31 Best Conference and Events WordPress Themes in 2024

Best Conference and Events WordPress Themes

Are you looking to set up the perfect website for your upcoming event or conference? Do you want to create an online presence for your event management company? 

Events are a great marketing tool and useful or boosting your business. This Statista survey shows that events generate sales for 79% of marketers. Conferences are also an important means for sharing business ideas and knowledge within an industry.

Surprisingly, charity organizations are more into these techniques for improving their charity events.

As for event management companies, having an online presence is important for businesses of all kinds. You can get easily by potential customers if you have a website of your own.

The best conference WordPress themes come with all the functionalities you need along with great visual design. By choosing the right conference WordPress theme, you can build a unique brand image with 

There are some great WordPress themes out there designed just for events and conferences. You can get a great website for your company event set up in no time at all and with all the functionalities you need. As an event management company, you will also enjoy the ease of building the perfect event website without needing any coding knowledge.

In addition to that, you can take a look at these WordPress tutorial blogs. These articles can help you create and customize websites for conferences, seminars, and other events. 

What To Look For In A Conference WordPress Theme?

When looking for WordPress themes to build a website for your conference or event, look for themes with a visual style and features that compliment your purpose. Here are some features you should consider when choosing a conference WordPress theme:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine results. This is one of the most crucial features when building a website these days. According to this Advanced Web Ranking study, 67% of all online search traffic goes to the first five results. SEO has become a standard tool to employ if you want your website to be visible.

Customization Features

While each WordPress theme comes with its own distinct design, having customization features is essential as it allows you to reflect your brand through the theme. The most common customization features you want are choices in fonts and theme colors.

At the same time, being able to customize the layout, sometimes with page builder plugins like Gutenberg and Elementor, is also useful for creating a custom arrangement of information that can be most helpful for your purposes. 

Schedule Section

An event schedule is one of the most important pieces of information you can give to attendees. You need your chosen theme to have a well-designed schedule section that presents your scheduling information in an intuitive and attractive way.

Speakers Section

You also want to showcase your event’s highlights — a Speaker’s section allows you to display the speakers who are appearing at your event. Having the space to introduce your conference’s speakers to the website visitors with photos and some introduction is a great feature you should watch out for.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is an interesting element to have when you’re building a conference and events website. It creates a sense of anticipation amongst eager visitors, especially if the countdown timer is highlighted in some way, like by being placed in the header banner.


No big event is possible without the help of sponsors, and you should be able to showcase your event sponsors with your chosen theme. Look for themes that allow you to display your sponsors in the best possible way, maybe even separating them into different categories.


Event tickets typically have different pricing levels, and you want to be able to display your ticket prices in an attractive way. A dedicated section with pricing tables showing the perks that come with each kind of ticket is a great way to do that.


You also want to showcase your event venue as it is an important part of your event. Look for a separate page template or a homepage section where you can do that adequately.

Speed Optimization

When new users come to your website, you only have about 3 seconds to grab their attention. Internet users these days don’t have much patience for slow-loading websites. Many WordPress themes come with speed optimization features that allow websites to load faster. 

Loading speed is also an SEO ranking factor. This means that a speed-optimized theme can also give you a boost in your search engine ranking. 

Schema Integration

Schema markup refers to text that you add to the HTML of your website’s pages. It allows search engines to understand your website’s content much better and is useful for SEO. 

Social Media Integration

It is worth having the ability to integrate your social media profiles with your website. Social media plays a great role in event promotions these days. Theme features that allow you to integrate your website with your Facebook events page and display your social media feed is a great way to boost your event’s visibility. 

WooCommerce Compatible

One of the major advantages of digital interaction is the ability to conduct monetary transactions with the click of a button. Being able to sell tickets through your website is a great plus point. Look for plugins that allow you to conduct digital transactions through your website, like WooCommerce.

