20+ Best Free Music WordPress Themes of 2024

Best Free Music WordPress Themes

Musicians and bands are known for their music, albums, and venue-packed live shows. However, in this age of digital distribution, there’s a lot more opportunity than releasing new songs, albums and touring for people in the music industry.

Whether you’re a solo artist, musician, record company, producer, or music-related storekeeper, building a solid online presence is statutory in this digital era.

Nevertheless, one of the best and most effective ways to build an online presence is by starting a WordPress website. With a WordPress website, you not only promote your musical content. but it helps you to connect with your fans and followers.

With that being said, assembling a brand new WordPress website does require a little money, time and effort. Yet we all know that not every newcomer musician or band has adequate money to invest, or much time and knowledge to build a premium website. 

Therefore, to tackle this, you should consider using the best free music WordPress themes to jumpstart your music website instantly and effortlessly.

Why use Music WordPress Theme?

It’s no surprise that the website’s appearance and style make a massive impact on nurturing the career of any musician and band. It is crucial for any music website to reflect the musicians’ band, their music, genre, and philosophy. That’s where the music WordPress themes serve their purpose.

Even though free themes have a few limitations over premium music themes, they still hold all the essential features to kickstart your website. Many free music themes come with exclusive features, including a built-in audio player, distinct playlist section, video support, social media integration, event management system, and WooCommerce compatibility.

As the music industry has consistently held its stature as one of the most popular industries around the globe, there are literally hundreds of free music WordPress themes in the market. Therefore, to ease up the hassle of going through the large collection of free themes in the market, we have compiled 20+ best free music WordPress themes in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

List of Best Free WordPress Themes for Musicians

1. Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

If you are a music enthusiast looking to share your musical content online, you can use the Rishi Theme to create a compelling and feature-rich website. This free theme bundles several ready-to-import starter demos. Using its handy One-click Demo Import feature, you can get your music website going in just a few minutes. 

If you don’t want the predesigned templates and want to build your music website right from scratch, you can even take advantage of the popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin, Elementor. Likewise, the theme supports the Gutenberg Editor for easy customization.

Talking about customization, Rishi Theme offers advanced typography control, 1000+ Google fonts , and a wide range of color options to let you modify your website as per your necessity. Similarly, the intuitive header and footer builder lets you make your music website easily navigable.

Rishi Theme comes optimized for speed and SEO and has an unbeatable load time of less than 500 milliseconds. With a 100% page speed score, this core vital optimized theme allows you to rank your music website higher on search engine result pages. 

You can even turn your website into an online shop and sell your music merchandise online using the theme’s compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. 

Reasons To Choose Rishi Theme

More than 6 demo starter websites which can be imported with just a single click of the mouse using the One-click Demo Import feature

Loads in less than half a second and has a speed score of 100% which makes it one of the fastest themes in the market

Comes packed with the WooCommerce compatibility to let your sell your music merchandise online

Key Takeaways
  • Ultralight and simple
  • SEO-ready and Responsive
  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder Plugin
  • Reliable Customer Support

2. Astra

Astra Music Theme

Astra is a free multipurpose theme with readymade templates especially for music and musicians. It’s the most popular third-party theme in the world with over 1.6 million users and over 5,600 five-star reviews.

Astra has a free and a premium version and comes with access to over 220 Starter Templates, including a number designed for music. You’ll see templates for DJs, bands, podcasters and musicians of all kinds there.

As Astra is fully compatible with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, you can also easily adapt a different template for your needs. Simply install the template and open a page with your page builder of choice. Make your changes, save your work and you’ll have a truly unique website!

The theme has a range of powerful tools to help musicians excel. You can feature audio and video, display your performance schedule, link your socials and even sell merch. All from within your website.

It’s easier than you might think too. Astra is incredibly easy to use and is fully compatible with WooCommerce and most popular WordPress themes.

