15 Best Free Wedding WordPress Themes of 2024

Best Free Wedding WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the perfect tool to start planning for your wedding day? Or are you a wedding business looking to promote yourself online? Well, then a Wedding themed WordPress website might be just what you need.

Using a website to plan wedding events is becoming more and more popular in recent days. According to a study by Weddingwire, 79% of wedding couples today use wedding websites. 

A well-designed website allows you to create a festive, ceremonial environment in your invitees’ mind. You can get free wedding WordPress themes with a ton of features that allow you to share your joy and excitement in the best way.

Using WordPress, you can get a readymade theme for your wedding event or business without writing a single line of code.

WordPress themes come with all the tools you need to successfully promote yourself and your website. Online research has become an integral part of the wedding research process — 88% of the total planning that goes into a wedding is done online. Having a website for your wedding business allows you to sell and showcase your products online easily with themes that are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. 

These themes also allow you to send out invites, share gift registries, and venue details without much hassle.

Besides, you can create a wedding blog, as well, using these gorgeous themes. Thus, if you want to learn how to start a WordPress blog then we can help you with that too. 

Before moving to the list of 15 free wedding themes, please check out the section below. Here, you’ll get to know how to choose a WordPress theme for your wedding website.

What To Look For In A Wedding WordPress Theme?

A good wordpress wedding theme should have an elegant design with features to invite people and also inform them of your event details. 


Look for themes that allow you easy customization. Not many free wordpress themes come with customization features. So, customization features like font and color choices are great to have. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

These days, having a mobile-friendly design is also important as most people surf the internet on their phones. A study by Hitwise shows that 58% of internet searches in the US are done on mobile devices. Mobile search volume is taking up more and more of the total search volume every year. So, having a mobile-friendly design is essential these days.

Elaborate Story Section

See if the theme offers you a separate space to share your own wedding story. This can be with a graphic timeline with photos and animation to share the milestones of the couple’s relationship or with a simple text section.

Features to Develop a Following

Social media integration and a newsletter subscription box also help maintain an online following of your business. The Instagram feed widget is also a useful tool for you as you can showcase your work while also attracting more leads.

RSVP Forms

RSVP forms are an essential feature of wedding themes. They will allow you to take RSVP mails digitally and save you a lot of energy. 

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps integration is an attractive feature that allows you to pinpoint your venues for your attendees on a virtual map.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer will definitely create a sense of anticipation amongst all the invitees. It is a great way to bring everyone together to get people together and talk about the special day.

List of Free Wedding WordPress Themes

These themes come with an array of great features to help you maximize the functionality of your wedding website at no cost. Below, we have compiled a list of the Best Free Wedding WordPress Themes.

Blossom Wedding

Blossom Wedding

Blossom Wedding is set apart by its elegant and spacious design. This is a mobile-friendly theme built with all the necessary elements to get your wedding website started. This theme suits all purposes, ranging from a wedding event to a wedding planner business.

The theme easily catches the eye with a full-page banner with a slider. You can include a text to introduce yourself to your viewers. Used for an event website, you can introduce the bride and groom with their names in the banner. Include the wedding date in the banner for good measure.

Choosing from unlimited color schemes and 900+ Google Fonts allows you to customize this theme in accordance with your branding needs. As a business, you can hence create just the right look and feel to market your services.

Blossom Wedding’s brilliant design allows you to tell the wedding couple’s story in an appealing way, making it a great wedding invitation WordPress theme.

Introduce the officiants in a dedicated section with photos and a short introduction. You get a grid-style Gallery section to display photos which is a useful tool both for single events and business websites.

The theme also comes with an RSVP form with specialized entries such as the number of guests attending with each invitee. Such information really helps in effectively organizing the wedding.

Blossom Wedding is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin which allows you to set up an online store on your website. The theme also comes with 22 custom widgets, including pricing tables that allow customers to compare prices.

This theme also has social media integration so you can get social share buttons and feature links to your social media profiles which helps generate leads.

