The Secrets to Choosing a Lucrative Niche for Your Blog

The Secrets to Choosing a Lucrative Niche for Your Blog

When looking for guides on how to start your blog, most advise you to explore your passion and write about what you know the most. All the same things, right?

Well, what if I told you that the niche of your blog is what makes or breaks it?

When looking at blogging from a profit perspective, creative or personal blogs without a clear niche, make little to no money. 

So, how to earn from a blog? It’s simple! Choose a profitable niche. 

Today, I’ll discuss the key to building a successful blog, finding a lucrative niche for your blog!

Note: This is a part of our Website Monetization series. If this is your first time, please give our previous, i.e., the first article on how to make money from a blog, a read. Besides, I will list out some of the best blog niches

But first, let’s talk about what is a niche blog and its core benefits. 

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What is a Niche Blog, and Why Do You Need It?

A niche is a narrowed-down topic, and a niche blog is a blog with content that focuses on a particular topic. In other words, it is the specific market that you are targeting with the content on your blog. 

Your blog niche can be as broad or specific as you want it to be.

For example:

  • Broad Niche: Health
  • More Specific Niche: Weight Loss
  • Even More Specific Niche: Diet

Fact: The more specific you get with your niche, the more passionate your readers will be. Now the big question: why do you need a niche blog?

One of the reasons niche blogs are effective is that people are always in a rush, and their search is always specific. It’s not very usual for a person to search for a broad topic like ‘Health,’ but one can search for a niche topic like ‘Keto Diet,’ or ‘Intermittent Fasting Benefits,’ and such. 

So, don’t choose a generic topic, thinking you may get a lot of readers. 

As per the research done by ShoutMeLoud, a general blog is terrible for SEO, readership, and monetization. Meanwhile, a specific niche blog ticks all of the areas mentioned above. 

The following are the benefits of having a niche blog:

1. Niche Keeps You on Track

Innovative blog topics are challenging if you have a general blog with no core theme. In no time, you will start losing interest in them!

Thankfully, a specific niche helps you develop some brilliant ideas to keep your readers hooked to your blog. Niche content is more likely to be on the trending list.

For example, a blog named Pinch Of Yum has food as its niche. The lovely blog earns over $60,000 per month

Impressive, right?

Pictures of foods

This is probably one of the most exciting topics on the website. Lindsay and her husband, Bjork, both run this blog. They share healthy, delicious, and easy recipes along with captivating photos of their food. Besides, they share some valuable tips for food photography, which lures visitors. The website is the perfect combination of delicious recipes with eye-catching photography.  

You can take a similar idea from Pinch of Yum and create a niche blog for yourself. Besides, you don’t need to have an interest in only food blogging. When you have a specific niche, you will get many tools to create a compelling title for your blog posts. If you need help with effective titles, these following tools can come in handy:

2. Niche Blog Makes You an Expert

Just because you have figured out your niche now doesn’t mean that’s it. Pick a niche you’re an expert at and use that as your strongest weapon. Within no time, people will visit your blog to learn valuable tips and resources from you. 

But if you feel like you’re not an expert at something, take up courses and polish your skills.
One of the best examples of this is Pinch of Yum again.

Example of pinch of yum

Let me tell you about the success story of Lindsay Ostrom.

Lindsay and her husband, Bjork, work together to create healthy and useful food content for their blog, Pinch of Yum. It is now a favorite food blog for millions of people. You can guess the success of their blog. So, now let’s talk about how she started it. 

While working as a fourth-grade teacher, blogging was an escape for Lindsay. She indulged in her hobbies at night after work or at weekends. She started by posting photos of her food. Slowly, she started improving her content by learning food photography. 

Her blog has now grown to become a full-blown business, and she earns an impressive amount. 

So the key takeaway from this example is that you will ultimately become an expert on a particular niche if you are consistent and always eager to learn more.   

3. Niche Helps You Grow Audience

The simple fact of blogging: quality attracts quantity!

People crave content that just clicks with them, meaning something relatable, original, and creative. 

