40+ Best Free WordPress Blog Themes in 2024

Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Blogs have always been one of the most prominent forms of information. They provide a platform for discussion or a digital journal to share with the world. 

Be it personal or a professional blog, they indeed are engaging. That is, in a sense, blogs can help you increase your site traffic leading to higher sales. 

WordPress blog themes are among the most widely used WordPress themes. As it is easy to use and takes no time to set up, WordPress blog themes have gained this massive popularity among bloggers.

WordPress specializes in blog themes with features specially targeted for blog sites. If you’re new to blogging, you may not know what to look for in a blog site. 

With the increasing number of blogs and WordPress blog themes, finding a suitable theme for your blog isn’t easy. Considering that, here we have tailored a list of 40+ best free WordPress blog themes

In this article, you will also find a guide that can give you an overall idea of what to look for in a blog website. So keep reading to find out more!

What to Look For in a WordPress Blog Theme?

Every site has its purpose, and every theme has its features. For a website to make the most out of a theme, both the purpose of the website and the feature of the theme need to complement each other. For a blog-related website, here’s a list of features that can affect the efficiency of your website.

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Blogs are about getting your visitors to read. However, reading takes time and effort. Unless you present your viewers with an interface that can enhance your blog’s readability, you cannot expect much from your visitors. 

The key idea here is to keep your layout and design of the blog simple and elegant. Do not use multiple contrasting colors. Instead, use soothing light colors to give your viewers a pleasant reading experience. Make sure the interface is clean and user-friendly too. This can affect the traffic of your website massively.


Gone are the days when the responsiveness of a website was optional. The tremendous increase of mobile users demands your blog to be responsive at all times. A responsive theme adjusts the content of your website to fit your device perfectly. This gives you a pleasant reading experience, unlike unresponsive themes, which are a complete turn-off for blog readers.

SEO Optimized

To get yourself high up in the rankings of a search engine, look for a theme that has built-in SEO optimization features. Since the internet is a competitive marketplace, it is hard to find yourself among the top rankers. Even before you start posting content, your site can beat many other sites in google ranking if only your theme is SEO-optimized. 

Page Builders

One of the best things about WordPress is that it offers features where users can design their website pages and add functionalities accordingly. Page Builder plugins are the ones that provide such attributes with simple drag and drop options. Many page builder plugins are easily integrable with WordPress themes. While choosing the theme for your blog, look for a theme that offers easy integration with top page builder plugins.

Translation-Ready and Multilingual

Websites are created to reach out to a global audience. However, some specific blogs are built using specific language, targeting specific audiences. If that’s the case, it is wise to choose a theme that is translation-ready and supports multiple languages. This provides options for users from different backgrounds making your website more readable.

If you are looking for multilingual themes and need help in choosing the best one, you should check out our article on 20+ Best Multilingual WordPress Themes.

Browser Compatibility

Since viewers of your blog can be using any device to get to your website, you need to make sure that your website is accessible from any browser too. Different devices and operating systems can have different browsers as their default browser. Thus, choosing a cross-browser-compatible theme ensures that all your viewers can access your website with ease.

Comments and Reviews / Discussion Forum

Unlike other websites, a blog website needs to have a section for discussion and user engagement. This section is usually a comment section in every blog post or a specific discussion forum. WordPress provides plugins that can be easily integrated into your blog website. These plugins can help you create sections for user engagement with ease. Choose a theme that is compatible with such plugins.

List of Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Here is the list of 40+ best free WordPress blog themes that help you create a responsive and fully-functional blog.

Blossom Coach

Blossom Coach Free Wordpress Theme

Blossom Coach is another option for creating a powerful WordPress blog related to health and life coaching services. This theme comes with responsive and SEO-ready layouts to offer you a perfect platform for starting your unique blog. 

One of the key features of the Blossom Coach theme is that it introduces three blog layouts as well as different web sections like service, about, and testimonials. You can customize your website using the advanced typography control option. 

Blossom Coach boasts a responsive and mobile-friendly design to ensure a smooth performance across all devices and screen types. Moreover, its SEO-friendly build helps you rank your WordPress blog higher on search engine result pages.

Blossom Coach also includes the social media integration feature to boost your business’ engagement. Likewise, the handy newsletter section helps grow your email subscribers. 

Thanks to WooCommerce compatibility, you can effortlessly turn your website into an online store. With that, you can sell your products and merchandise from a single place without any hassle. 

In addition to that, Blossom Coach comes translation-ready and supports RTL scripts.

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Vandana Lite

Vandana Lite WordPress Theme

Vandana Lite can be your best option if you want to create a blog related to coaching, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. This free WordPress theme includes different homepage sections where you can flaunt your blog content in the most attractive way. 

Vandana Lite supports the Gutenberg Editor which makes it easy to redesign your blog pages and posts. Moreover, you get to choose from a handful of color options and 900+ Google fonts for added customization flexibility. 

You are sure to get a top-notch performance with Vandana Lite as it comes fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Likewise, the theme follows the best SEO practices to help you rank your website higher on search engine result pages. 

Vandana Lite is cross-browser compatible and also features social media integration. Similarly, its easy legibility feature makes it easier for your audience to explore your blog content. 

On top of that, Vandana Lite comes translation-ready and also supports RTL scripts.