Portfolio Page/Section

Having a portfolio page or section is an important feature if you are building a website for your events management company. This space allows you to showcase your previous works and events that you have organized. A good design for this section is essential as showcasing events might involve multiple mediums from photos and videos to text files. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If your event is a regular occurrence taking place every year or so, then having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a good idea. Placing an FAQ on your website makes it easier for new visitors to understand what your event is all about and get a sense of where you stand as a brand.

List of Best Conference WordPress Themes

Some of these features can be more or less relevant to you depending on your needs. Based on these features, we have created this list of 30+ Best Conference WordPress Themes in 2024.

1. The Conference Pro

The Conference Pro

Used by more than 1000 companies, The Conference Pro is an excellent conference WordPress theme with a focus on great readability. This is a mobile-friendly theme built to attract and inform with the 17 homepage sections designed in a catchy way.

This SEO-optimized theme comes with 5 unique header layouts so that you can make the right first impression. You can personalize this theme easily with a collection of 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited theme color options.

The Conference Pro has a striking header banner design with a large countdown timer creating anticipation among attendees. You can also feature a video or image header background to create an engaging look.

You get 3 Call-to-Action sections placed strategically across different areas to attract visitors to take certain action — purchase tickets or visit key pages like your Speakers section.

You also get 10 custom page templates to serve essential functions including Speaker, Schedule, Portfolio, FAQ, and Gallery pages. So, The Conference Pro can work perfectly for event websites or as an event management theme.

A testimonials section is also useful to promote your event management business. You can attract new customers by sharing a few words from happy clients.

The homepage also has a ticket section with pricing tables allowing you to conveniently display ticket options to visitors. You can sell tickets easily through this theme as it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

This theme also comes with great multi-language features through the WPML and Polylang plugins. The Conference Pro is also translation-ready, with compatibility for Right-to-Left scripts like Arabic.

Theme DetailsDemo

2. Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Rishi Theme is a free, multipurpose theme that fits personal to corporate level businesses. Using this speed-optimized and user-friendly theme, you can build a professional-looking website for your event management website. 

With numerous starter websites to choose from, you can easily set up a website for your purpose. Moreover, Rishi Theme introduces the One-click Demo Import feature which allows you to retrieve all the necessary files and settings from any one of the demo sites with a single click. 

Rishi Theme is a beast when it comes to speed and performance. With a speed score of 100%, the theme loads in less than half a second. Likewise, it follows the best SEO practices to help you rank your website higher on search engine results. 

As the theme supports Elementor and Gutenberg, you can easily design and customize different elements of your website to display your events in the best possible way. Similarly, you can choose from unlimited colors and 1000+ Google fonts to best reflect your brand and business. 

Rishi Theme integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. With this, you can manage an online store within your website and sell event tickets without any hassle.

Theme DetailsDemo

3. EventPress Pro

EventPress Pro

EventPress Pro is an effective event management theme with some great plugins that boost its functionality. This theme comes with four templates for different purposes — a corporate version, a Christmas version, a wedding version, and a valentine version.

This theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin. You can use this plugin to drastically change the theme’s layout with simple drag and drop motions. You get access to a collection of fonts along with typography settings to set your text apart.

The theme also comes with 24+ inner page templates so you can immediately get started with a complete website.

This theme is also built with the Bootstrap framework ensuring complete responsiveness across all screen sizes. You also get the WPML plugin allowing you to set up your website in multiple languages.

You can also use the Google Maps integration to show your event venue on an interactive map. The theme is also integrated with the MailChimp plugin that can allow you to build a mailing list to promote your business.

Theme DetailsDemo

4. Fudge 2.0

Fudge 2.0

Fudge 2.0 is an event management theme with distinct typography and design. This theme comes with a unique event import feature from Facebook and is compatible with multiple plugins for setting up registration functionality on your website.

This theme has a beautiful full-page banner design with an overlaid header. You get a catchy countdown timer with useful elements like pricing tables and a schedule section. A CTA (Call-to-Action) section helps draw visitors to the desired page.

