35+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2020

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, a photographer, or a creative agency, an online portfolio is essential for you to showcase your work. In fact, online portfolios are an effective way to attract new customers as it places you on the digital arena to be discovered by a greater number of people. 

WordPress themes make the job of setting up an online portfolio very easy. However, there are virtually endless portfolio themes out there, and you need just the perfect one. The best portfolio WordPress themes can showcase your portfolio items in the best way and give you an edge when it comes to converting visitors.

What Features to Look for in a Portfolio WordPress Theme?

Search Engine Optimization

The main purpose of a portfolio website is to increase your online visibility and draw in more customers. Organic searches are often the best way to accomplish this. This study by Conductor actually discovered that 64% of their traffic was coming in from organic internet searches! 

Search Engine Optimization is an essential process for portfolio websites that helps to improve your search engine rankings so you can draw more traffic.

WooCommerce Compatibility

A portfolio website creates the opportunity to set up an online store to sell your products or take online payments for your services. If your work deals explicitly with digital products like photographs, you will want your portfolio theme to be compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. This free plugin is the leading WordPress e-commerce tool and supports 28.24% of e-commerce websites out there. With this plugin, you can easily set up your online store and directly take payments through your website.

Mobile Friendly UI

The modern internet user does not have the patience for bad user experience. They will leave immediately if your website fails to load correctly on their website. The theme you choose must be mobile-friendly and responsive across different screen sizes. Around half the total internet traffic these days are originating from mobile devices, as per Statista. So, you stand to lose half of your visitors if your theme is not mobile-friendly.

Portfolio Options

Of course, the main feature that you should look for in your portfolio theme is an extensive array of options to customize your portfolio layout. You can easily showcase your portfolio in a simple grid layout, but there are many innovative presentation styles offered by WordPress themes out there. You might just find that little changes in your portfolio layout make a huge difference in how your work is perceived by potential customers.

Catchy Design

It is super important for portfolio websites to have a distinct style that goes well with their content. The design aesthetic of your digital portfolio tells as much about your brand as the text content that you may place to introduce yourself. 

Customization Features

You may choose a theme with the perfect design to go with your work. But without some customization features to personalize the theme, your digital portfolio may fail to leave a mark on visitors. Look for customization features like color options, Google Fonts, and font icon packs. Some themes even allow you to build your own layouts so you can set up a unique layout for your pages that can set you apart from the rest.

Multi-Language Compatibility

For artists and creatives, businesses can often come from around the globe. You want to ensure that your website is accessible to potential customers speaking a different language. Plugins such as WPML and Polylang allow you to set up your website in multiple languages simultaneously. Look for WordPress themes that support these plugins so you can draw in customers from around the globe.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a major channel through which businesses promote themselves. Having profiles on major social media platforms has become almost essential. As a freelancer or agency, you can develop your social media following through your portfolio website by integrating your social media profiles with your website. 

Information Sections

While strong design cues and a brief introduction section can be enough to set up your portfolio website, it is always great to have more information sections. They can help you communicate key information like prices and services, build your brand, and establish your credibility. 

A Testimonials section is very useful for persuading visitors of your expertise and establishing your reputation. You also want a prominent Contact section that visitors can discover easily and conveniently. If you run an agency, then a Team section can also be a great way to put a face to a name, humanize your company, and build your brand. 

Contact Forms

Contact forms allow interested customers to get in touch with you conveniently. They bypass a bunch of steps that prospects will have to take to start a different line of communication. Instead, they can just type in the form that appears on the page and submit it, making it much more likely for potential customers to start a line of inquiry that can lead to a sale.

35+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes in 2020

Based on the above features, we have collected a list of 35+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes in 2020.

Perfect Portfolio Pro

Perfect Portfolio is a WordPress theme with a sleek and trendy design that is perfect for photographers and creatives. This theme is built for readability and comes with a well-rounded feature set that truly helps your work shine.

This theme has an excellent codebase as it is optimized for SEO and speed. It is also fully responsive across all screen sizes. The theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to set up an online store on your website.

