25+ Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes in 2024

Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Are you planning to establish a restaurant business in 2024? If that’s the case, these free restaurant WordPress themes may come in real handy to get you started.

The restaurant business is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries across the world. It may be hard to believe, but more than 45 percent of food lovers head out to eat multiple times a week, while another 20 percent make it at least once a week.

The restaurant business is also one of the most competitive globally, with little over a million restaurants in the U.S. alone. So, you’ve got to make it right when it comes to the restaurant business.

Accessibility of information is at the palm of our hands. So, people no longer prefer to visit restaurants or eateries directly.

People tend to learn everything about the place — go through the food menus, food prices, services offered, and customer reviews, way before they even set foot at the restaurant.

Therefore, building your online presence is the key to success in the modern-day restaurant business.

So, where do you get started?

The best way to get started is by building a custom website for your restaurant to build a decent online presence. However, it can be quite expensive to build a site right from scratch.

But worry not!

In this article, we shall be discussing 20+ Best Free WordPress Restaurant Themes in 2024 to help you start your website without even investing a dime. These free WordPress themes can make your restaurant website look as good as the premium site that costs hundreds of dollars.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Should You Look For in WordPress Themes For Restaurants?

Before you jump straight to the conclusion and use any random theme for your website, it is essential to look for the specific functions that a particular theme offers. Note that the WordPress theme you use should serve the right purpose and help improve your website.

Here are a bunch of features you should consider while looking for a WordPress theme for your restaurant:

Responsive Design

In this day and age, highly responsive design is key to audience retention and better overall performance for any website. It is a no brainer. Mobile phones and tablets have taken over other browsing devices.

As per the research conducted by Statista, about half of the internet traffic worldwide uses mobile phones and tablets as their browsing device. Hence, it is crucial to make your website compatible with mobile devices with different screen sizes. 

If your site is not compatible with smartphones and tablet devices, you cannot provide a decent browsing experience to your visitors. In this case, you’re likely to lose a large portion of your potential customers.

Not only that, but longer loading time, hard-to-read text, difficult navigation button, and improper color tones also add to bad user experience. Therefore, you should always look for ‘Responsive Design’ while choosing a WordPress theme to engage your potential customer.

Built-In SEO

Another feature you should look for in the WordPress theme for the restaurant is built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is basically the practice of driving organic traffic from free, editorial, or natural search results on various search engine platforms.

It may sound baffling, but approximately 95% of web traffic clicks on web pages displayed on the first page. Therefore, ranking your site on the first page of SERPs will significantly increase the chances of getting more traffic. So, make sure to select a theme with built-in SEO features.

But, how does a WordPress theme help in SEO?

If you choose a theme with built-in SEO support, it’ll include SEO optimization features and plugins that allow you to add tags, keywords, and other essential SEO terms on your website. And these unique features help your site rank higher in SERP.

Multiple Call-To-Action Options

So, a handful of visitors are making it to your site, now what? Wouldn’t you want them to take the initiative?

That’s where you need a Call-To-Action button. It is a way to invite your visitors to take action. 

Undoubtedly, CTA buttons are among the essential features of any WordPress theme. If you want to engage your website’s visitors and make them buy your products or services, CTA buttons are necessary.

So, instead of getting yourself any random WordPress theme, spend some time in the research and get yourself a theme that supports multiple CTA buttons.


  • Because having multiple CTAs in your site helps to increase the conversion ratio.
  • Because having multiple CTAs encourage your visitors to take the necessary actions and increase sales.
  • Because having multiple CTAs designs your content as per the marketing plans, which helps increase traffic on your website.

Types of CTA Buttons:

Here are five commonly used CTA buttons:

1. Leads: Leads are the form of CTAs that intends to convert your site visitors into buyers. It also persuades visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and stay connected with your brand or business.

2. Forms: This type of Call-to-Action button diverts your visitors to fill out a form to convert them into leads. Forms are one of the most actionable and engaging kinds of CTA. 

