10+ Best Grammar Checker Tools for Bloggers

Best Grammar CheckerTools for Bloggers

Do you doubt your writing skills? Or do you often proofread after you press the send button?

Don’t worry. You are not alone! We all have been there at least a few times.

Written content is all over the place, be it online content, regular ads, work emails, or day-to-day stuff, we find writings everywhere. The pressure is real if you are looking to stand out over millions of web content via blogging.

Statistics suggest professionals who made 2.5 times more grammar mistakes as their colleagues failed to progress in their careers. So, you know grammar means serious business in writing.

It’s even more overwhelming if you are just learning how to start a blog. Requirements, such as excellent grammar and readability scores are nerve-racking, especially when you know it improves credibility and search rankings.

Or you can have excellent writing skills and style but the unintentional typos and missing punctuations always get in your way. Even worse, it’s your editor who finds them and you go through your minute of shame, questioning your writing ability.

Regardless of the reasons, all you need is the best grammar checker tools to eliminate all these unconscious mistakes.

Such tools can help you correct grammatical errors, find typos and missing punctuations, and, most importantly, write easy-to-read sentences.

The main challenge is finding the best grammar checker that perfectly suits your needs. 

What to Look for in Grammar Checker Tools? 

The features you search for in a grammar checker tool may vary depending upon your requirements. However, there are a few sets of elements you must always look for in such a tool.

Typo corrections:

Writing often involves frequent typos and missing punctuations. These are not always easy to find, and even word processors may not detect. That’s why your grammar software should be able to identify the minor errors and correct them immediately.

Extensive compatibility:

Your grammar checking tool must be convenient. You must be able to use it easily, irrespective of the OS or the device you use. It’s better if your grammar checking software is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac. It should also be compatible with iOS and Android. Even better, if you can add it as extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Translation ready:

You might, at times, need to communicate in languages other than English. Look for a grammar software that can not only correct mistakes in English, but also translate your content into different languages.

Overall score display:

Another critical aspect of content writing is readability scores. This feature helps you understand the quality of your content. A high score means your content is good enough, while a low score indicates the room for improvement.

PDF Support:

We come across documents in PDF format a lot. So, getting a tool that lets you work on, edit, and save these documents is a great idea. 

Third-party Integrations:

Using a grammar checking tool that integrates well with third-party applications saves a lot of hassle and time. Your grammar tool should seamlessly integrate with WordPress and applications like Word, Outlook, Google Docs, Final draft, and more.

10+ Best Grammar Checker Tools for Bloggers

For your ease, I have reviewed the 10+ best grammar checker tools that are perfect for bloggers. These reviews are based on features, plagiarism checkers, accuracy, readability methods, ease of use, and more. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Grammar Checker Tools for Bloggers

Grammarly is a powerful and easy-to-use grammar checker tool to improve your writing through proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and better word choices. It is perfect for bloggers, students, professionals, teachers, freelancers, and more to improve their writing style and tone.

This grammar checker tool comes with powerful integration tools that allow you to use it with everything from Google Docs, Microsoft Word to WordPress. It is also available to use as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Grammarly easily proofreads your content, provides instant correction suggestions to make your text clear and professional. It features a built-in plagiarism checker that ensures the originality of your work. 

Key Features

Free Version:

Grammarly comes with a free version. For users who only require basic spelling and grammar correction, it is the best option. 

Mobile keyboard app:

Grammarly Keyboard designed for iOS and Android lets you proofread and spell-check wherever you go. It is even easy to use on a mobile device.

Tone Detector:

Grammarly analyses your word choice, punctuation, phrasing, and capitalization to detect if your text sounds confident, friendly, respectful, and more.

Vocabulary enhancement:

Grammarly comes with a handy suggestion to improve your word choice, engagement, and more. It focuses on crucial aspects, like readability, word variety, conciseness, and clarity.


If you require advanced features like plagiarism detector, vocabulary enhancements, it’s best to get the premium version. Below are Grammarly’s pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan — $29.95 per month
  • Quarterly — $19.98 per month
  • Annual — $11.66 per month

Free version: Available with limited features

OS Support: Windows, Mac

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

Mobile version: Available for both Android and iOS

2. ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Tools

ProWritingAid is a premium software for bloggers and writers. It is an excellent grammar checking tool for smooth writing. It is capable of identifying and correcting grammar errors, typos, missing punctuations, and suggesting vocabulary to help you write better.