A very generic niche is not impressive. So, if you add your personal touch to it, there’s a greater chance your readers will want to keep coming back. 

A simple example: If you are writing a blog on travel and if that goes viral, people will expect more travel-related content because that’s the only type of content they want from you. If they like what they see, they may suggest your blog to their friends/family. As a result, you will have more traffic on your blog!

The real-life example of a growing audience with a specific niche is the blog Copyblogger that earns millions of readers on their copywriting blog every month. The blog includes concentrated posts aimed at a target audience that’s bright copywriters and marketers.

4. Niche Helps to Monetize Your Blog

If I am not wrong, when you started your blog, you didn’t think about monetizing it in the first place, right? You probably wanted a convenient place to share your thoughts or passions. 

Please correct me if I am wrong!

But as you moved along with your blog, you realized that it garnered some handful of visitors and thought if you could generate income from your blog with the traffic you have. 

Monetize your blog using Google Adsense and similar other ad networks like Taboola, Amazon Associates, or Bidvertiser

Google AdSense distributes profit to itself and, but if you advertise products or services of private sponsors, the earnings can be all yours.

It is the biggest advertising platform for bloggers and publishers. Google is like a middleman between you and the advertisers. It allows advertisers to bid for keywords suiting your content.

I have written an in-depth article about how people make money from a blog with examples. If you want to learn in detail about monetizing your website, you will find it helpful. 

A more effective way of maximizing your revenue is by creating an email subscriber list with a lead magnet that perfectly fits your target audience.  

Now, what is a lead magnet?

It is an offer that you can promote to proposed customers in trade for their email address and perhaps other forms of information.

Here is a clear example:

Example of email subscriber list

As you can see above, the business site offers four free video piano lessons to its subscribers once they input their names and email addresses. 

Once you can attract your target audience with a solid lead magnet, you can swiftly build your email list, creating the opportunity for your niche blog for repeat visits and future monetization.

Want to learn more about the steps of creating an email list and engaging your subscribers? Read: 7 Steps to Build Your Email List, Engage Your Subscribers, and Make Sales With Email Marketing

Six Key Secrets to Choosing a Lucrative Niche for Your Blog

You know the importance of finding a niche blog, but how do you go about choosing the right niche for you? To be fair, you will find your niche when you align your passion, knowledge, and revenue potential perfectly. 

Here are the six key secrets to choosing a lucrative niche for your blog:

1. Select a Topic You Enjoy Talking About

This is as close to digging what your passion is!

For many people, blogging is like a pleasure. It’s the thing they like to do in their free time. For a niche blog to become popular, you should have passion when you write blog posts daily or week after week!

This is where selecting a topic that you enjoy talking about comes to play. 

It could be anything like your hobby, professional work, or even the new gadget you just bought. You don’t need to be an expert on this topic; it’s just that the topic needs to get you excited when talking about it. 

For example, if you are a technology enthusiast, you can write about several gadgets (mostly reviews). Through this, you can have the luxury to link your blog to the affiliate program (which I will discuss in the coming section) and start earning considerable income. 

Think long-term and decide whether you’ll enjoy working on a niche even after many years.

2. Conduct a Market Research

Once you have picked your niche, the next step is to make sure that your topic has a profitable and big enough market. The best way to find this out is by conducting small market research. 

So how can you do it?

I will explain it to you from my personal experience. 

Some time ago, I was passionate about traveling and wanted to start a blog about it. To check whether it had a big enough audience and how much competition the topic had, I used the free and helpful tool from Google called Google Trends

Here is what I did:

I typed the word ‘travel’ in the search bar and checked if the topic had any interest and how many people searched for it. 

I got the result similar to this:

Image of graph by google insight

Well, this step is essential because the graph reflects whether the interest in your topic is stable, rising, or decreasing over time. You need to avoid a declining topic to create a niche blog that lasts for long and earns you more profit. 

As you can see on the graph, travel seems like a great topic to start a blog about as it is gradually increasing interest at this time. It means that you will have enough traffic to your blog so that you can start making money.  