3. Service or Product Discovery: This is one of the most widely used CTA buttons out there. It allows you the opportunity to let your audience know what product and services your company offers.

4. Sharing: As the name suggests, this CTA prompts your website visitors to share your content, product, and services on their social media profiles. It allows you to get more reach, which ultimately brings more visitors.

5. “Read More” Button:  This CTA type is ideal when you don’t want to display an entire post on sections of your website. In such a case, you can entice your visitors to continue reading the post with the “Read More” Button. 

Customization Features

Customization features should be your number one priority whenever you’re shopping for WordPress themes for your restaurant. The theme customization feature allows you to modify your website as you desire and build a brand identity.

A good WordPress theme will always integrate multiple easy-to-use customization features. As long as the theme allows you to customize your site’s title, product image, content, and colors, it doesn’t matter what you choose. 

It is crucial to building consistent and recognizable visual styles in this day and age, especially in the restaurant business. Creating a unique visual identity will help your customers identify your brand quickly and encourage them to return to your website.

WooCommerce Compatible

The culture of ordering food online is here to stay. Ordering the desired food items and paying for them online makes things a lot more convenient for visitors.

For any restaurant business, it is an advantage to be able to sell their products online. So, your WordPress theme should be WooCommerce Compatible.

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin designed to convert basic WordPress operating systems into a fully-functioning eCommerce store. This plugin powers over 28.19 percent of all online stores worldwide.

Therefore, while looking for WordPress themes, always make sure it supports the WooCommerce plugin for digital transactions.

Plugin Support

Plugins are the additional softwares or tools added to any WordPress website to extend a specific function or add a brand new function to the site. WordPress plugins have so far received more than 1.25 billion downloads. The download figure is evident in how powerful plugins are to a WordPress website.

These tools, either free or premium, offer unique features that help make your website effective, easy-to-use, and engaging. Plugins are designed to be relatively straightforward and are effortless to add to the website.

So, make sure the WordPress theme you choose to buy supports plugins.

Support Team

WordPress is the most popular content management system worldwide, but it is not devoid of technical flaws. You may come across several technical issues and bugs while using WordPress themes.

While most of these technical bugs are considerably easy to resolve, some may be quite tricky to solve on your own. In such cases, seeking help from the technical support team may be the only way to solve it. So, make sure the theme company you choose also has a dedicated support team for your service.

The support team should be on service 24/7 to help you with theme-related issues, such as theme installment, plugin installment, compatibility, integration, or any other technical errors.

List of Best Free WordPress Restaurant Themes

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant And Cafe Free WordPress Theme

Restaurant and Cafe is a perfect free WordPress theme ideal for your restaurant, diner, cafe, or food and drinks business. This stylish theme is packed with top-notch features that not only make your website look attractive, but it takes your site to the next level.

Restaurant and Cafe integrates a responsive design that automatically adjusts the layout to various screen sizes for a better display and easy navigation. It also features cross-browser compatibility that allows the visitors to browse your website from any browsing application.

This WordPress theme is also optimized for SEO, meaning it will get your site ranked and indexed in search engines much faster. Likewise, this theme is also speed optimized to make your website run much quicker and smoother for the optimum user experience.

For modern-day restaurant websites, an online ordering system can make a huge difference. And that is why this free theme is compatible with WooCommerce.

Restaurant and Cafe also comes with Social Media Integration and Support Social Media features to share your delicious recipe from the Predefined Restaurant Menu Page on your social platforms. These features will undoubtedly help you boost your marketing reach.

Moreover, this theme is also widget ready, offering ample space to manage the widgets and customize the website dynamically.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Recipe

Blossom Recipe Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Recipe is an excellent choice for restaurant owners and food bloggers looking to skyrocket their brands and business. The theme features a clean design and visually appealing layout that makes your website look gorgeous and keep the visitors engaged.

This theme integrates responsive design and cross-browser compatibility that will automatically adjust to any screen size.  