You even get an Instagram feed section through which you can showcase your work. You will be promoting all your social media accounts at the same time.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi Theme Wedding

Wedding is a special event, and Rishi Theme makes it even more special with its gorgeous design and carefully crafted layout that best suits your wedding website. Out of multiple free and premium demos, you can select the Wedding demo, which is free so that you can save that extra bucks and invest on your special day.

The Rishi Wedding Theme comes with well-organized home page sections where you can display your couple’s pictures on the banner, followed by the bio of both bride and groom and the love story. You can also blog about your dating life and share it on the blog section. It has a dedicated gallery section to showcase your breathtaking pictures.

The creators of the Rishi Theme know that you need to dedicate your time to planning your wedding day, so they have made it so simple and easy to use. Its drag and drop page builder and live editing features make running this theme as smooth as butter.

If you want to give a personal touch to the theme’s look, you can easily change the theme color, layout options and typography settings so that your wedding website best represents your personality.

Due to its being incredibly lightweight, the theme runs super fast, giving your friends and family a smooth user experience while browsing your wedding site. The expert support team of Rishi Theme is always there to back you up in case of any issue or query.

Theme DetailsDemo



Newlyweds is a blog-style wedding theme. It comes with a few tweaks that make it perfectly suited for wedding invites. Through this theme, you can easily keep attendees updated with information about the wedding event.

Newlyweds comes with a countdown widget placed prominently at the header. There is a dedicated header section to place details regarding the various events that are a part of the wedding.

You can tie up the look nicely with a header photo or logo to create the right mood for the website.

You can use the Recent Posts widget and the Pages section to allow easy access to different blog posts. They are placed visibly at the sidebar and the footer as well. This will help in user navigation and give easy access to different information.

This theme also supports WooCommerce so you can set up an online shop on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Match Lite

Match Lite

Match Lite is a minimal WordPress theme with various wedding-specific features. This theme is a great choice if you want to set up your own wedding website to mark your special day.

Match Lite has a retina-ready design. A collection of Font Awesome Icons allows you to include attractive icons in your website layout. The theme also allows you to choose your own custom background image or color.

You can introduce the bride and groom in a spacious homepage section. The main page also features a countdown timer that ticks down to the special moment.

The footer also comes with important details in this theme. You can include essential information like the address and date of different events.

Match Lite comes with a number of inner page templates for various purposes. You can introduce the bridesmaids and groomsmen on separate pages. You also get an RSVP section to get the attendees’ information.

This theme is also translation-ready, allowing you to set up your wedding website in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Catch Wedding

Catch Wedding

Catch Wedding is a feature-packed WordPress theme with a dynamic design. This is a blog-focused theme and great for sharing your special day with your loved ones through blog posts.

This is also a great free wedding photography WordPress theme. You can use this theme to showcase and promote your wedding photography services.

Catch Wedding comes with a full-page banner with CTA (Call To Action) prompt. You can create a custom background and also change up the layout to your liking. Create a custom menu to suit your needs.

The Our Story section is designed to grab the reader’s attention with a beautiful background image and a center-aligned text box. You can introduce yourself as a business or tell the story of the wedding couple here.

This theme features an Accommodations section where you can inform your attendees about the essentials of lodging and fooding. You can include links to help them with essential requirements such as shopping and booking hotels.

Catch Wedding also comes with Webmaster Tools which gives you access to a variety of functions. You can check your site stats with this tool. It also helps with social media integration. You can include an Instagram feed on your website.

This theme offers you a dynamic blog section layout that is sure to catch attention. You can even showcase your top posts with the Featured Content section.

Theme DetailsDemo

BB Wedding Bliss

BB Wedding Bliss

BB Wedding Bliss is a multi-purpose wedding theme with stunning design. It serves as an effective e-invite page and has elements for multiple uses including for various businesses.

Built upon a Bootstrap framework, BB Wedding Bliss is a fully responsive theme. You get a banner with CTA. The Call-to-Action button is designed to display the date of your event.

This theme comes with great customization potential. You get typography options, color choices, and a customizable admin panel.

The theme has various homepage sections that help make a great wedding event website. Use a dedicated section to tell the couple’s story. You can introduce the bridesmaids and groomsmen and inform invitees of the various events taking place.