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Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine Free Blogging Theme

Blossom Feminine is one of the best feminine WordPress blog themes with room for high-end customization. With that, you can create a stunning blog related to fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more. 

This free theme welcomes a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design that suits all devices and screen sizes. It follows the best SEO guidelines to let you increase the visibility of your website on search engine results. 

Blossom Feminine only includes one header, homepage, and blog post layout. Nevertheless, it offers a big room for customization with diverse color choices and more than 600 Google fonts. 

With its social media integration feature, you can showcase your social media links on your website and boost your business engagement. The theme also focuses on easy legibility to make your content easy on the eye for your visitors. 

Blossom Feminine theme comes fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin which allows you to create an online shop within your website. Similarly, this theme introduces an advertisement widget through which you can display ads and earn money. 

Additionally, Blossom Feminine comes translation-ready and sports RTL scripts as well.

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Elegant Fashion

Elegant Fashion Free WordPress Theme

If you are an aspiring blogger looking to create a unique fashion blog, then Elegant Fashion is the theme for you. This free WordPress theme comes optimized for better performance with a fully responsive and SEO-friendly design.

Besides two header layouts and two homepage layouts, Elegant Fashion lets you choose from over 1000 Google fonts and unlimited color options to redesign your website. You can optimize your blog all under one roof and track the changes in real-time using the live theme customizer.

Elegant Fashion makes sure your website runs smoothly across all major devices and screen types as it is mobile-friendly and 100% responsive. Moreover, since it follows the best SEO guidelines, you can easily rank your website higher on search engine results.

This speed-optimized theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin which enables you to transform your website into an online store. Besides, the available advertisement widget helps you to place ads on your blog and maximize your earning opportunity.

Elegant Fashion focuses on easy legibility and it also supports RTL scripts. Additionally, the theme comes translation ready which means you can set up your blog in your preferred language.

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Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine Free WordPress Theme

Metro Magazine is one of the best magazine themes from Rara Themes. It is a highly responsive theme with an exceptional loading speed and an easy user interface.

The versatility of the theme is highly impressive and the customization options are equally appealing.

Metro Magazine is a free theme with features no less than a premium theme. It is mobile-ready and fully responsive to fit on any screen size offering a top-quality display. Similarly, the theme is cross-browser compatible, which makes it workable with almost all major popular browsers.

With Metro Magazine you can design your own layout for your blogs. Along with plenty of customization options, you also get the privilege of adding custom CSS.

Moreover, the theme is translation ready which makes it perfect for use anywhere in the world. Unlike other themes, this theme is child theme compatible too. You can also get the pro version of the Metro Magazine theme with added features for a price.

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Blossom Fashion

Blossom Fashion Pro WordPress theme

Blossom Fashion is a perfect option to create a stunning yet professional fashion blog. This free WordPress theme comes packed with top-notch features and functionality to make your website one of the best in the competitive blogging market. 

This responsive and mobile-ready theme automatically performs valiantly across all devices and different sizes. Moreover, the SEO optimization feature makes sure your fashion blog grows organic traffic and achieves higher ranks on search engine results. 

With Blossom Fashion, you can customize your website the way you like. The theme offers advanced typography control and unlimited color options. 

This free WordPress theme comes compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Using this feature, you can easily create an eCommerce store and sell your fashion products online. Besides, you can monetize your website by adding Google ads using the advertisement widget.

Blossom Fashion also introduces the social media integration feature that allows you to boost your website’s engagement. Likewise, a handy newsletter section helps you increase your email subscribers quickly.

Additionally, Blossom Fashion comes translation-ready and also supports RTL scripts.

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Blossom Spa

Blossom-Spa Free WordPress Theme

Are you looking to create a blog related to natural health care? If so, Blossom Spa can be your best bet. Apart from its elegant design, Blossom Spa features fully responsive and mobile-friendly layouts that fit every major device and screen type. 

As Blossom Spa introduces the handy blog section, you can keep your visitors updated about your recent stories. Moreover, there are other important sections like a team, about, services, and testimonials, where you can introduce yourself and flaunt your exceptional works. 

Blossom Spa is a search engine optimized theme that also excels in terms of speed and performance. With that, you are sure to retain visitors to your website and gain higher ranks on search engine result pages. 

This free blog theme includes three blog page layouts, four sidebar layouts, and 22 custom widgets where you can display your posts to attract more visitors. Similarly, the social media integration feature allows you to boost your website’s reach. 

In addition, Blossom Spa comes translation ready which lets you create a website in your preferred language. It also supports RTL scripts.

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Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Travel is a modern-day free WordPress theme that lets you create a stunning feminine travel blog. With a handful of layout options and mobile-friendly design, you can flaunt your travel stories to attract more visitors to your website.

There is so much you can do with Blossom Travel as it offers various designing and customization options. For instance, you can pick among two header layouts, over 200 Google fonts, and unlimited color combinations. Thanks to its built-in live customizer, you can track changes in real-time. 

Since the theme comes optimized for SEO, you can easily rank your travel blog higher on search engine result pages. Moreover, Blossom Travel is also optimized for speed which ensures an amazingly low bounce rate on your website.

Blossom Travel integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin which helps you to create an online shop easily. You can then earn good money by promoting your own merchandise.  