Reasons To Choose Astra

– Provides access to free and premium templates you can import in seconds

– Music templates included in the free version

– Designed to be fast and deliver an awesome user experience

– Feature audio, video, schedules and more on your pages

Key Takeaways
  • Impressive free WordPress theme
  • Fully responsive and very mobile friendly
  • Over 220 Starter Templates available
  • Customize everything you see on the page
  • Compatible with page builders like Elementor
  • Supports video, audio, images and all media types
  • Social media integration
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • Designed for speed and loads in under half a second
  • Flexible content areas you can configure as required
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Full support from an expert team
Theme DetailsDemo

3. Euphony

Euphony WordPress Theme

With a minimalistic and interactive design, Euphony is one of the best free themes for musicians in the market. Although you do not have to spend a single dime to use this theme, it integrates a fully responsive and mobile-friendly layout. Thus, your fans and followers can browse your website from almost any browsing device.

Besides that, Euphony comes with powerful theme options that let you take complete control of customization without any designer. With this feature, you can add several stylish elements, adjust layouts, tweak colors, and change the fonts of your website.

To share your music, playlists, and music-related podcasts, Euphony integrates a built-in sticky music player. So, your audience can stream your music in the background while browsing through your website. 

In addition to that, Euphony allows you to highlight all your noteworthy pages using the featured page slider. With this, you can even control for how long the highlighted page stays on the slider.

Reasons To Choose Euphony WordPress Theme

• Distinct project and portfolio section to showcase your entire discography with all the essential details such as release date, lyrics, record label

• Let’s you add your biography and share your musical journey with your fans and followers

• Supports all the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so forth

• Helps musician or band to build an influential online presence

Key Takeaways
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Featured Page Slider
  • Featured Content Included
  • Hero Content Options
  • Project and Portfolio Section
  • Built-In Sticky Playlist
  • Testimonials Section Included
  • Distinct Gallery Page
  • Social Media Integration
  • Translation Ready
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Incredible Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

4. Musicsong

MusicSong WordPress Music Theme

Musicsong is a robust yet easy-to-use free WordPress theme dedicated to musicians, bands, record companies, and music-oriented bloggers. This music blog theme integrates the innovative WordPress Live Customizer that allows you to adjust your website appearance and preview them in real-time.

With a highly responsive and mobile-friendly layout, Musicsong ensures optimal user experience across all browsing devices and screen resolutions. This theme is bundled with multiple layout options, that readjust the sidebar layouts for your specific posts or pages.

Musicsong offers you the ability to add an advanced dropdown menu to your website. It significantly enhances the user’s navigation by helping them to browse through several sections of your music website effortlessly.

Besides that, this free music blogs theme supports custom headers and logos. Thus, you can add an image of your choice in the header section of your site. If you have a personal artist logo or a band logo, you can upload it on the header via the live customizer to brand your music website.

Reasons To Choose Musicsong

• Provides top-notch tech support to all their clients and thoroughly assist to get your website up and running.

• Allows you to easily embed your music, share albums, and showcase your upcoming events

• Advanced layout options to readjust the sidebar layouts for specific posts or pages

Key Takeaways
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Advanced Color Option
  • Built-In Music Player
  • Social Media Integration
  • Drag-and-Drop Menu
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Custom Header Styles
Theme DetailsDemo

5. Audioman

Audioman WordPress Theme

Audioman is another exceptional free wordpress musician theme that integrates trendy and modern design. This theme is specifically crafted to help bands and musicians to promote their music and concerts. It is also ideal for those looking to start online music magazines.

With the easy-to-use modules and high-end features of Audioman, you can get your music website up and running right away. It features an ultra-responsive design that swiftly adapts to multiple browsing devices and screen sizes to ensure optimal user experience.

As you expect from any top-class music theme, Audioman integrates a built-in audio player. Using this audio player, you can share your music and create audio playlists on your website. 

Audioman comes with full social media integration to help you build a substantial social presence.  You can add all the popular social media icons with this theme. That includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. And it allows you to stay connected with your fans and followers effectively and easily.

Reasons To Choose Audioman

• Includes exclusive project and portfolio section where you can showcase your albums, EPs, and singles with specific information

• Intuitive designs and improvised features to enhance usability and control

• Translates your website into several languages with a single click 

• Incredible customer support, if you stumble upon any WordPress-related issues

Key Takeaways
  • Trendy and Modern Design
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Built-In Audio Player
  • Featured Content Included
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Testimonials Section
  • Multiple Custom Layout
  • Localized for Translations
  • Built-In Dropdown Menu
  • Incredible Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

6. Music Journal

Music Journal Music WordPress Theme

If you’re an independent musician or a band looking for the best free music WordPress theme, Music Journal will be the right match for you. Along with an elegant and clean design, this theme bundles all the essential features and functionality that fits your music website.