This theme offers you five portfolio layouts so that you can showcase your work with the perfect balance of text and images. Furthermore, there are three different blog layouts that you can utilize to elaborate on your work.

You get three prebuilt inner pages to highlight key information, like the Services page, the About Us page, and the Resume page. This theme also allows you multilanguage facilities through the WPML and Polylang plugins.

A collection of 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited color choices can help you truly personalize this theme to make it your own.

    Theme DetailsDemo


    Vandana is a business WordPress theme with a super elegant and spacious design. This theme is quite effective at drawing attention to your key information with its large sections. Vandana is a great choice if you want to create a complete picture of your company or services while displaying your work portfolio.

    This is an SEO-optimized theme, so you get an immediate head start over your competitors. The theme is also Schema integrated, which helps search engines understand your content better.

    You also get some great opportunities to build your online following. The theme features a bold and attractive header banner with a large newsletter subscription box. You can also integrate your social media profiles to your website and even showcase social media posts with an Instagram feed.

    You can also choose to add an appointment booking form in the banner instead of a newsletter form.

    There are multiple information sections to establish your brand, including a Testimonials section and an About section. You get multiple layout choices for all key sections, including eight header layouts, three portfolio layouts, three slider layouts, etc.

    Key Takeaways

      Theme DetailsDemo

      Ridhi Pro

      Ridhi Pro has a professional feel to it with its simple yet engaging design. This business theme can be adapted to any kind of business and individual and comes with a predefined portfolio page. You can showcase not just your work but also build your brand and credibility in the visitors’ eyes.

      This is a translation-ready theme that supports WPML and Polylang plugins to give you multi-language facilities. Social media integration is included, and visitors can even share your posts on their social media using sticky social share buttons.

      This theme allows you to frame a complete picture of your organization with 20 homepage sections like Services, Clients, Team, and even a Pricing section. You can cover your bases by displaying key service-related information alongside persuasive content like Testimonials.

      You also get nine elaborate inner pages to display your portfolio, testimonials, success stories, and more. A collection of 900+ Google Fonts and custom background image settings allows you to personalize this theme and create the desired feel.

        Theme DetailsDemo


        Asata has a vibrant and trendy style that really suits modern-day creatives and agencies run by young entrepreneurs. This theme comes with a collection of unique pre-built templates, so you have some great choices to start out with.

        This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can set up an online store on your website to sell your products, or take payments for consultations, and so on.

        The theme also comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no additional cost. This tool is quite useful as it allows you to make easy drag and drop customizations to your theme layout. A collection of 40+ content elements gives you many more options to experiment with as per your needs.

        The theme also comes with the Mega Menu feature to create large and stylized menu items for engaging the visitors. Asata is also compatible with plugins like Contact Form 7 and WPML for increased functionality.

          Theme DetailsDemo


          Oshine has a chic design that is reflected across 51 unique prebuilt website templates. You also get a collection of prebuilt pages alongside these demos so you can get started with your own website right away.

          This theme actually has the one-click demo install feature that allows you to download the theme contents with a single click. A collection of 50+ styling modules combined with the prebuilt templates gives you virtually unlimited opportunities to showcase your portfolio.

          The customization options are quite vast for the portfolio layout too. You can customize the perfect grid layout to showcase your work in the best possible light. The theme also offers 10+ hover animation styles to give your website the perfect touch. 

          You also have background elements such as parallax sections and video backgrounds to engage the visitors. Social media integration includes Instagram and Flickr feeds that smoothly integrate your social media posts with your portfolio files.

            Theme DetailsDemo

            Portfolio Air

            Portfolio Air, as the name suggests, is a minimal portfolio theme best suited for creatives. This theme allows you to showcase your work with minimal elements. However, the essential elements are designed with elegance. 

            This is a WooCommerce compatible theme allowing you to easily take payments for your products or services through your website. The theme focuses mainly on portfolio elements and gives you extensive layout elements that allow you to create the perfect custom layout for your portfolio. 

            The theme also comes with project page templates that allow you to elaborate upon your individual work with a stylized combination of photos and text. You can develop a detailed exposition for your work to give potential customers a better understanding of your work style.