This theme also allows you to set up a gift registry with links to various online stores. Collect RSVPs online with an RSVP form.

This theme is also WooCommerce compatible making it a great choice for businesses. A Gallery section allows you to showcase your work. You also get a testimonials section where you can display positive feedback from clients. Social media integration helps in maintaining an online following through your social networks.

Theme DetailsDemo



Truelove is a lively theme that works well for organizing wedding events, creating the right mood for your special day. It comes with some essential functions to help you make the most of your virtual invitations.

Truelove comes with an RSVP form to collect invite replies online. The inclusion of Interactive Google Maps allows you to pinpoint your venues to the invitees.

It also comes with social media integration which allows visitors to share different content on your website.

Added to that, the theme comes with an attractive full-page banner with slider and a CTA (Call To Action). You can create the right environment for your viewers with an introduction section for the bride and groom.

Truelove also comes with a graphic story timeline that links to the blog posts. You can display blog excerpts and even photo thumbnails in these boxes.

Introduce the bridesmaids and groomsmen with pictures in a separate section. Use the Gallery section to display memories and photos of the wedding couple and the wedding event.

The theme has a sticky header menu so that visitors can easily navigate the site.

Theme DetailsDemo

Zakra Wedding

Zakra Wedding

Zakra Wedding is an elegant theme template designed by making custom choices from the multipurpose theme Zakra. You can easily customize this theme to suit your design needs, and it can be used for multiple purposes.

This theme comes with features for customization. You can choose the theme color from a number of base color options. You also get a collection of Google Fonts and typography settings to choose from to set your theme apart.

The theme also comes with Page Builder Support allowing you to create custom page layouts to serve your specialized purposes. This theme is compatible with Gutenberg, a popular page builder plugin that allows you to customize page layouts through block units.

This theme is also WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to easily set up an online store on your website. You also get Product Catalog page templates.

This is a multi-language theme compatible with the WPML plugin. You can use it to simultaneously set up your website in multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo

VW Wedding

VW Wedding

VW Wedding is a wedding theme with a lively design that will definitely make a mark among visitors. You can create the perfect romantic mood for your big event with this theme.

This theme has a beautiful design that is unlike any other theme in the list coupled with the right touch of animations. You get a full page banner with an animation text and slider. It has a story timeline merged with the Introduction section.

The theme comes with a Gallery section where you can display photos in grid view. Lightroom option is available to view the photos in fullscreen. VW Wedding also features seamless Youtube video integration.

A gift registry is included with links to online stores. This makes it much easier for attendees to get you the gifts that you would like and can use.

The theme is WooCommerce compatible making it a good choice for wedding businesses as well. You can further use the testimonials section to showcase the feedback from previous customers.

Social media integration with links to your social network accounts is a great way to maintain an online following. You can also use the blog section for this. The Latest News section allows you to display your most recent blog posts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Colorway Wedding Planner

Colorway Wedding Planner

Colorway Wedding Planner theme is a readymade template of the Colorway theme. This SEO-optimized theme is designed for both events and businesses. This theme fulfills functions for both purposes.

The theme comes with a full-page banner that creates a sense of engagement by starting the visitor off with a view of a full-page image. You can direct your customers easily to the booking or RSVP section with a CTA (Call To Action) button. Use the Our Story section to introduce the bride and groom or your business.

The homepage allows you to flaunt your business services with a Services section, and highlight each service with a featured image. You can introduce your core team with this theme by including links to their social media channels to increase your online following.

Colorway Wedding Planner also features a Gallery section with an interactive slider. The theme comes with Google Maps integration so you can easily pinpoint your venues.

You can feature a prominent appointment or RSVP form at the homepage as well.

This theme is translation ready and also supports RTL scripts. You can download the demo contents with a single click and it comes included with the demo images and text.

Theme DetailsDemo



A minimal WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework, Unite is ideal for promoting your wedding business. It comes with a host of customization options so you can easily model it to suit many purposes.