Music Journal integrates an intuitive sticky audio player that allows you to share your music and playlists online. Unlike others, this advanced audio player lets your fans play your music in the background while browsing through different sections of your website.

On top of that, this free music WordPress theme is designed to be convenient for all browsing devices and screen sizes. The ultra-responsive design of Music Journal automatically adjusts your website layout depending upon the device your audience put to use.

Besides that, Music Journal comes with advanced theme options for plenty of customization. With this feature, you can easily tweak your color and font settings to take your website to the next level. You can also add the noteworthy pages of your website on a slider using the built-in page slider.

Reason To Choose Music Journal

• Integrates a distinct About Me section to share your personal details and your musical journey to let your die-hard fans understand you and your music better

• High-end functionalities with free widgets to build your website with simple drag and drop  

 • Professional and eye-catching social header menu to grow your audience and stay connected with them

Key Takeaways
  • Ultra-Responsive Design
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Awesome Dropdown Menu
  • Featured Page Slider
  • Built-In Sticky Audio Player
  • Project and Portfolio Feature
  • Webmaster Tools Support
  • About Me or Biography Section
  • Attractive Photo Gallery
  • Social Header Menu
  • Built-In Testimonials
  • Top-Class Customer Service
Theme DetailsDemo

7. My Music Band

My Music Band Free Music WordPress Theme

If you’re on the quest for a free WordPress theme to promote your music, My Music Band is undoubtedly your best bet. It integrates a highly responsive and retina-ready display. Additionally, this music theme automatically adapts to multiple devices and screen resolutions.

Like most Music WordPress themes, My Music Band features an interactive audio player. Using this feature, your audience can stream and listen to your music directly from your website. This free music theme comes with a distinct discography section where you can showcase all your albums in the most graceful way possible.

Furthermore, it includes powerful theme options that allow you to take full control of the customization. Using this theme, you can change the layout, font, and color of your music website as per your preference. This music theme also includes an interactive dropdown menu to help your audience navigate different pages easily.

Hence, this theme also makes an excellent choice for music magazines.

Reasons To Choose My Music Band

• Integrates with visually attractive hero content that empowers the most important content on your website

• Easy to tell your stories and your musical journey with the world 

• Helps to sustain your audience and enhance optimal user experience with easy navigation

• Offers excellent customer service to all their dedicated client

Key Takeaways
  • Highly Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Social Media Integration
  • Built-In Audio Player
  • Album and Discography Section
  • Hero Content Options
  • Interactive Testimonial Area
  • Featured Content Area
  • Webmaster Tools Support
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Interactive Dropdown Menu
  • Custom Header Media
  • Excellent Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

8. Music Freak

Music Freak wordpress theme

If you’re a musician looking to showcase your creativity to fans, you should consider using Music Freak. This theme is fully responsive, retina optimized, and fully customizable — and the best part, it’s free!

Like most WordPress themes, Music Freak comes with the WordPress Live Customizer to help you personalize your website effortlessly.

To share your music and playlist with your fans, Music Freak features an audio and video playlist section. With this feature, you can share your audio music and even embed your YouTube videos on your website.

In addition to that, Music Freak comes with a straightforward dropdown menu for easy navigation. Besides that, Unlike other free themes, Music Freak is fully translation-ready. You can translate your music website to multiple languages with just a single click to reach out to your fans from all over the world.

This free music WordPress theme is compatible with all the popular website browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Reasons To Choose Music Freak

• Multiple layout options to change your website design effortlessly

• Custom logo supports, so you can add and readjust your logo to the header section 

• Advanced color settings and typography options to stylize your website exactly the way you want

Key Takeaways
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Music and Video Playlist Section
  • Easy-to-Use Dropdown Menu
  • Custom Logo Support
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Translation Ready
  • Incredible Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

9. Musical Vibe

Musical Vibe WordPress theme

Although Musical Vibe is a free WordPress theme, it is bundled with a few premium-like features and functionality. This theme is ideal for musicians, bands, record labels, music bloggers, and other music-oriented companies.