Blossom Travel lets you create a blog in your local language as it comes translation-ready. Additionally, it supports RTL scripts as well.

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Blossom Recipe

Blossom Recipe Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Recipe WordPress theme can be your best option if you are a food bloggers and want to share your unique recipes on the perfect website. Since this free theme works with the Delicious Recipes plugin, it allows you to build your recipes with step-by-step instructions easily.

As the theme includes a built-in live customizer, you can tweak changes to your website and track results in real-time. Blossom Recipe offers flexibility to use from above 900 Google fonts and different color combinations to give the best look and feel to your food blog.

Blossom Recipe boasts a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design that ensures a smooth performance across all devices and screen types, big or small. Moreover, the SEO and speed-optimized build mean you can retain more visitors to your food blog and boost its rank on search engine result pages.

As Blossom Recipe includes the social media integration feature, you can promote your blog in different social networking channels and attract more visitors. The theme is also cross-browser compatible which means it performs valiantly on all browsing devices.

Blossom Recipe comes translation-ready so that you can set up a food blog in multiple languages. In the meantime, the theme supports RTL scripts.

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Sarada Lite

Sarada Lite WordPress Theme

Sarada Lite is hands down one of the best options if you want to create a fully-optimized blog related to fashion, beauty, food, travel, and more. The theme has an ultra-responsive and SEO-optimized design which ensures smooth performance and higher ranks on search engine result pages.

Sarada Lite makes customization a piece of cake with its easy-to-use live customizer feature. You can give a perfect look and look to your blog by choosing from over 900 Google fonts and unlimited color combinations.

On top of that, the theme features Google AdSense-optimized areas where you can place ads and earn income through ad clicks. Likewise, Sarada Lite integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin which helps you create an online store and sell your products and merchandise.

The theme has a perfect combination of font type, size, space, and contrast which makes your website easy in the eyes of your visitors. Similarly, the handy social media integration feature makes sure your blog gets more visitors from different social networking channels.

Sarada Lite also comes translation ready which helps you set up a perfect blog in multiple languages. Additionally, the theme supports RTL scripts.

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CoachPress Lite

CoachPress Lite WordPress Theme

CoachPress Lite is a unique spacious free WordPress theme ideal for coaches, mentors, counselors, wedding planners, entrepreneurs, and more. You can use this theme to promote your small or wedding-based business or invite your friends and family to your celebration, wedding, anniversary, etc.

The theme comes with SEO-friendly and Schema integration features to help your website reach a larger audience and have higher search engine rankings. It has a mobile-ready and responsive design that will fit on all screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones. It is also optimized to load super fast for a better user experience.

You can showcase your Instagram feed on the homepage for engaging content and increase Instagram followers. Likewise, you can add a banner with an image or video background and CTA buttons to draw your visitor’s attention. You can also display multiple images and posts with advanced sliders.

It is a translation-ready theme so you can set up your website in your local language. You can also create multi-language websites since it is compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins.

Moreover, CoachPress Lite allows you to create a stunningly beautiful website. You can easily customize the theme and share your wedding details or promote your business.

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Rishi Core Web Vital Optimized WP Theme

Rishi is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with speed-optimized and highly-customizable features. This core web vitals optimized theme loads in less than 500 milliseconds to ensure an unbeatable speed and performance score of 100%.

Rishi theme comes packed with a handful of demo starter websites that suit websites of different niches. You can easily import the required files and settings from the demo file using the one-click demo import feature. 

If you like to add your own elements and design the website layouts, you can do this using the Elementor and Gutenberg Editor tools. Moreover, Rishi has a collection of unlimited color combinations and over 1000 Google fonts that offer you added customization flexibility. 

Besides being a speed beast, Rishi follows the best SEO guidelines for higher search engine rankings. Likewise, the theme comes with a mobile-friendly and responsive design which ensures a smooth performance across all major devices and screen types. 

Additionally, as Rishi comes compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, you can turn your website into a fully functional shop.

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Cookery Lite

Cookery Lite WordPress Theme

Cookery Lite is a free WordPress theme that best suits food bloggers who want to share their amazing food recipes and stories. The theme comes with powerful features that help you with lead generation and conversion. 

The Cookery Lite theme has a gorgeous mobile-friendly design that ensures optimal performance across all major devices and screen types. Moreover, the SEO-friendly build helps you rank your website higher on search engines. 

When it comes to customization, Cookery Lite makes it easier with Elementor and Gutenberg integration. You can easily modify your website elements with the drag-and-drop editor and track the changes in real-time. To make things easier for you, Cookery Lite gives you the option of unlimited color combinations and over 900 Google fonts.

Since the Cookery Lite theme is compatible with the Delicious Recipes plugin, you can create your own recipes and share them with your audiences. Besides, the strategically placed newsletter section helps you to boost your lead generation. 

Cookery Lite is a translation-ready theme which means you can create a website in multiple languages. On top of that, it also supports RTL scripts.

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Blossom Wedding

Blossom Wedding WordPress Theme

Blossom Wedding is a stylish feminine WordPress theme best for creating wedding blogs. This theme features an easy-to-use built-in live customizer to help you customize your wedding blog with a live preview in no time.

