Customer Stories: Interview with Tammy Letherer

This interview is our initiative to get to know our users a little bit better. We want to hear your experiences with Blossom Themes. We want to share your stories with all our users.

If you have been using any of our free or premium themes for more than 3 months and want to share your story, please feel free to submit it here.

Today, we are sharing an interview with Tammy Letherer. She is an award winning author and writing coach from Chicago.

Please take some time to go through our tête-à-tête with Tammy, to explore her story.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your profession?
I am an author and writing coach from Chicago. My latest book is an award-winning memoir and my specialty is helping others write their stories using the Hero’s Journey as a template.

2. When and how did you start your first blog/website?
I started writing a weekly blog about three years ago and it was one of the best disciplines I have ever committed to. Not only did it improve my writing, it helped me connect regularly with my readers and even led to an invitation to become a community blogger for the Huffington Post.

3. How did you hear about us?
I found Blossom Themes through a random internet search! I was looking for a fresher, more contemporary look for my website and immediately loved the look of the Blossom templates.

4. What made you choose Blossom Themes?
I could see myself in each of the themes I was considering. Each template had exactly the features I was looking for and more, and it was fun to see examples of all the ways I could expand my message through the various plugins.

5. Which Blossom Themes’ theme are you using and why?
I’m using Vandana. It was actually not my original choice but as I started working with the support person, he suggested it would be a better fit for me than the one I had chosen. I really appreciated the thoughtful feedback!

6. Can you name 3 features you love the most?
1. Number one is definitely the support team!
2. The variety and look of the various plugins is very nice.
3. The quick turnaround on my project was wonderful too.

7. In your opinion, what are the perks of using our theme?
Working with someone who was enthusiastic about my website and genuinely seemed to care that my needs were met was amazing. It feels like a real partnership and I am confident that any questions or problems I have will be addressed.

8. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve our services and create a better user experience?
Honestly, no.

9. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate Blossom Themes based on:
Support: 10
Design: 10
Usability: 8
Features: 10
Documentation: 10

10. Would you recommend our themes to your friends or colleagues?
Absolutely! I already have.

11. Please share your brief testimonial about your experience with us and our products.
The Blossom team understands my needs as a solo-preneur and knows how to highlight my strengths in a way that will help me reach my goals. In fact, in my experience with web designers, they are the first ones to even ask about my goals! Everything about the process felt customized rather than cookie-cutter. And because they work with other coaches, they had ideas to make my site look up-to-date and fitting for my profession.

Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your story with us. We hope this inspires our readers.

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