Blossom Recipe incorporates SEO-friendly codes and speed optimization, which can be vital to rank your website higher on search engines. Furthermore, this free theme also features a Schema-friendly design that helps your website have an edge over your competitors.

There are 24 custom widgets in Blossom Recipe that allows you to customize your website as per your desire. It also offers ample space to easily add and manage the widgets without compromising the theme’s design.

Blossom Recipe includes a Social Media Integration feature that lets you link your social profiles to your website to expand your business reach. This feature makes things a lot easier for your visitors to connect with your brand or business via social media.

Moreover, Blossom Recipe free WordPress theme features an attractive banner section to display your favorite posts. In addition to regular posts, you can also add video in the banner section to keep your audience engaged. 

On the slider, you can either display up to 20 recent posts or unlimited category posts. You can control the image, caption, loop, transition, and animation of the slider to make your website look gorgeous.

Theme DetailsDemo

Cookery Lite

Cookery Lite WordPress Theme

Cookery Lite is a gorgeous, free, and feature-rich WordPress theme tailored for recipe blogs. Using this theme, you can easily personalize your food blog and start building recipes in a very short time.

Specially designed to generate leads, this theme features strategically placed newsletter sections and CTAs to help you boost the conversion rate and increase sales.

This supports the Delicious recipe plugin. This plugin allows you to create engaging recipe cards, add step-by-step cooking instructions, add additional details like difficulty, preparation time, serving based ingredients, and more.

Using this theme, your visitors can also sort through different categories and choose the perfect recipe based on recipe type, cuisine, seasoning, difficulty, ingredients, and more. Next, your visitors can also easily print their favorite recipes with just a click.

Cookery Lite theme supports social media integration, which means your visitors can easily share their favorite recipes on popular social media platforms.

Other additional features of this theme include SEO friendly, responsive design, easy navigation, and more.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

If you own a restaurant business, it becomes of utmost importance to display your cuisines online in a convenient way to attract more customers. This is where this fast-loading and free Rishi Theme comes into play. 

This core vital optimized theme comes packed with several starter websites which can make a website creation process easier for you. As it offers the One-click Demo Import feature, you can retrieve necessary images, texts, and settings to kickstart your website in a single click. 

With responsive and mobile-friendly layouts, this Rishi Theme includes SEO-friendly codes to help boost your website higher on search engine result pages. Likewise, Rishi Theme is blazing fast when compared to most of the themes when it comes to speed and performance. It lands a 100% speed score and loads in less than half a second. 

You can design the pages for your website manually using the drag-and-drop Elementor Page Builder plugin. Similarly, the theme’s integration with the Gutenberg Editor provides you with more flexibility when it comes to customization.

With multiple color options, advanced typography control options, and over 1000 Google fonts, you can make your restaurant website attractive to drive more customers to your business. Similarly, the available WooCommerce integration helps to boom your online restaurant business.

Theme DetailsDemo

Zakra Restaurant

Zakra Restaurant Free WordPress Theme

Zarka Restaurant is a fast, flexible, lightweight, and multipurpose WordPress theme that is well-suited for any website. It included over ten premade demos, which are effortless to apply on your website. You can easily use them on your site with the one-click demo importer. This powerful tool provides endless possibilities to build your restaurant website in no time.

Zakra Restaurant includes loads of top-notch features and elements. Although it is a free WordPress theme, it contains many premium features such as unique header designs, primary color options, advanced typography features, and 7+ widget areas.

Besides, this theme comes with a fully responsive design that adjusts itself to all kinds of screen sizes, including mobile devices and tablets. Not only does this feature help your site look flawless on every device, but it also aids in better rankings in search engines.

Zakra Restaurant also integrates search engine optimization and speed optimization features to help your website rank and index on search engines. It also enhances the user experience with a much faster and smoother website.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, which allows the customer to order and pay for your products through the website. On top of that, this theme is compatible with major WordPress plugins, Gutenberg, and is translation ready.