This responsive theme passes the Google mobile-friendly test as it performs valiantly across all major devices and screen types. Accordingly, its SEO-optimized design ensures your blog maintains higher ranks on search engine result pages. 

In terms of customization, Blossom Wedding lets you choose from unlimited color combinations and over 900 Google fonts. Likewise, you can display your pages and posts in four layouts, including full width, full-width with centered, left-sidebar, or right-sidebar.

This speed-optimized theme features different sections including blog and Instagram where you can flaunt your best content and allure more visitors. Besides, the cross-browser compatibility feature ensures you get an unhindered experience across all major web browsers. 

Blossom Wedding lets you create a wedding blog in multiple languages as it comes translation-ready. Similarly, it supports RTL scripts.

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Numinous Free WordPress Theme

Numinous is a clean magazine-style WordPress theme that best suits blogs related to news, magazine, food, technology and viral content. This free theme has an appealing layout and great typography that helps to boost your audience engagement. 

The Numinous theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly as it adapts to all major devices and screen sizes. Moreover, the SEO-optimized codes used in this theme ensure top-notch performance on search engine result pages. 

This theme includes a featured posts feature that allows you to get your viewer’s attention with brisk images and highlight the posts that you want to showcase on your website. Besides, Numinous also has an advertisement feature that helps you to display ads in the header and footer parts of your website. 

The Numinous theme also comes optimized for speed. It also has a social media integration feature with which you can grow your blog’s engagement. Additionally, the theme comes translation ready which means you can set up your blog in your preferred language.

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Vilva Free WordPress Themes

Vilva definitely deserves its place in the list of best free WordPress blog themes. If you’re a professional blogger looking for a clean and elegant theme that lets you create lively professional websites, Vilva is the right choice for you.

Using Vilva, you can create blogs for any niche like lifestyle, beauty, health, fashion, and many more. You’ll find plenty of customization options for color and topography to reflect your brand. This theme is a responsive and mobile-friendly theme that looks great on any mobile device.

Vilva offers excellent performance as it is optimized for speed and SEO too. This helps your website load faster and keeps your website high in search engine rankings. Furthermore, the theme is also optimized for Google AdSense which helps you make more money.

Vilva is a translation-ready theme that can be easily translated to use in the local language. Likewise, the theme supports RTL too.

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Blossom Magazine

Blossom Magazine WordPress Theme

Blossom Magazine serves as one of the best free WordPress blog themes out there. Its rich features and premade layouts make it an ideal choice for all kinds of blogging niches.

It has a responsive and mobile-first design that renders across all devices. This free theme is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor. These tools allow you to build and edit custom pages for your blogs without hassle. 

For further customization, Blossom Magazine offers 1000+ Google fonts and custom color settings. This free WordPress blog theme has built-in social integration. It lets you link your social profiles with your website to boost your social presence.

Blossom Magazine comes with clean SEO coding. With this theme, you can outperform your competitors across all search platforms and boost your ranking. Also, this free theme guarantees high-speed performance to deliver a smooth browsing experience.

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Travel Voyage

Travel Voyage Free WordPress Theme

Are you passionate about writing and sharing your travel stories with people all over the world? If so, check out the Travel Voyage WordPress theme that lets you set up a perfect travel blog with ease.

This seamlessly responsive theme comes with a mobile-friendly design. This makes your site look great on all major browsing devices and screen sizes. Also, since Travel Voyage is cross-browser compatible, your site runs smoothly on any popular web browser.

When it comes to customization, Travel Voyage lets you choose from over 1000 Google fonts and different custom color options. The typography control allows you to change the look and feel of your website.

On top of that, the built-in WooCommerce compatibility enables you to set up an online store and list your products and services in gorgeous templates. You can also maximize your revenue by placing ads on your site with the help of the handy advertisement widget.

In addition to this, the Travel Voyage theme comes translation-ready and also supports RTL scripts.

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Ashe Free WordPress Theme

Ashe is another best free WordPress blog theme in 2024 as it comes with professional design and multi-author features.

This theme has an image-centric design that is clean and elegant. It is responsive and also offers multiple layout options, list layout, boxed layout, sliders, and more.

Not just the look and feel, the Ashe theme excels in performance too. It is SEO optimized for higher search engine rankings. Besides, it can be a perfect theme for all kinds of blogs like food, lifestyle, travel, fashion, photography, and many more.

Ashe comes compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce for online shopping and Contact Form 7 for contact pages.

Ashe comes with a section known as promo boxes where you can display 3 eye-catching images in the header area. Besides, this theme offers options for customization with its inbuilt customizer. You can change the page layouts, colors, backgrounds, and fonts in real-time.

Even if you have no idea about building websites, you can efficiently work with the Ashe theme. That’s because it comes with proper documentation backed up by 24/7 support.

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Hemingway Free WordPress Theme

Hemingway is a power-packed, ready-to-go theme option for bloggers. It is a responsive two-column theme with a stunning out-of-the-box design.

Hemingway is a highly responsive and retina-ready theme. This means your website will look great at any screen size with its high-resolution assets. It has a bold and beautiful look along with sharp typography that gives it a professional touch.

You do not need to worry about setting up sliders and content areas with the Hemingway theme. It provides you with a sizable header image. You can change the image and use your own. The in-built live drag-and-drop theme customizer lets you change the color of the theme too.

