Customer Stories: Interview with Inés Viñas

Ines Vinas

This interview is our initiative to get to know our users a little bit better. We want to hear your experiences with Blossom Themes. We want to share your stories with all our users.

If you have been using any of our free or premium themes for more than 3 months and want to share your story, please feel free to submit it here.

Today, we are sharing the interview with Inés Viñas. She is a nutritionist and a psychologist. But there’s more to her. She loves sharing her delicious recipes on her Instagram.

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Please take some time to go through our tête-à-tête with Inés, to explore her story.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your profession?
I am a nutritionist and psychologist. Being a cancer survivor myself, I try my best to help cancer fighters in their path back to health.

2. When and how did you start your first blog/website?
I started my first blog 5 years ago, posting the low carb recipes that helped me improve my own health.

3. How did you hear about us?
I came across Blossom Themes while searching for a cheerful theme for my consultation.

4. What made you choose Blossom Themes?
The theme was just shockingly beautiful. I even changed my former logo so that it would match Blossom’s style!!

5. Which Blossom Themes’ theme are you using and why?
I am using Blossom Coach Pro. I needed a site that looked professional but also welcoming and cheerful. It is just perfect!

6. Can you name 3 features you love the most?
I really like its looks (its colors, widgets, and fonts), but what really made me love Blossom Themes was the people behind them. I would never, ever, in a million years, could have asked for better customer service. I will be forever grateful for their help.

7. In your opinion, what are the perks of using our theme?
It is stunning, user friendly, and, of course, if, in trouble, I know that amazing customer service will come and save the day.

8. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve our services and create a better user experience?

9. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate Blossom Themes based on:
Support: 10
Design: 10
Usability: 10
Features: 10
Documentation: 10

10. Would you recommend our themes to your friends or colleagues?

11. Please share your brief testimonial about your experience with us and our products.
I came to know Blossom Themes by pure chance but felt instantly attracted to them. They had just the looks I wanted for my site. But soon that sudden crush became real deep love… the first time I had to ask for help to their amazing support team. Here’s a Blossom Themes’ fan!

Thank you, Inés, for sharing your story with us. We hope this inspires our readers.

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