            A collection of 600+ Google Fonts and 300+ Font Awesome Icons is also quite helpful to create a personalized style for your website. This is also a WPML compatible theme so you can set up your portfolio website in multiple languages to suit global clients.

              Theme DetailsDemo


              Portfolio Air is a minimal, retina-ready WordPress theme with a greater emphasis on the portfolio elements. The theme has effective elements for improving the user experience, like a simple tab feature to sort through portfolio categories.

              This theme supports WooCommerce for making online transactions. There are some basic and effective features allowing you the necessary control over your portfolio website.

              The theme supports video portfolio by embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos. You can integrate your social media profiles to this theme, including feeds for Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram.

              You get a basic page builder to build your own custom pages for including additional information. This is a Gutenberg compatible theme so you can use this page builder plugin to make layout customizations too.

              This theme also supports the Contact Form 7 plugin that is useful to gather direct queries from potential customers. You can easily translate this theme to your local language, making it quite useful for non-English users.

                Theme DetailsDemo


                Uncode is a versatile theme for portfolio websites, based upon the Wireframes plugin. This plugin is basically a collection of 410 theme elements, including 49 portfolio layouts. You get 70+ prebuilt website templates to customize and create your own unique portfolio website.

                Uncode is compatible with WooCommerce, so you can set up an online store within your portfolio website.

                You get the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin for free with this theme, so you easily customize your theme through simple drag and drop motions.

                You can also choose from numerous layouts for your portfolio, including masonry, slider, carousel, and more. Other plugins such as Revolution Slider and Tailored iLightbox help to give visitors better user experience.

                You can also embed media from different media streaming sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. Social media integration features include feeds for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.

                  Theme DetailsDemo


                  Zeitreise has a unique design aesthetic with a super sleek and artistic style. This theme employs a lot of negative space and comes with multiple information sections to create a complete picture of your brand — right from introducing your team to showcasing testimonials.

                  This theme is supported by the Jetpack plugin for many of its key features, including the portfolio. This plugin also allows you to place customer testimonials and newsletter subscription forms, which is a useful tool to generate new leads.

                  The theme is also compatible with the Loco Translate plugin to give you multi-language features.

                  Another cool feature is the full-page mega menu that really helps to engage the visitors. You can showcase your portfolio in a carousel layout and also use the infinite scroll feature to allow visitors to explore your portfolio within a single page.

                    Theme DetailsDemo


                    Pile is a refined, chic portfolio WordPress theme that comes with its own custom Project Builder. You can make drag and drop customizations to your portfolio layout to create the perfect look and feel while its chic design makes it a great fit for photographers, agencies, and even art galleries.

                    This theme supports the WooCommerce plugin making it easy to sell your products and take payments for them online.

                    Using the custom Project Builder tool, you can also build project pages to create detailed descriptions of your portfolio items.

                    You can add smooth animations, parallax backgrounds, and a full-page header banner to your website to create a smooth and engaging user experience.

                    The theme also comes with color and font options, so you can truly create a distinct feel to your website.

                      Theme DetailsDemo


                      Bateaux is a versatile WordPress theme that is great for any kind of portfolio, business, and even e-commerce websites. This theme comes with a collection of 70+ templates for pages and information sections to help you create the perfect website for representing your business.

                      Bateaux comes with a custom page builder called Blueprint. The plugin comes with drag-and-drop functionality allowing you to easily set up your layouts with front-end preview.

                      You also get 25 prebuilt homepage templates to start building your portfolio website. There are some diverse elements, including eight menu styles, including side menu, full-screen menu, and inline menu.

                      This theme comes with some useful plugins, including WooCommerce for online transactions, Revolution Slider, and also WPML, which is handy if you want to set up a multi-language website.

                        Theme DetailsDemo


                        TheGem is a super versatile WordPress theme with virtually endless elements. It is possible to build any type of website you need with this theme, including all the right sections and elements. You can build websites for agencies, businesses, online stores, blogs, portfolios, and more.

