20 Free Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profits in 2024

Free Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

Are you planning to launch a charitable organization to support a cause? If you are, having a good website to start out with is a necessity. Having great visibility is essential for non-profit organizations as you need to showcase your values, causes, and charitable activities online. 

Fortunately, the WordPress platform allows you to set up a website with all the features that you need. You get free charity WordPress themes that allow you to introduce your organization to visitors in the best possible way. What’s more, you can get many functionalities of WordPress for FREE using these themes.

Keeping that in mind, we provide you with a list of the 25 Free WordPress themes that work perfectly for your non-profit causes. But, before that, it would be best if you take a look at these tutorial blogs. These articles can help you take your charity website to a new level. 

We also recommend trying these affordable WordPress hosting services which can be budget-friendly for charity organizations.

What To Look For in a Free Charity WordPress Theme?

Choosing a charity WordPress theme for your website is an important decision to make. It makes all the difference in how your organization is presented to the viewers and how they respond to you.

You should look out for certain features that can enhance the impact of your website. Different themes offer different levels of functionalities. You need a non-profit theme that puts the power in your hands and is a pleasure to look at. 

Here are some features you should consider in a free charity WordPress theme:

Customization Features

When it comes to building a website, personalization is always key. Organizations often have a brand aesthetic that they need to reflect on their websites. Many free themes do not come with customization features, hence you should look out for customizability. 

A good part of customizability comes through choices in fonts and theme colors, so look out for those. Layout options are also important. Compatibility with page builder plugins like Gutenberg, a useful tool that allows you to customize layouts using block units, comes in handy as they give you great control in customization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website’s design and content so that it can rank higher on search engine results. SEO is a crucial feature for improved visibility. It drastically improves your chances of being found by interested people through search engines like Google. 

Speed Optimized

You want your website to be optimized for faster loading. Not only does faster loading improve user experience tremendously, but loading speed is also an important search engine ranking factor. A website that loads quicker helps its SEO properties.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The M+R Benchmarks Report of 2019 shows that 50% of traffic to non-profit websites comes from mobile devices. At the same time, donations from mobile phones have been increasing drastically, going up by 21% over the previous year. Hence, it is very important for your website to be responsive to different screen sizes — it has to load well on mobile devices and desktops just the same. This will ensure that your website creates the same kind of impact on visitors regardless of the type of device they carry.

Social Media Integration

Social media is another standard digital tool for reaching out to an audience. Being able to connect your social media profiles to your website is a huge plus point. Visitors who are interested in your organization can find an easy way to stay in touch with you through your social media links.

Features such as the ability to display your Instagram Feed are also quite effective in drawing website visitors to your social media profiles. You can get a dual benefit — you can showcase your social media content directly through the website and increase your social media followers at the same time.

Post Format Variety

Having a variety of post formats is important if you want to create a lively website. You cannot expect to keep the visitor engaged with a dull website. Having a variety of post formats like image, text, gallery, and video allows you to create a vivid website.

At the same time, having a variety of mediums at your disposal allows you to highlight important information sections like your Campaigns.

Multi-Language Facilities

Non-profit organizations often rely on donations from around the globe to conduct their charitable activities. Global Trends in Giving Report shows that 31% of global donors donate to foreign charities. Having multilingual capabilities with tools such as the WPML plugin is valuable as it allows you to reach out to greater audiences.

List of Best Free WordPress Themes for Non-Profits

You can find that a theme with the above-mentioned features can serve you best when setting up a charity website. Based on these features, we have created a list of 20 Free Charity WordPress Themes for Non-Profit.

1. Benevolent


Trusted by more than 1000 non-profit organizations around the world, Benevolent is a beautiful WordPress theme with a professional-looking design that can hook viewers in. It comes with some well-designed homepage sections to showcase your organizational features and activities. Benevolent works great for charities, nonprofits, foundations, or websites for different causes.