This theme allows you to import information from Facebook events, like the name and date of the event. This import function is also compatible with Eventbrite, a popular event management website.

You can also place a Facebook feed on your website that displays attendees or RSVPs from your Facebook event page.

The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin to meet your registration and ticketing needs. You get a choice of plugins for registration functions like Gravity Forms, EventEspresso, and Ticket Tailor.

Theme DetailsDemo

5. Neve Events

Neve Events

One of the prebuilt templates of the Neve theme, Neve Events focuses on user engagement and customization. You can easily personalize this theme with intuitive back end controls and a host of customization features.

Neve Events comes with numerous features to ensure you get a fast-loading website. The theme comes with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to ensure that mobile users get a fully responding website on their devices.

This theme is compatible with a host of page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer. Choose the tool you want to start making layout customizations to ensure this theme fits your needs.

You also get the Elementor Booster plugin which provides access to a collection of useful elements like animations.

This theme supports the WooCommerce plugin to meet your ticketing needs. Social media integration is allowed so you can easily connect your social media profiles to your website.

This is also a translation-ready theme so you can easily localize it to your relevant language.

Theme DetailsDemo

6. Exponent


Exponent, an expansive theme with a collection of 26 prebuilt website templates, has a template for events and conferences. This theme has an elegant design and puts the power in your hands with a custom page builder.

This theme comes with a collection of inner pages giving you an effective layout to showcase any information related to your event or company — set up a Gallery page, a Portfolio page, and anything else.

The theme also comes with a collection of Google and Adobe Fonts. The custom page builder has detailed color management settings with palette options, swatches, and gradient support.

Exponent’s conference template comes with a brilliant schedule section with great readability. You can showcase your sponsors on the homepage, display testimonials in a large section, and even set up an FAQ section.

The theme also comes with multi-language features allowing you to reach an international audience.

Theme DetailsDemo

7. EvnTalk


EvnTalk is a trending event management theme with multiple homepage layouts. This theme can serve you well with effective sections to showcase your event attractions. You get multiple layouts for key sections like the Schedule section. You can use this theme to create a vibrant event website.

The theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin allowing you to make layout changes easily. You can choose from 10 different website layout options. There are even choices between single-page and multi-page website layouts.

This theme comes with unlimited color options and 800+ Google Fonts, allowing you to meet your branding needs easily. You also get multiple header layouts to create the right first impression.

The homepage sections are designed to draw attention to themselves and help create a sense of engagement. You can easily display key information like the speakers and the schedule using this theme.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to digitize the registration process and sell tickets through the website itself.

Theme DetailsDemo

8. WellExpo


WellExpo is a trending conference theme with a chic, immersive design. You get amazing animations and elements that merge into the background creating a unique effect. This theme comes with specialized layouts like Business Forum and Tech Summit.

WellExpo comes with a collection of 800+ Google Fonts to set your text content apart from the rest. You get multiple icon packs with this theme like Font Awesome, Font Elegant, and Ion Icons to set your website apart with unique icons.

You get a collection of custom-built inner pages so you can get started with setting up your website immediately. These catchy inner pages are built with interesting content so that your viewers stay engaged across all pages.

You also get the Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin to create comprehensive schedule tables for your event. The theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin for online ticketing.

The theme supports social media integration so you can promote your social media profiles for greater online following. You can even feature Instagram and Twitter feeds and showcase your social media posts.

Theme DetailsDemo

9. Eventsia Plus

Eventsia Plus

Eventsia Plus is a great event management theme with useful information sections to effectively showcase businesses. This is also a great theme to showcase multiple events. This conference theme is equipped with some rare tools for special functionalities like setting up discussion forums.

This theme comes with a collection of 800+ Google Fonts and unlimited color choices to meet your branding needs. You can easily customize this theme to reflect your brand aesthetic.