Hemingway comes packed with the Gutenberg Editor as well as the Classic Editor. It supports four post formats: the standard format, the video format, the featured image above the post and the featured video above the post.

There is detailed documentation included in the readme.txt file. Go ahead and get going with the Hemingway theme for your new blog.

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New Blog

New Blog Free WordPress Theme

New Blog is an exclusive theme designed for online magazines and blogs. It is a simple and smooth theme loved by users for its simplicity and ease of use. It is a flexible theme with endless options for customization.

New Blog comes with a layout divided into 7 different sections: header section, banner slider section, featured post section, blog post section, sidebar section, footer section, and social section. You can adjust the color and typography with its extended set of functions.

Its deep integration support allows you to easily integrate WooCommerce plugins. Hence, using New Blog, you can also set up an online shop. Furthermore, the theme supports four types of post formats, including audio, gallery, video, and quote formats.

Moreover, the New Blog theme is also compatible with social media plugins which allow you to share blog posts through multiple social media platforms easily. Developers at New Blog are concerned about their customer service and offer detailed documentation and 24-hour support service.

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Classic Blog

Classic Blog Free WordPress Theme

Classic Blog theme is yet another brilliant option for a WordPress blog. You can install it in no time and make an outstanding website with its cutting-edge technology.

The Classic Blog theme is a power-packed tool that delivers exceptional performance in speed and optimization. This includes SEO optimization, which helps your website rank high in search engines. Likewise, it delivers a high-speed performance which enables fast loading of the website.

This theme is highly responsive. A responsive theme makes your websites fit perfectly on any screen and helps make the user experience better. The design is customizable as the build codes are flexible and developer-friendly.

No matter where you’re from, you can translate and use it as this theme is translation-ready. It offers PO translations along with the WPML plugin and RTL scripts. If you face any trouble whatsoever, there’s always a dedicated support team for you.

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Blog Personal

Blog Personal Free WordPress Theme

The Blog Personal theme is another great addition to our list. It is an eye-catching theme with a clean and sophisticated design that suits all kinds of blogs and magazine websites.

Blog Personal theme is designed to meet all your needs as it leaves its users stunned with its outstanding design and incredible features. It is highly responsive to any device and screen size. You can go ahead and try its easy one-click demo import function to kickstart your website with a single click.

The theme offers multiple layout options for headers and archive pages. Likewise, there are limited custom widgets available that you can choose from to use on your website. Blog Personal supports social media integration which helps you reach out to audiences across multiple social platforms.

With the Blog Personal, you can expect frequent updates that are free. You will get notified every time there’s a feature addition. Thus, this theme does everything for you and lets you start your blogging journey in no time.

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GuCherry Blog

Gucherry Blog Free WordPress Theme

GuCherry Blog is an advanced theme that is highly compatible with the infamous Gutenberg plugin. It is a perfectly designed multi-layout wordpress theme for bloggers.

It is a fully responsive and retina-ready theme that can provide an uninterrupted user experience. It also provides options to create any type of blog with post format options. The theme features an eye-catching banner and slider and also provides well-designed widgets. All of these elements add high value to the design of the website.

The performance of GuCherry Blog is up to the mark with its brilliant design. The theme is coded using standard coding practice, and the codes are optimized for speed and SEO. SEO optimization helps your sites rank higher, whereas speed optimization loads your website at a relatively fast speed. You can use the live customizer to design the website as you wish.

GuCherry Blog is an accessible theme that can be accessed from almost all major browsers. It also has built-in social widgets, which allow for easy sharing across multiple social platforms. Moreover, GuCherry provides you space for advertisement on your website, which is a unique feature in itself.

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Olsen Free WordPress Theme

Olsen is a clean and classic theme that is fantastic for fashion and lifestyle blogs for WordPress. It is perfectly colored-balanced and designed for better user engagement.

Firstly, the theme is responsive and retina-ready which means you can access the website from any device without any disturbance. The theme comes with a frontpage carousel, custom widgets and a customizer for designing the website.

Keeping your audience engaged is vital for converting leads to sales. Thus, social media integration feature comes added with this blog theme. In the meantime, Olsen excels in performance too as it is SEO-optimized which helps your website rank high in search engines.

With Olsen, you get a specific section for related posts. The website is built to support multiple languages and looks great in other language texts too. The RTL support feature enables the theme for localization.

All in all, easy customization and easy integration abilities make Olsen a desirable theme. With the one-click demo import, you can get started as quickly as possible with your website. Be prepared for constant updates and if there’s a problem you can always use the premium support facilities or read the extensive documentation.

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Blog Diary

Blog Diary Free WordPress Theme

Blog Diary is a WordPress theme for a modern-day blog. It is extremely easy to set up and is ideal for blogs, journals, lifestyle, magazines, photography, editorial and more. With Blog Diary, bloggers get complete freedom from the hassle of setting up a website and can focus on the content.

Blog Diary comes with a responsive design allowing your viewers for an immersive browsing experience. The custom CSS and advanced color options offer control of your website design in your hands. Multiple sections like the slider section, latest post section, must-read posts section, blog section and food section enhance user engagement.

This theme is compatible with the popular Gutenberg content editor. This helps you in better managing your content. There are multiple demo options that you can choose to import and get started instantly.

