How to Edit the Menu in WordPress?

How to Edit the Menu in WordPress

WordPress offers unlimited styling options. All there is to do is spend a little time on the admin panel, make some adjustments here and there, save it, and you are done. 

The same thing goes for the menu as well. You can add, edit, and even make custom menus in WordPress. Your website becomes neater and better user-friendly. But it’s essential to know the correct way or else you may mess up your entire site.

In this writeup, we will guide you through each step on how to edit the menu in WordPress. 

How to Edit Menu In WordPress

This section explains the easiest ways to edit the menu in WordPress: 

1. Creating a New Menu on WordPress

For adding a new menu instead of editing the existing one, follow the steps below: 

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Go to ‘Appearance’ and click on the ‘Menus’ option. 
Go to menus option on dashboard
  • If you want to create a menu instead of editing the existing menus, click on the ‘Create a new menu link.
creating a new menu
  • Assign a relatable name to your menu and click on the ‘Create Menu’ button.
Assign name to the new menu

2. Add Buttons To Your WordPress Menu

  • You can see the ‘Pages’ section on the left side. 
  • Select the category to your menu. Check the box next to the option.
  • Click on the ‘Add to New’ button below.
Select the category and add to menu
  • The section appears on the right side of the screen. 
  • Click on the ‘Save Menu’ button. 
Save the menu

3. Editing the Menu Button in WordPress

After you create the menu, it appears on the right side of the screen. 

menu name

From here, you can edit the button and how it behaves. Here is how: 

  • You can arrange the order of the menu as you like. Drag and drop the menu section up or down to assign the position.
drag and drop menu to arrange the order
  • You can see a drop-down button on the right side. Click on it to reveal additional options for the menu. 
drop down button on the menu panel

You can notice various fields when you click on the drop-down button: 

  • Navigation label: This field is for typing in the name for your menu button. 
  • Title attribute: It is a text that shows up in a tooltip wherever a visitor hovers over the menu item. It is not a mandatory field. However, it does make your site search engine-friendly.
  • Link target: You can choose the link that opens up after clicking the menu button. You can choose between ‘New window or tab’ or ‘Same window or tab’ options.
  • Remove: This option removes the menu from the list. 

4. Creating Sub-menu in WordPress

The menu you create becomes primary by default. You can set it to secondary by dragging the menu slightly towards the right and releasing it. 

make the menu secondary

This will make the menu you dragged as an option under the menu above it. The ‘Blog’ menu becomes the sub-menu of the ‘Fashion’ menu in the above case.

5. Adding Link To The Menu In WordPress

For adding a link on your menu option that opens another page or website, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the ‘Add menu items’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Custom Links’ option in that section. 
Adding link to the menu option
  • After clicking the drop-down button, the following section appears: 
drop down custom links option
  • In the ‘URL‘ tab, paste the page’s web address to open up when clicking the menu. 
  • In the ‘Link Text’ tab, enter the name for the link that you want to add on the menu.
  • Click on the ‘Add to Menu’ option to save the changes. 
  • The menu now appears on the right side of the screen. You can position it as you want. 
custom link add menu

6. Editing Menu Settings

You should see a section named ‘Menu Settings’ as follows: 

menu settings in WordPress

From here, you can set WordPress to add pages automatically and edit the display location of the menu. Check on the box and save the changes. 

How To Delete and Rename Menu In WordPress

Sometimes, you may also want to delete the menu or rename it. Here is how you do it: 

  • Click on the menu that you want to rename or delete from the ‘Menu Structure’ section.
  • Click on the drop-down button on the menu tab. 
Remove or delete the menu
  • If you want to rename the menu, click on the ‘Navigation Label’ section and type in the new name. 
  • If you want to delete the menu from your WordPress, click on the ‘Remove’ link at the bottom. 
  • Save the changes. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were the easy steps on how to edit the menu in WordPress. We hope that now you can add, edit, and remove menus on the go. It is effortless once you know the proper way. 

Go ahead and try it out.

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