You can choose between multiple layouts to meet your specific needs. The theme comes with the Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin in order to create and manage events. WooCommerce is integrated in order to handle ticketing and online registration tasks.

This theme also comes with the bbPress plugin, which is a useful tool for creating discussion forums. You can build a digital community in your events management website or even use it to enable discussions about upcoming events.

You can also display testimonials from happy clients in a dedicated section, building trust among potential customers.

Theme DetailsDemo

10. Exhibz


Exhibz is a theme with a really effective design that comes with over 15 website templates for specialized purposes. There are templates for education conferences (navigation for actual education WordPress themes here), food festivals, and more. This is also a suitable commerce exhibition theme.

Exhibz is compatible with the Elementor plugin making layout customizations a breeze. You get a collection of Google Fonts to personalize this theme along with Font Awesome and Icofont Icons.

The theme also comes with a stat counter where you can display impressive facts about your event or company like the number of events you have organized, or the number of speakers you have featured in your event.

The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to sell event tickets through your website. You also get the Eventin plugin to manage digital registrations and ticket sales.

You can use the MailChimp plugin to build mailing lists using this plugin to promote your events and generate leads.

Theme DetailsDemo

11. Event Station

Event Station

Event Station has a vibrant design with bold elements making it a great theme for commerce exhibitions. This theme homepage comes with numerous sections to provide visitors with a variety of useful and catchy information. 

Besides a collection of 700+ Google Fonts, you also get extensive color control with this theme. You can choose a custom color for virtually any element.

There are three homepage layouts to choose from and you can also alter the sidebar position to suit your needs. The theme comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin in case you need to make any drastic layout changes. 

A rare feature provided by this theme is the 3D tour, in which visitors can actually see a 3D image of your event venue. It is a great way to keep visitors glued to the page.

You also get the MailChimp plugin for developing a mailing list — a useful marketing tool if you run an event management company. Ticketing and online registrations can be done through the WooCommerce plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo

12. Meetup


Meetup is a theme that meets any conference and events-related needs. This theme comes with great features for both individual events and event management companies.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin to make layout customization easy with simple drag and drop movements. You get a number of specialized website templates with this theme so you can easily find the right setup for your needs.

You can also use the parallax feature, in which the background image moves slower than the foreground elements while scrolling to give an appealing 3D effect. Use this feature at key locations to draw attention to those areas.

Meetup comes with the Tickera plugin, an extensive tool to manage your online ticketing. You can also choose the WooCommerce plugin to handle registration and ticketing.

The theme also comes with an effective portfolio allowing you to showcase your work as an event management company. Draw in customers by showcasing your previous successes in event management.

Theme DetailsDemo

13. Evently


Evently comes with great animations strapped onto an angular and energetic design. You get 9 homepage layouts with this unique aesthetic for varied purposes. This theme will set your website apart and leave a mark on visitors.

This theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, an effective tool for making layout customizations intuitively. Choose the best layout for you and make adjustments as per your needs. You can use the parallax effect to create a sense of immersion and engagement.

The theme comes with a collection of prebuilt inner pages so you can get set up with this theme right out of the box. You also get access to some useful shortcodes for adding elements like animations and pricing tables using a short, prewritten line of code.

Mega Menu is also included so you can easily build and stylize your menu items to go along with the rest of your website.

The theme also comes with the premium Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress plugin. This is a great tool for creating and managing event schedules on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

14. Theater


Theater is a retina-ready WordPress theme with an immersive design built for theater houses. This theme can work well for event brands with sections such as Upcoming Events and Featured Events.

This theme comes with its own content composer tool to make customizations. A collection of 99+ shortcodes put a large number of custom elements at your disposal, to be used by pasting a single line of code.

The theme comes with The Events Calendar plugin to create and manage your events. Theater puts its focus on showcasing multiple events and comes with sections like Upcoming Events and Featured Events.

You can even use this theme to showcase your events portfolio to attract customers or give potential attendees a better idea of the brand of your event.