Theme DetailsDemo

Foodica Lite

Foodica Free WordPress Theme

Foodica Lite is an elegant WordPress theme specially designed for food bloggers and food recipe websites. This free theme is effortless when it comes to customization. It comprises multiple features that make it an ideal choice for restaurant websites.

It is a super responsive and retina ready WordPress theme. The layout of Foodica Lite inevitably aligns itself to fit in any screen size and resolution. It no longer matters whether your audience uses a desktop or mobile device; this theme makes your restaurant website look clean and stylish on all devices.

In addition to that, Foodica Lite also combines top-notch features, including WooCommerce integration, featured slider, Instagram widget, full-width page template, social icons, and banners. With the combination of these quality features, creating and customizing your WordPress website will be as easy as pie.

Foodica Lite is also compatible with the latest WordPress block editor named Gutenberg, which allows you to create beautiful recipes for your restaurant website.

If you want to add recipe cards on your website, you can use a free plugin called Recipe Card Blocks. This plugin will let you add the recipe’s name, ingredients, portion, the amount required, cooking methods, and so on.

Theme DetailsDemo

GloriaFood Restaurant

GloriaFood Restaurant Free WordPress Theme

If you’re searching for a professional-looking WordPress theme of your restaurant, GloriaFood Restaurant caters to all the right ingredients. Although you can get your hands on this theme for free, it has an aesthetic design and loads of useful features.

With the pre-built website template of GloriaFood Restaurant, you can easily import the template into WordPress to create your website. Customizing each section and elements of the theme is also relatively straightforward, even for those who’ve never used WordPress.

One good reason to choose GloriaFood Restaurant over other WordPress themes is the integration of an online ordering system. If you want to start taking online reservations, online orders, and online payment systems, you can simply use this theme’s free plugin.

Moreover, this theme also features android and iOS online ordering app support, which will make your life much more convenient as a restaurant owner. This app will also allow you to print the receipts directly without any hassle.

Not only does this theme have a sleek design, but it is built to generate more business for your restaurant. It has a user-friendly layout and is fully mobile-responsive. It also includes many spaces for displaying mouth-watering images of your dishes.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rosa Lite

ROSA Free WordPress Theme

Rosa Lite is the free version Rosa, the best selling restaurant theme for WordPress. For a free version, this theme exceeds all expectations of a restaurant owner.

The theme is quite attractive and has a beautiful digital appearance tailored to your preference. The developers have focused on each detail of the product to suit a wide range of food-business owners, from small cafes to high-profile white-tablecloth restaurants.

It features responsive design and cross-browser compatibility that bring the audience from any device and browser to your website. This theme also grants you to display your food menu and recipes with an attractive slider design. It comes with an eye-catching parallax effect that keeps your site in the spotlight and captures visitors’ attention.

Rosa Lite also features SEO-friendly design and speed optimization. The SEO-friendly design helps your website to rank faster in any search engine. On the other hand, speed optimization makes the site’s performance quicker and smoother and enhances user experience.

If you’re willing to sell your delicious dishes through the website, the WooCommerce integration of Rosa Lite will come real handy. This feature will let your visitors order food and pay directly from the website with just a single click.

Theme DetailsDemo


FoodHunt Free WordPress Theme

FoodHunt is a fully responsive WordPress theme crafted specifically for restaurants, cafes, bars, and any food-related websites.

It is the number one pick when it comes to performance. This theme is optimized for SEO and page speed with the tested loading time less than a second. It also features cross-browser compatibility that lets users browse your site from any browsing application.

Unlike other free themes, FoodHunt comprises loads of premium features, making it exceptionally easy to customize. It includes multiple color options, custom widgets, multiple widget areas, and advanced typography.

Furthermore, it consists of 2 ready-to-use starter sites that allow you to replicate them on your website with a single click. It is also fully WooCommerce compatible, which lets you start selling your product online.

FoodHunt also includes Page Builder Integration, which is compatible with almost all popular page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Brizy.

