Introducing Website Coaching: Turn Your Website into
Lead Generating Machine

If you are a website owner who wants to get expert advice on improving the site and growing your business online, this service is for you. 

This one-on-one guidance call will help you understand the things your site is good at and identify the areas of improvement such as user experience, SEO, lead generation, etc. 

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners like you improve their online presence and generate more leads. 

Don’t take our words for it. See what they have to say about us. 

Why this Service?

We’ve found that the clients we attract are incredibly smart.  They put in good work to grow their business. But for some reason, they don’t get the results they hoped for. 

We identified this challenge by talking with thousands of our customers and wanted to help them. 

So we started this service. Our goal of this service is to understand your business goals, identify the challenges and provide expert guidance to unleash the full potential of your site.


If you want to:

Tammy Letherer, Adalyd Gracia, Tawnya Schultz and more 50 others

are already growing their business since working with us.

What’s Included in Website Coaching?

During the call with our expert, you can discuss on the following topics:

Expert Guidance

The SiteCoach will understand your business goals and requirements. Then the SiteCoach will provide hands-on practical information to improve every aspect of your website and increase your online presence. 

UX / Visual Design Feedback

The SiteCoach will walk through your website, analyze it and provide feedback to improve the design and user experience.

Lead Generation

Our team has helped many customers to build lead-generating websites. SiteCoach will share the best approaches to optimize your website to generate more leads during the meeting.

SEO Feedback

The SiteCoach will analyze the SEO performance of your site and provide recommendations to improve SEO.

WordPress Queries

Have any queries related to WordPress hosting, themes or plugins, the SiteCoach will answer each question.

Essential Recommendations

The SiteCoach will also provide other areas of improvement that you can implement on your website.

What’s not included: This service doesn’t include custom development, design, SEO or other services.

Take a look at some clients we have worked with


Sharon Hughes

Sharo Hughes is a professional speaker, author, coach where she helps through the stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Sharon Hughes

Founder of Confidence Academy


The Money Life Coach

Tawnya Schultz is a Founder of Intentional Finance Co. and The Money Life Coach, an online platform teaching female entrepreneurs to master their money and mindset with the best tools for learning how to budget, pay off debt, invest and leave a legacy.

Tawnya Schultz

Founder of Intentional Finance Co.


The Money Life Coach

Adalyd Gracia is an Agile Transformation Coach, Scrum Master (Agile-Alliance), Scrum Product Owner, and holds the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. She started a career in banking when she was 20 years old and has risen through the ranks to become the current Assistant Vice-President of Credit Quality Assurance at a national Bank in Miami, Florida. 

Adalyd Gracia

Founder of

Adalyd's Website

Mending Meditation

Sharo RG Certified Meditation Coach/Facilitator, Certified Crystal Healer Guide, and the proud owner of Mending Meditation.

Sharon Rg

Certified Meditation Coach/Facilitator


MG Coaching

Marsha Gill is a mom, Army veteran, entrepreneur, therapist, Jesus Chic, author and producer of the She Shifted Podcast. She helps to empower women.

Marsha Gill

Founder of


Melanie Hicks

Dr. Hicks is the author of the upcoming book Incongruent. Writing her first book at 10 years old, she has now been published in numerous magazines and websites.

Melanie Hicks

Forbes Business Development Council



Sundala is a Naturopath & Herbalist, with a passion for women’s health. She created Sundala, a space for health and healing that focuses on simple practices and down-to-earth advice.

I’ve been surprised from the start with the quality of support with Blossom themes. After wrestling with my website layout and display on my own, I was sceptical about their additional services with web design. However, Nabin is honest, genuine and professional, and he knows his stuff. He has an eye for detail and delivers completed work promptly and efficiently. No doubt, I will be contacting Nabin and Blossom Themes again soon for more advice and support.

Leonie Satori

Naturopath & Herbalist


Custom Candles Gold Coast

Established in 2014, Custom Candles Gold Coast has made a place in the hearts of the clients they served. 

Nabin is amazing, very knowledgeable and communicates in a way that you can easily follow his instructions. I am very happy with my Blossom Theme “Seva” and it looks fantastic. The training I was provided with will see me able to make changes and additions as needed. So much better than my previous website developer where it cost me 5 times as much and no after sales service. Nabin managed to do in 4 weeks what the previous developer took 10 months. Can’t recommended the highly enough. Thanks Again….

Jules Walters

Custom Candle Gold Coast

How does it work?

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Step 2

Submit Your Details

Answer the series of questions to help us analyze your website and your business needs.

Step 3

Attend the Meeting

During the meeting, we will discuss improving your website.


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One-on-One Meeting



Still Unsure?

If you’re looking for an expert who can share incredible lead generation and website optimization techniques, we’re here.

We’ve built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. We want you to share some of the techniques we have implemented that contributed to our success.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business, increase visibility and generate more leads, we want to work with you.

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