3. Choose a Smaller Niche

After you decide on a certain topic, you need to see what kind of competition you have for your topic. 

As I have picked the travel topic, I will demonstrate an example based on this topic. 

Go over to Google and search the topic to see how many search results appear for a particular topic.

search result of travel in google

In this case, the topic ‘travel’ seems to be too broad of a term to target as it has a search volume of around 5,830,000,000. Many websites are competing for it. 

To avoid competition with powerful authority websites, you need to pick a smaller niche. To do so, look into searches related to your topic (in my case, travel).

Search related to travel

Now you can pick any of the search terms and see how many people are looking for this specific term every month. 

Let’s say I pick ‘travel agency.’ Now, I will again use the Google search bar to analyze the search term.

Search result of travel agency

The results show that the term ‘travel agency’ appears to be an excellent niche for a blog as it has incredible search volume. 

You can also explore more related keyword ideas on the topic and target those keywords to get better search engine results.  

4. Make Sure the Niche is Profitable

Next up, since you plan to earn money from your blog, you should make sure that your niche is profitable to monetize your blog. If these requirements are met, you can earn a good income in less time. 

The easiest way to test this is to check if some brands or are advertising for your keywords. If people are using AdWords to promote products targeting your niche’s specific keywords, you have picked a lucrative niche.

Search result of travel backpacks

The result must be similar to this. With this result, you can easily monetize your blog with Google AdSense ads. 

However, a better and more profitable way would be to sell affiliate products on your blog. 
For example, as I have picked ‘travel backpacks’’, I will search for the topic on Amazon and find the list of top travel backpacks and write a review of each product.

Search result of backpacks in Amazon

It’s simple to join the Amazon affiliate program to promote its product, which I will discuss in the coming section.

Before that, look at some of the blogs that are profiting well with their respective niche.

5. Make Sure Your Niche has Affiliate Marketing Potential

Hands down, affiliate marketing, is the best form of blog monetization. And it’s my favorite! 

Affiliate marketing is the most passive source of income, and once you start ranking on Google, you can start earning while you sleep!

It is the act of recommending some popular businesses’ products and services and making a commission on every sale.

Most of the large companies have affiliate programs that you can be part of. At Blossom Themes, we, too, have an affiliate program where we provide 55% commission for every sale.

Once you apply and get approved for their programs, you can grasp your unique affiliate links to add to your blog, track reporting on clicks/sales, and see any future payouts.

You can follow these steps to get started with affiliate marketing:

  • Apply to a company’s affiliate program by either visiting their site or in an affiliate network. For this, you can either have a website and an email address from your domain or just a Gmail or Yahoo mail.
  • Once you get approved, grab your unique affiliate link, and copy/paste the link into any text on your blog.

I started affiliate marketing in 2017 and have been doing affiliate marketing for almost four years now. I have found the Amazon affiliate program to be good with my experience so far because it has a wide range of products, and people trust Amazon.

Amazon Associates
Note Down This Simple Formula:
To make money from blogging, you need an affiliate income.
To make affiliate income, you should rank your blog on Google and grab maximum traffic.
To rank your blog and get traffic, you need to look for keywords that drive the most affiliate revenue. 

So what are those keywords that you can try out to drive web traffic?

This could be either number (like 5, 10) or the word Best

Well, here is an example:

You can use the word Best and combine it with a number to create a topic for product reviews. It could be similar to 10 Best Travel Backpacks or 5 Best Travel Clothing of 2020

If you search for 10 Best Travel Backpacks or Best Travel Backpacks on Google, every single website on the top 10 results is an affiliate website. You will then begin to realize that the most successful websites are those that are making affiliate commissions. 

With my firm research on the topic, I have concluded that the most profitable niches for new bloggers right now are technology, finance, and travel. 

Some of my favorites are:

6. Let Your Audience Make a Decision

The audience means traffic. If you can satisfy your audience, you can only then call your niche a lucrative one. 