Theme DetailsDemo


Receptar Free WordPress Theme

Receptar is a simple, responsive, modern, and fully customizable WordPress theme. This stylish theme is inspired by a modern cookbook. Hence, it has a unique book-like split-screen design with beautiful imagery and typography.

This free WordPress theme adapts and adjusts to multiple screen sizes and browsers excellently. This theme is also SEO optimized, ensuring your blogs get the maximum benefit to rank higher on the search engines.

This theme supports the Beaver Builder page builder that lets you set global styling options for your website. With this feature, you can customize the fonts and colors of your page.

Moreover, Receptar also features the Jetpack plugin, which brings some of the most powerful features to your website. In addition to that, it also comprises a front-page slideshow, customizable colors, Theme Hook Alliance action hooks, translation-ready code, and other premium features.

This theme’s homepage is quite attractive and interactive. It combines classy parallax effect, a grid style for the posts, and beautiful animations.

Theme DetailsDemo


Gourmet Free WordPress Theme

Gourmet is one of the most impressive free WordPress themes for restaurants or any food-related website. Based on WordPress Blank Theme, Gourmet combines loads of top-quality features for a free theme. It comes with a quickstart package that allows you to install and set up this theme quickly and effortlessly.

It includes a highly responsive layout that supports all screen sizes and delivers excellent user experience. The theme has a beautiful slideshow on the homepage that puts the necessary emphasis on the special dish of your restaurant. The blog post section integrates a grid-style design crafted thoughtfully to bring the best user experience.

In addition to that, Gourmet has one of the most eye-catching menu sections. It lets you add the entire menu similar to the print format, making it easier for the visitors to go through your food menu. This theme also includes a highly responsive gallery that allows you to add mouth-watering pictures of your foods.

Furthermore, the theme integrates the Google Maps plugin. This plugin allows you to add your location on your website via Google Maps and help your customers find you easily. You can also add your social profiles and email on the website and boost your marketing reach.

Theme DetailsDemo


Auberge Free WordPress Theme

Auberge is a free WordPress theme designed by the famous Oliver Juhas of WebMan Design. With a highly responsive menu design, this theme is one of a kind for restaurants and cafes.

In the menu section, you can assign images, description, and price for each item. If you’d like to include recipe meta boxes or custom ingredients, you can do it by installing the WebMan Amplifier plugin.

When it comes to style, Auberge is genuinely exceptional. Like most modern design themes, Auberge’s homepage has a large header image space that allows you to add pictures of your delicious meals. Beneath the header, the theme has a grid-style section for displaying your blog posts or food menu previews.

This theme features cross-browsing compatibility and can adapt to multiple screen sizes and devices. Besides, the theme is also optimized for search engines. It aims to not only build your brand personality but also to enhance your reach with better ranking.

Auberge is also compatible with Jetpack plugins, which boost your website with some of the most powerful features. The Jetpack plugins bring features like food menu posts, titled galleries, infinity scroll, featured content, lightbox zooming effect, and so on.

This theme also makes it possible to customize the header background, header text colors, footer, and widget colors.

Theme DetailsDemo

Mia Ittalloni

Mia Ittalonni Free WordPress Theme

Mia Ittalloni is a stylish WordPress theme crafted to blend your website with your restaurant’s subtle ambiance. With plenty of white spaces, this theme shifts the visitors’ focus on the attractive visuals and cuisine.

Besides, Mia Ittalloni combines striking visual appeal with top-notch functionality. Along with minimalist and clean design, this theme can adjust to several screen sizes and browsing devices.

It is fully WooCommerce compatible and allows you to sell your products directly through the website. The theme also integrates a booking plugin. Therefore, if your customers want to book a reservation, they can simply pull out their mobile devices and do it.

Mia Ittalloni comprises several premium features and is super easy to customize. It includes features like plugins support, unlimited color options, menu selection, table reservation page, and advanced typography.