This is a super responsive theme that responds well to all screen sizes. This theme is also optimized for SEO, which can help your website rank higher on search engines.

You get an attractive full-page banner with a Call-to-Action prompt designed to pull the viewers to take the desired action. You even get a large Donate Now button in the floating header section.

This theme has social media integration, so you can easily feature links to your social media profiles. You can display your social media icons in an easily visible top bar. This theme is also built to be translation-ready so you can easily localize and set your website up in relevant languages.

There are attractive sections like the Community section with large featured photos and elegant animation, as well as a featured area with links to your key pages like the About page.

You can add Call-to-Action banners anywhere on your website with buttons for visitors to take the desired action, like donating to your organization.

The Benevolent theme also has a premium version offering 7+ collections of charity website templates. You can customize any template to fit any type of charity with minimal effort, but we have listed some popular starter templates of Benevolent Pro: 

1. Charity

Benevolent Pro- Charity Template

The Charity template provides a sense of warmth and empathy through its thoughtful design elements and impactful features. 

With its visually stunning layout and intuitive navigation, the Charity template serves as an excellent platform for nonprofit organizations, charities, and fundraising initiatives to create a compelling online presence.

2. Revive Charity

Revive Charity - Benevolent Theme

The Revive Charity template is a versatile and user-friendly theme designed for charitable organizations. 

The template includes sections for testimonials, blogs, and team introductions, fostering community engagement. It also features a donation call-to-action, encouraging visitors to contribute to the cause. 

3. Fundraiser

Benevolent Pro - Fundraiser

With its emphasis on growth, innovation, and making a difference, the Fundraiser template is an excellent choice for any charity organization looking to expand its online presence.

The template is designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a focus on showcasing the positive change your organization is making. 

4. Empower

Benevolent Pro - Empower Template

The Empower template is a comprehensive and engaging theme designed for charity organizations. 

It showcases your mission, causes, and the transformative impact of your work. The template is designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a focus on showcasing the positive change your organization is making. 

5. Giving Heart

Benevolent Pro - Giving heart Template

The Giving Heart template is another great template for charity event organizers and non-profit organizations.

With a strong focus on visual storytelling, this template utilizes pictures to convey the organization’s mission.

Key Features of Benevolent Pro Theme

  • Trusted by 1000+ non-profit organizations
  • SEO-optimized and Speed Optimized
  • Unlimited Colors and 600+ Google Web Fonts
  • One-Click demo installation
  • Supports Social Media Integration
  • Give Donation Plugin compatible

Benevolent Pricing:

Benevolent has a free version, while premium plans start from $59. Additional services can also be bought for an additional cost.

2. Rishi Theme

Rishi Charity Theme

Rishi Theme is a free, multipurpose WordPress theme that lets you create a website of different niches. This core vital optimized theme comes bundled with powerful features and functionalities that help you run a perfect charity website for the non-profit cause.

Rishi Theme is unbeatable when it comes to speed and performance. It lands a speed score of 100% and a load time of less than 500 milliseconds. Likewise, it follows the best SEO guidelines to help rank your website higher on search engine result pages. 

The theme combines wide range of ready-made site templates to help you kickstart your charity website. You can import all the available text, images, and settings in just a single click using the theme’s One-click Demo Import feature. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to use the predesigned templates, you can build a highly customizable template of your own using the Elementor Page Builder. You can further customize your charity website using the Gutenberg Editor. Besides, you can make it more convincing using multiple colors and Google fonts. 

In addition to that, Rishi Theme is optimized for core vitals and follows the best SEO practices. It supports multiple SEO plugins such as Rank Math and Yoast SEO. You can easily rank your website higher on search engine result pages. 

This theme is also compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can take advantage of this integration to promote and sell several products online and raise decent money for charity.

Here are some popular starter templates of Rishi Theme for any charity website:

1. Charity

Rishi Theme Charity Demo

The Charity starter template is the perfect choice for non-profit organizations.