Musical Vibe is designed to support all screen sizes and devices, whether your fans use iPads, iPhones, laptops, or smartphones to browse your website. This responsive music WordPress theme comes with powerful theme options to tweak your website layout.

Musical Vibe integrates a featured slider to help you highlight the most significant content on your website. Likewise, this free music theme combines multiple slider options to display your content in the most fashionable way and make your music site more interactive.

Besides that, Musical Vibe also supports custom header images. You can capitalize this feature to add pictures from your concerts and music events on the header section. You can even add or remove a custom logo on the header and customize the main title of your website if you want.

Reasons To Choose Musical Vibe

• Four different sidebar layout options, so you can change the design of your sidebar to reflect your style and improve sidebar navigation

• High-end features such as a built-in audio player, distinct playlist section etc

• Elegant author bio section, to share your musical journey and accomplishment of you or your band to build a proper relationship with your fans

Key Takeaways
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Header Image
  • Custom Menu Included
  • Logo and Title Customization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Pagination Options
Theme DetailsDemo

10. Gayatri

Gayatri WordPress Theme

Gayatri is a free multipurpose theme that serves different website niches. This music theme comes with a fully responsive design that automatically adapts to different browsing devices and screen sizes.

Unlike other free themes, Gayatri is built with the popular Elementor Page Builder. With this popular page builder, you can custom build your web pages and posts to reflect your own style. 

In addition to that, this theme comes with a WordPress Live Customizer that allows you to tweak your website appearance and see how the change looks in real-time. You can easily customize your website layouts, color schemes, fonts, headers, and footers without coding knowledge.

Although a free WordPress theme, Gayatri is optimized for speed and performance. This free music WordPress theme includes a blazing fast page loading feature that ensures optimal user experience and audience retention. 

Reasons To Choose Gayatri

• Supports WooCommerce plugin, so you can build and manage a fully functional online store to sell your music, albums, merchandise, and musical instruments

• Gayatri integrates full social media support that directly links your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc 

• Comes with simple drag and drop the premade Elementor templates

Key Takeaways
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Customizable Header and Footer
  • Translation Ready
  • Blazing Fast Page Loading
  • Customer Review Section
Theme DetailsDemo

11. Abletone

Abletone WordPress Theme

Abletone is a highly versatile music theme rigorously crafted for musicians, bands, and anyone involved in the music industry. This theme is designed with all the right ingredients to bring your music blogs into the spotlight and promote your music and concerts.

In addition to that, Abletone includes a sticky audio player that helps you to share your music, playlists, and podcasts on your website. Unlike others, this audio player gives your visitors the ability to listen to your music while surfing different website pages.

You can even highlight the most significant pages and make your website more interactive using the featured page slider. You can even control the duration of the highlighted posts and different slide effects to make your website more dynamic.

Finally, Abletone is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. Even though Abletone is a free WordPress theme, you can build your online music store using the popular eCommerce plugin and sell your music and music-related products.

Reasons To Choose Abletone

• Abletone is highly flexible and customizable

• Unlimited color palette that gives you complete freedom to change the appearance of your music website.

• Integrates a built-in section sorter that allows you to readjust several sections of your website as you want

• Includes a grid portfolio section to showcase your songs, albums, and accomplishments elegantly and professionally

Key Takeaways
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Sticky Audio Player
  • Built-In Dropdown Menu
  • Featured Page Slider
  • Built-In Section Sorter
  • Custom Layout Included
  • Excellent Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

12. Musicaholic

Musicaholic WordPress Theme

Musicaholic is one of the most innovative free WordPress themes for musicians. With a dedicated design and high-end features, this theme is crafted precisely for people in the music industry and other creative folks.

It comes with an easy-to-use WordPress Live Customizer that allows you to personalize your website exactly the way you want. Moreover, this customizer brings you an innovative way to preview all the changes you’ve made in real-time. Musicaholic also features a powerful color picker that comes in handy to tweak the color of your music website.

On top of that, this free music WordPress theme integrates multiple layout options to stylize your site. It offers you complete freedom to adjust the sidebar’s position for a specific post or page. With the innovative main slider section, you can even highlight your important content on your website and quickly grab the audience’s attention.

Unlike others, Musicaholic is a translation-ready WordPress theme. Therefore, you can translate this theme into several languages and reach out to a global audience. 