Unite comes with theme options that allow you to customize the look and feel of the website. You can change colors, fonts, background colors, and more with this theme. This free theme allows you unlimited color choices.

The theme is also designed to be compatible with most WordPress plugins. You can integrate plugins with numerous functionalities like Jetpack, which comes with security features, analytics tools, and even features for theme customization. You can also integrate the Contact Form 7 plugin to collect RSVPs.

This theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to set up your own online store. The Gallery page allows you to display photos in a grid view and you can even use the page as a portfolio page.

You can display a shortcut to the shopping cart in the top menu.

Theme DetailsDemo

SKT Wedding Lite

SKT Wedding Lite

SKT Wedding Lite features a blog-style design with features catered for wedding events. Its elegant color and typography make it useful for a wedding website.

The theme comes with a full-width banner with a slider where you can introduce the wedding couple with event dates and so on. You can also customize the color of this theme and design your own menu. SKT Wedding Lite also allows for a custom background image.

Use the featured section to give brief introductions to the bride and groom. The theme allows for social media integration and the featured section comes with social media links.

The theme features the NextGEN Gallery plugin for displaying photos. You can use the plugin for displaying photos of the wedding couple or as a portfolio page.

Contact Form 7 is supported, allowing you to collect RSVP forms or business inquiries.

The theme also supports the WooCommerce plugin so you can set up an online store with it.

Theme DetailsDemo

Wedding Bells Lite

Wedding Bells Lite

Wedding Bells Lite is a fabulous wedding WordPress theme. It catches the eye with beautiful color combinations and animations. It has a responsive design and works great for various purposes. You can use this theme to keep your event attendees informed of all the various details.

This theme comes with an abundance of customization features. You can change the color and layout to create your custom desired look. You also get a full-page banner with a slider and a CTA (Call To Action) button.

You get a countdown timer for the special day with attractive graphics to set the mood. A story timeline allows you to layout the wedding couple’s story with links to individual blog posts about each point in the timeline.

Contact forms allow you to gather RSVP information from the invitees. Google Maps integration allows you to pinpoint your exact venues on the website.

Wedding Bells Lite also supports the WooCommerce plugin so you can set up your online store with this theme.

Theme DetailsDemo


Shapely WordPress Theme

If you want to set up a wedding website, personal website, event planning website, portfolio, or website for any wedding-related businesses, Shapely can be your go-to theme. This theme has various essential features, making it a perfect wedding WordPress theme.

This theme offers a pixel-perfect design with various customization options. You can customize the colors and fonts of this theme to give your website the look you want.

Additionally, you can enhance the functionality of your website with this theme’s Homepage Widgets feature. You can include widgets for portfolios, testimonials, parallax sections, etc. With this feature, you can showcase couples’ stories, guest testimonials, and other interactive elements to engage your website visitors.

Also, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce. This feature streamlines the process of setting up an online store. This feature comes in handy for you if you wish to manage wedding registries or sell wedding-related items directly from your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall Theme

Banquet Hall is a multipurpose theme for marriage, weddings, celebrations, events, conferences, campaigns, fundraisers, music band events, and other celebration websites. With this theme, you get all the features you want to create a wedding website that engages your visitors and catches their attention.

This theme has over 63 templates that you can choose from to create a wedding website that looks most appealing to you.

This theme has Visual Composer Support with drag-and-drop functionality for designing. With this feature, you can create a visually appealing website that resonates with your website needs. Also, this theme supports a one-click demo installation. As a result, you can easily set up and customize your website, saving you time and effort.

Additionally, this theme includes one of the most important features to create a fully functional wedding website. With its integration with Booking Form, you can simplify the booking process by having the booking form on your website. It simplifies the booking process for wedding-related services.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which Free Wedding WordPress Theme is Best for You?

Having an elegant design is a key priority when it comes to free wedding WordPress themes. Blossom Wedding is fulfilling this requirement perfectly and comes with a beautifully designed story timeline. 

Zakra Wedding, a theme template of the Zakra theme, comes with a beautiful design and great customizable features. If having a personal touch to your website is important to you, then this theme can serve you well.

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