Customer Stories: Interview with Ashleigh Whaley

This interview is our initiative to get to know our users a little bit better. We want to hear your experiences with Blossom Themes. We want to share your stories with all our users.

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Today, we are sharing an interview with Ashleigh Whaley. She is a qualified farmer and a teacher. She loves to share her travel journey with her family on her website.

Please take some time to go through our tête-à-tête with Ashleigh, to explore her story.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your profession?
Firstly we live on a remote farm in Zimbabwe, Africa where I homeschool my two children. Both my husband and I are qualified farmers however when the children came along I changed my career from agriculture to educating my children. I have always loved the challenge of learning new things so in 2018 I started my blog in order to help others with their homeschooling and to share our unique lifestyle.

2. When and how did you start your first blog/website?
I started my blog in October 2018.

3. How did you hear about us?
Through searching themes on WordPress.

4. What made you choose Blossom Themes?
I really liked the layout and all how I can display a all my pictures. It had a layout that would suit my blog.

5. Which Blossom Themes’ theme are you using and why?
I’m using the Blossom Travel Pro theme.

6. Can you name 3 features you love the most?
I love the following:
1. Front Page Layout
2. Easy to use
3. Fantastic Support

7. In your opinion, what are the perks of using our theme?
It’s a very ordered theme with loads of picture options. The end result is a fun easy to navigate theme.

8. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve our services and create a better user experience?
Not at this stage as I am still learning how to make changes etc.

9. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate Blossom Themes based on:
Support: 10
Design: 9
Usability: 9
Features: 9
Documentation: 8

10. Would you recommend our themes to your friends or colleagues?

11. Please share your brief testimonial about your experience with us and our products.
I found Blossom Themes whilst I was looking for a new theme to take my blog to the next level. First impressions was that it looked super easy to use and had a bright fun home page. Once I had purchased the theme I then realised that the support was excellent and was able to get the help I required to make my blog look amazing. As I live on a remote farm in Africa with no computer support near by I certainly needed the amazing support I receive from Blossom Themes team. Well done guys for always helping me out!

Thank you, Ashleigh, for sharing your story with us. We hope this inspires our readers.

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