Furthermore, the theme is SEO-optimized, and social media integrated. It helps your website rank higher on the search engines. It also allows you to link your social profiles with the website to boost your reach. Not only that, but Mia Ittalloni also includes Power Page Builder Integration, which is compatible with almost all popular page builders.

Theme DetailsDemo


Foodoholic Free WordPress Theme

Foodoholic is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing theme for restaurants, cafes, and any other food-related websites. This WordPress theme is crafted with a clean and minimal design to reflect your restaurant’s elegant atmosphere.

This multipurpose theme is easy to customize and exceptionally user-friendly. It allows you to display your cuisine on the website flawlessly on all the browsing devices. The responsive design magically adapts to different screen sizes and delivers optimum user experience.

It comprises a handful of features that are quite functional to your site, including featured content, featured slider, header media, food menus, testimonials, etc.

The Featured Page Slider is super handy for highlighting noteworthy pages and content on your website. It lets you have columns of selected images and content on your page slider. Likewise, The Featured Content highlights the most recent and popular posts on your website. It also allows you to add your heading as well as subheadings for featured content.

Foodoholic offers a powerful Theme Options feature, which allows you to adjust layouts, toggle switches, change colors, fonts, logo, background, and even add social links.

Moreover, it lets you showcase testimonials as well as your portfolio on the website. Testimonials help build trust while the portfolio allows you to promote your professional skills and accomplishments.

Theme DetailsDemo

Bar Restaurant

Bar Restaurant Free WordPress Theme

Bar Restaurant is a fast, lightweight, and flexible bootstrap theme that lets you design an attractive website without any technical knowledge.

In terms of looks and design, this theme is up there with the best. The stunning layout will grab the viewer’s attention at first glance. It ensures that you’ll never have to miss out on your potential customers.

Apart from that, the Bar Restaurant is fully responsive and cross-browsing compatible. Therefore, you no longer have to bother about the devices your audience might use to browse through your website. Whether they use PCs, mobile phones, tablets, iPad, Mac, or any other devices, this theme will auto adjust to the screen resolution and look classy.

The integration of Drag and Drop Page Builder is the game-changer for the Bar Restaurant theme. This unique feature helps to build and customize the layout of your website by simply dragging elements. The page builder includes loads of attractive elements and widgets to build your website.

Bar Restaurant also includes Live Preview Editor, which offers a real-time connection to your website. You can customize the layout, change colors, edit the content, and instantly see the changes on screen.

Moreover, this theme is optimized for search engines and social media. It helps to improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website. Also, it allows you to connect your website with multiple social media platforms to boost marketing strategies.

Theme DetailsDemo

Di Restaurant

Di Restaurant Free WordPress Theme

Di Restaurant is a stylish WordPress theme, thoughtfully crafted for and food point. With this restaurant theme, you can showcase your cuisines and food items on your website and easily connect with your audience.

It features an ultra-responsive device, which quickly adjusts and adapts to any screen sizes and enhances the user experience. Since the theme is speed-optimized, it is super smooth and interactive. It also features an SEO-friendly design.

Di Restaurant also features the Page Builder plugin, which is compatible with almost all popular page builders. With this WordPress plugin’s integration, you can structure and customize your web pages with minimal effort and time.

This theme also allows your customers to order the food items and pay for it directly through the website, thanks to WooCommerce compatibility. You can even tweak the looks of the WooCommerce page to lure the audience.

You can easily link your social profiles to your website with the Di Restaurant theme and promote your restaurant through social media. You can customize the pages’ design with modern header layout, stylish footer layout, advanced typography, and color options.

Theme DetailsDemo

Restro Cafe

Restro Cafe Free WordPress Theme

Restro Cafe is another versatile free WordPress theme, specially built for the restaurant business. It is optimized for fast-loading and lightweight to enhance the performance of your website.

It also combines the cross-compatibility and responsiveness to auto adjust to almost any browsing devices. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, building a stunning website with Restro Cafe is an effortless task. You do not require a single line of code to modify the theme, much credit to the Theme Options feature.