This template has visually appealing and user-friendly sections to showcase the various charity events and initiatives.

2. Charity Care

Rishi Charity Theme

The Charity Care starter template is a clean template specifically designed for non-profit organizations.

With its engaging design, non-profit organizations can showcase their mission, services, teams and success stories.

Key Features of Rishi Theme

  • Has 75+ pre-designed and ready-to-install starter sites
  • Core Web Vitals Optimized WordPress Theme
  • One Click Demo Installation
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Advanced Header and Footer Builder
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Compatible
  • Highly Customizable


Rishi Theme has a free version. While the premium version is available at three prices:

  • Personal package at $49
  • Professional package at $99
  • Agency package at $149

3. Charity Care

Charity Care

A child theme of Benevolent, Charity Care is great if you want dynamic variety in your charity WordPress theme. This theme has an extensive homepage with attractive and varying layout styles for each section.

This is a search engine optimized theme that can help you rank higher on search engine results. This theme is also optimized for speed allowing great user experience and adding some value for SEO along the way.

The theme has an elegant featured section where you can place your most important links like the Volunteer or Donate page. The Community section has a very engaging design as it comes with large featured photos and colorful text areas arranged in a dynamic way.

Charity Care also has a Worked With section where you can place your most reputed affiliates with their logos. This can help establish credibility in the viewers’ eyes.

Social media integration is included and you can add links to your social media profiles in various locations including a top bar.

Theme DetailsDemo

4. Astra

Astra Charity Theme

Astra is a free multipurpose WordPress theme with a number of dedicated templates especially for charities and nonprofits. It’s a fast, flexible theme that has been designed to be easy to use. So much so that anyone, with any level of skill or WordPress experience can create amazing websites.

The charity WordPress themes have been designed to deliver the warm welcome you need to get visitors in a giving mood. Each includes lots of content areas to tell your story and an effective call to action to help them donate.

There are over 220 professional Starter Templates to choose from. Each has been designed by professionals, installs in seconds and can be fully customized. You can change everything you see on the page using a drag and drop page builder.

Astra is fully compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder and the Gutenberg block editor. Most templates will work with one or all of these tools, making it easy to install a template and make it fit your brand with the minimum of fuss.

The theme is designed to be fast as well as easy to use. Pages load in under half a second and the entire theme has been coded to score highly on speed tests and deliver a superior user experience. Ideal for keeping search engines and users happy!

Astra is also fully compatible with WooCommerce if you want to sell items as well as accept donations and LearnDash if you want to educate.

Theme DetailsDemo

5. Charitize


Charitize is a great free nonprofit WordPress theme. It has a simple and attractive design that is easily customizable. This theme comes with a few different customization options that can be useful to personalize your website.

The theme comes with 15 font choices and some color options allowing you to personalize it to suit your needs. You can also use a custom background image to create a distinct impression. The great thing about Charitize is that it is compatible with the Gutenberg plugin, allowing you to easily customize your website layout using block units.

This is a responsive theme with useful information sections such as an Event section to display your upcoming events. Similarly, the Team section allows you to introduce your team to viewers.

This theme supports social media integration for up to 5 social media networks, hence you can include large photos of your team members with links to their social media profiles. You can include floating social media links too so visitors are more likely to visit your social media profiles.

You also get a sticky top bar with a Donate Now button.

Theme DetailsDemo

6. Foster Charity

Foster Charity

Foster Charity is a free WordPress theme for nonprofits and foundations that comes with a striking design and numerous homepage sections. You can use this theme for fundraising events and political campaigns. 

This theme has a few color choices and numerous Google Fonts that are useful for customizing your website. You can create a distinct look for your website with even a free theme. There is also a collection of free shortcodes that you can simply insert anywhere on the website to set up required visual elements.