This theme supports social media integration and also features a full-width Instagram feed. Showcase your social media posts and grow your online following at the same time.

You also get newsletter subscription forms to build a mailing list and generate new leads.

Theme DetailsDemo

15. Eventr


Eventr is a conference theme with a clean design. This WordPress theme has a simple yet elegant design with adequate features and sections to highlight your key information.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin for making layout customizations. You also get 10+ unique addons giving you access to additional theme elements to use.

Unlimited color options and a collection of 600+ Google Fonts allow you to create a distinct feel in your website and easily meet your branding needs.

You get an engaging full-page banner that merges into the header menu. You can use well-chosen photos in the banner to give visitors a sense of what your event is about. The theme also has a countdown timer to create a sense of anticipation among attendees.

Eventr uses custom post types to build important sections. You get individual post types for adding speakers, schedule elements, testimonials, and FAQ entries.

This theme also comes with a photo gallery to display moments from earlier iterations of your event.

Theme DetailsDemo

16. Vertoh


Vertoh is a multi-purpose event theme built with care and attention to showcase key attractions and help increase ticket sales. This theme comes with various useful features to meet these needs.

This theme allows you 4 header layouts and 15 color combinations to choose from. This theme comes with features that make it suited for a variety of event types. You can add or remove sections as you wish to meet your needs.

You get an advanced schedule management tool giving you extensive control over your schedule control and management. Besides a Speakers section, you also get a dedicated section to display your featured panels or talk sessions.

Vertoh also comes with a Featured Exhibitors section making it a great theme for commerce exhibition.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to manage online ticketing and registrations with this theme. You can display your various options using this theme as well as a “sold out” notice to increase your ticket sales.

The theme comes with multiple Call-to-Action areas displaying your event time and location to persuade visitors to buy your event tickets.

Theme DetailsDemo

17. Eventim


Eventim is an event theme with trendy design and great readability. This theme comes with multiple website templates to suit varied purposes, ranging from business events to music festivals.

An extensive options panel allows you to make layout customizations for your website. You get a collection of shortcodes to add elements to your website as per your needs. The theme also comes with a choice of 500+ Google Fonts and detailed color controls.

The theme offers you some great banner designs with video or image background. You can feature the right choice of media items in the banner to create an engaging website surfing experience.

The sticky header menu helps create a better user experience by aiding in navigation. Users can easily find the menu at any point to move to another page.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to manage ticketing with this theme.

The theme is also child theme ready so you can set up your website with a secondary theme while making customizations to the main one.

Theme DetailsDemo

18. PlanUp


PlanUp is an event theme with some great features. You can create a truly engaging event or conference website with this theme. The theme is quite flexible and comes with some rare sections like Accommodations to suit a variety of event types.

The theme comes with 700+ Google Fonts to change the look of your website drastically. You get a built-in Page Builder to make customizations and it comes with a large collection of shortcodes to add any elements you might need.

You can enable a parallax background effect or even place a video background to create a very engaging visual effect. This theme has a graphic schedule section design with a vertical timeline layout.

Ticket buyers can use PayPal gateway to purchase tickets with this theme making ticket purchases quite convenient.

The theme is integrated with Google Maps and it comes with the ability to show directions. You get an event countdown with a useful addition — a Save the Date button that integrates with users’ Google Calendar.

Theme DetailsDemo

19. Eventchamp


Eventchamp is the complete solution for event listing websites. This theme is compatible with a range of payment gateways and ticketing tools allowing you great flexibility in event management. The theme also comes with a large collection of website templates and inner pages to suit a variety of purposes.

This theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for making customizations. Built for event listing websites, the theme comes with an advanced event search system with filters.

You also get multiple tools to manage key information related to individual events. You can create events, schedules, and get management tools for sections such as speakers and sponsors.

This theme is WooCommerce compatible and supports over 100 payment gateways from PayPal to Stripe. You can also integrate this theme with a collection of event listing services like Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Facebook, and more.