                        This theme comes with a collection of 90+ prebuilt website templates for you to get started. There are hundreds of prebuilt inner pages as well as theme elements so you can build your own website from scratch.

                        There are 20+ portfolio layouts, and you can make easy drag and drop customizations using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which is included for free.

                        Features such as video and parallax backgrounds help engage the visitors. TheGem also supports plugins like WPML for multi-language functionality and MailChimp, a popular tool for setting up newsletter forms.

                          Theme DetailsDemo


                          Kalium poses a vibrant feel with a minimal aesthetic. The theme is perfect for artists, photographers, and agencies. You can easily customize this theme using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that you get for free.

                          This theme has a lightweight design ensuring faster loading speeds, which is an excellent feature for portfolio themes. This ensures that your visitors can sort through a higher amount of your in a short amount of time.

                          Use the WooCommerce plugin for managing online transactions. The theme comes with a custom plugin manager tool that allows you to manage and activate your plugins easily.

                          There are detailed typography settings with options that are quite rare — Kalium actually comes with 900+ Google Fonts, 750+ Fontsquirrel fonts, and 14,000+ Adobe fonts to give you a great deal of choice for your typography style.

                            Theme DetailsDemo


                            Hind is another trendy portfolio theme that comes with choices where it matters. This is a sleek theme, optimized for SEO, so you get a good head start over your competitors.

                            This theme comes with 14 prebuilt website templates to get you started. You can customize your website with options such as 20+ header layouts, which helps set the perfect first impression.

                            The theme offers you 14 portfolio layouts with 30 options for portfolio items, allowing you to create a dynamic look for your portfolio. Liven up your website with varied portfolio item animations, category filter animations, and more.

                            You can even use the mega menu option to create stylized menu items that can help better engage visitors to your website.

                            Hind comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin allowing you to make you drag and drop customizations. You can also access all the theme features conveniently through an extensive theme panel.

                              Theme DetailsDemo


                              Avoir is a portfolio WordPress theme with a chic, clean style that suits designers and visual artists. The theme displays your work in a neat masonry layout. The theme comes with good performance features, including SEO optimization. You can enhance your offerings with different tools supported by the theme.

                              Avoir is based on the Bootstrap plugin, which makes it super responsive on different screen sizes. You can place newsletter forms with the MailChimp plugin, and the theme also supports Contact Form 7.

                              You can also showcase your Instagram posts using Instagram feed as a nice balance between portfolio items. Google Maps integration can be a handy feature for agencies looking for a consulting-cum-portfolio theme.

                              This theme comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin for drag-and-drop functionality. You also get the Revolution Slider, which is a great tool for creating the perfect slider animations.

                                Theme DetailsDemo


                                Kinetika takes a unique route as a portfolio theme, almost going for a digital studio effect with its list of features. This theme uses full-screen slideshows to showcase portfolio elements and comes with great portfolio options to give you your choice of layout.

                                You can actually display your portfolio items as carousels too, or develop your portfolio items using slideshows with audio. The theme supports media embed from Youtube and Vimeo, and also allows for HTML5 videos.

                                You can boost visitor engagement by using video or slideshow backgrounds. Revolution Slider is a key plugin that comes with the theme, allowing you to create the perfect animations for your sliders.

                                This theme also supports multi-language features with the WPML plugin. You can also integrate events, which is a useful element for agencies.

                                  Theme DetailsDemo

                                  Grand Portfolio

                                  Grand Portfolio comes with a quite natural and immersive color palette that is great for photographers and architects. This theme has detailed gallery and portfolio modules to fit different types of professionals and offers nine different page layout options besides that to create the right look for your pages.

                                  This theme actually includes a number of different website templates that you can start off with. There is support for events and reservations built-in specifically for musicians.

                                  You can use WooCommerce to set up e-commerce capabilities. Grand Portfolio comes bundled with two premium WordPress plugins, Revolution Slider, and iLightbox that can help enhance different aspects of the user experience.

                                  You also get infinite scroll which is quite convenient for visitors exploring your portfolio items. The theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin if you want to set up your website in multiple languages.

