25+ Free Property Rental WordPress Themes

Best Free Property Rental WordPress Themes

A striking digital presence is quickly becoming essential for all business sectors in the modern-day. Setting up an attractive website for your real estate or property rental website gives you the opportunity to reach out to a more extensive customer base.

If you choose the WordPress platform, you can save a lot of hassle by using pre-built templates that are purposefully designed to suit your needs. In fact, there are many free WordPress themes out there that serve great functionality at no cost at all.

Hence, you can save both money and time by choosing a decent free property rental WordPress theme for your real estate business.

But before choosing a free WordPress theme for your website, you need to check out all the features to ensure the theme is the right match for your business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 30+ free property rental WordPress themes that are specifically crafted to optimize your real estate website and boost conversion.

Let’s get into it!

List of Best Free WordPress Themes for Property Rental

Now that you know the importance of starting a professional website for your property rental business let us take a look at the 30+ Free Property Rental WordPress Themes in the market.

Construction Landing Page

Construction Landing Page WordPress Theme

Construction Landing Page is a free, feature-rich WordPress theme specifically dedicated to construction companies and property rental businesses. Its responsive and mobile-first design automatically renders your website layout to the screen size of any browsing device.

This theme includes an above-the-fold contact form that helps to increase email inquires and conversion. Its clean and elegant design guarantees to create a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

Besides that, Construction Landing Page includes SEO-friendly codes to help your property rental website rank higher across all search engine platforms. Likewise, this theme is optimized for high-speed performance to enhance the browsing experience and minimize bounce rate.

Although free, Construction Landing Page offers ample space for widgets. With this, you can customize your website as per your needs and display the properties elegantly. Moreover, this theme is packed with four custom-made widgets, allowing you to showcase your recent posts, popular posts, and featured posts.

With Construction Landing Page, you can link your social profiles to your website to boost your social presence and user engagement.

Theme DetailsDemo

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

Real Estate Agency is a simple and trendy property rental WordPress theme with many useful elements. This theme gets straight to the point with a search bar and direct property listings.

Despite being a free theme, Real Estate Agency is compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor. Hence, you can easily use several blocks and elements to change the layout of your property rental website layout.

This SEO-optimized theme comes with microdata, which helps your website to rank higher and appear in more relevant results. Moreover, Real Estate Agency is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to set up a payment gateway on your website.

The homepage includes a full-page banner where you can place a stunning image of one of your properties to engage the visitors. You can also choose your background image to set a unique look and feel for your website.

You can display your contact information, including email, address, and phone number, in the header notification bar. The featured ads area allows you to display your best rental listings in a sliding carousel.

Theme DetailsDemo

VW Real Estate

VW Real Estate WordPress Theme

VW Real Estate is a vibrant, colorful theme for real estate and property rental websites. This theme has smooth animations and adequate sections to showcase your properties for rent.

With VW Real Estate, you get a couple of inner page templates so you can quickly build a complete website for free. The theme includes more than 100 font options, allowing you to personalize your property rental website with a distinct look.

Another useful design element includes a full-page sliding banner to make your website more engaging and interactive. At the same time, the header section also has a very functional design, allowing you to display your important contact information in an easily readable format.

VW Real Estate is compatible with the WooCommerce shop plugin too! This popular eCommerce tool allows you to set up a full-fledged online store and multiple payment gateways.

VW Real Estate also comes with a search bar with filters to help your potential clients search for the right property from your listings. It also features a Call-to-Action section as well as a newsletter form on the homepage to help you generate new leads.

Theme DetailsDemo


Robolist Lite WordPress Theme

Envisioned as a directory theme for tourism destinations and eateries, Robolist has a rustic feel with easily readable typography. While it comes with a simple look, it has some great tailor-built features that can support your property rental website.

This is an SEO-optimized theme with well-structured data, which makes it easier for Google to index your website. This makes it more likely for your property rental website to gain a better ranking from search engines and drive more traffic.

Although free, Robolist is a highly customizable theme as it supports the Elementor plugin. You can easily create or customize the layouts of your pages using the simple drag-and-drop interface.

