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Blossom Recipe

Blossom Recipe is a fully responsive free WordPress theme for cooking enthusiasts and food bloggers to help them share their recipes to the world. This theme features a clean, and visually appealing layout to keep your visitors engaged on your blog. You can create a mouthwatering and delicious looking recipe blog with Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, the theme is developed with speed optimized and SEO-friendly codes which help your website rank high in search engines such as Google.

Blossom Recipe Free WordPress Theme is for you if:

  • You want to an attractive food blog to feature your delicious recipes.
  • You are using WordPress to create your food/recipe blog.
  • You don’t want to write a single line of code to create your food blog.
  • You want an easy to use the theme for your food blog.
  • You are a chef and want to share your recipes, cooking ideas and experiences with the world.
  • You don’t want to compromise on the design and functionality of the blog.
  • You want to start your career as a food blogger.
  • You want a visually appealing and stunning look on the front-end and easy-to-use content management system on the back-end.
  • You want to create a beautiful food blog without creating a hole in your pocket.
  • Your client is a chef and wants a recipe friendly template for their website.

Features of Blossom Recipe Free WordPress Theme

Step by Step Cooking Instruction

With the Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme, you can display the cooking instructions step by step to allow your visitors to understand the cooking methods more clearly. Furthermore, the steps can be tick marked if completed to avoid the confusion. It is a great feature which would help your visitors follow your recipe step by step to prepare your yummy and delicious recipe.

Cooking Details

The theme allows you to display the cooking details such as difficulty, preparation time, time to cook the given recipe, and total time required to complete the recipe. It would help your visitors to what is the difficulty level to cook the food, cooking time and total time needed to prepare the dish before they decide to prepare the recipe for themselves.

Serving based Ingredients

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme allows your visitors to check the exact amount of ingredients required as per the number of people you want to prepare the dish for. It is a great feature that helps to use the appropriate amount of ingredients required as per your servings.

Print Recipe Option

This theme features a one-click print recipe option to allow your visitors to print their favorite recipe for offline access.

Fully Compatible with Blossom Recipe Maker plugin

Blossom Recipe free is fully compatible with the Blossom Recipe Maker plugin to allow you to create a yummy and delicious recipe in a short time. With this plugin, you can add any food recipes to your posts and pages using the shortcodes.

Seamless Mobile Friendly Design

The number of people that browse the Internet from their smartphones has increased exponentially. In fact, more than 50% of Google searches are done on mobile phones. So, you will be able to target every kind of audience with this fully responsive WordPress theme. Blossom Recipe free will automatically adjust itself to any screen sizes so that your blog always looks beautiful.

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme passes Google mobile-friendly test which will help you rank in the search engines as well.

Unlimited Background Colors

Choose from unlimited backgrounds colors to truly customize your website according to your brand.

Author Bio on Sidebar

Show who’s behind the yummy and delicious recipe blog with an author bio. You can easily add your photo along with a short description, your signature, and your social media profiles on the sidebar using Blossom Author Bio widget.

Appealing Instagram Section

Grow your influence with your Instagram posts! With Blossom Recipe free theme, you can easily integrate your Instagram to your website and grow your followings.

Newsletter Section and Widget

Blossom Recipe Free WordPress theme is fully compatible with Blossom Themes Email Newsletter plugin. You can easily add subscription form using the plugin. The theme’s newsletter section combined with the newsletter plugin will help you grow your email subscribers.

SEO Optimized

Search engines love websites made using a Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme.

We have put our expert SEO team’s knowledge and expertise into the development of the theme in such a way that search engines can easily find your website and rank it above your competitors on the search results page.

It is also Schema friendly, which is an important ranking factor as per Google’s recent announcement. With Blossom Recipe,  you will always have an edge over your competitors.

Speed Optimized

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme is a speed optimized theme, which means your website will load faster and your visitors will have a smooth browsing experience. You risk losing your potential customer if you have a slow and laggy website because people don’t like waiting, especially when there are other options available.

The theme, with its speed, will help you keep your customers and easily get new leads.

Last Updated Post Date

Blossom Recipe has an option that allows you to show the last updated date on the single post page. This feature will help you rank better in Google as Google prefers to rank recently updated posts.

24 Custom Widgets

Blossom Recipe comes with 24 very-useful custom widgets that you can use to customize your website. Widgets that are available on the theme are:

  • Blossom: Advertisement
  • Blossom: Author Bio
  • Blossom: Call To Action
  • Blossom: Client Logo Widget
  • Blossom: Contact Widget
  • Blossom: Custom Categories
  • Blossom: Facebook Page
  • Blossom: Featured Page Widget
  • Blossom: Icon Text
  • Blossom: Image Text
  • Blossom: Pinterest
  • Blossom: Popular Post
  • Blossom: Posts Category Slider
  • Blossom: Recent Post
  • Blossom: Snapchat
  • Blossom: Social Media
  • Blossom: Stat Counter Widget
  • Blossom: Team Member
  • Blossom: Testimonial
  • Blossom: Twitter Feed
  • Blossom: Popular Recipes
  • Blossom: Recent Recipes
  • Blossom: Recipe Categories
  • Blossom: Recipes Category Slider

Social Media Integration

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme allows you to display your social media links on your website so that your visitors can easily connect with you through social media. Social media on your website will also help you boost your business’ engagement. The theme also supports Russian and Chinese social media like OK, VK, Zing, QQ, and others. You can add unlimited social media on your website.