                                    Theme DetailsDemo


                                    Coastline has a design that is focused directly on the portfolio element. The theme has a homepage that directly starts off with the portfolio items. However, clever design elements like an attractive side menu and cool hover animations make this theme quite effective.

                                    This is a speed-optimized theme that is supported by Jetpack to provide certain features from customization to performance.

                                    The theme is built to be plugin friendly and you can incorporate different plugins like WPForms, MailChimp, and NextGEN Gallery to enhance its functionality. You can even add the WPML plugin for multi-language features.

                                    If you need more options for your customization tools, Coastline also supports page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi. The best thing is that you can get started with this theme immediately with the one-click demo import function.

                                      Theme DetailsDemo


                                      Charm is a portfolio theme with a no-nonsense approach. This theme is super minimal and employs an artistic, monochrome design that definitely draws attention. You get a balanced set of features that give you all the essential functionality you may need.

                                      Charm has a lightweight build that delivers superfast performance. The theme is mobile-friendly too so your portfolio is seen in the best light by mobile visitors.

                                      You can place images, videos, or even galleries as portfolio items. You can also use the blog section as a marketing tool and three different blog layouts can definitely help create a good impression.

                                      You also get a collection of Font Awesome icons that can be helpful in creating a distinct look for your portfolio website. The theme is translation-ready so you can easily localize this theme to make it more suited to your local audience.

                                        Theme DetailsDemo

                                        PhotoNote 2.0

                                        PhotoNote is more of a blog-type WordPress theme designed for photographers. The theme is heavily photo-focused in all its design elements, which makes it quite suitable for portfolio websites too. You can actually develop your portfolio items across individual blog posts.

                                        The theme comes with a beautiful carousel-style header banner with Call-to-Action buttons, which is useful for attracting the visitors’ attention. The theme offers some effective layout options that showcase your posts in an appealing way.

                                        The theme also comes with a Gallery section that can be used to display your portfolio directly. You can also embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo which gives you more options to convert your potential customers.

                                        The theme supports WPML for multi-language functionality. Customization is a breeze through the advanced theme options panel and PhotoNote also supports the free Gutenberg block editor for making layout changes.

                                          Theme DetailsDemo


                                          Remi is a portfolio WordPress theme with a relaxed and artistic feel. This theme is a great choice for artists and photographers and it can give you a boost in visibility with its SEO friendly features.

                                          This theme is supported by Cherry Framework, which is a collection of WordPress tools that can offer you much-needed functionalities in your website. Using the Cherry Framework, you can craft a custom portfolio gallery for your website using extensive options that range from layout options and animations to filter settings.

                                          The theme allows you to integrate your social media profiles to your website for developing an online following. WPML compatibility ensures that you can set up a multi-language website to appeal to the global market.

                                          You also get a collection of custom widgets including a calendar widget, which is useful for consultations, and so on.

                                            Theme DetailsDemo


                                            Peak is a masonry grid-based portfolio theme with some versatility. This theme comes with some basic layout settings to make the job simple and easy. Alongside the portfolio settings, you also get sections like Services and a Call-to-Action section to better establish your brand.

                                            This theme is compatible with WooCommerce and comes with a prebuilt shop section that you can utilize to sell your products. The mega menu feature allows you to stylize your menu items and you can even showcase your shop items there.

                                            You can also boost visitor engagement with features like parallax background and video background. Social media integration features include Flickr and Twitter feeds.

                                            You can actually choose to use custom sizes for your portfolio items if you need to highlight certain items above others. You can further develop individual items in single posts with four layout options to showcase your posts in the best light.

                                              Theme DetailsDemo


                                              Resume is a theme with vibrant design and diverse content sections to truly establish your brand and credibility. This theme moves away from a direct portfolio theme and includes other sections to help sell your skills and services.

                                              This is a speed-optimized theme with a unique look to it. You can create the right first impression and engage the visitors with a full-page banner. There is a rich About section where you can introduce yourself using a mix of graphics, text, and icons across multiple sub-sections.