One key feature of Robolist is that it can also act as a marketplace for property rental listings. You can allow visitors to list their own properties for rent on your website and charge them a certain fee.

This free theme also includes an interactive search function with key filters like location and property category. Moreover, the single listing page allows you or third-party listers to showcase the images of the property in a smooth carousel with a short description.

Theme DetailsDemo


Township WordPress Theme

Township is a free theme specifically crafted for real estate brokers. It has a fun and trendy style with many unique sections to showcase your properties. This free theme also comes with a handful of useful customization features.

This theme comes with over 100 font packs, advanced color settings, and custom background options. These features allow you to fully personalize this theme to meet your branding needs.

You can further customize your homepage to display only the information that you find essential. There are multiple sections to make your website more functional, including an About section, an Amenities section, a Gallery section, and more.

The homepage includes multiple CTA buttons for lead generation. It also features a sticky header menu for better navigation. Besides that, this theme comes with a mega menu feature, allowing you to build stylized menu items.

With 100% translation-ready codes, you can easily localize your website to the preferred language. Township supports all the major social media platforms, allowing you to add your social media links in eye-catching areas to increase your online following.

Theme DetailsDemo


Geocraft Directory WordPress Theme

Geocraft is a free minimal WordPress theme for directory listing websites. However, it has the perfect features that you need to build a property rental and listing website.

This theme comes with a simple yet effective search function that allows visitors to filter results by location. The Google Maps integration allows your visitors to explore the pinned locations or rental properties by region.

Besides that, this free theme includes a featured listings section where you can showcase the properties that require more attention. This section displays the items in a carousel layout to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

It also includes the Recently Added section, allowing your visitors to explore the most recent listings on your website. You can geotag each of your property listings so potential renters can see exactly where the property is located on the interactive map.

This free property rental theme has a single listing page where you can highlight your property’s key information. You can make use of this section to display the address, property description, viewing times, and contact details of the owners or brokers.

Theme DetailsDemo


Albatross WordPress Theme

Albatross is a free, artistic, and feature-rich WordPress theme dedicated to hotel booking and rental websites. This theme has a perfect combination of typography, artistic animations, and background design to ensure a seamless user experience.

Although free, Albatross is compatible with the Elementor Builder. This powerful plugin lets you create and customize your website freely with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

It also supports the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. With this inbuilt booking feature, Albatross serves as a full-fledged booking and rental theme. Besides that, this free theme also allows you to set up an automated appointments function.

The listings section of this theme has a carousel layout and allows you to display key information about each listing in the preview box. It also features a newsletter section that can be used to generate new leads and grow your email subscribers.

Albatross also includes an interactive map where you can display all your properties for exploration by potential clients. Moreover, you can display reviews from happy customers and renters in the Testimonials section to make your website trustworthy and reliable.

Theme DetailsDemo


fEstate WordPress Theme

fEstate is a simple, colorful WordPress theme for real estate brokers. This theme allows you to effectively showcase your rental properties, introduce your brand, and generate new leads for customers.

fEstate is fully optimized for SEO to help your property rental website achieve a higher rank in search engine results. It is also highly responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring seamless rendering across all devices.

The theme comes with an attractive banner section with a slider where you can add ambient images from your properties portfolio.

Besides that, the theme includes a distinct Projects section. This way, you can showcase a greater number of items from your portfolio in an organized way in order to gain the visitors’ trust.

fEstate also features a Call-to-Action section on the homepage that can be useful to grow your email list. In addition, this theme allows you to add social media icons on the header section to boost your social presence.

Although free, this theme includes an interactive video section. You can take full advantage of this section to display your property in a more engaging way.

Theme DetailsDemo

FT Directory Listing

FT Directory Listing WordPress Theme

FT Directory Listing is a simple yet elegant WordPress theme for directories. It makes an excellent companion for those looking for a simple, functional property rental website.

This is an SEO-optimized theme that can give you a much-needed boost in your search engine journey. Besides that, this free theme includes a search function that can be customized to meet your specifications.

Basically, you can create your own attributes or tags to associate with your property listings so your potential customers can find the exact property they’re looking for.

Moreover, the single listing page is relatively simple and interactive. It includes a stunning photos section that visually highlights your property.

