Must-Have Plugins

With thousands of plugins in WordPress to choose from, it’s a difficult task to choose the best one for your site. With this service, we will install and configure the essential plugins to turn your site into a powerful engine and keep it safe from hackers and other online threats!

The Must-Have Plugins Setup includes the following:

  • Backup Plugin: A backup plugin is essential as it automatically creates copies of your site’s content to restore your site if needed. Backing up necessary data is always crucial – you never know when something might happen that causes data loss. 
  • Security Plugin: This plugin will block any attempt at accessing or compromising parts of the website and protect it from attacks and malware.
  • Spam Protection Protection: With the spam protection plugin, your spam comments are automatically blocked and filtered, so you don’t have to spend time manually filtering and deleting them.
  • Image Optimization for Faster Loading: An image optimization plugin reduces image sizes, so they load faster than ever before. It significantly boosts page speed because fewer resources are being used when loading content.
  • Custom Scripts Plugin: A plugin to add script code to your website without modifying your theme files. With this plugin, you can easily add Google Analytics, newsletter code and many more.
  • Link Checker: A plugin to automatically check the broken links on your website, so you don’t lose valuable traffic. It will also send you a notification so you can quickly take action to fix it.
  • Login Path Changer: A security plugin to change the default WordPress login page URL to make your website secure from hackers.
  • Redirection Plugin: This plugin automatically handles the redirection when you change the slug of your posts and pages. It ensures you don’t lose any valuable traffic.

Installing these plugins for your WordPress site will boost its performance and keep it secure.

Delivery time: 1-2 business days

Please note

  • The service is valid for one website only. 
  • We will need access to your site’s WordPress Admin panel.

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Must-Have Plugins