ProWritingAid features 20 in-depth reports highlighting repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length, passive voice, overdependence on adverbs, and more. This way, you can edit your document without hassle thoroughly.

This grammar checking tool easily integrates with MsWord, Outlook, Google docs, Open Office. It also lets you check your writing on almost every website such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Wattpad, Medium, and more.

With this tool, create your own style guides and dictionaries to ensure your writing consistency.

Key Features

Readability analyzer:

ProWritingAid features an efficient readability analyzer. It looks through your content for readability issues like sticky sentences, misused pronouns, cliches, and more. 

In-depth writing reports:

This tool features 20 comprehensive reports highlighting several areas to improve your writing. It includes passive and hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentences, and much more. 


ProWritingAid is available online for free. However, the online editing tool comes with limitations. For instance, its checkers process only 500 words at a time. 

To access the unlimited benefits, you need a paid version that costs:

  • 1 Year — $70
  • 2 Years —$100
  • 3 Years —$140
  • Lifetime —$24

Free version: Available (as chrome plugin)

OS Support: Windows

Supported Browsers: Chrome

Mobile version: Not Available

3. Ginger

Ginger Grammar Checker Tools

Ginger is an astounding grammar checking tool. You can quickly start proofreading your content and correct all types of textual errors, such as spelling, style, punctuations, and sentence structures.

With this tool, you can write in one language and translate it into 40 different languages. Ginger works on all sorts of devices over any platform. Be it a computer or keyboard app; this tool corrects your mistakes for you.

Ginger comes with a sentence rephrase that suggests synonyms to replace words to make your script much more exciting.

This software is ideal for both native and non-native English speakers. Its grammar rule ensures your writing is as accurate as possible. After completing your work, the proofreader feature of this tool comes in handy to check and correct the mistakes with a click.

Key Features

Multi-language support:

Ginger supports over 40 different languages. You can easily translate your text and work with multiple languages.

On-screen text reader:

Ginger features a Text-to-Speech feature, which reads back the written text to you. It assists in improving the flow of your sentences.

Expansive vocabulary:

The browser extension of this software features a built-in synonyms section to help you expand your vocabulary. 


Ginger has both free and premium versions. The free version supports three writing tools: editing with translation, a thesaurus, and a dictionary.

If you choose a premium version, you get these options:

  • Monthly Plan — $29.96 per month
  • Annual Plan —$12.48 per month
  • Two Years —$9.99 per month

Free version: Available (As a chrome plugin)

OS Support: Windows only

Supported Browsers: Chrome

Mobile version: Available

4. Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Grammar Checker Tools

Microsoft Editor is the best writing assistant to help you write with confidence across the web, email, and documents. It features an array of functionalities to help strengthen your spelling, grammar, and style while writing.

With this editor, you get basic guidance in over 20 languages and spelling suggestions in more than 80 languages. It helps in clear communication and concise writing.

 You can receive additional assistance in terms of clarity, suggestive vocabularies, punctuation conventions, and other advanced grammar errors with the premium plan.

Key Features:

Language translation, Extensive vocabulary, in-depth analysis


  • Microsoft 365 Personal —$6.99 per month
  • Microsoft 365 Family —$9.99 per month

Free version: Available 

OS Support: Windows only

Supported Browsers: Chrome and Edge

Mobile version: Not available

5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Tools

WhiteSmoke is everything you need to write effective English. It ensures everything you type is concise, clear, and error-free. 

This tool has a ton of extra writing features that are similar to ProWritingAid. It includes everything from grammar checkers, plagiarism detectors to video tutorials to improve your writing.

WhiteSmoke is available in 55 languages, ideal for international users as well. It works well with social media accounts, several writing platforms, and Gmail. 

Key Features:

Language translation, pre-built templates, and video tutorials


  • Chrome Extension — $8.33 per month
  • Essential Package — $10.00 per month
  • Premium Package —$13.33 per month
  • Business Package —$22.99 per month

Free version: Available ( limited to 250 characters)

OS Support: iOS Sierra(10.12) and Windows

Supported Browsers: All major browsers

Mobile version: Available iOS and Android

6. Hemingway App

Hemingway Grammar Checker Tools

Hemingway App is an easy to use online grammar checker tool focused on refining your writing. This tool emphasizes readability and nothing more. It features readability analysis, one-click corrections, and neatly classified suggestions. The downside to this tool is that it does not detect typos and punctuation errors in your text.