Reason To Choose Musicaholic

• Built-in audio player to share your music or to create your own playlist for the world to listen to

• WooCommerce plugin support to start online music store so you can sell your songs, albums, and merchandise 

• Cross-browser compatible that  supports all the popular website browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Key Takeaways
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Sticky Header Option
  • Footer Credit Options
  • Translation Ready
  • Call-To-Action Section
  • Main Slider Section
Theme DetailsDemo

13. Music Lite

Music Lite WordPress Theme

Music Lite is a free music WordPress theme suitable for musicians, bands, and entertainers. Although this WordPress theme is completely free, it comes with excellent features, tons of customization options, and page templates.

Music Lite integrates an ultra-responsive and retina-optimized framework. So, your website is guaranteed to support all the popular devices and multiple screen resolutions to deliver an excellent user experience and better readability.

Besides that, this free theme includes Live Customizer Options that let you personalize your website layouts and preview the changes in real-time.

Out of the box, this free music WordPress theme includes a social media bar on the footer area. You can link all the sought-after social media accounts on your website and grow your social presence. 

This theme integrates advanced typography options with multiple Google font support. You can easily change the font style, font size, letter spacing, and letter alignment of your website using this feature.

Reasons To Choose Music Lite

• Built-in tour dates display for your upcoming tour dates, locations, gigs, venues, and ticket availability for all the upcoming events

• You can add custom header options, custom menu bars, and custom logos to add more flair to your site

• Come with a category portfolio layout to share your skills, achievements, and musical journey with your fans

Key Takeaways
  • Ultra Responsive Framework
  • Live Customizer Options
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Tour Dates Included
  • Custom Menu and Logo
  • Featured Images Included
  • Slideshow Page Template
  • Multiple Sidebar Options
  • Social Media Integration
Theme DetailsDemo

14. Music Club Lite

Music Club WordPress site

Music Club Lite is an elegant, feature-packed, and fast-loading free music WordPress theme. It serves as the perfect companion for all the musicians, bands, and everyone involved in the music industry.

With a super responsive and retina-optimized layout, Music Club Lite supports all the popular screen sizes and browsing devices, including smartphones, iPhones, iPad, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

In terms of customization, Music Club Lite is an absolute beast. It features a built-in theme customizer that helps you to make necessary changes and reposition website layouts effortlessly. 

Like any top music WordPress theme, Music Club Lite integrates an advanced audio player. In contrast to other free WordPress themes, Music Club Lite is fully optimized for multiple search engine platforms. This free theme also supports the most popular SEO plugin — Yoast SEO, which comes in handy to optimize your music website.

Lastly, Music Club Lite is compatible with loads of popular WordPress plugins to enhance your website functionality. It supports popular WP plugins such as Newsletter, Contact Form 7, and WPForms.

Reasons To Choose Music Club Lite

• Allows your audience to stream and listen to your songs and playlists easily

• Boosts your website content to improve your SEO rankings and grow organic traffic

• Nivo Slider to highlight your pictures from recent concerts and music events

• Supports WooCommerce plugin, so you can build a visually attractive online store to sell your music, albums, and merchandise

Key Takeaways
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Built-In Theme Customizer
  • Several Google Web Fonts
  • Advanced Audio Player
  • Custom Widgets Included
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO Optimized
  • Popular Plugin Compatibility
Theme DetailsDemo

15. Rock Star

Rock Star Pro WordPress Music Theme

Rock Star is a sleek and responsive free WordPress theme crafted for musicians, artists, and bands to promote their music and events. Built using HTML5 and CSS3, this aesthetic theme comes with tons of exclusive features and functionalities.

Like most WordPress themes, Rock Start includes a fully responsive layout. Hence, your music website will adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions to deliver optimized designs for all devices.

With this free theme, your audience does not have to zoom and scroll around on their mobile devices to browse your website.

Unlike other themes, Rock Start also features YouTube Video integration that allows you to embed your YouTube videos on your website.

Besides that, this free music WordPress theme comes with a unique event management section. In this distinct section, you can display your upcoming events and concerts along with their dates, venue, time, and ticket availability. Nonetheless, it allows your audience to buy tickets of your concerts directly from your website.