Using the built-in live customizer is easy as you get to preview the changes in real-time. In case you find it difficult, there is an instruction manual available online. You can through the documentation. Besides that, the theme offers premium support services for its customers.

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Author Free WordPress Theme

Author is a fast and efficient theme with powerful features. It is optimally designed for readers and writers around the world. What you expect from a top-quality blog theme is exactly what you get with the Author theme.

The Author theme has a minimalist design that is also responsive and fits perfectly on any screen. The code is developed optimally and tested for speed too. Thus, the Author is a modern-day professional theme with design and performance, unlike others.

Author is a theme that is actively built theme that updates during every major WordPress upgrade. It is compatible with the Gutenberg content editor which helps you maintain content easily. Likewise, it is also compatible with the most popular eCommerce plugin for Wordpress i.e. WooCommerce plugin.

Author is also compatible with elementor page builder, which makes it easy for you to design pages for your website. If you face any trouble, you can get same-day support from the development team. There are also tons of tutorials available for step-by-step instructions in the Author Support Centre.

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Blog Way

Blog Way Free WordPress Theme

Blog Way gets out of its way to deliver performance and features, unlike any other theme. Its flexibility and responsiveness make it one of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs, personal blogs, photography, lifestyle, food, or journal blogs.

This theme comes packed with a minimal design and maximum loading speed which lets you create an alluring blog for your visitors. You can plan your content to present it in a cool and unique design. With a customizable header, footer, font and color, you get complete control over the website.

The theme includes a full-width template, left-right sidebars, multi-level menus and widget areas. Blog Way is an SEO-friendly theme too. You do not need to worry about the rankings and reach of your website while using this fully optimized theme.

In the meantime, if there’s a problem during installation or customization, you can use the extended support provided by the development team.

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Hueman Free WordPress Theme

Hands down, Hueman is one of the most versatile themes out there. It is not just suitable but one of the best-ranked themes for blogs and magazine-style websites. Hueman is loved for its ultra-responsiveness, easy-to-use design, and lightning-fast speed.

The Hueman theme offers endless possibilities for designing your website. The unique in-built customization technology allows you to customize almost everything on your website. The layout options are flexible. You can choose a box layout or a fix-width layout.

Likewise, there are unlimited widget areas available for use along with 10 supported post formats. You can easily add social links to the header and footer of the website and interlink with your social media.

To provide a kickstart to your project, Hueman has extensively documented documentation that can guide you. If that doesn’t work, all you need to do is contact the support team and you’ll receive support as soon as possible.

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Maicha Blog

Maicha Blog Free WordPress Theme

Maicha Blog can solve your problem of finding a perfect theme once and for all. It is a top-selling, lightweight, and super flexible theme that helps you design the most versatile blogging and magazine website.

Maicha Blog theme comes with a design that focuses on showcasing the content and images to the followers. The custom integrated Elementor page builder plugin provides you the flexibility to build your website on your own. There’s an unlimited color option for you to choose any color you want for your website.

No matter which browser you load your website from, the Maicha Blog theme loads your website at lightning speed. The code is optimized for speed as well as SEO. SEO optimization helps your website get rank higher in search engines. You can focus on your business strategy and plan your content better without having to worry about the SEO of your website.

With the Maicha Blog theme, you can choose from multiple header styles to enrich your website with visually pleasing content. The theme integrates with the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can build your online store and sell a few products to earn some extra money. Besides, the theme also supports Google Ads and Custom Image Ads.

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Floral Free WordPress Theme

Floral is another theme option for an elegant-looking, modern and, professional website. This theme has a classic layout, stylish typography, and vintage color palette best suited for personal, travel, and photography blogs.

The best thing about Floral is that it is effortless to set up and customize. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up a website using this theme. The Floral theme is a responsive theme that works great with any screen size. You can access the website from any browser on desktop, laptops, or mobile and check out its unmatchable loading speed.

The theme is integrated with the Gutenberg block editor, which allows you to create beautiful websites with ease. Features like featured content slider, related posts, author bio section, Instagram widget, and others come embedded in the theme.

Furthermore, the Floral theme is widget-ready and translation-ready. You can use the easy drag and drop feature and add widgets as you wish. Also, you can easily translate the website into any language and use it anywhere in the world.

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Cenote Free WordPress Theme

Cenote is a modern WordPress theme for bloggers and content creators. If performance is what you’re after for your new blog website, you should check this theme out. It excels in almost all aspects of website development and design and ranks high as the best creative blogging theme.

Cenote empowers your website with its outstanding performance. It is cross-browser compatible, responsive, and SEO optimized. You can use any browser on any device and check the rankings of your website.

Designing your website is as easy as it can get with the Cenote theme. Different primary, multiple, and category color options are available with this theme. Along with that, there are advanced typography and multiple widget options too.

Cenote is compatible with WooCommerce and popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver builder, and SiteOrigin. While WooCommerce helps you create an online shop, other page builder plugins allow you to create any layout you want.

So, go ahead and get your website ready with the ready to import starter demos. There are ready-to-use starter sites for various purposes available.

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Di Blog

Di Blog Free WordPress Theme

Di Blog WordPress theme makes website building for bloggers easy like never before. This theme allows you the flexibility of formatting and sharing content across multiple social platforms.

