12 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins For 2024

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Affiliate commissions are one of the major sources of revenue for content creators on the internet. Amazon, the world’s biggest marketplace, is the most favorable choice for affiliate marketers.

That’s for a good reason, too, as it offers a virtually limitless variety of products to market and excellent terms for its affiliate marketers. For example, affiliate marketers can earn a 10% commission on all the sales they make as an Amazon Associate. 

Amazon Associates is basically an affiliate marketing program where bloggers and website owners are allowed to create special links. If any customer clicks through the link and buys any product from Amazon, they earn certain referral fees.

Having said that, affiliate marketing is a complex topic, and you need some good tools to help you optimize your affiliate marketing strategy.

So, we have put together a list of the 12 best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to improve your marketing strategy and boost conversion.

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List of Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

An Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin has to do many things — manage redirections, boost conversions, create exciting affiliate ads, and so on.

So, check out these 12 best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins for 2024.


AffiliateX - Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AffiliateX is the perfect WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers who want to launch affiliate blogs rapidly with high conversion rates. It helps you build comparison tables, single product tabs, specifications and coupons in your affiliate blogs.

With AffiliateX, you can use customizable blocks to trigger visitors to click on affiliate links, which is an excellent method for promoting your product. Additionally, you get a live preview in your default Gutenberg Editor so it’s easy to make changes.

AffiliateX doesn’t slow down your website and actually improves performance. Since speed is an important factor for SEO, you’ll have higher chances of ranking on Google.

Moreover, the plugin works seamlessly with your favorite WordPress theme without issues. AffiliateX provides you with the following useful features:

  • It offers 4 different Single Product layouts for promoting any single product.
  • It has 4 distinct Pros and Cons designs to communicate the advantages and disadvantages of any product.
  • Displaying the specification of any product is easy using multiple layouts.
  • It comes with professional-looking buttons to enhance your Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  • You can make a beautiful and informative product comparison table to compare multiple items at the same time.

Who is this plugin for?

AffiliateX is created for affiliate marketers to create lightning-fast affiliate blogs with high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and drastically increase their affiliate income. Whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer or just getting started, AffiliateX will help you take your business to the next level!


WZone Amazon Affiliates Plugin

WZone is an awesome tool for dropshipping websites, or if you want to integrate Amazon affiliate links to your WooCommerce store. Unlike other plugins, WZone directly connects to your WooCommerce store. Then, it automatically imports your affiliate product data from Amazon and displays them as regular items on your WooCommerce store.

Targeted towards dropshippers, you can use WZone to set up two different ways in which customers check out. You can display all the relevant information and check-out buttons on your website and subtly direct them to the Amazon check-out page. You will earn your affiliate commission on the way. 

The other way is to do direct dropshipping, in which orders on Amazon items are made on your site, and the plugin automatically replicates that order on Amazon’s website.

The best thing about WZone, however, is that it comes with a list of detailed features that give you some very specific benefits in the niche of Amazon affiliate marketing. Here are some:

  • You can set up the shopping cart feature on your website. This allows customers to choose and check out with multiple items at a time, drastically increasing your affiliate revenue.
  • You can display product reviews that are posted on the Amazon product page on your website. This gives your visitors a better shopping experience and increases the chances of conversion.
  • You can make full use of Amazon coupons to boost your conversion. Amazon offers many marketing tools to increase sales, including coupons. If an Amazon product in your store has a coupon discount, your visitors can make use of it. 
  • Affiliate links on posts are also included. This plugin is mainly for e-commerce stores but also allows you to place Amazon affiliate links on blog posts. 
  • You can display Frequently Bought Together or Related Products suggestions on single product pages. They are directly imported from the Amazon catalog. 
  • You can also import Amazon product information in a variety of ways, manual or otherwise. 

Who is this plugin for?

WZone is our best recommendation of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins for e-commerce stores and dropshippers. The plugin is tuned perfectly to meet all your needs and includes a lot of features that can help boost your conversions. 

Auto Amazon Links WordPress Plugin

Auto Amazon Links is a 100% free WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate marketing that uses the Amazon Product Advertising API. The main charm of this tool is that it is quite simple with a neat, easy-to-use design. If you run a blog, this is a great way to get started in the affiliate marketing space.

Auto Amazon Links is specifically designed to display Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress website. 

For starters, you can place affiliate links in your text or display affiliate ads. You can choose to display static affiliate ads of specific Amazon products or set up a dynamic feed that displays a range of products.