Sections such as Upcoming Events and Featured Events get ample space on the homepage. You also get Google Maps and Google Street View integration allowing attendees to find the exact location of your events.

Theme DetailsDemo

20. Mann


Mann comes with a bundle of premium tools and a design that can leave a mark on viewers. The theme features some great animation and a chic design where the sections seem to merge into each other.

This theme features a collection of premium plugins that include three page-builder plugins, WPBakery Page Builder, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. You can take your pick for making layout customizations.

The theme also offers you a collection of 600+ Google Fonts and 1200+ catchy icons. The Jetpack plugin is also included with this theme, allowing you varied features including security and visual elements.

The theme has an extensive schedule section that allows visitors to explore your events in great detail.

You can also feature your Instagram feed to grow your social media following. Generate leads using the MailChimp newsletter subscription forms. You can use the Call-to-Action section to draw the visitor towards taking a certain action like purchasing a ticketed event.

Theme DetailsDemo

21. Booth


Booth is one of the trending conference themes with flexible uses. It comes with a trendy style and multiple theme layouts making it a great pick for music events, incubators, and tech meets.

This theme comes with the premium Visual Composer plugin for intuitive layout customizations. Simply use drag-and-drop motions to make layout changes to your website. You can use video background sections to encourage viewer engagement and draw attention to key areas.

A collection of 800+ Google Fonts and multiple icon packs are included, allowing you great customization choices.

You also get a collection of shortcodes attached to elements such as countdown timer and pricing tables. Add these features anywhere you need by pasting a single line of prewritten code.

The theme includes the Timetable Responsive Schedule for Wordpress plugin. Use this tool to manage and create schedules with great control.

Use the WooCommerce plugin to manage your online ticketing and registrations. You also get a dropdown cart widget which is useful if you want to sell a variety of products on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

22. Event Mana

Event Mana

Event Mana is a very effective event listing theme. This theme has a design that draws attention to your key sections. You also get multiple areas to showcase events.

This theme comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin allowing you to make customizations with easy drag-and-drop motions. You can also use a custom primary color to meet your branding needs.

You also get an advanced search bar with a Categories filter for visitors to search for desired events. You get a separate section to display your event management company’s standout qualities.

The theme’s main feature is the events section where you can list all your events. The section allows you to switch between different event categories as well.

Event Mana can also be integrated with Eventbrite to manage your online ticket payments. You can also choose to use the WooCommerce plugin for ticketing and registrations.

This is a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language. The theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin allowing you to set up multilingual websites.

Theme DetailsDemo

23. Incubator


Incubator is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 12 specialized templates for business startups, online stores, and product showcase websites. This one-page theme has a compelling template for events with a spacious design and catchy animations.

This theme has an engaging design with sections that appear to merge into one another. Smooth scrolling, parallax effects, and subtle animations give this theme a distinct quality.

You get a full-page banner with a text area to prominently display the date and venue of your event. An elegant countdown timer is included to create a sense of anticipation.

The theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin for easy layout customization. The plugin comes with 30+ custom elements that you can use to spice up your website.

You get a dedicated section to display the standout qualities of your event with catchy icons and short descriptions. You can explain what makes your event different from others like it.

The theme also includes a large tickets section with pricing tables. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce for making online transactions.

Theme DetailsDemo

24. The Keynote

The Keynote

The Keynote is a conference theme with a sober design. This theme is best suited for business conferences and comes with adequate features to tackle your event management needs.

The full-page banner comes with a CTA (Call-to-Action) button that can be linked to any important page like the registration page. You also get sections to showcase your speakers and a comprehensive Schedule section separated into individual event days.

The Keynote is an excellent theme for event management companies. You get a portfolio page with 4 different layouts to showcase your earlier work. You also get newsletter subscription forms that can be used to generate leads.