Eventually, you will explore that you enjoy writing about some topics much more, and that’s commendable. However, you need to be open to the fact that your audience (or traffic) might also enjoy some topics more than others.

Be open to regularly update your content over time if your audience is asking for something more interesting. 

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you are writing about the Best Mountaineering Boots. Over time, your audience may be expecting some other interesting topics like Best Mountaineering Boots for $100 or Best Vegan Mountaineering Boots. You need to bring changes as per the audience’s requirement to make them stay put in your blog and eventually make your niche choice lucrative.

If you are unsure about something, it’s probably better to begin a little broader and narrow down with time. This helps you to find what you most enjoy writing about or what your audience expects from you. 

Remember one thing: Overthinking about this stuff is the enemy, and no one will follow your blog if you neglect your audience. Let them make a decision. 

7 Best Profitable Blog Niches to Start Your Blog In

There is an army of potential blogging niches available for newcomers and professionals. And among the list, most of them can be profitable. The blend of high-quality content and strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are more crucial for a blog’s success than a niche.

Even so, the blogging niches mentioned below tend to give adoptees a higher possibility of being able to live comfortably off their blog’s revenue. 

I have compiled this list by looking into which niches manage to receive the most traffic and generate the most income.

So without any delay, let me explain to you seven of the best profitable blog niches. 

Note: The first one is fascinating!

1. How To Make Money

Well, that’s it! It’s simple and captivating. 

Just like you, everyone else is always in search of ways to make passive income. This field is vast, and it’s easy to make a lot of content on this niche.

These types of blogs earn an impressive income by teaching how to make money in any field. So how do they pull off this feat?

It’s simple! They charge higher prices for products, and the people interested spend more money keeping the faith that they can make it back. 

So does that mean this is the best way for you to start your blog?

Not really!

People only trust those who are experts. You don’t want to be that lame person who teaches people how to start an online business without any topic experience.

Nevertheless, here is an example of the blog doing well in this “crazy” niche.

example of the blog doing well in this “crazy” niche.

This blog, Smart Passive Income, earns over USD100k per month

Pat Flynn, who started Smart Passive Income, teaches people about business concepts, strategies, and tactics needed to succeed online. He teaches about affiliate marketing, business fundamentals, email marketing, and its importance through his blog. Many users have joined the SPI community and benefited from it.  

Another Example:

  • Melyssa Griffin: One of the successful bloggers, Melyssa Griffin, has accumulated compelling earnings from her blog, where she guides you on how to make money online. Over 20,000 digital entrepreneurs have already taken her top-rated online courses and profited well from them.  

Melyssa has been continuously teaching her users about how to earn passive income through online courses. Her guide on the steps to build an email list, engage subscribers, and make sales with email marketing has been of great help to many users out there.  

2. Food

Who doesn’t love food, right? And writing about it is undoubtedly the best way of engaging people in your blog. 

You can attract a fair amount of organic traffic through the food recipe posts, and you also can branch out into cookbooks tutorials. 

Generally speaking, this is how this niche works:

  • Cook food
  • Click attractive pictures of your food.
  • Post the entire recipe with pictures and critical sections.

Here is an example of a successful blog in this niche:

example of a successful blog in food niche

A hattrick of appearances for Lindsay on this article!

She is doing so well with her blog on this niche that I visit her blog, Pinch of Yum, almost daily. It gets millions of visitors per month. As a result, she makes well over USD60,000 per month in profit. 

Lindsay and her husband, Bjork, both run this blog. They share healthy, delicious, and easy recipes along with captivating photos of their food.

Another Example:

  • Food Blogger Pro: Food Blogger Pro is another successful blog in this niche that teaches you how to optimize your food blog and earn a substantial income. Lindsay Ostrom and Bjork Ostrom are behind this amazing blog where they teach people the secrets of making money through food blogging.

The Ostrom couple has included over 350 easy-to-understand videos on Food Blogger Pro specifically to help food bloggers. Besides, they have included an active community forum, a panel of industry experts, as well as monthly live events where you can submit your blogging questions and get help. They also offer discounts on tools and services made for food bloggers. 