The plugin gives you multiple choices to specify the products displayed in the affiliate ad feed. You can choose to display products within a certain category or those that fall under a specific search query. 

There are two different ways of customizing this theme as well. You get shortcodes to change the basic things about your affiliate ads display, such as the size of the thumbnail image or the length of the product description. 

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can actually do a lot more customization by writing your own code for the plugin output. Besides that, the plugin allows you to place custom buttons that attract the visitors’ attention and help increase your conversion.

Auto Amazon Links also includes some nifty features such as loading independent of Javascript, which allows your affiliate links to load for users who have Javascript turned off. Another useful feature is URL cloaking, which changes the URL of the affiliate links to avoid them being blocked by ad blockers. 

Who is this plugin for?

Auto Amazon Links is an amazing choice amongst the free Amazon affiliate plugins. It includes a variety of features that are available at no cost whatsoever. This plugin is a great choice for bloggers who want to display automatic Amazon affiliate ads or insert affiliate links to their posts. 

The best thing about Auto Amazon Links is that it supports all the Amazon Associates Locales, making it useful for global traffic.


AAWP Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AAWP is by far the most popular choice for Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins. This plugin is packed with a full suite of features. It covers most of the common functionalities that are typically included in Amazon affiliate plugins.

You can easily set up text affiliate links and more using the provided shortcodes. At the same time, there is a collection of templates that help you fit the affiliate-related elements perfectly with the aesthetic of your WordPress theme. 

AAWP supports most of the Amazon partner networks such as Canada, the USA, Germany, China, India, Japan, the UK, and the UAE. So, you can easily connect affiliate links to products in any of these Amazon markets. The plugin also includes a geotargeting feature that allows your global visitors to their local store, helping you score more referrals.

Since the plugin is connected with Amazon’s Product Advertising API, all the product information is automatically updated, including its pricing. This avoids the possibility of sharing any misinformation regarding the products, which might even be illegal depending on where you live. 

You also get a variety of visual features such as:

  • Comparison tables that compare multiple products.
  • Prebuilt templates to showcase the affiliate products, including boxes, lists, and tables. 
  • Product boxes that can be tailored according to your needs with aesthetically pleasing design and conversion-boosting elements.
  • Customize the plugin elements or outputs according to your needs by using CSS.

So, you can see that AAWP is definitely a good choice for building a visually pleasing Amazon affiliate website. The large collection of features also includes some performance-related features such as:

  • Local caching to improve the loading speed of your website.
  • Responsive design ensures that the plugin loads perfectly on all screen sizes.
  • Click tracking to analyze visitors’ behavior through Google Analytics and other tools. It is really useful to formulate better strategies to convert customers. 
  • Translation-ready into English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. 

You can further boost engagement with this plugin by displaying more product options through lists like New Releases, Best Sellers, and custom product selections in the sidebar. 

Who is this plugin for?

AAWP is one of the most comprehensive Amazon affiliate plugins, covering all the bases, including performance, customization, and conversion optimization. So, AAWP is the perfect choice for those serious about their Amazon affiliate website and who want to succeed in it.


AzonPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin

AzonPress is a pretty simple tool for managing your Amazon affiliate links. It provides you with excellent service along with all the standard features you need to present your affiliate links in an attractive way.

Their website even claims to be able to increase your affiliate revenue by 250%. They do that with a smart collection of features that include attractive pre-built layouts, specialized affiliate ad feeds like Best Seller, and more.

It is quite easy to set up and start using this plugin. It is shortcode-enabled, which means that you can add a new list or affiliate link simply by copy-pasting the relevant code.

The variety of layouts offered include grids, boxes, lists, tables, and also a widget to display affiliate ads in the sidebar. The plugin output can be customized to make it more attractive and fit your website theme better.

One useful feature of AzonPress is the comparison table which allows you to compare the key features of similar products. Likewise, this plugin also enables geotargeting, which is a brilliant feature for websites with global traffic.

This feature redirects visitors who click on your affiliate link to their local Amazon store. This makes it possible for your visitors to make the purchase directly and maximize your commission.

Using AzonPress will cost you $39 per year for a single website. It is effortless to use and comes with a simple interface. However, what really makes this plugin worth the money is the 24/7 customer support. You can get in touch with their support team at any time to resolve any critical issues.

Who is this plugin for?