There is an attractive, full-width section for you to display your top causes. Visitors can slide through different causes in the section. You also have an information section with a Read More button, a short description as well as a stat counter area. You can display interesting numbers related to your organization like the number of volunteers you have.

This is an SEO-friendly theme that also comes with some prebuilt inner pages so you can get started with your website immediately.

Theme DetailsDemo

7. Charitas Lite

Charitas Lite

Charitas Lite is a colorful WordPress theme. It has a unique header design and you can definitely use this to showcase important information about your non-profit organization.

This is a responsive theme that loads perfectly on all screen sizes. It is also optimized for speed and you can be assured of great user experience. This theme gives you unlimited colors. Colorful sections including an attractive quote banner can really attract the viewers’ attention.

You can also use the Gutenberg plugin with this theme to customize its layout using block units.

You get a great header banner with a slider that has previews of other photos at the bottom. A sticky header menu can help improve user experience by making navigation easier.

This is a multi-language theme that can allow you to set up your theme in multiple languages simultaneously. It can give you a great boost in terms of audience outreach.

Social media integration is also possible and you get a top bar contact area featuring your social media profiles and your contact information.

Theme DetailsDemo

8. Colorway

Colorway - Charity WordPress Theme

Colorway is a superfast WordPress theme specialized for creating beautiful websites. It has 37+ starter templates, including charity and non-profit organizations. It provides flexibility in customizing your website and creating pages to spread the message and purpose of the charity.

Colorway is a fully responsive theme and optimized for SEO. In addition to that, it is also compatible with WPML and RTL. It offers advanced customization options like fonts, typography, homepage options, menus, layouts, testimonial areas, widgets, etc.

Now, connecting your website to your social platforms is easy with Colorway. You just have to enter the links to your profiles. It has inbuilt integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Besides that, it is a WooCommerce compatible theme, so you can set up an online store on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

9. Social Care Lite

Social Care Lite

Social Care Lite is a free NGO WordPress theme for NGOs, charity foundations, and churches with a modern design. This is a responsive theme that adapts to all screen sizes. This theme can be an engaging way for visitors to explore your information and get in touch with you.

This theme is compatible with most page builder plugins like Elementor so you can work with these plugins to customize your website using simple drag and drop motions.

This is a plugin-friendly theme, compatible with most WordPress plugins. So, you can easily add any functionalities you need to your website. You also get a collection of custom widgets.

You get an effective header design that can display snippets of your news posts and your contact information. Social media integration is included and you can insert your social media links in the header too.

This is a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

10. Nature Bliss

Nature Bliss

Nature Bliss is a minimal theme with some great graphic sections to set your website apart. This theme allows you to properly represent your organizational goals and values in a catchy way while leaving a distinct image in the visitor’s mind.

You get a comprehensive theme options panel with this theme to make customizations. You get 4 different layout options for the sidebar and some custom widgets to go along with them. You can even upload a custom header image.

This theme also has a very effective header design. It allows you to place your contact information in a visible way and also feature your social media links.

The theme has an attractive header banner that comes with a Call-to-Action (CTA) prompt. You can attract the viewer to take a desired action like visiting one of your top blog posts.

There is a graphic Our Mission section where you can layout your objectives in an eye-catching way. There are CTA sections in the homepage to keep the viewer engaged with calls to take the desired action.

Theme DetailsDemo

11. VW Charity

VW Charity

VW Charity has a clean, catchy layout with colorful areas. This theme has a professional look and feels and creates a fun effect with simple design elements.

There are a few basic layout options with VW Charity changing the sidebar setup and so on. You also get a theme options panel that allows you to freely customize your homepage and rearrange the homepage elements.

This is a plugin-friendly theme compatible with most 3rd party plugins allowing you to add any number of functionalities to your website as per your needs.

Social media integration is also included and you can place links to your social media accounts. It has a very striking banner design with overlaid menu, text box, and CTA(Call-to-Action) buttons for taking the desired action.