Reasons To Choose Rock Star

• Supports all the popular social media platforms to help you grow your social presence and stay connected with your followers

• Rock Star brings top-notch customer support and a dedicated support team 

• Innovative audio widget to help you share your music on your website that allows your fans and followers to stream your music and playlists seamlessly

Key Takeaways
  • Featured Page Slider
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • Built-In Dropdown Menu
  • Event Management Section
  • YouTube Video Integration 
  • Multiple Custom Layouts
  • Incredible Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

16. Loud Music

Loud Music WordPress Theme

Loud Music is a fully responsive WordPress theme intended for music artists, bands, producers, and record companies to showcase their latest music and connect with their fans. You can find both free as well as premium versions of this music WordPress theme.

While the premium version of Loud Music is packed with tons of advanced features, the free version isn’t actually that bad. It comes with a modern and trendy layout that makes your website visually appealing. 

Using this free theme, your website is likely to adapt to several browsing devices to deliver top performance.

Loud Music features the latest album section that lets you share your entire discography with your fans. Besides that, it comes with limited social media integration. You can link up to three social media platforms on the header section of your website to increase your social reach.

Despite being a free theme, Loud Music integrates advanced search engine coding. Hence, this free music WordPress theme boosts your website pages and content to help you outrank your peers and competitors across all search engine platforms. 

Reasons To Choose Loud Music

• Loud Music integrates responsive and retina-ready design

• Supports all the popular screen resolutions to ensure that your website appears outstanding on all screen sizes and presents sharper images 

•Powerful theme options that allow you to personalize your music website as per your need

Key Takeaways
  • Modern and Trendy Layout
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Featured Slider Section
  • Latest Albums Section
  • Call to Action Section
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • SEO Optimized
  • Excellent Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

17. Rock Band

Rock Band WordPress Theme

As a child theme of My Music Band — Rock Band comes with power-packed features and top-notch designs. Simple, yet attractive, this free music WordPress theme is an ideal choice for all musicians, bands, and record labels.

Rock Band comes with a highly responsive and mobile-friendly design. Whether your audience uses smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, your music website is likely to deliver top performance and adaptability. 

Rock Band integrates a built-in audio and playlist section. Using this feature, you can stream all your music on your website. You can even create multiple playlists and share them with your fans and followers.

If you do not prefer the pre-designed layout of this theme, you can even personalize the appearance of your website using powerful theme options. This theme even comes with social media features to help you connect with your fans and share your latest updates and music.

Reasons To Choose Rock Band

• Comes with a distinct portfolio section where you can display all your works, projects, and albums

• An attractive dropdown menu and custom header to stylize your website

• Incredible customer support, ready to aid any day of the week to fix your technical errors

Key Takeaways
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Custom Menu and Header
  • Translation Ready
  • Featured Page Slider
  • Featured Content
  • Custom Layout
  • Hero Content
  • Built-In Audio and Playlist Section
  • Portfolio Section
  • Social Media Integration
Theme DetailsDemo

18. Creativ Singer

Creativ Singer WordPress Theme

Creativ Singer is a free WordPress theme ideal for singers, music artists, bands, producers, and record labels. This theme is specifically crafted for people in the music and entertainment industry to share their songs, records, and stay connected with their beloved fans.

Besides that, this free music theme also features the latest albums section. You can make the most out of this exclusive section to display your entire discography in the most elegant way.

Moreover, if you’re a touring artist or a band, your source of income is majorly dependent on the number of concerts, gigs, and events. 

For this, Creativ Singer includes a distinct events page. In this section, you can add all your upcoming events along with their date, time, venue, location, etc. Not only that but this theme also allows you to sell the event tickets directly from your website.

Reason To Choose Creativ Singer

• Integrates elegant music section that allows you to share your music and playlists with your fans 

• Comes with a one-click demo importer plugin to import the entire demo template of this theme in just a single click 

• In order to share the most noteworthy content with your fans and followers, this free theme includes a featured slider section

Key Takeaways
  • One-Click Demo Importer
  • Featured Slider Section
  • Call To Action Section
  • Latest Albums Section
  • Featured Music Section
  • Social Media Integration
  • Interactive Gallery Page
  • Contact Form 7
  • Multiple Layout Options
Theme DetailsDemo

19. Pop Rock

Pop Rock Free Music WordPress Theme

When it comes to free music WordPress themes, Pop Rock is by far one of the top names in the market. With interactive and minimal design, this free theme helps you to share your music and be in touch with your followers.