FT Directory Listing also includes a parallax scrolling effect to create a more engaging user experience for your visitors. In addition, you can even place a newsletter form on your website to grow your mailing list and generate new leads.

Unlike other free themes, FT Directory Listing comes with a highly functional sidebar section. Here, you can add a simple information card to display the key information related to the property, such as location, rent, contact information, and so on.

Theme DetailsDemo

Robojob Lite

Robojob Lite WordPress Theme

Robojob Lite is a clean, modern WordPress theme specifically built for job listings. However, its powerful features and versatile design make it an excellent match for property rental listings.

This free WordPress theme comes with multiple headers and full-page banners to highlight the important properties. You can place attractive images in the full-page header banner, set up a slider, or simply use a full-page Google Maps integration.

The banner section also features a neat search bar with filters for easy navigation and better search results. Moreover, this theme also features an exclusive location filter that allows your visitors to search for properties based on their preferred location.

The single listing page of Robojob Lite is quite nifty as it allows better placement of the information of each listing. Moreover, the theme comes with a large collection of shortcodes that offers multiple theme elements at your disposal for added functionality.

This theme has an SEO and speed-optimized design. Hence, this property rental theme helps your website to thrive in search engine results and ensures a seamless browsing experience.

Theme DetailsDemo

Real Estater

Real Estater WordPress Theme

Real Estater is a property rental and listing WordPress theme with a sleek, professional design. It offers you plenty of opportunities to showcase the different properties on rent in an eye-catching way.

This theme includes a full-page banner with a slider on the homepage. You can place Call-to-Action buttons on this section to grab visitors’ attention.

It comes with multiple sections, including an About section, a Services section, and a Featured Listings section. You can even display key information regarding your property, such as the number of bedrooms and price, in the listing’s preview box.

With Real Estater, you can integrate your social media profiles to your property rental website to build your online following. Apart from that, it also includes a stunning gallery section where you can display your photos and videos of your properties.

Real Estater is an absolute beast in terms of customization. It gives you the ability to add a custom background image, tweak colors, and adjust the sidebar layouts to change the feel of your page.

The theme also supports Google Maps, allowing you to pinpoint each property’s location in an interactive map.

Theme DetailsDemo


ListingHive WordPress Theme

ListingHive is a multi-purpose listing theme that can be freely used for different types of websites such as business directories, job boards, real estate listings, and more. The theme has a sleek, modern look that will definitely support your brand image.

This free theme comes with some great customization options, which include custom theme colors and header customization.

ListingHive focuses directly on showcasing your listings on the homepage. The featured area is quite useful and improves navigation for the visitors. Alongside this, you can also display your recently added listings in the Recent Listings section to grab the visitor’s attention.

The preview box for each listing has a brilliant design, allowing you to showcase all the key information attractively. These include a preview photo, added date, address, star rating, number of bedrooms, and the price.

The search page is also quite intuitive as it displays multiple filter options in interactive ways to help your visitors find the right property. The theme includes Google Maps integration too. This allows you to illustrate the location of each property or apartment in an interactive map.

Theme DetailsDemo

Realestate Base

Realestate Base WordPress Theme

Realestate Base combines a sleek, professional look with branding sections to help you set up a listings website for your real estate company.

This theme comes with multiple sections to display your properties for rent. It allows your visitors to have a broader look into your portfolio and maximizes their chances of finding a listing they are interested in.

There is also a Gallery section with a categories tab at the top. This is useful to showcase the scope of your portfolio and highlight the best properties you have on sale or for rent.

The single listings page also has a Related Products section that displays properties similar to the one being viewed. This section makes it easier for potential customers to find the desired product and helps increase your conversions.

If you plan to engage in some active content marketing by providing helpful real estate or renting-related tips, this theme is a great choice. It is because this theme has a prominent blog section on the homepage.

Theme DetailsDemo

Supreme Directory

Supreme Directory WordPress Theme

Supreme Directory is a feature-rich directory WordPress theme that is designed for tourists’ directory websites.

It supports some powerful tools that help you customize your website and add more functions. This theme is a great choice if you want to build a profile-based platform for property rentals.