Other useful elements are the stat counter section to display interesting figures about your organization and the Latest Donators section.

Theme DetailsDemo

12. TS Charity

TS Charity

TS Charity is a great free theme for non-profit organizations as it comes with some rare premium features. It has an elegant design and typography that makes use of a contrasting color palette for a striking effect.

You get a few theme customization options including changing the layout as per your needs. The theme comes with 3 pre-built inner pages so you can get started easily. This theme also comes with child theme support. This feature allows you to upload a replacement website to share your information online whenever you need to make modifications to the main theme.

You also get WooCommerce plugin support with this theme which allows you to set up an online store on your website and sell products.

The theme supports social media integration and comes with a top bar to place your contact information. It is also a translation-ready theme so you can easily set up your website in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

13. Phlox Charity

Phlox Charity

Phlox Charity has a spacious design and subtle animations that can make your website quite attractive. This theme comes with a very effective homepage design with well-planned sections. Your visitors will get important information quickly and accurately. You get some great premium features with this theme as well, making it a great choice for your website.

Phlox Charity is compatible with the Elementor plugin if you want to make in-depth customizations. You get 3 prebuilt inner pages allowing you to get a head start in setting up your website.

The theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can set up an online store for extra funds. There are some great elements like a stat counter attached with a CTA (Call-to-Action) section with angular design cues that make this theme a visual treat.

You also get a large and eye-catching donation section with a donation form. This theme organizes your information in a concise and catchy way and draws attention to where it matters.

Theme DetailsDemo

14. Charity Help Lite

Charity Help Lite

Charity Help Lite comes with subtle animations and minimal design. You can set up this theme for different purposes including NGOs, fundraising and so on. It has a light and uplifting tone that can greatly supplement humanitarian agendas.

You get a few color options with this SEO-optimized theme. The banner design is quite attractive as well with a smooth slider and a header menu that seems to merge with the banner photos.

You can also include your contact information along with your social media profile links in a highly visible header section.

Charity Help Lite is also built to be compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can set up an online store on your website. You can use the Contact Form 7 plugin to insert contact forms on your website as well for event registrations and volunteer applications.

The Missions section allows you to layout your causes using short descriptions and catchy icons. You also get a sliding Testimonials section and a Recent Donors section.

Theme DetailsDemo

15. FinRelief


FinRelief is a WordPress theme that comes with some basic and useful sections to highlight your organizational features and activities. This theme has a spacious design and you can easily attract attention to your text content using this theme.

FinRelief comes with a collection of Google Fonts. Choose the right font type for you and you can really set your website apart with this theme. You also get typography options to create a variety in your text content, helping to engage the audience.

This theme has an Our Activity section where you can link blog posts describing your key action areas. You can use short excerpts from the blog and engage the audience with catchy icons.

You also get a large Events section that enables you to display a good number of items in a two-column format. Make the best out of your event activities and promote them through this section.

This theme also has a newsletter subscription widget if you want to develop a mailing list. Social media integration is supported as well so you can include links to your social media profiles.

Theme DetailsDemo

16. LZ Charity Welfare

LZ Charity Welfare

LZ Charity Welfare has a brilliant design that allows core functions to shine with an elegant design. Each section occupies ample vertical space allowing for content to develop in a charming way. This theme is great if you want to create a distinct impression and build a website around specific causes.

The free theme comes with some customization features like uploading custom logo and slider settings to help you create the perfect slider animation.

LZ Charity Welfare has some brilliant sections. The Our Mission section offers a short excerpt and link to a dedicated page while including a large featured image and ample space. The featured causes section uses catchy icons and short descriptions.

You can also display your top donors using their logos in a Donors section to build trust in the viewer’s eyes.

Social media integration is included and this theme also allows you to share individual posts through social share buttons. You can also localize this theme easily to your relevant language.

This is a plugin-friendly theme compatible with most 3rd party plugins allowing you to add any functionality that you need.