You need to pay some amount to become a Food Blogger Pro member to learn more about food blogging.  

3. Fashion and Beauty

You are likely to bring more organic traffic quickly in this niche as the search volume is high. 

I didn’t know how big this niche was until I started doing my research, to be fair.

However, the problem is that this niche is competitive. While other blogs rely on content, this niche is more reliant on your personality and creativity. 

Many successful bloggers take advantage of social platforms like Instagram and YouTube to grow their blog.  

With this niche, I have noticed that after some time, the bloggers move into the category of lifestyle as they begin blogging about makeup, food, etc. Well, this makes sense. You know why?

Let me explain this with an example,

Let’s say I saw your blog and am influenced by your sense of style and makeup. Eventually, I’ll be interested in your lifestyle.

After you’ve built your community, you can get many sponsorships opportunities depending on how good you are at selling a product to your audience with your personality. It’s easy to expand your brand on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram, building additional revenue streams. 

Here is an example of a successful blog in this niche:

example of a successful blog in fashion and beauty niche

This fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, is bringing in more than $10 million by starting a fashion line. 

Chiara Ferragni founded her blog back in 2009 and established it as a fashion blog to a fashion and travel magazine. Later in 2017, Forbes nominated her as the Most Powerful Influencer of The World. Besides, Chiara ranks second as the most engaging fashion user on Instagram stories. 

By 2016, Chiara had turned her style blog into a full-blown lifestyle portal. Later, she added an e-commerce platform, which has become the primary source of her income. Besides, she also expanded The Blonde Salad into a talent agency that manages Valentina Ferragni, Marina Di Guardo, and Manuele Mameli.  

Another Example:

  • Song of Style: Song of Style is another lucrative fashion blog run by blogger Aimee Song. In this blog, you can learn all the facts about fashion and beauty. Besides, the blogger serves you with travel and lifestyle-related posts, where you can learn about designing, food, recipes, and maintaining your health and wellness.  

The primary source of income of Song of Style is through affiliate marketing. This is a popular way to earn money where the blogger recommends products on their blog and earns commission from its sale. 

Aimee’s blog includes blog posts and video content on beauty and skincare, where she adds the purchase links to the beauty products.

4. Health and Fitness

People always look for new and conventional ways to look healthy and fit!

As a result, the blogs in this niche are in high demand. Especially if you are going with a more specific niche in this category, i.e., ‘Weight Loss,’ you are definitely in the big picture. 

Health and Fitness niche is one of the most popular niches because you can gain a ton of traffic. However, it can be difficult to monetize your blog in this niche if you don’t have enough expertise. 

The best approach to go is with affiliate marketing. This works perfectly as the people on the web are actively searching for solutions to a problem, and an Amazon link to the product that can answer their issue will be of big help for you. Besides, monetization can be through sponsorships, ads, and so on. 

Here is an example of a successful blog in this niche:

example of a successful blog in health nich

Nerd Fitness is one of the most profitable blogs in this niche that earns around $100,000 per month

Since 2009, Nerd Fitness has been sharing tips on losing weight, getting stronger, and having a healthy lifestyle. This blog provides fun home workouts and guides you to maintain your physique at home. The instructors offer you one-on-one online coaching on how to get in shape and make permanent progress. 

Nerd Fitness, a successful blog, offers a one-on-one personal training program that costs around $197 per month to be part of the session. 

Another Example:

  • Chloe Ting: Chloe Ting is one of Australia’s most successful fitness bloggers who burst into popularity in 2020. Through her blog and YouTube channel, Chloe shares some easy-to-follow and efficient home workout programs that have helped thousands of fitness enthusiasts. With $2 million net worth and millions of followers, Chloe is a fitness idol for today’s youth.

Chloe’s additional income source is her online store, where she sells fabric resistance bands. A set of bands costs around $49.  

5. Travel

Travel is another popular blog niche that can generate tons of traffic as people love to look at beautiful pictures of sceneries and read adventures. 