                                              The theme actually comes with a collection of Font Awesome icons that can really help you enhance its unique look and personalize it for your own website. There are built-in shortcodes to help you place any necessary elements anywhere on your website.

                                              Social media integration is also included so you can boost your online following. Resume is a translation-ready theme so you can easily localize it to your relevant language.

                                                Theme DetailsDemo


                                                Adios has a distinctly premium feel that can work best for high-end design agencies. Beautiful pastel colors, the use of bright negative space, and chic hover animations serve to create a user experience unlike any other.

                                                This theme comes with 16 homepage templates and offers you great choices in the type of content that goes into your website.

                                                With Adios, you can choose to immerse the visitor directly into your portfolio, or create a more conventional business consulting page with a header banner and additional information sections.

                                                A collection of 33 shortcodes place key elements at your disposal, from Google Maps to pricing tables and testimonials. The Case Study page template allows you to elaborate upon individual portfolio items with item-specific case study pages.

                                                The theme also comes with a collection of 700+ Google Fonts that can create compelling text blocks when used in combination with the detailed typography settings.

                                                  Theme DetailsDemo


                                                  Bridge is a complete WordPress solution for websites of any kind. This theme comes with a staggering 500+ website templates. Its modern style aesthetic makes it great for building portfolio websites, and you actually have a number of portfolio templates to start out with.

                                                  This theme supports WooCommerce fully, and its shop templates can be useful if you want to sell products online. You also get the WooCommerce Quick View and Wishlist features, which are key functionalities for those serious about e-commerce.

                                                  This retina-ready theme comes with 200+ elements that can help you build pages with the right impact. You get a bundle of four premium plugins including WPBakery Page Builder plugin allowing for easy drag and drop customizations.

                                                  You can use video backgrounds to highlight sections and better engage the audience. Additionally, you also get cool AJAX and CSS3 animations alongside a collection of font-awesome icons.

                                                  The theme is also compatible with a collection of plugins like WPML and Contact Form 7 so you get all the essential functionalities with this theme.

                                                    Theme DetailsDemo


                                                    Werkstatt is an effective portfolio theme that puts equal emphasis on functionality and engagement. This theme comes bundled with the Visual Composer page builder plugin and a large collection of elements so you can build your portfolio in any way you want.

                                                    The theme comes with a large collection of prebuilt website templates as well as virtually endless portfolio layouts. You can start setting up your portfolio website at any point or just use one of the prebuilt templates.

                                                    The theme also supports individual portfolio details pages for elaborating upon individual portfolio items.

                                                    There is a massive collection of fonts to choose from — Werkstatt gives you 2450+ Adobe Typekit Fonts and 800+ Google Fonts to set the perfect tone for your text blocks.

                                                    You can enhance visitor engagement by setting up highly interactive sound effects. The theme even supports background audio that can help create the right feel for your website.

                                                      Theme DetailsDemo


                                                      Proton is a retina-ready WordPress theme for portfolios with a sleek design. This theme comes with detailed settings allowing you to create the perfect layout for your portfolio.

                                                      Proton is compatible with WooCommerce and also comes with a prebuilt shop page. Visitors can actually use a price filter and also sort through the items based on different metrics.

                                                      You can organize your portfolio in grid or masonry layouts. You can also place category tabs with your portfolio to help visitors sort through your portfolio according to category.

                                                      There are some nifty features including Google Maps integration, which is quite useful for agencies. You can also gather direct queries using the Contact Form 7 plugin. The theme supports the WPML plugin so you can set up your website in multiple languages simultaneously.

                                                      This theme comes with seven different font icon sets that you can use to create a distinct look for your website.

                                                        Theme DetailsDemo


                                                        Bailey is a charming portfolio theme with retina-ready design. This theme comes with multiple layout options for your portfolio to showcase your portfolio items in the best light. Supported by the Cherry Framework, you get detailed settings to set up your portfolio.

                                                        This theme comes with custom sidebars to add necessary functionalities to your website including post carousel, social media integration, and sliders.

                                                        You can easily integrate different types of posts together for a more elaborate and descriptive surfing experience. You can also place case studies of individual works to describe your work in depth while showcasing them too.