The theme uses PayPal integration for online ticketing and registration. It is also a WooCommerce-compatible theme so you get a choice of two tools for online transactions.

This theme comes with a large map area powered by Google Maps where you can pinpoint your event venues or office location. You can use the Mega Menu plugin to build stylized menu items.

Theme DetailsDemo

25. ConferPress


ConferPress is a WordPress theme built specifically for event listing and management websites. This theme comes with some useful premium plugins allowing you greater control and choices for managing your events.

This theme can be easily customized with the accompanying Visual Composer plugin. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop page builder to make layout changes where necessary.

You get two popular event management plugins with this theme — Event Calendar Pro and EventOn. Use your preferred plugin to create and manage events on your website.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to manage online ticket transactions. The theme also comes with Event Ticket Plus for this purpose allowing you flexibility in managing a key aspect of your event website functions.

There are 8+ menu styles to choose from so that you can create the right first impression. The theme offers a collection of Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons giving you plenty of choices for personalization.

ConferPress is also compatible with the bbPress plugin allowing you to create discussion forums on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

26. TheEvent


TheEvent is an excellent event WordPress theme for business conferences. This theme comes with multiple homepage layouts to create the right impact on visitors. There are many eye-catching elements and attractively-designed sections that help you create an effective event website.

This theme allows you to make customizations with the Xpress page builder plugin. You get a collection of 700+ Google Fonts and a Font Awesome icons pack to create a distinct look for your website.

The theme allows digital payments using the PayPal integration. You get choices where it matters with multiple event section layouts. You also get an Our Event System section that is useful for businesses to layout their standout qualities.

The theme includes the MailChimp plugin for newsletter subscription functions. Build mailing lists to generate new leads with this tool.

The theme even comes with parallax background effects that can allow you to create an engaging 3D effect. You also get some useful banner designs with a large countdown timer and a newsletter form.

Theme DetailsDemo

27. Grand Conference

Grand Conference

Grand Conference is a theme with a unique design that focuses on viewer engagement. You get multiple theme templates to suit various event styles from tech forums to music festivals.

This theme prioritizes viewer conversion with a visual focus on key information sections. You get a unique banner design that features a CTA (Call-to-Action) link to the desired page and merges into an About section.

You can also choose between 3 schedule layouts, which is a crucial element for event themes. The Speakers section features a grid design that you can customize to create the right impact.

The theme uses the WooCommerce plugin for online ticket transactions and supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Mastercard. You can even enable a coupon system at checkout to provide discounts to attendees.

You can even display accommodation details for attendees with this theme. Showcase the best hotels near the venue with booking information.

Grand Conference also allows you to create About pages for each speaker, with introductions and links to their social media profiles.

Theme DetailsDemo

28. iEvent


iEvent is an event management WordPress theme with a trendy design. This theme uses some great variations in their section layouts for a dynamic effect. The theme is a great fit for tech summits.

This theme comes bundled with the premium Visual Composer plugin, allowing you to make easy customizations using drag and drop motions. There are 10+ header layouts to choose from to create the right first image.

A collection of Google Fonts allows you to create the desired feel for your website. You also get a Font Awesome icons-pack to set your website apart with catchy icons. Upload your own background image to increase viewer engagement.

The theme also has a beautiful stat counter section where you can display interesting facts about your event — the number of tickets sold, or the number of speakers at your event.

Google Maps integration allows you to pinpoint your venue to attendees in an interactive map. A prominent registration section helps drive up your conversions.

You also get a very attractively designed Gallery section with a grid layout.

Theme DetailsDemo

29. Event


Event is a super effective one-page theme for events and conferences. It has a bold and contemporary design that draws attention to the key sections. You get some useful sections to display all the key areas of information related to your event.

This is a retina-ready theme with unlimited color choices. You get attractive variations between section layouts and a spacious design creating an elegant look.

The full-page header banner has an effective design and can display your event time and location along with a CTA (Call-to-Action) button to the desired page. You can attract viewers to register for your event immediately.