Supreme Directory is compatible with most of the page builder plugins in the market. However, the developers of this theme recommend Beaver Builder. The Beaver Builder plugin allows you to freely create multiple page layouts and add theme elements according to your needs.

This theme is also compatible with the BuddyPress plugin for setting up social platforms on your website. This way, you can allow third-party property owners or businesses to list their properties on your website through their online profiles.

The design of this theme is simple yet eye-catching, with a full-page banner, a search bar, and a large map section based on Google Maps. The banner also displays the major listing categories, which allows visitors to explore your rental properties directly.

Since this is a business directory theme dedicated to the tourism sector, it also includes a comment/review section on each listing.

Theme DetailsDemo


Spacious WordPress Theme

Spacious is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that combines a large collection of demos to get your property rental website up and running instantly. This theme can be a great asset for your property rental website as it has a great performance-optimized design.

Spacious is fully compatible with popular page builder plugins, including Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. It also offers great color customization options that allow you to tweak colors for different theme areas easily.

Besides that, this theme focuses on three different website types — blogs, business websites, and online stores. You can even combine the various theme elements and build the perfect property rental website for your business.

For instance, the standard Spacious free demo comes with an icon-based section that can be used to describe your services or the key selling points of your business. Similarly, the free Spacious Store demo has a chic design with parallax scrolling sections and a category section with a vibrant masonry grid layout.

Spacious is also a translation-ready theme that allows you to set up a full-fledged website in your local language. Besides, this theme includes the one-click demo import function, allowing you to set up your website within minutes.

Theme DetailsDemo


Paraxe WordPress Theme

Paraxe is a blog or multimedia-style theme that can do a brilliant job if you simply want to list your rental properties. This theme is quite simple and comes with all the standard features to get the ball rolling.

Paraxe is a mobile-friendly theme that loads perfectly on all screen sizes. The theme options panel is quite detailed, allowing you to control the customizations from the back-end settings.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. You can set up an online store to showcase different properties and receive payments for your services through multiple online payment gateways.

You can use the slider feature to make a decent first impression on your visitors. In addition, there are multiple blog page layouts to make your property rental website fun and interactive.

With Paraxe, you can add your social media links to your website and build your online following. The theme also supports multi-language plugins, which can come in handy if your business is aimed towards international clients.

Theme DetailsDemo


Whoop WordPress Theme

Whoop! is a directory WordPress theme aimed towards hospitality and tourism businesses. It has a minimal yet trendy design with a full-page banner and search bar for better engagement.

This theme is built using the custom GeoDirectory Theme Framework, which makes it fully responsive and easily customizable. You can change the colors of your website and add your own fonts to set up a unique look that matches your brand.

Besides that, the homepage includes a simple listings section with a large featured image in the preview box, star rating, and a short description. With this theme, you also get Google Maps integration to help your visitors explore properties by location.

Whoop! also has a unique add-on called GD Lists. Visitors who are serious about looking for properties can become members of your website and use this tool to build a list of favorite properties to narrow down the options.

The social media features include support for BuddyPress and bbPress plugins. These plugins give you extended capabilities to set up a social media platform on your website for account-building, negotiations, and forum discussions.

Theme DetailsDemo

Hotel Luxury

Hotel Luxury WordPress Theme

Hotel Luxury is a theme with a minimal design that is great for hotels, spas, vacation, and apartment rental businesses. It comes with an enhanced theme customizer that allows you to easily change up the layouts of your website to meet your needs.

Although free, Hotel Luxury comes with full WooCommerce plugin support. You can take maximum advantage of this plugin to set up an online store or payment gateway for online transactions.

Its simple layout includes a banner with a slider that can be linked to your various property listings. Besides the banner, the homepage features an About section with a featured image and a section to display all your properties for rent.

There is also a Contact page that includes a large contact form. This allows all the interested clients to get in touch with you easily. There is a blog section, too, if you want to pursue content marketing, with sections like Recent Posts to keep the visitors engaged with more content.

This is also a translation-ready theme that can easily be localized to your language.