Restro Cafe features a special menu section that lets you showcase your delicious meals and cuisines right on the homepage. Additionally, it includes a grid-style blog section that enables you to add special tips and recipes.

Even though this theme is reasonably minimalistic, it holds all the right ingredients to make it a top choice.

Theme DetailsDemo


Rozario Free WordPress Theme

Exquisite and attractive, Rozario is a free WordPress theme specifically designed for food-related websites. Although a free theme, it is packed with tons of premium features. With ten different page variations, this theme is suitable for all kinds of business websites.

Rozario features one of the world’s most advanced page builders known as Visual Composer Drag Drop. This advanced includes ten additional elements, which makes this theme highly functional. With powerful Live Customize Options, tweaking the appearance of your website is also quite straightforward.

Rozario is retina ready. It includes everything from fonts, icons, and graphics that look beautiful on all high-resolution screens. It is also a wholly responsive theme that is compatible with all screen sizes and devices.

Besides, you can also choose your brand color on a picker and change your website’s ambiance. Rozario supports over 600+ Google web fonts. It also allows you to choose two different fonts on the heading and body for the aesthetic look.

Furthermore, this theme features Mailchimp plugin support, which allows you to get email subscriptions.

Theme DetailsDemo

Catch Foodmania

Catch Foodmania Free WordPress Theme

Catch Foodmania is a fully responsive WordPress theme that provides your audience with an exceptional browsing experience no matter what device they’re using. The theme has a clean outlook and is quite easy to use.

This WordPress theme is thoughtfully crafted to assist webmasters in the restaurant industry. It allows them to build a modern restaurant website quickly without writing a line of code.

Although the theme looks fairly simple, it is heavily customizable with just a few clicks, thanks to the powerful feature of Theme Options. It allows you to tweak colors, background, font, logo, and layouts of the website.

Catch Foodmania includes a Featured Page Slider highlighting the most significant pages and a Featured Content to highlight the most recent and popular posts. With this theme, you can also exhibit your website’s best assets with the Hero Content feature in the most fashionable way possible.

Apart from that, this theme features almost all the basic features required for a professional theme—such as header media, featured slider, food menus, services, and testimonials.

Theme DetailsDemo

Restau Lite

Restau Lite Free WordPress Theme

Restau Lite has a darker and more intimate design to it. The ambiance set forth by the darker tones of this WordPress theme is well-suited for any restaurant. You’ll find the customizable menu bar for the food menu, gallery, and blog on the top right corner of the homepage.

Compared to themes, the logo dimension of Restau Lite is relatively large. Therefore, it takes a significant portion of the header. Nonetheless, the logo header does make sense if you want to build a brand personality. On the header portion, you can also add a background image of your restaurant to let your visitors have the idea of your space.

The food menu of Restau Lite looks quite attractive and appealing. It has multiple options for uploading images and lets you add the price of the meal. Besides that, this theme includes a grid-style blog section. It looks pretty well-organized and makes full use of the featured images.

If you’re into customizing the theme or matching your website’s color with your restaurant, you can easily do it using the custom colors feature. Initially, the theme comes with two columns. However, you can also change it into a one-page format if you fancy it.

Moreover, the theme is social media optimized. You’ll notice a social media button on the top left corner. This advanced feature allows you to connect with your customers on social media platforms and grow your reach. It also includes a Customer Testimonial Section that adds credibility and reliability to your website.

Theme DetailsDemo


Restaurantz Free WordPress Theem

Restaurantz is a sleek and stylish WordPress theme that brings the aura of your restaurant to your website. As SiteOrigin’s Page Builder powers the theme, you can customize the page layout by dragging and dropping the elements.

It includes a large header area with a customizable menu bar on the top-right hand corner. The large header also lets you display imagery of your mouth-watering delicacies or your restaurant’s ambient interior. You can also insert a call-to-action button towards the menu to persuade your customer to take action soon as they arrive on your website.