Posts Excerpt

You can show the summary of the posts by enabling post excerpt. You can choose the length of the excerpt up to 100 words.

4 Posts/Page Layout

With Blossom theme, you can display your posts and pages in three layouts– full width, full-width with centered, left-sidebar, or right-sidebar.

Smooth and Attractive Slider/Banner Section

You can show your latest posts or posts from your favorite category in the banner section of the homepage. You can show up to 20 recent posts, categories, or latest recipes on the slider. The above-the-fold slider will increase the user experience.

Video Banner

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme allows you to add a video on the banner section. A video is a great way of engaging your audience on your website especially if you are sharing recipes.

Built-in Live Customizer

Blossom Recipe theme comes with easy to use built-in live customizer to help you customize your website with a live preview. You can make changes to your website and see its preview without saving it using the live customizer. You can build your dream website within no time using the live theme panel.

Widget Ready

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme has ample space for widgets. You can add and manage the widgets you require without compromising the design of the theme. Widget ready design and code allow you to customize your website as you desire easily.

Cross Browser Compatible

Blossom Recipe free theme is cross-browser compatible, which means the theme will work seamlessly with the popular web browsers. The theme is tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Your users can view your beautiful website using any web browser without any issue.

One Click Update

You don’t have to worry about any future theme updates as Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme comes with a one-click update button for stress-free updates.

Footer Credit Options

This theme allows you easily add or edit the footer credit on your website pages.

Scroll to Top

Scroll to Top is a button on the right lower corner of the screen and when clicked takes you to the top of the webpage with a single click.

Easy Legibility

With the perfect font type, size, spaces, and contrast, Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme makes sure that your content is easy on the eye and your visitors enjoy reading what you have to say.

Translation Ready

Don’t let the language barrier come between you and your dream of starting your own food blog. Blossom Recipe theme supports localization so that you can use the theme in your local language.

RTL Scripts Ready

Do you use right-to-left (RTL) scripts like Arabic? Well, worry not! Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme supports both LTR and RTL languages. You can write your content with confidence in your own language!

Regular Updates

You will receive updates on a regular basis. We frequently update our themes for the latest security and technical standards. So, your website will be safe from vulnerabilities.

Custom Site Logo

You can easily add your own logo on your website using the Blossom Recipe free theme.

Custom CSS

Want to modify some CSS effects or the change color of a section? Blossom Recipe free allows you to easily add CSS effects right from the customizer using custom CSS codes.

Clean Code

Customization and editing the theme is very easy as the theme was built on clean, well organized, and commented code.

Extensive Documentation

Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme comes with extensive theme documentation to help you set up your website. Just follow the step by step guidelines on the documentation and your website will be ready in no time.

Friendly and Quick Support

Confused? Got Questions or Ideas? We are here to help you. You can contact our friendly support team through our support ticket if you need any assistance regarding the theme.


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  • Nice theme and excellent support

    As a new food blogger and having explored a few themes, I found the Blossom recipe theme to be very intuitive and suitable for my blogging needs. With it’s pre-loaded templates, it was pretty easy to configure and add relevant data pertaining to my food blog recipes on WordPress.

    Though I did have some issues figuring out how to add custom headers to my blog and couldn’t find relevant documentation for this specific requirement, the prompt and concise guidance provided by the excellent support team helped me navigate the issue smoothly. Much appreciated and highly recommended!

  • Great Theme & Amazing Support

    Super user friendly theme, and adorable support that is always keen to help!

  • Wonderful wordpress theme

    A very nice wordpress themes that comply with seo and speed rules. Thank you blossomthemes..!

  • Beautiful theme, carried my blog to the next level. I am very happy with the support too, responsive and clear. Thank you.

  • Great Recipe Plugin

    This plugin surpass all of my expectations. It’s fast, easy to use and has a nice eye-catching theme.

    Keep up the great work.

  • great support team

    the support team really helped me with some things i was stuck with. as long as you can provide screenshots and explain the problem well, they will have a solution in no time

  • Great recipe theme for recipe website. For that price I got everything I need…

  • Great Theme and Support

    Pretty nice theme for a gastronomy based webpage. Support is great and quick. I recommend

  • This Is Probably The Best Theme For A Basic Recipe Site A+++

  • Great, Intuitive Theme and Wonderful Support

    This theme is wonderfully easy to use if you are trying to start a recipe/food blog. It has everything you’ll need already loaded on it and you can customize from there. I’m completely new to anything technology based and this was a fairly intuitive theme for what I am trying to do.

    I did run into a couple of things that I couldn’t figure out on my own, some rookie mistakes, and their support staff has been incredible. They patiently and kindly answered all of my noobie questions, helped resolve problems, and they did it all amazingly quickly. They’re fast, responsive, and want to help you be as successful as possible.

    I feel like they’re on my team if I need anything!

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