It is responsive and 100% SEO optimized. No matter which device and browser you use, you will always get an equally flawless experience of browsing. Also, your website appears higher in the search engine rankings. The loading time of the website is less than a second, making your browsing experience further smooth.

Di Blog gives you all the access to style your page as you wish with its deep styling and layout control features. This theme works great with the popular drag-and-drop page builders making customization further easy. It also provides plenty of options for advanced typography and fonts.

Di Blog expands your scope of socialization with the users by connecting with your potential customers across multiple platforms. If you want, you can easily integrate the WooCommerce plugin and sell products through your blog site.

You can go through the documentation and start your next project right away. There are also demo starter sites available for use. If there’s any trouble during installation or customization, the development team is always available for your help.

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Blog Prime

Blog Prime Free WordPress Theme

Blog Prime is a theme with the perfect balance of simplicity and flexibility. It helps you create a clean and eye-catching blog and comes equipped with all modern-day blog features.

Blog Prime offers exceptional performance in terms of speed. It is compatible with all modern browsers. It is also highly responsive and gives you an uninterrupted browsing experience. Moreover, the theme is also SEO optimized. This means your website will rank higher in search engines.

Building a website becomes too easy with this Gutenberg-ready theme. Blog Prime is also compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin. Besides, it also supports WooCommerce which allows you to create an online store on your website.

You get a full-width layout with the free version of the Blog Prime theme. This theme has a social share feature along with social profile options. This helps increase your reach to the audience across multiple social platforms.

Blog Prime is a ready-to-go theme with its translation-ready features. This allows you to translate your website into the local language and use it anywhere across the world. If you face any trouble during customization or installation, the support team will always have your back.

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Type Free WordPress Theme

Type theme is a gorgeous-looking theme with a design that’s appealing to many. If you’re planning to start out on your blogging career, Type theme can give you the perfect kickstart with a website that’s powerful and great looking too.

Type theme has a responsive design that makes your website look great on any device. You can easily set it up and customize it with the help of the live preview. You can give your website a unique look and feel that meets your brand requirements.

This theme is built using high-quality code that is optimized for speed. You never have to waste a second while your website loads. Furthermore, this theme is cross-browser compatible.

You can build your own online store integrating the WooCommerce plugin with the Type theme. This theme can be used anywhere in the world as it is translation-ready and can be translated to any language.

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Pro Blogg

Pro Blogg Free WordPress Theme

Pro Blogg is the theme for every blogger who is looking to step up their blogging game. This theme is clean, sleek and professional that give a contemporary look to your website.

It is a fully responsive theme that gives users a flawless browsing experience on any device. You can access your website from anywhere on any browser and still find it listed high on the list of google rankings. It is so because the theme is SEO optimized.

The theme features a scroll motion responsive slider, custom background image, and custom background color with plenty of theme options too. The menus have extended capabilities and are well organized. With Pro Blogg, you get complete control over customization to visually impress your audience.

The Pro Blogg theme supports XHTML and CSS customization too. You can easily tweak the WP standard code to create CSS effects on your website. Besides, Pro Blogg offers support for social media integration attracting audiences from multiple social platforms.

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Baltazar Free WordPress Theme

Baltazar is a top-quality professional-grade blog theme for all those who love minimalistic and sophisticated design. It comes with all the latest technology and trends in WordPress, giving you a perfect start in this competitive online market.

No matter which device you access your website from, the Baltazar theme is responsive to all. It can adjust according to screen sizes and display high-resolution images that are pleasing to the eye. This theme comes with four ready-to-go starter sites that you can simply install and customize instantly to save your time.

Baltazar makes a strong impression with its contemporary layout, revolution slider, and loads of convenient and customizable options. It offers options of full-width, grip, and classic design options. It is one of the most powerful themes in terms of features and speed. Additionally, it is also SEO friendly which helps search engines pick your content and rank it higher.

Makers of the Baltazar theme emphasize readability. This theme provides unlimited color options and supports Google Web Fonts. There are several CSS3 and animation features to spice up your experience of using this theme. With well-written and comprehensive documentation to guide you, we suggest you go for this blog theme.

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Anariel Free WordPress Theme

Anariel is a theme that’s one of its kind. It highlights your content like none other blog themes. It features a modern and minimalist design that focuses on your blog content and image for visually convincing the viewers to read your blog.

Anariel theme for WordPress blogs ensures fast loading capacity and optimum SEO-friendly performance. The design of the Anariel theme is clean, crisp, and creative. It is responsive, which means you get a smooth performance across all devices and screen sizes.

This theme offers multiple options for layout, including grid, boxed, full-width, and default with sidebar layouts. It supports five post types like video, gallery, audio, standard, and link post templates. It is also compatible with Google Web Fonts, making your website furthermore beautiful.

Anariel theme is compatible with social media integration. This helps in luring visitors to your site, increasing traffic to your website, and converting leads to sales. Go ahead, create an exclusive website that represents your business with deep customization features. The shortcodes, too, are helpful for easy customization.

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Blog Now

BlogNow Free WordPress Theme

Blog Now is a clean theme with a perfect color balance that highlights the images and text and presents it in a readable way. It gives a pleasant outlook to your website while providing you with an extensive set of features available in almost all modern websites.