                                                        This theme also comes with an appointment booking function that allows visitors to set up a meeting with you with a few clicks.

                                                          Theme DetailsDemo


                                                          Jevelin is another multi-purpose theme that comes with multiple website templates for a variety of purposes, from blogs and business websites to online stores and portfolios. This theme comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for making customizations.

                                                          This is a mobile-friendly theme that is also e-commerce ready. Designed for flexible uses, this theme can easily support a full-fledged e-commerce site. You can use WooCommerce to set up an online store on your portfolio website.

                                                          There are 10+ portfolio layouts that you can choose from to present your portfolio items in the perfect light. You also get 40+ element animations to give your website the right touch for visitor engagement and user experience.

                                                          A collection of 40+ shortcodes give you many elements that you can place simply by pasting a line of prewritten code.

                                                          The theme even allows you to display testimonials in a carousel layout, which can help establish your credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

                                                            Theme DetailsDemo


                                                            Elegant is a minimal WordPress theme for portfolios with some flexible uses. This theme allows you to build your portfolio using a portfolio post type. This feature allows you to display your portfolio items in a flexible way, almost like a traditional blog post.

                                                            This theme supports the WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce facilities. You can purchase a WooCommerce Add-On separately that allows you to place attractive and full-fledged shop items.

                                                            The theme comes with basic masonry and grid layouts that are enhanced with the chic design and typography. You can actually use a custom drag and drop builder to build and customize your pages using a module-based system.

                                                            There are six different color palettes specially designed to maintain the particular feel of this theme. If you want to enhance a particular feel or create an artistic look for your website, then you can also apply image filters over your images for monochrome, sepia, and other types of effects.

                                                              Theme DetailsDemo


                                                              Inspiro is a lively and vibrant WordPress theme designed for mainly showcasing photos and videos. This theme comes with all the right elements and you can choose from a few different prebuilt website templates to showcase your portfolio according to your needs.

                                                              The best thing about this theme is that you can build a purely portfolio-focused website or a more elaborate one includes elements of business consulting websites like a Services section.

                                                              The theme also comes with a Team section to introduce your team to visitors. You can use the beautifully designed full-page banner to engage the visitors and create the right first impression.

                                                              Inspiro also supports video backgrounds, both in individual sections and in the banner. You can self-host these videos or link up videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

                                                              An advanced theme options panel can help you fine-tune every element of the theme without writing a single line of code.

                                                                Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                Calafate elevates the idea of a portfolio through mechanisms that help boost visitor engagement. This is the perfect portfolio solution for creatives, artists, and high-end agencies.

                                                                The theme supports WooCommerce and comes with fully developed e-commerce capabilities. Calafate also focuses on loading speed with a sleek codebase and AJAX Loading which can help enhance the user experience.

                                                                The portfolio displays your work in masonry layout. You can choose packery layout to create a tight layout without empty spaces, or isotope layout to organize your items in different category sections. The theme comes with a powerful presentation style called Covers. With this feature, you can create an immersive full-screen presentation of your work in an elegant fashion.

                                                                You can develop a similarly immersive effect through the header banner using some detailed banner options.

                                                                The theme also comes with a collection of Google Fonts to help you personalize your website.

                                                                  Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                  Dorsey is a minimal WordPress theme that provides an eclectic surfing experience with its unique layout style. This theme has a unique homepage with an individual item view and a slider, placing visitors immediately at the center of the works on display.

                                                                  The theme supports e-commerce too, with the WooCommerce plugin. You can develop this theme to place online stores. You can display your portfolio in masonry or crossfade layouts.

                                                                  A simple sidebar setup allows you to display menu items without distraction. The theme comes with a collection of Google Fonts so you can personalize this theme to create a distinct feel.

                                                                  Dorsey is a completely responsive theme so you can be assured that the unique layout style is maintained on any kind of device.

                                                                    Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                    Penumbra makes the best of simplicity with an engaging black and white design that is clean and elegant. This theme comes in two settings, dark and light. It can help you highlight your portfolio items with a brilliant design.