Pop Rock includes advanced theme options that provide you the complete control of theme customization. You can add multiple design elements, tweak color, change fonts, and adjust the theme’s layout without any help from the designer.

Besides that, this free music WordPress theme features the latest albums section to let you showcase all your albums on your website.

In the modern era, it is crucial for any music artist or band to build a strong online presence. Thus, Pop Rock is compatible with all the popular social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth.

Lastly, Pop Rock offers top-notch customer support to all their clients. So, if you need any tech-related assistance, you can directly reach out to their support team.

Reasons To Choose Pop Rock

• It integrates with a built-in audio music player that allows your fans to stream your music while browsing your website

• Fully responsive layout to let your audience browse your website from all the popular devices

• Provides top-notch tech support to make sure that your music site is up and running

Key Takeaways
  • Clean and Trendy Design
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Built-In Audio Player
  • Built-In Dropdown Menu
  • Multiple Custom Layouts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Testimonials Section
  • Top-Notch Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

20. JetBlack Music

Jetblack Music Free WordPress Theme

JetBlack Music is a multipurpose theme that blends loads of exclusive features and functionality. Although a free WP theme, JetBlack Music features a highly responsive design that ensures optimal performance and user experience across all browsing devices.

Like most WordPress themes, JetBlack Music integrates the WordPress Live Customer to help you change your website color, font, layouts, and so on. 

This free WordPress theme also includes multiple layout options that allow you to change the appearance of your music website effortlessly. 

In contrast to other free WordPress themes, JetBlack Music is optimized for search engines. With the built-in SEO practices, this theme automatically boosts your website content and helps your site to rank higher on search engine platforms.

With cross-browser compatibility, JetBlack Music supports all the popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Unlike others, this versatile theme ensures seamless performance and optimal user experience for everyone.

Reasons To Choose KrtBlack Music

• Comes with a full-featured slider to keep your noteworthy content in the spotlight

• Flexible Custom widgets that allow you to manage the design and content of your website without any hassle

• Includes unlimited color options and advanced typography features to beautify your music website

Key Takeaways
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Header Media
  • Build with Live Customizer API
  • Advanced Typography
  • Full-Featured Slider
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Easy-to-Use Dropdown Menu
  • SEO Optimization
  • RTL Language Support
  • Top-Notch Tech Support
Theme DetailsDemo

21. Digital Download

Digital Download Free WordPress Theme

To be honest, Digital Download is not a typical music WordPress theme. It is actually a free multipurpose WordPress theme that is suitable for all website niches. Unlike other themes in this list, Digital Download is integrated with the Easy Digital Downloads tool that helps you to create a fully functional online shop. Thus, this free theme is suitable for those looking to sell their music or music-related products online.

Digital Download integrates a one-click demo content import plugin and six homepage sections. It means you can effortlessly set up your music website by importing the ready-made settings and content. 

Whether your fans use mobile phones or desktop computers, the responsive and mobile-friendly design of Digital Download is adaptive to all browsing devices.

To make your music website more interactive and generate more leads, Digital Download integrates a banner section with two call-to-action buttons. 

Although Digital Download is a free WordPress theme, it does not compromise in quality. Thus, this free music theme offers free customer support to all their clients to make sure that your website is running seamlessly. 

Reason To Choose Digital Download

• An appealing recent products section on the homepage to display all your latest music, albums, digital products, or musical instruments to grab the attention of your audience 

• Cross-browser compatible to deliver smooth performance and optimal experience across all web browsers

• Schema friendly and SEO optimized to boost your website posts and pages to improve your ranking on all search engine platforms

Key Takeaways
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design
  • One-Click Demo Content Import
  • Predefined Portfolio Page
  • SEO Optimized and Schema Friendly
  • Easy Digital Downloads Compatible
  • Social Media Integration
  • Call-to-Action Section
  • Translation Ready
  • Free Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

Which is the best free Music WordPress theme in the market?

It is no surprise that the music industry is one of the world’s largest industries. With this in mind, web developers and designers have tailored hundreds of themes — both free and premium — dedicated to this specific niche. With a great number of alternatives in the market, it is difficult to pinpoint the best free WordPress theme for music websites.