There are tons of traveler bloggers. You can monetize the travel blogs by affiliate programs, paid advertisement, sponsorship, lead sales, and so on. If you have the expertise, experience, and passion for travel, then this niche can be an excellent fit for you. 

Travel is a specific niche, but narrow it down. Think about what inspires you, how you travel, and go with it:

  • Do you love traveling with kids?
  • Are you an adventure enthusiast or specialize in a specific venture like mountain climbing, diving, or rock climbing?
  • Do you enjoy the finer things in life on vacation?
  • Do you travel the world on a bicycle, motorbike, car, or hitchhiking?
  • Do you want to promote budget-friendly travel tips or luxury travel blogs?

All these things help refine your niche and build your audience. You should remember that you may not always travel this way so that a broader niche might be better. You can create categories for different aspects.

Here is an example of a successful travel blog:

example of a successful travel blog

The best part of being a travel blogger is the freedom to travel worldwide and earn. And that’s exactly what this beautiful travel blog, World of Wanderlust, is doing. 

This blog is full of beautiful travel pictures that make the readers grasp the feeling of being there. Plus, you can explore the best hiking spots worldwide and learn about the ultimate road trip. 

World of Wanderlust has key markets in the USA, Australia, and the UK. The blog garners more than 1 million monthly page views, 500,000 + monthly unique visitors, and has 1,200,000 + social media fans. This amount of success has undoubtedly helped the blog to earn a compelling income.   

Another Example:

  • A Broken Backpack: Melissa Giroux, the blogger of A Broken Backpack, is a long-term traveler and entrepreneur. With her blog, she takes you through her adventures and guides you through the globe. Melissa, also known as Mel, was already spending her summers in Europe since her early 20s. At the age of 25, she had an epiphany and began chasing her dreams of traveling the world. In 2015, Mel came up with the idea of blogging, and that’s how A Broken Backpack was born. 
  • Mel adds to her website’s earnings through affiliate marketing. She offers links to Udemy courses, deals on camera gear, discounts on everyday bags, and so on for her visitors. Besides, she also earns by promoting Worldpackers, where you can get $20 off on your annual plan. 

6. Personal Finance

The one to come close with how to earn a money niche is finance. Saving money is another way of making money, significantly when you can scale it. 

Managing your money can be a daunting task, which is why many people seek help from personal finance blogs. Since finance-savvy individuals run these blogs, they end up making tens and thousands of dollars per month. 

This is one of those niches that are not that easy to jump into. While you don’t necessarily require a formal finance education, you should have adequate money handling skills and some tricks and tips you can share with your readers. 

One of the examples of the very successful bloggers in this niche is Michelle Gardner. Her successful blog, Making Sense of Cents, bags most of the income through her affiliate links with Bluehost (how to start a blog and make money) beside her affiliate marketing course.

Let’s take a look at Michelle’s blog, Making Sense of Cents:

examples of the very successful bloggers in finance niche

Through this blog, Michelle makes around USD100,000 per month

Michelle is the author and owner of Making Sense of Cents. Michelle started this blog with a strong academic background in finances and heavy student debt on her back. Slowly as her bog started making her money, she paid off $40,000 in student loans and started her own business. Now, she teaches everyone how to earn more, save more, and live more. 

Michelle adds to her blog’s income through affiliate marketing, where she provides affiliate links to some products and services and earns a commission for any purchases her users make. She also earns through sponsored posts on her blog.  

Another Example: 

  • Frugalwoods: This is another blog on personal finance run by Liz Frugalwoods and her fiance. The young couple blog about their parenting, their adventure as a novice homesteader, and the financial decisions that made their lives possible. They started Frugalwoods in April 2014, before having their children. 

The extra income source for Frugalwoods has been affiliate marketing, as they sometimes include affiliate endorsements and advertisements. Liz and her husband receive a certain sale percentage when their users click on the link and buy something. 

If you like some pretty pictures and personal stories while learning how to manage your money correctly, Frugalwoods is worth checking out.