                                                                    This theme supports WooCommerce and comes with the Dropdown Cart function if you’re serious about starting an online store.

                                                                    There are some interesting layout options for your portfolio including masonry, carousel, metro portfolio, split slider, and case study. The lightbox feature allows visitors to explore your content without distractions.

                                                                    The theme also allows you to place additional information sections to appeal to potential customers. You can add Call-to-Action sections to draw visitors to key areas. You can also add pricing tables and testimonials.

                                                                    Add some variety to your portfolio content with social media feeds from your Instagram and Twitter profiles. This theme comes bundled with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin as well as the Slider Revolution plugin.

                                                                      Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                      Vigor is a WordPress theme with a vintage aesthetic. This theme comes with a collection of website templates suited for blogs, online stores, and portfolio websites. The theme uses relatively simple design elements to create a dynamic feel that is quite engaging.

                                                                      There are some great elements for engaging visitors like hover animations, parallax sections, and section video background. You can set your website apart using four font icon packs included in this theme.

                                                                      A collection of 40+ shortcodes allow you to place essential elements anywhere you need on your website. The theme actually comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, allowing you to make customizations with simple drag and drop motions.

                                                                      Vigor comes with the child theme feature, which allows you to keep your site online with a secondary theme whenever you need to make changes to your main theme.

                                                                      The theme also supports the WPML plugin for multi-language facilities. You can also use the Contact Form 7 plugin to gather direct queries from potential customers.

                                                                        Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                        Tography is a simple yet effective portfolio WordPress theme. This theme is built for photographers and you can display your work effectively using a simple carousel portfolio layout.

                                                                        This theme is powered by the Jetpack plugin so you get some great security and customization features. The theme is also bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder, so you can make customizations easily using drag and drop motions.

                                                                        A unique feature of Tography is that it keeps track of all the relevant metadata of photographs that you upload, which can be relevant information in photography sales.

                                                                        The theme comes with the Go to Cart button which is handy if you want to use this theme for eCommerce purposes. You can also set up private galleries for your clients.

                                                                        You can embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo as well. There are unlimited color choices to help you personalize this theme too. You can use the AJAX contact form to gather queries from visitors directly.

                                                                          Theme DetailsDemo


                                                                          Sahel is a super artistic WordPress theme with a chic design. This theme is perfect for artists and creatives to display their portfolios. The theme comes with a collection of 12 homepage layouts and numerous shop pages to choose from.

                                                                          Sahel actually comes with a collection of shortcodes that allow you to easily place essential elements on your website or use certain effects. You can place pricing tables, carousels, product information, video backgrounds, and more by simply using the right shortcodes.

                                                                          The theme also allows you to place Instagram and Twitter feed to showcase your social media activities and liven up your website with variety.

                                                                          You can use mega menu options to stylize your menu items and create a more engaging experience for your visitors.

                                                                          Sahel comes with six different font icon packs along with 800+ Google Fonts that can help you personalize this theme according to your needs.

                                                                            Theme DetailsDemo

                                                                            Which Portfolio WordPress Theme is Best for You?

                                                                            If you want to set up a dazzling and catchy portfolio alongside branding and information sections, then Perfect Portfolio Pro is the theme to go. This theme comes with a complete set of features to give you an edge over your competitors and allow you great customization features.

                                                                            Vandana has a unique, elegant design and allows you to establish your credibility with numerous sections. This theme is SEO and speed optimized and a great choice if you want to develop your online following. 

                                                                            If you want that unique and immersive experience, then consider Calafate with the Covers layout style for the full-screen presentation of portfolio items.

                                                                            If you want to take things in your own hands and just want as many options as possible, then try Bridge with its collection of 500+ website templates.


                                                                            An effective portfolio theme can be as simple as a website with a gallery and contact information. They can also come with elaborate information sections to create a complete introduction of an agency. You must choose a portfolio WordPress theme that best suits your style and needs. This article presents 35+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes, each with distinct styles and focus. Did you find the right theme for you? Let us know in the comments.

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