The blog Now theme is responsive. This means it works great with any device and all screen sizes. This theme is lightweight too. Due to its lightweight body, it is optimized for speed and provides a better user experience. Also, since this theme comes SEO optimized, it helps your website rank higher among its competitors on search engines.

Blog Now is a cleanly coded theme following standard WordPress coding practices. It supports multiple languages and can be localized easily as it is translation-ready.

The theme customizer available in this theme allows you to take control of the setting, colors and content. You can make the changes and view it in real-time too. Installing is equally easy with just a click of a button with the blog Now theme. If you have to face any problems during installation, you can get 24*7 support from the support team.

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Radiate Free WordPress Theme

Radiate theme has been among the favorites for bloggers out there. It focuses on enhancing the content and creating a flawless user experience with its minimalist and simple design. In fact, it is among the most popular blogging themes at wordpress.org with 10000+ installations.

The developers of this theme are serious about performance. The optimized codes not only make Radiate a lightweight theme but also delivers exceptionally fast performance. It also helps your website rank high in search engines as it is SEO optimized. On top of that, it is compatible with all major browsers.

Creating content with this theme is as easy as it can get. The theme provides multiple color options including primary, multiple, and category color options. The advanced typography option along with custom widgets and multiple widget areas make your job easy during customization.

With Radiate, you can create your own online shop and sell products too. It is compatible with the infamous WooCommerce plugin and also supports multiple page builder plugins like Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Elementor, and SiteOrigin.

Start building your blog and take it to new heights with the Radiate theme. There are plenty of ready-made sites to start with.

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Callie Free WordPress Theme

Callie is a free, sophisticated, and elegant theme that diverse people can use for lifestyle, health, music, travel, fashion, and many more. You can create a beautiful online magazine look-like website about anything, you are passionate about. 

This theme has a feminine look and Pinterest-like style that you will love using. It is highly responsive that will adjust on any device it is loaded on. Callie comes to SEO and speed optimization for sure. It also comes retina screen-friendly. It supports four post formats such as standards, gallery, video, and image to help you create visually appealing sites for your users. 

Callie has a clean, unique, and modern design. You can add social media, contact, and newsletter forms to benefit by connecting with your visitors. Besides, the theme comes translation-ready so you can convert your website into your local language easily. 

Callie also supports Right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc., so language will no longer be a barrier between you and your users. Moreover, if you like minimal style designs, you will surely love using Callie to create your online presence.

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Chosen Free WordPress Theme

Chosen is a bold and minimalistic theme built to serve the needs of a modern-day blogger. Not only does it come with beautifully designed pages, but it also offers quite an outstanding performance too.

The Chosen theme focuses on the content with its clean design. It is mobile-friendly, which means you can access the website from mobile devices too. The build of the theme is optimal in terms of speed and performance. That’s mainly because the codes follow standard coding practices and are tested on thousands of real websites.

When it comes to design, minimalism is what Chosen chooses to highlight the content. You can integrate the Chosen theme with page builder plugins like Gutenberg and Elementor. These plugins make customization easy with their simple drag and drop features. Take control of your website and build it yourself using these popular plugins.

Chosen is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. If you wish to make some money on the side by selling some cool products through your site, you can do it. This theme is actively built, meaning it is well maintained and gets updated before any major WordPress update.

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Which is the Best Free WordPress Blog Theme?

All of the themes mentioned in this write-up let you create a perfect blog related to different niches. However, if we have to recommend the best one among these themes, we opt for the following ones:

  • Blossom Feminine: The reason to choose Blossom Feminine is that it offers a big room for customization with different color choices and more than 600 Google fonts. Moreover, this theme comes compatible with the WooCommerce plugin which enables you to start an online store in a flash. 
  • CoachPress Lite: As the theme is SEO-friendly and includes the Schema integration feature, you can easily reach a larger audience and have higher search engine rankings. Moreover, it has a mobile-ready and responsive design that will fit on all screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are free themes good enough?

Yes, free themes can be as good as a premium theme. Since WordPress has one of the largest libraries of themes both free as well as premium, you can find free themes with advanced design and functionalities like a premium theme. There are many themes massively popular and free to use.

Which theme is best for WordPress blogging?

All the themes listed in the list are the top 40+ free WordPress Blog themes. They are listed based on their features, performance and functionalities. However, Ashe is the best theme on our list with excellent design and exceptional performance.

How do I ensure my website ranks high in search engines?

For a website to rank high in search engines, the theme of your website needs to be SEO optimized. Developers optimize codes during theme development which can help websites rank higher in search engines.

How can I share my content across social platforms?

If the theme you use has a feature that allows you to integrate social media plugins, you can share your blog content across multiple plugins. This feature is one of the most essential features in a modern-day blog.

How can I make some extra money through my website?

One way of making some extra money through your blog website is by selling products online. For that, you need a website that is integrable with a Woocommerce plugin. This plugin helps you set up an online shop in no time and with ease.


We know it’s hard finding the right theme for a blog with so many options available. But, these above-listed themes are the 40+ best free WordPress Blog themes you’ll find in the market.

If you have gone through the blog, you know what to look for in a blog. Choose one and you will be more than satisfied with the results.

If you want to read more articles related to WordPress, you may look at the following themes:

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