Theme DetailsDemo


Astra Real Estate WordPress Theme

Astra is another multi-purpose theme on this list that can be used for your property rental website. This theme is extremely versatile and comes with a collection of more than 150 pre-built demos.

The theme uses a different design language for each demo to serve specific purposes, which include highly specific niches like catering businesses, music schools, life coaches, blogs, and others. Astra focuses on a spacious design and elegant typography for an immersive user experience.

Customization is also super easy as you can use the page builder of your choice from Elementor to Beaver Builder. This theme is generally plugin-friendly, allowing you to integrate any tools you need to make your job easier.

If you want to set up your website quickly without much hassle, the Real Estate demo is perfect for you to start. This demo comes with pre-built sections to showcase your property listings using a trendy design and easy-to-read typography style.

The demo is also focused on lead generation with a full-page banner that includes an easily visible CTA prompt and a large contact form.

You can easily translate your property rental website to your relevant language by simply uploading the relevant .po files. The theme supports RTL scripts as well, so you can set up your website in languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

Theme DetailsDemo

Real Estate Right Now

Real Estate Right Now WordPress Theme

Real Estate Right Now is a free WordPress theme that gives you complete control over managing your listings with in-built functions. This user-friendly theme comes with a few customization options to change the look of your website.

This theme allows full-color control, so you can design a custom color palette for your property rental website. You can change the background colors of each section or choose section-wise background images to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

The property search function of this theme is also noteworthy. There are several drop-down entry fields to make sure that the property search results match perfectly with the client’s needs. Visitors can also use a price range slider to search for the perfect property that matches their budget.

This theme also has some great navigation features. You get a sticky header menu so visitors can quickly explore other parts of the website. There is also a back-to-top button for user convenience.

You can display your contact information along with your social media profile links in the top bar for easy reference. The footer design is also quite effective as it draws attention with widgets like New Arrivals and Featured Properties.

Theme DetailsDemo


CarListings WordPress Theme

As the name states, CarListings is a WordPress theme built specifically for car listing and sales. However, it has an excellent build with strategically-placed sections for a rich user experience.

This theme comes with a header banner with a half-merged search section and multiple filters. You can customize the filters to fit the key stats for your rental properties, like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on. 

The Categories section is quite engaging as it includes a large space for featured images alongside the actual categories. While the categories are displayed in small font size, it actually works quite well and draws attention easily. 

Moreover, the Single Listing page of CarListings is quite effective. It includes a simple text section, a bullet list section, and a table section for property listing. You can utilize these varied information sections to provide information about each property in an elegant way.

CarListings also comes with a top bar for displaying your contact information and social media links.

Theme DetailsDemo

Construction Hub

Construction Hub WordPress Theme

Construction Hub is a business and consulting WordPress theme with a bright, bold design. This theme comes with numerous sections to help inform your visitors of your services and brands.

If you own an established property rentals business, you should consider this theme to build a website to showcase your properties and generate leads.

Despite being a free theme, Construction Hub is pretty easy to customize with the in-built live customizer. You have the option to choose from a large catalog of Google fonts and color schemes to personalize your property rental website according to your branding needs.

Besides that, Construction Hub supports the WooCommerce plugin. So, you can effortlessly build an online store and sell your properties directly from your website.

The header banner has a center-aligned CTA button which is valuable for lead generation. Similarly, the header menu also displays your contact information in an eye-catching design.

This theme also has a dedicated section for Google Maps on the homepage. Using this, you can display your rental properties in the interactive map or simply display the location of your offices.

Theme DetailsDemo


Palmeria WordPress Theme

Palmeria is a modern, feature-rich WordPress theme built for hotel booking websites. It has the proper aesthetic to complement your brand, especially if you work with vacation property rentals.

This theme is fully integrated with e-commerce functionality. This allows you to take payments for rentals directly through your website.

Palmeria has a chic design with a unique chequerboard-like layout. This creates a landing page-like feel for your website. Combined with the elegant typography, you can successfully engage the visitors in your content and boost your brand at the same time.

Keeping with the immersive aesthetic, the theme has a full-page banner with a transparent header menu. You get an additional menu that is off-canvas, giving you the opportunity to add more functionality to your website.