You get a unique grid-style design to showcase your speakers. A text animation allows you to give short introductions to each speaker while the keynote speaker can be given a major space.

You can also display testimonials from past attendees in a sliding section. A newsletter form is also included for building a mailing list and generating leads.

Theme DetailsDemo

30. MeetOn


MeetOn has a simple and effective design with all the required elements for a successful events website. This theme uses a bright color palette and some subtle animations to engage the viewers.

The theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin for making easy layout customizations. You get a collection of shortcodes allowing you to insert various theme elements from carousels to tabs by pasting a single line of prewritten code.

You also get the Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress plugin. This is a useful tool for creating and managing schedules which is an important part of an events website.

The theme has a graphic timeline-style schedule section with day-wise tabs. Attendees can even download a pdf copy of the schedule.

Another useful area is the Features section where you can showcase the standout qualities of your event using a combination of icons and text.

The WooCommerce plugin is included to handle online ticket transactions. This is also a translation-ready theme that allows you to easily localize your website in your relevant language.

Theme DetailsDemo

31. Eventiz


Eventiz is a brilliant WordPress theme for events and conferences. It features a distinct design from other event themes with box-style section layouts that draws the attention of viewers.

This theme allows layout customization with the Visual Composer plugin. You get 4 different homepage layouts to suit your needs. Color customization is also possible with a primary and secondary color palette.

This theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that helps manage ticket bookings and registrations. You get an attractive ticketing section with pricing tables that displays features of each ticket type.

This theme enables you to set up parallax sections for increasing viewer engagement or to draw attention to key sections.

You can also showcase your event sponsors in a dedicated section. An Accommodations section is included for displaying lodgings-related information to attendees.

You can create individual About pages for each speaker with links to their social media profiles. The theme comes with email subscription forms allowing you to generate new leads.

Theme DetailsDemo

32. Eventime


Eventime is a photo-first event theme with the maximum viewer engagement value. The theme has a standout design with highly immersive animations and background images. This theme comes with 6 drastically different website layouts for different purposes.

You can customize this theme with the accompanying WPBakery Page Builder plugin. There is a collection of 700+ Google Fonts to choose from as well as powerful shortcodes to add a host of new elements to your website.

You also get 9 preloader choices for your website. Upload a desired image or logo to display while the website loads.

You get an attractive Schedule design that makes the best of minimalist design cues creating a chic effect. You can even display a different background image for each schedule item to create a sense of engagement.

This theme also comes with the WPML plugin for multi-language features. Right-to-left scripts such as Arabic are also supported.

Theme DetailsDemo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is having a countdown timer important for conference themes?

Countdown timers create a sense of anticipation among the attendees. It can be an appealing way to show the amount of time remaining before the event starts.

How can I create the event schedule?

There are different ways that themes allow you to customize your schedule. Some themes come with custom post types to create schedule items. The Timetable Responsive Schedule is a popular plugin that makes schedule creation and management easy.

Which hosting service is best for conference themes?

There are lots of things you should consider when choosing a hosting service such as SSD Hard Disk for speed, Let’s Encrypt, Speed and so on. We have written a detailed guide on the best WordPress hosting providers which you will find helpful.

How can I set up an online ticketing system for my event website?

Most events and conference WordPress themes come with the free WooCommerce plugin for conducting online transactions. This plugin lets you manage all your ticketing activities through your website.

Which Conference WordPress Theme is Best for You?

There are some great conference themes out there with unique designs and powerful features. The Conference Pro has a premium feel to it and ticks all the boxes, including Search Engine Optimization. It has an aesthetic that is suited more towards business conferences but it can be used for different purposes with its great customization features. 

Eventsia is a great option if you need a theme for an event listing website with an amazing layout. 

If you are looking for an immersive theme with an artistic design, then we suggest you go for Eventime.

Did you find the right theme for your needs? Let us know in the comments.

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