AzonPress is an easy-to-use plugin that can be used to set up direct affiliate links, or automatic affiliate ad feeds on your website. This plugin comes with 24/7 support as well. 

These features make it most suitable for anyone who wants a simple and effective way to set up Amazon affiliate links on their website but is serious about building their affiliate revenue.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Blocks is not a dedicated plugin for Amazon affiliates. It’s a Gutenberg blocks plugin that adds custom blocks to the Block Editor. It helps bloggers and marketers to make content more engaging.

It comes with 20+ Gutenberg blocks. Some of them are very useful for amazon affiliate marketers. Let’s check them –

  • Button (Improved) Block: Using this block, you can create the ‘Buy on Amazon’ button.
  • Star Rating Block: With the star rating block, you can rate products from 5 to 10 stars.
  • Styled List Block: This block is helpful for adding key features and pros & cons.
  • Review Block: You can add schema-enabled review boxes using this block.
  • Image Slider Block: You can use this block to showcase product’s images.
  • Table of Contents: This block is very useful for piller content or in-depth blog posts.

It also comes with other essential blocks like Content Toggle (FAQ Schema-Enabled), Tabbed Content, Call to Action, Content Filter, Click to Tweet, Countdown, Progress Bar, and many more.

Who is this plugin for?

Ultimate Blocks is a great choice for bloggers and content marketers who want to take their content to the next level. It has everything a blogger or marketer needs to make their content shine.

Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster Plugin

Affiliate Booster plugin has been created by a prominent affiliate marketer Kulwant Nagi. In 2020, he got the idea to develop this plugin to help affiliate marketers add conversion-optimized designs to their blog posts with ease.

Despite having limited editing features, the free version is still a perfect choice for affiliate marketers. For example, you can add ten conversion-optimized blocks with the free version of Affiliate Booster plugin.

It was created to load your website faster by allowing you to work in the default WordPress editor. Get rid of heavy page builders and create stunning designs in your articles by working directly in Gutenberg.

This plugin includes:

  • 30+ pre-made Gutenberg blocks to add optimized conversion designs.
  • Mobile responsiveness to make your design look better on the small screen.
  • 4 pros and cons layouts with customization features.
  • 5 coupon layouts to promote coupons on your blog.

Who is this plugin for?

Don’t get confused with the name Affiliate Booster, as any blogger can use this plugin to add awesome-looking designs in the articles to get more CTR. If you are promoting anything on your blog, this plugin can make your product promotion look better.


AAPro Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AAPro is another Amazon affiliate plugin that is built to set up an online store that is directly connected to Amazon.

You can set up this plugin for your WordPress website within five minutes. Besides that, another key feature of AAPro is its customizability. This plugin includes:

  • Unlimited layout options
  • A variety of attractive buttons to create eye-catching layouts
  • Shortcodes to place affiliate links and ads easily
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Support for widgets along with drag-and-drop arrangement 

Besides this, AAPro also focuses on analytics and record-keeping functions. You can easily download all data related to your affiliate program for offline storage. 

The plugin also allows you to import single or multiple Amazon shop items at any time. You can effortlessly upload a .csv file with all the Amazon products data to upload a bunch of specific Amazon product links at one time. AAPro provides you with an extension for Google Chrome to make it easier to build your .csv list. 

This plugin also includes a few features to help you boost your conversion rate. In addition, it also comes with high customization options to create eye-catching Amazon affiliate ads that can elicit more clicks, including attractive buttons.

You can increase the appeal of specific Amazon products with badges such as the Best Seller Badge or showcase discounts with the appropriate discount badges. 

Finally, visitors can actually create wishlists on your own website. This feature will keep the visitors coming and make it possible for your customers to buy multiple products at a single go, increasing your affiliate revenues. 

Who is this plugin for?

AAPro is a great choice for those who run e-commerce websites. You get some detailed customization options to blend your affiliate ads perfectly with your website. Alongside that, this plugin also offers analytics to help you formulate better strategies to boost your business.


EasyAzon Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

EasyAzon is one of the popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins with both a free and a premium version. This plugin comes with some great customization features and allows you to build custom Call-to-Action buttons as well. It works with any Amazon locale and lets you quickly spin up text affiliate links as needed.

The free version just allows you to build Amazon affiliate links in texts. 

EasyAzon’s geotargeting feature is only available in the pro version. It allows integrating multiple affiliate IDs to marketers redirect users to the correct Amazon locale. Likewise, you can even select the country-wise redirection rules manually for each Amazon locale.