Restaurantz also allows you to set up an online reservation system and online order system on your website. Most themes in the market provide these advanced features in the form of a third-party plugin, but that’s not the case with Restaurantz. It comes all set and ready for them.

To enhance your brand personality, you can even customize the theme colors, add logos, and custom backgrounds. Besides that, Restaurantz is also a highly responsive theme. Therefore, it brings the clean and professional looks to almost any browsing device.

Restaurantz is also compatible with Food Menu by Jetpack. This feature allows you to showcase your food menu on the website in the most fashionable way possible.

Theme DetailsDemo

VW Restaurant Lite

VW Resturant Free WordPress Theme

VW Restaurant Lite is an excellent choice for any food-related website, be it a restaurant, cafe, bakery, food truck, or food blog. This theme is fully responsive and looks stylish on any device.

Even though you do not have to spend a dime on this theme, it brings loads of top-quality features on your website. It offers ample space on the header section to feature high-quality images of your delicious cuisines.

The theme also includes a grid-style menu section on the homepage. So, you can boast about your cuisines and delicacies right from the get-go. VW Restaurant Lite features include call-to-action buttons, animation effects, shortcodes, testimonials, translation-readiness, and fast load times.

Apart from that, this theme is also optimized for social media and search engines. VW Restaurant Lite comprises all the necessary elements that are required to improve your site’s ranking. Likewise, social media integration lets you take advantage of social media platforms and use them to extend your branding and marketing strategies.

VW Restaurant Lite is also WooCommerce compatible. So, it allows you to sell your food items directly from your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Free WordPress Restaurant theme is suitable for you?

To be honest, all the themes mentioned in this article are designed specifically for restaurants and food-related businesses. However, based on the high-end features, user-convenience, personalization options, and multiple user downloads, we recommend Restaurant and Cafe.
Some of its key features are:
1. Responsive Design
2. SEO-optimized
3. WooCommerce Compatible
4. Speed-optimized
5. Social Media Integration
6. Widget-ready
7. Extensive Documentations
8. Free Support

Can I add my own recipes on my WordPress website?

Yes. With modern design WordPress themes, it is quite easy to add your own recipes on your website. You can use third-party plugins, such as Blossom Recipe Maker, WP Recipe Maker, and Cooked, to create your website’s recipe. Besides, a handful of WordPress themes in the market also offer custom tools for creating recipes.

Should I stick to the free WordPress theme or buy a premium one?

If you are relatively new to the blogging sphere, we highly recommend you start your WordPress website using a free theme. But, bear in mind that free themes have many restrictions and limitations. Compared to premium themes, free themes have minimal layouts options, customization options, plugin support, and other essential features.
With a premium WordPress theme, you get multiple benefits to build a professional theme. They are:
1. Easy-to-use interface
2. Easy browsing experience
3. Major plugin support
4. User-friendly options 
5. Unlimited customization options 
6. Multiple demo sites
7. Customer support

If you’d like to start your restaurant website using a premium theme, you should go through our 35+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes.

Do I have to pay extra costs to use WooCommerce plugin on a free WordPress theme?

If the theme you choose is WooCommerce Compatible, you do not have to pay a penny to use the plugin. However, it is quite rare for free WordPress themes to integrate such a premium feature on the free version. But if you manage to come by a theme that supports the WooCommerce plugin, you do not have to worry about spending.


There you go! 

That’s all for our 25+ best free WordPress restaurant themes in 2024. If you’re a restaurant owner looking to create a professional-looking website to build your online presence, choosing the right theme with the right features is the key.

Each of the themes listed in this article is an excellent choice for restaurants and food businesses. They have a unique set of features that makes them stand out among the rest. These WordPress themes offer loads of customization options to make your theme look stylish and more engaging. Most of these themes are also optimized for SEO, speed, and social media. 

And, the best part- they’re all free! If you enjoy sharing food recipes on the internet, you should definitely check out Best Food WordPress Themes for Sharing Recipes which includes premium food WordPress themes.

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