Key Features:

Readability analysis, Text formatting tools, WordPress and Medium integration, and multiple export options 

Cost: $19.99 (one time payment)

Free version: Available (web only)

OS Support: Windows, Mac

Supported Browsers: All major browsers

Mobile version: Available

7. Paper Rater

Paper Rater Grammar Checker Tools

Paper Rater is an Artificial Intelligence-powered proofreader and grammar checking tool. It checks for grammar mistakes, syntax errors, plagiarism, readability, writing style, and word choices. Further, it is a web-based application, so users must upload documents in docs, docx, txt, or rft for review. 

Key Features:

Academic vocabulary tracker, Auto readability grader, plagiarism checker


  • $11.21 per month (up to 200 submissions)
  • $71.55 per year

Free version: Available 

OS Support: Windows, Mac

Supported Browsers: All major browsers

Mobile version: Not available

8. Language tool 

LanguageTool Grammar Checker Tools

Language tool is an ideal tool for editors, writers, and proofreaders who work with multiple languages that include Spanish, German, French, Polish, and Russian. This grammar checking tool offers browser extensions for Google chrome and firefox. It also allows the use of keyboard shortcuts.

The language tool offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides a limitation of 20,000 characters per check. Meanwhile, it’s paid plan focuses on helping you write with precision and clarity.

Key Features:

Keyboard shortcuts support, personal directory, impressive free version, and multilingual grammar tool

Cost: $4.92 per month

Free version: Available for up to 20,000 characters at a time

OS Support: Windows, Linux, Mac

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Mobile version: Available

9. Scribens

Scribens Grammar Checker Tools

Scribens is a powerful grammar checker tool with a simple-to-use user interface. It comes with a Statistics feature, with which writers can evaluate the number of sentences, paragraphs, words, and length of sentences. The vocabulary enhancement feature comes with advanced word suggestions. It also helps in minimizing fluff content and fixing redundancy. 

Key Features:

Dictionary, extensive integration, statistics, and vocabulary enhancement

Cost: Free

Free version: Available

OS Support: Windows, Mac

Supported Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Mobile version: Not Available

10. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker Tools

Virtual Writing Tutor is suitable for both teachers and students to proofread the content. This online grammar check website helps writers count words, check spelling, correct grammar errors, improve word choice, punctuation, and master pronunciation. This tool enables you to become an efficient proofreader through Error Correction games. 

Key Features:

Text-to-speech, Voice recognition, Vocabulary Analyzer, random error checker and hypertext narrative

Cost: Free

Free version: Available

OS Support: Windows

Supported Browsers: Chrome

Mobile version: Not Available

11. Spell Check Plus

SpellCheckPlus Grammar Checker Tools

Spell Check Plus is an intuitive spelling checking tool. It is efficient and beneficial as it focuses on educating the writer about the nuances of proper English writing. This tool is great for proofreading and correcting spelling errors. It also offers a voice-typing option.

Key Features:

Saves all corrected documents, Voice-to-text input, and full-screen editor

Cost: $14.99 per year

Free version: Available with 250-word limit per check

OS Support: Windows

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

Mobile version: Not Available

12. Reverso Speller

Reverso Speller Grammar Checker Tools

Reverso is usually best known as a translation tool with core function to translate content into a variety of languages, such as English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, French, and Italian. However, it also features a unique built-in grammar checker that checks common mistakes with verbs, articles, tenses, and provides vocabulary suggestions.

Key Features:

AI-powered translator, accurate translations pronounced by native speakers, and Proofreading

Cost:  Free

Free version: Available

OS Support:  Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Mobile version:  Available


With grammar checker tools to edit and proofread your content, you have nothing to worry about. These amazing tools can help you with your writing and ultimately improve it in the long run. However, different tools have varied features and capabilities. No tool can address all the requirements of a writer.

If you’re looking for grammar tools on budget, use free tools like Scribens or Virtual Writing Tool. But if you’re looking for the best grammar checker tool, go with the premium version of Grammarly.

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