The chequerboard layout is also quite effective for showcasing your rooms and properties elegantly. At the same time, you can add stunning images of your properties to attract more visitors.

Palmeria is a translation-ready website that you can localize to just about any language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Sayara Automotive

Sayara Automotive WordPress Theme

Sayara Automotive is another WordPress theme for vehicle listings, sales, and rentals. However, it has such an effective design that you should be able to get a lot of functionality out of it for your property rental site.

This is a WooCommerce-compatible theme. Hence, setting up an online store and payment gateway for your website is a breeze. Moreover, this theme supports just about any third-party plugin in the market to help you add any necessary functionality to your website.

Sayara Automotive features a distinct Services section to display all the services you offer to your clients.

Besides that, the Listings section on the homepage is set apart by the categories tab at the top. It allows your visitors to sort through the listings using a variety of measures, such as latest, featured, and special offers.

The header menu of this theme has a separate section to display your contact information and social media links. This key information is also replicated at the bottom of the page, which is an effective feature to boost lead generation.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which Free Property Rental Theme Is Best For You?

Real Estate Agency is the perfect free WordPress theme for property rental websites as it comes with a perfect set of property management tools. This theme allows you to easily set up new listings, manage orders, and receive online payments.

If the visual impact is important to you, consider using Robolist. This theme is built specifically for listings with the added benefit of having great aesthetics and customization features. 

You can also build a property rental website based on an online social platform. Use the Supreme Directory theme together with the BuddyPress plugin to set up a social discussion platform for property rentals at a budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to customize my WordPress theme to match my website with my company branding. How can I do that?

I want to customize my WordPress theme to match my website with my company branding. How can I do that?
The most immediate way you can change the looks of your WordPress website is through color options, typography options, and layouts. Pre-built customization options are rare among free themes, but some of the themes on this list do provide these options.

Check out VW Real Estate and Construction Hub for themes with these options. 

Astra is more versatile options if you want to try your hand at crafting your website with some in-depth choices. Both of these free themes are compatible with popular page builder plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder, which allow you to customize your layouts with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Can I charge an up-front rate for consultations/brokerage services through my website?

Yes, you can check out themes that are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and set up an online payment gateway on your website. WooCommerce is the most widely known e-commerce plugin on the WordPress platform and is completely free to use.

That being said, some extensions may cost you money if you want to extend the payment options.

How can I make sure that my listings are effective and user-friendly for potential clients?

The main goal of a listings website is to display the key information in an intuitive, easy-to-read way. So, make sure that the layout of the preview box for listings is designed for easy readability.

You should be able to display all the essential information about your rental properties like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property size, and rent price in an interactive way.

Another function you should strictly pay attention to is the search bar. Make sure that you can customize the search options or filters to fit the right descriptions for your properties. It should include options such as property location, price range, and so on. This will allow potential clients to find a favorable property much quicker, increasing the chances of a sale.

How can I use my real estate and property rental website to generate new business leads?

There are some effective lead generation elements that you can keep an eye out for when looking for the WordPress theme for your website. 

Call-to-Action (CTA) prompts are known to be quite effective in drawing the visitors’ attention and generating clicks. You can use well-placed CTA buttons that lead to your contact information for generating inquiries from potential customers.

On the other hand, simply making it more convenient to place an inquiry can increase the chances of conversion. 

So, look for themes that allow visitors to make appointments or send you a quick question. Contact forms are a great way to do that because they take very little time and get visitors in direct contact with you. 

Look for themes that place CTA buttons in prominent areas such as the homepage banner section, or give them dedicated homepage sections with eye-catching designs.

You can also integrate the social media profiles of your business into your website. This can help increase your online following, generating more leads for your business.


There are some great property rental WordPress themes to help you get started digitally in the right way. The best WordPress themes not only help you gain an online presence but also boost your leads and conversion.

Fortunately, you can get all of that for almost zero investment by using free WordPress themes. We hope our article helped you know what to look for and find the right WordPress theme for your business. 

If you’re willing to invest in a premium theme for better features and functionality, check out this comprehensive article on Best Property Rental WordPress Themes.

Do you have any comments or queries? Leave them in the comments below.

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