7. Blogging

Blogging itself as a niche might sound unappealing. But, it is a fairly popular topic of blogs. 

More people want to learn how to start a blog and make a passive income every day. There are many blogs in this niche that can attract more than 100,000 visitors through organic search. 

Here is an example of a successful blog in this niche:

example of a successful blog in blogging niche

The blog Copyblogger teaches you all the essentials for finding the right niche for your online business and creating good content. 

Copyblogger earns millions of readers on their copywriting blog every month. The blog includes posts aimed at an audience of bright copywriters and marketers. This blog was started in 2006 with the mission to teach you the fundamentals of content marketing.  

Brain Clark, the man behind Copyblogger, offers some premium content marketing training, through which he earns extra income. The courses and prices that you can find here are:

  • The Content Confidence Checklist – $14
  • Online Business Masterclass – $149
  • Email Marketing Masterclass – $149
  • SEO Masterclass – $149
  • The Content Writing Masterclass – $149

Another Example:

  • Blogging Basics 101: The main face behind Blogging Basics 101 is Jessica Knapp. Jessica has been continuously helping businesses get online since 2006. She offers beginner and intermediate bloggers tips and instructions on starting a blog and getting success through it. 

Her first source of income has been her website’s traffic, as millions of users visit her blog to learn the basics of starting a blog. Besides, Jessica also recommends them her favorite blogging tools to get started with.

Three Big Mistakes New Bloggers Make When Finding a Blog Niche

Knowing these common mistakes can help you make a better decision and avoid some of the common hazards that new bloggers mostly make. 

These are the three big mistakes that you can make as a novice blogger when finding a blog niche:

1. Soul Searching for the Passion

If you know what you’re passionate about and want to blog on it, that’s great! Go for it.

But, if you are unsure of your passion and this is stopping you from creating a blog, look for some other alternatives.

Take a look at all the profitable niches we’ve mentioned above. Pick one that most interests you. 

Experiment and see what works for you.

2. Starting on a Blog Niche Without Adequate Knowledge

This is another huge mistake that many novice bloggers can make. 

If you pick a blog niche that you don’t have enough knowledge on, this can lead to many negative consequences like: 

  1. Inaccurate information can later make your followers see you as a less credible source. 
  2. Your followers might stop visiting your blog.
  3. You may not gain organic traffic. So, the growth of your blog might remain stagnant.

A blog niche picked just for profit is also not very ideal. 

The point to note is to avoid selecting a topic that you don’t enjoy at all. Revisit your goals as to why you want to start a blog. Think long term and see what you’re comfortable with.

Here’s the secret that you are missing while looking for a lucrative niche for your blog:

Competition in the blogging world is very important!

You know why?

It is because people are making money there. So, if you grab a spot there, you can earn a lot. 

There is always a place at the top of the search engine if the niche is competitive enough. Besides, there are also tons of search volumes (traffic) to go around. 

Finding it difficult to understand? Let me show you a real-life example:

Let’s say you want to write a blog on trekking and traveling. You could define your blog niche as ‘travel’ as it has a heavy search volume on the search engines.

search volume on the search engines for travel keyword

And when you look for the search results for this critical keyword, you can find content like these that appear in the top 10 search results:

10 search results on Travel

Now you can begin writing unique content on this niche so that your product gets differentiated enough from what is already out there. 

However, don’t write generic content. Write content that is personal to you, original, and one with a creative approach. Also, create articles based on how you can help your audience. 

For example, you can mention your personal travel experience of a certain place and prepare a thorough guide for travel enthusiasts.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you mean by niche blogging?

Niche blogging is creating a blog on a narrowed down, specific topic to market to a target audience and market. Some examples of niches are: 
1. Food
2. Fashion
3. Lifestyle
4. Travel
5. Business

How do new blogs make money?

As a novice blogger, it can be confusing at first. It is, though, and takes quite a while until you earn your first dollar.

So, choose the right niche, build an audience, and attract traffic. 