In addition to geo-targeting, EasyAzon allows you to create custom CTA buttons, image affiliate links, and product boxes that can significantly boost affiliate revenue.

Besides that, the premium version comes with some excellent additional features, including:

  • Call-to-Action buttons
  • Product information boxes
  • Image affiliate links
  • Hovering product ads
  • Add to cart button

Who is this plugin for?

EasyAzon offers its users some creative ways of displaying affiliate links. It is suitable for affiliate marketers who want to make more commission by effortlessly adding and managing affiliate links. Moreover, it makes an excellent companion to beginners who want to save time and effort in the process.


ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

ThirstyAffiliates is a popular choice among users to set up affiliate links. This plugin is quite simple to use, along with added benefits that give you an all-rounder service. It includes features such as link fixing, link cloaking, and advanced analytics features for added functionality.

The free version of ThirstyAffiliates comes with a ton of features to configure the basic link in text or link in post functions. Not only does this plugin allow for link cloaking, but you can also customize the links to include additional details such as the product category and more.

The plugin also has some great monitoring features to ensure that your affiliate links are healthy. Likewise, it also provides you with valuable user data to develop more effective conversion strategies. 

ThirstyAffiliates monitors your links at all times for 404 errors and will send you notifications if any broken links are found. At the same time, there is a front-end link fixing script to help you easily fix any broken links.

The click counting and analytics features are quite extensive. These features measure click volume through the time of day to show you the most effective and profitable times. However, the vast majority of analytics-related features are available only with the premium version of the plugin.

Here are other key features of the ThirstyAffiliates plugin:

  • It offers link cloaking to hide your long affiliate links
  • Automatically insert affiliate links into given keywords, increasing affiliate links across your site
  • Geolocation feature can redirect visitors to their local Amazon store to increase the chance of sales
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Import/export affiliate links in CSV files
  • Automatic link fixer

Who is this plugin for?

ThirstyAffiliates is a good all-rounder plugin to insert affiliate links to your website with adequate support features to sustain and grow your affiliate revenue by itself. It allows you to keep track of your existing links, sanitize and cloak your affiliate links, localize the links for the visitors, and also does a lot of record-keeping to help you formulate better conversion strategies. So, it is a fully adequate plugin all on its own for those looking for a complete solution.

AmaLinks Pro WordPress Plugin

AmaLinks Pro is a relatively straightforward Amazon affiliate plugin that puts the focus on compliance with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. Some plugins don’t pay close attention to the small text and end up creating designs and features that might get their users removed from the Amazon affiliates’ program. 

AmaLinks Pro allows you to build attractive links and product showcases that are compliant with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. There are a few limited ways in which this plugin allows you to display your affiliate links and products:

  • Text and image links
  • Product showcase with multiple layouts
  • Product comparison tables

There is a ton of potential in each one of these layouts. Text and image links are standard ways to insert your affiliate links into posts. Meanwhile, the product showcase option has a sleek design with multiple engaging layouts. You can display product images in a gallery or slider with a description section.

The plugin uses advanced typography that makes it easy to read through the product description. AmaLinks Pro also provides you with the option to add attractive Call-to-Action links to your product showcase to boost your click-through rate. 

This plugin uses the Amazon Product Advertising API, which allows it to directly draw product information to your website, including product images and text. This also ensures that your prices are up-to-date and in compliance with Amazon roles and maybe even your local laws.

Besides that, you get a bunch of features to help you comply with the Amazon rules, such as the API disclaimer. This feature displays the time and date of when the Amazon API last downloaded the data of a given product. This allows you to stay safe in case your affiliate product showcase displays an outdated price.

The official AmaLinks Pro website boasts a number of case studies that show more than a 250% boost in click-through rate when using this plugin.

Who is this plugin for?

There are two main benefits of AmaLinks Pro — it assures compliance with the Amazon Associates Operating Program, and its eye-pleasing design can help you get a boost in your conversion rate. If you want these two features without spending too much time and effort on the process, then you should definitely try AmaLinks Pro.

Amazon Link Engine WordPress Plugin

Amazon Link Engine is a very specific affiliate tool that will help you earn international affiliate commissions.

This free plugin converts all your Amazon affiliate links into localized links. This allows your website to automatically redirect your visitors to their local Amazon links, where they can successfully make a purchase. This increases the chances of conversions and rapidly boosts your affiliate income. 

