiz Plugin?

Each of the 10 WordPress quiz plugins mentioned here helps increase your user’s engagement on your WordPress website. They include different features, including some cool ones like email marketing integration, social media integration, and advertisement campaigns. 

Nonetheless, if we have to pick the best one among them, we go for the WP Quiz plugin. This plugin is effective and one of the most popular plugins in WordPress. It includes three quiz types and lets you create unlimited quizzes to keep your visitors engaged on your website. 

The coolest feature of the WP Quiz plugin is that you can use six different animation styles and add text, images, and videos to make your quizzes look more interactive and fun. You can easily subscribe to its premium version for $77 per year. Also, get the option of six interactive quiz types. 

Here are the features of the WP Quiz plugin:

  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Single or multi-page layout
  • Three quiz types (free version), six quiz types (pro version)
  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Different customization options
  • 6 different animation effects
  • One-click demo import
  • Social media share buttons
  • Options to add text, images, and videos
  • Auto-scroll to next question
  • PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, and Stripe integration (pro version)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should you host quizzes on your WordPress website?

Quizzes can be effective in increasing visitor’s engagement on your website. Besides, they can also offer you with valuable information about your users. A well-created quiz with entertaining and exciting results can drive more social media shares. 

If you can keep your user engaged on your website using quizzes, it makes sure your website performs well on search engines by reducing the bounce rate and increasing total time on the website. Likewise, you can also benefit from higher conversion rates and users’ engagement on other content or products.

How can I make quizzes more interesting?

If you are smart and a little creative, you can easily make your quizzes more interesting to keep your users more engaged on your website. Here’s what you can do:

1. Add images, videos, and gifs on quizzes
2. Use timer
3. Add interesting stipulations like sudden death
4. Create quizzes on trending and popular topics.

How can I choose the best quiz plugin?

As you can see in this article, there is no shortage of quality quiz plugins for WordPress in the market. However, selecting the best plugin among them is challenging work. Here’s what we recommend:

If you want a simple plugin, go for a free one. For instance, you can select Quiz Cat, which is free and allows you to create unlimited quizzes. 

Likewise, if you are seeking for a more robust free plugin, try the Quiz and Survey Master. It includes 10+ question types (multiple choice,  true and false, open answer question, drop down, multiple responses, fill in the blank, number, captcha, polar, and accept) to keep you more interested. 

Lastly, if you want to grow your email list and generate income, look for a premium plugin like WP Quiz. It supports PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, and Stripe integration.


There you have it! These are the ten best WordPress quiz plugins that you can try out to increase audience engagement on your website. Before downloading any of the plugins, make sure that it is compatible with your theme, the current WordPress version, and other third-party plugins that you use on your website. 

Besides that, make sure the quiz plugin you select helps you create different types of quizzes you want. We hope that our bonus guide on why to embed quizzes on a website and what to look for in a quiz plugin helps you to choose the best plugin for your needs. 

If you want to explore more articles related to WordPress, do have a look at the following:

If you find this content informative or have any queries regarding WordPress quiz plugins, let us know in the comments below!

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