Here are some ways to make money as a beginner blogger:

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Display Advertisement
3. Online Courses and Workshops
4. Sell eBooks and Workbooks 
5. Consulting and Coaching

Is blogging profitable in 2020?

Some years back, blogging was just a hobby for people. But as of now, a lot of things have changed. 

As of 2020, blogging has become one of the most profitable online professions, and people are starting to get into this.

What should my blogging niche be?

To find the lucrative niche for your blog, enter a broad or simple niche topic to generate several different keyword ideas. Many of these can be blog niche ideas. Use each niche topic to produce new ideas and then narrow the list down to a handful of ideas. From that, you can pick the blog niche that is competitive enough to put you in the driver’s seat in the blogging world.

What types of blogs generate the most income?

Many blog niches have the potential to drive massive traffic and earn you considerable income in a short period. I have already mentioned a few above. Some of the types of blogs that generate the most revenue are:

1. Parenting 
2. Health and Fitness
3. Lifestyle
4. Frugal Living
5. Home Decor
6. Newborn 
7. Media and Entertainment

What types of blogging niches are in demand?

There are many different types of blogs incorporating a wide range of topics, interests, and audiences. For a successful blog, plan ahead and pick the niche that works for you. These are some of the popular blogging niches that are in high demand:

1. Food 
2. Fashion 
3. Health and Fitness 
4. Travel 
5. Music 
6. Lifestyle 
7. Sports 
8. Finance 
9. Parenting 
10. Personal 
11. Business 
12. News 
13. Gaming 

Can I make money through my personal blog?

Yes, you can! Once you start driving a considerable amount of traffic to your blog, you can use Google Adsense to monetize your blog. It is one of the most popular ways of making money. Besides, if your blog is on product reviews, like Best Travel Backpacks, then there is another way of generating income: affiliate marketing. 

You can join the affiliate program and earn a certain percentage of commission when the readers purchase the products you recommend them. You can sign up for different affiliate programs of the products you are using. 

For instance, if someone finds your article about Best Travel Backpacks and decides to buy one through your link, you will earn a certain commission from the purchase he or she makes.

How can I dominate the niche market?

Understanding how your niche blogs excel where your competition does not is crucial in dominating your market. Here are some of the proven strategies for niche market domination:

1. Build your niche.
2. Develop your products and services.
3. Identify the external affecting forces.
4. Offer value and solution.
5. Communicate appropriately with your market.
6. Establish credibility for your niche.
7. Execute a competitive analysis in your marketing plan.

Why do most niche bloggers fail?

Well, having a specific niche is not enough! One of the biggest reasons why even niche bloggers fail is that they do not produce engaging and high-quality content. With so much content generated, great content is the minimum bet for getting in the game. Failing to create engaging content leads to reader dissatisfaction, and they start losing traffic on their blogs.

How can I find a profitable blog niche?

This article is here to answer this critical question that most of the newbie bloggers have on their minds. Here is a quick recap of the secrets to finding a profitable blog niche:

1. Select a Topic You Enjoy Talking About.
2. Conduct Market Research.
3. Choose a Smaller Niche.
4. Make Sure, the Niche is Profitable.
5. Make Sure Your Niche has Affiliate Marketing Potential.
6. Let Your Audience Make a Decision.


To truly make a living with a blog, you need to determine your niche based on passions and how much it can generate traffic and income in the future. Once you find the best niche for your blog, start creating engaging content that helps you to stand out in the market. Try to be consistent and continue blogging according to a schedule.

Invest in some tools to optimize your workflow. I personally use Docs2Site to help me focus on the creative side of things. This tool saves me hours on reformatting and media uploads by exporting my articles with a single click. 

I recommend Docs2Site as an essential tool for any WordPress blogger. As you focus your content towards a profitable niche, you should also focus your time on the things that bring tangible returns, like ideating, creating content, and growing your blog. 

I hope this article about the secrets of choosing a lucrative niche for your blog helps you. Try going through the above points and identifying a good niche for you. Happy blogging!

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