For earning international affiliate commissions from this plugin, though, you will need to sign up for a Geniuslink account. So, this product is essentially freemium, and you need to shift to a paying customer in order to benefit from the main feature.

A Geniuslink account will cost you $2 for every 2000 clicks. This isn’t a bad cost at all, considering it can directly add on a new revenue source for you within the affiliate income area.

For the purposes of localization, Geniuslink has a better system than most other tools out there. It uses a five-step process to find a product that will turn a close match even when there isn’t an exact equivalent to that product in the local Amazon marketplace. This is another key factor that can increase your sales. 

In order to accomplish its key task of rerouting, Amazon Link Engine comes with some specialized features:

  • A notification system for a broken link or out-of-stock products for existing ads or links
  • Geniuslink is a consolidated links manager of not just Amazon but a variety of other marketplaces such as iTunes and Walmart
  • You can reroute visitors to different stores based on a variety of facts, including language, device type, country, time of the click, and even the visitors’ operating system.
  • You can test the effectiveness of certain links by doing A/B testing — sending your traffic to two different destinations from the same link and checking the final conversions.

Who is this plugin for?

Amazon Link Engine has a single core purpose, which is to localize and consolidate affiliate links. The applications of this plugin are vast, and you can benefit from it if you have a global audience or the coverage to showcase a wide variety of products as affiliate links.

Pretty Links WordPress Plugin

Pretty Links is designed to be a beginner-friendly plugin for managing affiliate links on your website. This plugin allows you to easily add, manage, and remove affiliate links from your website. Additionally, there are a variety of easy-to-understand options to manage redirects, shorten your affiliate links, and so on.

Using this plugin, you can add your affiliate links anywhere on your website. The plugin also comes with a link cloaking feature to hide your affiliate links. Meanwhile, it also gives you a URL shortener feature that can come in handy to share your affiliate links on social platforms.

The URL shortener feature actually enables you to create custom affiliate links that are easy to remember and visually appealing. Besides that, this plugin also offers a localization feature, which allows you to maintain a good conversion rate.

Pretty Links also comes with a redirection feature and gives you 301, 203, and 307 redirects. You can also use the plugin to add nofollow orders to your affiliate links. It helps secure your SEO rankings and avoids any kind of penalizing from search engines.

Pretty Links also enables some basic analytics and counts the number of clicks made to any given link. You can even filter out noise in your analytics data by tracking only unique visitors or disabling the count for certain IP addresses.

Who is this plugin for?

Pretty Links is a good choice for WordPress beginners who want to get started on affiliate marketing. Some of the specialized features, such as creating nofollow links, can also help if you’re going to add diverse products as affiliate links.

Which Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Is Best For You?

While all the plugins included in this article are the best in the market, there are a few options that have a slight edge over the others in terms of features, usability, and design.

AAWP is a feature-rich Amazon affiliate plugin that will give you top-level treatment. Besides adequate options to configure your affiliate link placements, you also get features like geolocation, local caching, and easy translation with this plugin.

WZone is a specialized plugin with two detailed and effective workflows for dropshippers and for regular websites. Basically, this plugin can create an automatic carousel of Amazon products based on certain search terms or categories to quickly and effortlessly populate your dropshipping website.

EasyAzon includes top-notch features that can help increase your conversions, such as Best Sellers function, promotional badges, geotargeting, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my Amazon affiliate ads more attractive to visitors?

If you want to create eye-catching affiliate links to boost click-throughs, you should go for plugins such as AAWP. This plugin offers plenty of customization options to change the look and feel of your affiliate ads. It comes with loads of pre-built templates like tables, affiliate boxes, and so on.

How can I increase click-throughs using Amazon affiliate plugins?

To increase your click-through rate, always check for plugin features that are known to increase conversions. These include geotargeting, CTA buttons, and eye-catching ad designs such as hover affiliate ads.

How do I manage broken links on my website?

You need a plugin like Pretty Links, which comes with specific features to handle redirects. If you want a dedicated tool to take care of redirections, check out this article on the best WordPress redirect plugins.


All the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins listed in this article are handpicked to help you get started with Amazon affiliates. They are specifically designed to establish your website to earn solid affiliate commissions from Amazon.

We hope you find this list helpful. Let us know in the comments.

If you are looking for other ways to optimize your website, check out this article on the 30 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs.

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