Although most free music WordPress themes are bundled with similar features and functionalities, there are a few significant dissimilarities that make a massive difference in terms of websites’ success. What works best for your music website depends entirely upon your branding options.

For instance, if you’re a musician or a band looking to promote your music through your website, you should choose a theme that features an exclusive audio player or is fully compatible with all streaming platforms. Likewise, if you’re looking to set up an online music store, you should opt for a theme that supports popular eCommerce plugins.

Before you make a final decision, you should consider taking enough time to research all the dedicated music themes and make a proper comparison among them. However, if you do not have enough time to look through the large catalog of free music themes, we highly suggest you go for the Euphony Music Theme.


For musicians, bands, record labels, or anyone involved in the music industry, building a solid online buzz is critical in the modern-day. One of the best means to build a solid online presence and reach out to your dedicated fans and followers is by creating a music website.

Before you jump straight to a conclusion, you always consider hunting for the best free music WordPress theme in the market. Since there are hundreds of free templates designed to serve the music industry, finding a theme that is a perfect fit for your music website can be a tough task. So, make sure to check the features, functionalities, and designs of the available themes and make a thorough comparison to ensure that the theme you choose is a perfect match for your music site.

In contrast to regular themes in the market, free music WordPress themes are specifically tailored to promote your music, build an online community, share your updates and musical journey, and sell your official merchandise.

Usually, the free music themes offer a complete customization option to help you make the most out of your creativity. They also feature a bunch of high-end features such as a built-in audio player, distinct playlist section, SEO optimization, social media integration, responsive layout, retina-ready design, plugin compatibility, and so forth.

If you want to scale your music blog or music magazine, here is the list of best WordPress SEO plugins you can implement. Follow this guide on how to back up WordPress to make sure your music website remains safe from an unintended bug or crash.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What to look for while choosing the free music Wordpress themes?

Choosing the right theme for your music website can be a critical step for its success. Since the music industry has created a massive business market in the last few decades, there are hundreds of themes crafted to serve this niche. With so many free themes for musicians available in the market, it can be a tough task for anyone to find the right pick. 

In order to help you choose the best free music WordPress theme in the market, here are a few significant things to considers:

• Your free music WordPress theme should be highly responsive, retina-ready, and mobile-friendly to help your users access your website through all browsing devices.

• You should always go for a theme that either supports all the popular music streaming platforms or integrates exclusive audio players.

• Your free music WordPress theme should come with a built-in event management system to help you share upcoming gigs, concerts, and events.

• If you’re planning to sell your official merchandise, digital music, and albums online, you should choose a theme that supports all the popular eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

• To stay connected with your passionate fans and followers, make sure your theme comes with social media integration.

• High-speed performance and search engine optimization have become the top-most priority for a seamless experience and audience retention. Hence, you should consider choosing a theme that ensures fast page loading and best SEO practices.

Is WordPress a good platform for bands and musicians?

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the best website-building platforms for musicians, bands, record labels, or anyone involved in the music industry. In contrast to other website platforms, WordPress comes with high-end features and functionalities. Unlike other platforms, WordPress even allows you to add more features and functionality to your music website, thanks to the massive library of third-party plugins and add-ons.

Should I choose a premium WordPress theme over a free WordPress theme for my music website?

Hence, if you’ve recently started your music website and consider yourself a WordPress newbie, we highly recommend you to kickstart your adventure with a free music WordPress theme. We know that high-end features and top-notch designs of premium themes are quite tempting while starting out, they might end up being confusing to use. Hence, it is actually a good idea to stick to the basic features of the free themes to get your base right.

How do you make money with music websites?

It’s a no-brainer! Working as an independent artist or a band can be a rough ride for many people. In the age of technology, releasing new projects and touring every now and then will not generate sufficient income to make it a full-time career. Therefore, it is significant to look out for multiple ways to generate more revenue for any musician or a band.

Here are some of the best ways to money from your music website:

• Sell Digital Music and Audio
• Sell Physical CDs and Vinyl
• Sell Concert and Event Tickets
• Start an Online Fan Club (with Paid Subscription)
• Sell T-shirts and Other Merchandise
• Host Paid Online Concerts
• Start Donation Campaigns

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