Theme DetailsDemo

17. Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser is another great WordPress theme for NGOs with an engaging design. It makes use of a varied color palette creating for a vibrant effect. This theme is suitable if you want to showcase a variety of information to your viewer.

This theme has an appealing header design that displays your contact information in a very catchy way. The header slider is also designed in an attractive way and you can make customizations to it with the slider settings.

You can properly showcase different aspects of your organization using sections like Events, Causes and Volunteers.

This theme is also designed to be plugin friendly so you can add most 3rd party plugins to add functionality to your website. Set up an online store using this WooCommerce compatible theme and sell products to generate extra funds.

This is also a translation-ready theme so you can easily localize it in your relevant language.

Theme DetailsDemo

18. LT Charity

LT Charity

LT Charity is a lively WordPress theme that focuses on large image sections and section-wise background images to create an instant impact. This theme can be a perfect fit if you want to create a vivid image of your causes and activities in the visitor’s mind.

LT Charity is compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin. You can integrate the plugin and make layout customizations using simple drag and drop motions. 

The theme defines individual sections with large background photos and an element design that highlights the background images. The full-page header banner comes with a donation form. You also have a large CTA (Call-to-Action) section with an information box with eye-catching typography and a CTA link to the desired action.

You can display interesting facts about your organization in the stat counter section like the number of projects you have accomplished.

This theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and you can use it to set up an online store and sell products.

Theme DetailsDemo

19. Maisha Lite

Maisha Lite

Maisha Lite has a distinct style with a minimalist design that can leave a mark on viewers. While this theme comes with minimal content elements, you get some useful customization options. This theme can leave a mark on visitors with its unique style.

This theme allows you to choose a background color or upload a background image to create the desired look and feel.

A theme focused on creating impact with minimal elements, Maisha Lite also allows you to upload a custom header image. Use the right combination of images in the background, header and the header banner to create a lively sense of your causes and campaigns.

The homepage comes with an icon section that describes your causes in brief and draws the attention with extra-large icons. You get a full-page banner with a text box and a CTA (Call-to-Action) prompt that prods the visitor to take the desired action.

Social media integration is supported. The theme comes with sticky social media icons so that interested viewers can easily follow you on your social media profiles through highly visible buttons.

Theme DetailsDemo

20. Soma Lite

Soma Lite

Soma Lite is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme that can be used by charity organizations and different kinds of businesses. This free theme comes with a collection of premium features allowing you great leeway in terms of customization.

This theme was built on the Bootstrap framework making it super responsive. It also comes with the SiteOrigin page builder plugin so you can easily customize your website. The theme comes with unlimited color options and a collection of 800+ Google Fonts.

There are adequate sections to showcase your organizations, like a featured section, Top Clients section that can be used to showcase prominent donors, and a Testimonials section.

This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce allowing you to set up an online store on your website. You get Google Maps integration to create an interactive map to your office location or even to showcase your projects.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which Free Charity WordPress Theme is Best for You?

Choosing a WordPress theme for your charity website is an important step toward making a big difference in how visitors perceive your organization. There are numerous free themes out there with different styles.

Benevolent and Rishi Theme are excellent choices for free charity themes as they come with a premium feel and professional-looking design. You get adequate functions to showcase your organization’s different aspects with these themes.

LT Charity emphasizes photos with large photo thumbnails and a design that allows your background images to pop. If you want to create a lively image of your organization’s main cause, then this theme is a great choice.

You might also want a theme that is useful to highlight multiple causes or can perform better as a fundraising website. Foster Charity has a catchy design with beautiful color contrasts, and you get well-designed sections that can attract attention to multiple causes and campaigns.

Did you find the right theme for your organization with this list of 25 Free Charity WordPress Themes? Let us know in the comments.

We have also prepared a list of best charity WordPress themes that are premium and come with lots of features and functionalities.

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